Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT10)

17 Feb

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            Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 1) 

            Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT9)

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Warning MD

                    Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 10)


                               Current Faecal Samples

                                   Another Surprise!

                I guess there is no need to point out that

                      * I am No Professional Microbiologist

                      * Faecal material is Rich in Elements

                         i could not even imagine existing

                      * There could be many things staring me in the eye

                          i would have absolutely no clue 

                          that they are staring me in the eye or what they are…

                           So!… Not having pointed this out…

                                        I shall Point out that:

          Here I am Only Looking for Malassezia Yeast / Fungus

                    in its Different Stages of Development

                   the way i have come to Recognise them

                                and it is on this basis

              i will be presenting the Photos of the samples below

                    -This including possibilities of Error.


(No Microscope Oil has been used for any of these Samples)

  Faecal Sample 1

View of Part 1 of Sample 1


Photo 1 and 2 Show a number of Large Circular Shapes

                                looking rather too large to be Yeast

                       compared with the size viewed in other samples

        and quite Irregular to be Fluid Reflection of the Microscope’s lenses

Faecal Sample 1

Zoomed in

Fecal sample 1-1

              I called My Man – even more of an amateur than i am – for a

                                       ‘What do you think you See’

and he suggested they looked like ‘Fat globules’

-clever man!- and somehow i agree…   but what kind of fat?  …

   ‘Fat’ as Faecal matter Fat or as Malassezia ‘Fatty’ globule / blobs?

           Certainly a good chapter of confusion and uncertainty this one 😦 …  

                                                     Dec 14

                               Editing this Entry i Noticed 2 things:

              1- The “Fat’ globules have a slight hint of a protrusion…

                           that normal Fat globules do not have

               2- Perhaps the Darker outer Peripheries

                   are the Developing Familiar Semi – Circular                                      

                             Beaded/Spore Eyelets ???

        If that is so, it would explain why they are -initially larger in size

                    as being in earlier stage of development  

       and why i could not quite identify them with the same confidence.

View of Part 2 of Sample 1

  Photo 1 Shows more of the same circular shapes

                    Photo 2 Shows a stray dead Malassezia hyphen 

Faecal sample 2

 Faecal Sample 2

                                     View of Part 1 of Sample 2

 The same Circular Shapes

Faecal sample 3


Below comparison with Google Malassezia Images


 Looking at the Photos above and comparing with my samples

       something tells me ‘yes, similar … perhaps identical

           …yet … not Quite…’   but i cannot tell why not…

  Perhaps because all spherical shapes i have seen in previous

 faecal samples were much smaller without the ‘Fatty’ full look

     and usually scattered around very long ‘nodulated’ hyphae  

              much like the second Google Photo above.

                               (See Note Above)


          Comparing My Samples with Google Photos 

                              There may be Difference in Microscopes

                     or Method, i.e. use of Oil, Focusing and /or Magnification

                    that may make them look similar or different…

                           I usually prefer the ‘almost identical’! 


      Comparing My Previous with the Current Samples

The Microscope is the same, and so is the Magnification.

Only the Focusing is adjusted where different parts 

  of the sample come clearer or go out out of focus 

 so Perhaps -and more likely to my guessing judgement-

       the difference may be in Different Stage of Development?

                      and /or Yeast versus Fungus…


                           Part 2 of the Sample 2

    The same Circular Shapes but also presence of Blood in two areas

         making the ‘Malassezia Fatty Globules’ theory much more likely

Faecal -  Blood in sample


But there is More!

           I left the sample on the slide until the next day

     to see if there would any detectable changes.


                                   Part 2 of the Sample 2

                                     Viewed the Next Day

            The ‘Fatty globules’ seem to have Changed overnight

                 Faecal -  Blood in sample 1

                 They look fuller and augmented … much like yeast does…

     Some have augmented so much that they Bump onto Each Other

as shown Below

                            Day One                               Day Two

Faecal sample 5


  Changing Microscope Focusing deliberately but on that Same Spot

the Circular shapes go out of focus but Something Else comes to View

Faecal  Blood and Malassezia Hyphen 1-2

                            ( Click on photo to enlarge )

 Right below the Circled Big Blood Blob

 looks like another dangling empty, dead Malassezia Hyphen


                                      Below Zoomed in

Faecal  Blood and Malassezia Hyphen 1-3


                                   So, to Sum it Up:

                     1) Spherical Shapes that seem to Augment

                     2) Blood Presence

                     3) Two Empty, Dead Malassezia Hyphae

                        All Pointing to Malassezia at the Yeast stage.


                                              * * *

  Below Comparing the Original Photo

                  taken with a Poor quality iPhone camera

                  that could pick up a plenitude of ‘Hyphae ‘Spaghetti’

                  but not the Spherical ‘Meatballs’ scattered around them

Malassezia in Faecal sample 2-1MD

 With the Current Sample Findings


                           1) A Number of Yeast Cells?

                           2) Blood Presence i.e Cloning stage of Development

                          3) Only Two Isolated empty Hyphae 

Malassezia in Faecal Sample

                  and Considering that the Original poor quality Photos

                       did not present accurately all of what was Visible

                         I would say there is a marked Improvement

                    even in just that there are Not as many Yeast Cells

              compared to Spaghetti Filaments as well as Scattered Cells

         especially if most current Cells never reach maturity to Cloning Stage

                    which -IF this would be the case- would be due to

                                     the Acidophilus Treatment

                   and Frequent Clearing of the Colon with Enemas

* * *

(NEXT:  ‘ Malassezia – Saliva and Lung Blood Samples’ )





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