Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT12)

21 Feb

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           * Malassezia: One -Two or Many *

           * What The Photos Reveal – PT 12 *



        * The Colour Kaleidoscope *


                                    * The Common Characteristics *  


 Malassezia Colour Kaleidoscope

Malassezia Colours R - MD


Malassezia for me started as Fatty Blobs or Gritty Crystalline Shards.

It was much later on that i became aware of the Gray Sticky Layer

on Both my Body and Clothes and it’s ‘Connection’ to Malassezia

                        and even later still that i realised that

Gray Sticky was Part of Malassezia and a Stage of Development

Biofilm, acting much like a Carrier and / or Protective Amniotic Fluid 

Malassezia on Body and Clothing

        I cannot recall exactly when i became aware of its presence

but if i were to guess it appears more reasonable and likely that it was

                    that it was after i had given up Swimming  

and there was no Chlorine  to inhibiting it sticking on my Body

or perhaps the Daily Chlorine saturation had caused the demise

of other Friendly Fora while stripping the natural body oil barrier 

exposing and leaving the skin vulnerable such that Malassezia

did not need to produce its own, finding digging-in quick and easy.


When the Skin Restoration started, the Natural Skin Lipids were not enough

      to allow it to stick on the skin and neither could it ‘dig-in’ as easy

             – this been the case ever since – 

      so it started converting and spreading its own etc.. etc… 

              All speculation of course ...


             Anyhow, at First it was Gray and on the Dry Side

                     – as shown on the photos above.

              Later on it seemed to have gradually changed 

            to a more Liquid Stickier, Greasier Consistency 

                      and a rather Brownish Gray hue

                 progressively arriving to the more recent

                      Rich Fluorescent Orange.

Malassezia Fluorescent 1

                  Then it Rapidly acquired a Lime hue to it.

Until the most Recent Surprise of a very Rich Deep Fluorescent Green

Never encountered previously – Neither suspected as exiting or possible

unless -as reported- when viewed under Wood’s Lamp

             but Not visible to the Naked Eye!

  Malassezia Fluorescent Green 2

I assumed it may have been a result of Malassezia-Acidophilus Interaction

      which may still be the case, as what has followed since

has been Fluorescent Green Sputum  and even Green Hyphae

             as seen in the Malassezia Liquid in the Eye. 


Truly though i do Not really know what has caused these colour changes.

Another possibility might be that for the past year i had to change my Diet


a) Reduce Considerably the Quantity i was used to consuming

 – after some abrupt declining in my health  and my Digestive System 

   unable to handle anymore- even though mainly consisted of Fresh Fruit

b) Discontinue some other Vital Foods such as Yoghurt and Nuts

      providing Protein, Calcium and other minerals

c) Replace One and often Two of my Fruity Meals 

      with an All Greenies lightly Steamed  Dish.

EMy Greenis Diet MD

 (A Happy recent Addition 2 Walnuts and 1 tiny Fig in the middle)

(Fig promptly dropped again after unpleasant Repercussions… 😦  )


Why would have taken that long for the Change of Colour and Quality to occur

-should that have been the cause-  i don’t know …. but i am rather worried

                   that One morning i may look in the Mirror

        And … Not Recognise Myself! …


A Green Smile

   But  Not  very likely -under the circumstances- that i  d’ be

wearing such a Broad happy Smile on my … Rich Green Face!


I am inclined to believe that the change of Diet may indeed

have caused Malassezia to adapt, since it utilises practically

every nutritional element, provided abundantly by the Body

in the Digestive and Intestinal Canal but to prove so 

i would have to go back to my previous diet which i could not do

unless i got a clear Directive from my Body

while following sensitively and sensibly its needs

and navigating between the limitations of ‘Can’s and Can Not’s’ of it all.

                                Dec 14

Another recent experimental Diet change with Less Cooked Greens

-unless coincidental or other undetectable cause- has resulted

a return to more normal? Orange colour Biofilm

and have not detected any Lime Green during this time.


So Far i have Discovered and Confirmed a Correlation between

eating More Fruit and having More and -More Frequently- produced 

Malassezia Liquid Gold/Green but with Milder Burning quality

              against Eating More Greens and having Less

                       and -Less Frequently- produced

    but More ‘Caustically Burning’ when it spreads on the skin

                 ( as the Under Breast attack indicated.)

Malassezia Breast Burn 1

          Anyway, the Purpose of this Project was to Find out

if there were any Common Characteristics in the different Samples

that could indicate of Malassezia as One, Two or Several Species.


The Results indicate clearly throughout –as far as i am concerned

that there are Consistently Common Elements such as

 * Green / Orange Fluorescence

 * Orange Sticky Liquid

 * Fatty or Gritty Particles Consisting of

 – Circular C Shaped Eyelets with Cloning Beads

 – Long or Short Hyphae also containing Cloning Beads.


These characteristics seem to be consistent throughout

from whatever part of the body they may have been collected.

The only difference in some samples appears to be

               the size and /or look of the Hyphae.

Looking at some samples below it would be reasonable to assume

                that the Hyphae can appear different, i.e

                          Smaller and Thinner if  

   a) They develop at the Yeast stage and  b) During their Early stage of growth

Malassezia beaded Hyphen

                              Or Larger and Fuller

                 a) at the Mycelial / Fungal stage  and

                 b)  During a Later stage of growth

    Malassezia Hypahen with Blood

I cannot tell with certainty that my interpretation and stance is correct

                  Nevertheless!…. at this Stage

  To me it all  still indicates One Malassezia Organism In its Two States 

    i.e  the Yeast and the Mycelia / Fungus.

Until some other discovery or element sheds more light disproving this theory

                 i am tentatively standing by my current position

      -but always ever ready to embrace Fact against Theory

                            when it comes  sufficiently 

                      Tested – Provedn and Validated

                         whether it be Mine or Scientific. 


  How I would love to see for Every Ailment Big or Small 

   * A Correct Testing Method 

   * A Correct Conclusive Diagnosis 

   * Medical Specialists with Open Co-operative Spirit , 

                  and Most Importantly 

     * Available Correct – Harmless to the Body – Working Treatment! 

                        Am i Dreaming about Some Other Planet

                            … in Some Other Solar System? 

               I guess I Am!…  


   In the meantime as i have stated all along

for me the Name or type of sub Species is not as Important

as finding how it Operates and ways to Control and Minimise

            the Damage and Discomfort it causes

    therefore, i will be watching for signs such as

* What Causes  or Inhibits the Yeast from Developing to Fungus

* Are Different treatments More suited to Each or it makes No difference.

* Are there any Elements that Favour One Form More than the Other

                                  and so on… etc …

                                        … or …

Lay Back and Relax and start reading a Couple of Good Novels Lol!

          BR MDjpg

    which i am already doing when i can keep my eyes open…

                                   * * *

  Having Completed successfully this Major Project

                        i shall now turn my attention 

          to a Collection of Readers’ Keywords /Questions




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