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Malassezia ~ Acidophilus Results-How it Works Best



    3- Acidophilus – How it Works Best


             Acidophilus MD


   I always keep the Acidophilus Mix container on top of the Urn

         in order to be on  a par with my Body temperature.

       Although it keeps well for 24 hours and often longer

             i prefer to prepare a smaller Fresh batch 

             and keep replacing as often as needed.


One Night i decided to keep a small batch at room temperature

by my bed side cabinet – rather than have to get up if did not need to.

By morning i noticed with surprise that, even though i had not used it 

 it had developed a rather prominent Sour smell as if it had gone off

                yet not particularly unpleasant


I thought perhaps it might have been contaminated by Yeast  

prior to putting the Mix in it because the smell was similar

to one i detect sometimes in the Panty Liners  

after a few hours of an obvious Malassezia attack having taken place.


I have not been able to determine whether it means that Acidophilus

has  given  its battle and died or it was caused by Malassezia Interaction

or whether the smell might even be produced by Dead Malassezia instead

either being accidentally present as in the case of contamination

        or during a  treatment of an attack.


    Acidophilus gives off a distinct Sour smell in the Yoghurt

 which means it has digested the Milk Protein

but it is Not Dead otherwise one would not be able to make

a New batch of  Yoghurt  using a small portion of it as a Culture.


Malassezia has a very distinct mix of bitter and sour taste

Yuck 1

which i often discover on my lips immediately after a meal 

especially if Fruity or whenever it goes after moisture / humidity.

It also produces a Horrible Sour ‘Off’ Sewerage like smell

during a ‘Die Off’ episode – naturally more potent

due to coming from the intestinal canal, so it is hard to tell

if the outside Sour smell is a Good sign indicating

    Acidophilus having Terminated Malassezia

or a Bad one meaning Acidophilus gone off

or Both Acidophilus and Malassezia are dead in the Battle Field, Lol!…


Nevertheless, i prefer to rely on my nose even if rather fussy

instead of deductive assumptions until i’m able to verify Facts,

so i Prefer to keep a Small Batch, Warm  near Body Temperature

and Clean up Area and Replace Pad or Panties

and Prepare a New Batch of Acidophilus Mix when smell is detected.

Keeping it  Warm, as close to Body Temperature as possible but No higher

sets it Ready for Immediate Action – much like the making of a  Yoghurt  Batch

      Requiring Warm Environment and Time …


The Pros – i Know of – Keeping Acidophilus Warm:

Freshly Baked

– Ready for Action Immediately before Malassezia tries to escape.

– Takes Shorter time to do the job

– Keeps a Pleasant Freshly Baked Bread Fragrance

– Lasts Longer 


     For Best Results


– The Capsules must be High Billions Potency of Acidophilus Bifidobacteria

– The Capsules Must be Fresh for Maximum Number of LIve Bacteria

–  Area must be Washed Well -prior to Application- with Warm Water 

  Soap or Other Chemical Free

– The Area must be Adequately Saturated with Acidophilus Bacteria

    by Frequent Applications or a well Soaked Cotton Wad with the Mix

   and Mix must Not be too watered down –  1 Capsule +2-3 Tbs Water

– Area Must Not Contain Any

  Anti-fungal, Anti-Bacterial or other Chemicals

   that may Kill It – or render Its action Ineffective.

– Seawater does not appear to inhibit Acidophilus action

   neither do it any harm but not absolutely sure. 

– ( Salt+ Water may affect Acidophilus as is not the same as Seawater)


More Probiotic Related Entries:

31-Malassezia and Probiotics

    105- Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)

43-Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM

     Acidophilus in Lung Experiment

~ ~ ~

                 Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150    




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Malassezia- Probiotic Saccharomyces Warning (PT4)




      Malassezia- Probiotic Saccharomyces Warning (PT4)


K1:  * malassezia killed by saccharomyces boulardii * 

      SBLDRI MD  

   I just Noticed this Keyword in the Keyword Search area 

   I have a suspicion the Reader Confused 

                   Boulardii with Acidophilus  

 Acidophilus appears to Kill Malassezia

   Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)

   Malassezia ~ Acidophilus – More Proof!


               Boulardii can cause problems  

        to Immunocompromised Individuals!


      I don’t know how could one have confused such clear messages 

in these warning  signs:

Malassezia and Saccharomyces


I hope this Clarifies the Difference and Clears any Confusion


Click Here for  Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 



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Malassezia ~ Acidophilus – More Proof !



          * 1- Acidophilus – Silent Knight at Work! *

          * 2- Acidophilus – The Clean Up! *


     1- Acidophilus – Silent Knight at Work!


       This is the Toe Receiving Daily Acidophilus Protective Maintenance

 as described in the Entry

   78- Malassezia:UnderBreast &Toe~Healing-Maintenance 

Malassezia Infected and Healing Toe


            Wrapped in Acidophilus Soaked Cotton Wad

     and ‘Sealed’ with a round of Sports Rigid tape Elastoplast

         one would tend to think it should be enough protection

           to keep Malassezia away – but this is far from reality.

                       As i have already mentioned before

Malassezia primarily tends to Avoid an Acidophilus treated area

 but there are certain areas that it stubbornly and persistently pursues

               perhaps due to Suitability for Settling into 

           and Vulnerability of Skin area created by damage

               caused after Repeated long term attacks.

         So in these cases it only deters it from settling in the area

                          and given time, Acidophilus kills it

                                 but it does not always stop it 

                      from Invading the area  and Attempting to Settle

               especially when it has reached Cloning maturity.


           Below is the Proof!

                  Left Side Cotton Wad Wrapping 

  Normal Clean White –  indicating Malassezia avoided the area.

  (A touch of colour on the side is due to briefly touching the other wad)

                 Right Side Cotton Wad Wrapping 

     Brightly Coloured Fluorescent Green Lime

       indicating Malassezia Invaded  but –confirming- that either

 did Not attempt Settling or was Not Let  or Killed by Acidophilus.

Malassezia onToe1-1MD  

                                (Click on Photo to Enlarge)

         Had i not Protected the Toe with the Acidophilus Wrap

           i would have woken up to another painful disaster of

          an imbedded cloning maniac and a four week havoc

                       and most likely another Nail Loss…


            2- Acidophilus – The Clean Up! 

     New Container – New Experiment.

This is the type of Container i keep under the Urn

for rinsing my hands into, during Daily /Nightly Malassezia Maintenance.

The Urn provides constant customised 35C water temperature..

   Malassezia free Bucket

         I Usually empty the Rinsing water every Second Rinse or so

                  to keep it Clean and avoid Malassezia growth.

For the Experiment though i let it Accumulate approximately 5cm max water

          and let it stand until necessary to empty –without cleaning–

 in order to Build a Rim and a Smooth Base after a few days – as it did.


I did not take a photo thinking there was only a wild chance for any result

worth recording, knowing the apparent slow action of Acidophilus

combined with the cost involved in wasting capsules for the experiment

instead of protecting my body.


But i did go ahead with it, starting to Rinse Acidohilus off my hands

immediately after every splash of it on any part of my Body

thus the Acidophilus now was collecting in the Container together with

  the … ‘FluorOrange-SSezia’… and a possible  ‘In-Bucket’  Battle.


                     Within a couple of days of doing so

     i noticed the evenly laid Orange Base was starting to thin out 

         until progressively two large white ‘holes’ appeared

       then the Base turning increasingly back to its initial White.

Malassezia in Bucket 1

    A Previous experiment showed that when the water was missing

the Orange just dried and died turning into a dull orange-brownish colour

    but remained even at the base and did not thin out.


In this case though, it seems like it was either ‘Dislodged’ or ‘Eaten up’?

                                        by Acidophilus!..

   Malassezia in Bucket 

                       What was initially an Evenly  Orange Base

                          Joined by the Upper thick Orange Rim

   was now Cleared up by the Acidophilus Presence and Action

(Second photo -above- was taken days later when more base was cleared white)


I conducted the same experiment twice with the same results, i.e

i let it build an even Base of Malassezia first – then started collecting

rinsed Acidophilus off my hands until the base started to thin out again.

Having Confirmed Acidophilus Result i proceeded to add in the water

         the same Heavy duty Bleach i had tested some time back

             in the very First experiment – and within a short time

the remaining layer on the base and part of the sides was detouched

                and  flaked off into largish filmy Orange Strips.

             Interestingly when i discarded it in the wash basin

                  while going down the drain

        it kept making bubbles and some rather loud hissing sounds.

Perhaps some of it still alive?… or some Basin creatures dying by the Bleach?


I have also experimented some time back with several substances

such as Pyrithione Shampoo, Toothpaste, Hand Wash liquid etc

 but None produced any results or any sign of effect

  except for some Heavy Duty Beach i had tested in the Initial experiment

                See Entry: 8- Malassezia and Bleach QA   


     More Probiotic Related Entries:

31-Malassezia and Probiotics – K 

    105- Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)

43-Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM

                        Acidophilus in Lung Experiment

             Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150        





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Malassezia ~ Wine … Dine and …Burp!



        Malassezia Readers Keywords and Answers


     * Malassezia ~ Wine … Dine and …Burp! *   

Malassezia Dine                               

   Some of these questions i have partly answered  

            in several previous Entries

 K1: malassezia beer

 Malassezia Burp

         Beer, Wine, Champaign, Whiskey, Vodka or just Ginger ale…

Malassezia  would not mind sharing a glass or two with anyone willing to oblige!

The drinker would get drunk and Malassezia would utilise sugar/alcohol content

for her proliferating party. Lets get drank Baby and have …Baby Clone Sisters!


  Not Funny? … Ok i agree …it isn’t!… It is definitely Serious!


    If we are talking about using Beer Externally

one would have to make a Rich Poultice and Place it on the area.

I have my doubts it would do anything other than temporarily

give the impression of soothing, as Malassezia will duck under the skin

and wait for it to dry or be removed, or simply move away from that spot

in which case a healthier alternative is preferable for the area than beer

and a Risk that the Result may turn out Opposite to the Expected

      and rather Favourable to Malassezia, as is the case with many

      alcohol type ingredients containing cosmetic/hygiene products…


No Beer let alone anything stronger in this house, 

so i have not tried it  but i believe from similar experiences

where the content had been some type or other of alcohol 

that once it evaporates it may attract more back in the area

                        …. Anyone willing to try?….


If on the other hand we are talking about Drinking the Beer

i would think it is best to Keeping Alcoholic drinks down

                           If not Completely OUT…  

There is a related message in the Entry

      105- Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2) regarding Yeasts

including Bread and Wine making ones … worth taking into consideration


K2: does lemon juice kill massanzeia yeast

Malassezia -Lemon juice

To my Experience – No it doesn’t!

Taken Internally has No Noticeable effect

Applied Externally it upsets and causes it to Relocate

and when dried out it attracts more in the area  


      K3: does black tea kill Malassezia

            Malassezia -Black Tea

To my Experience – No matter how ‘Black’ it is. 🙂 Lol! … it doesn’t!

My Man Drinks it Daily as well as Green Tea

I have used tones of it in the Bathtub including the Tea Bags.

May sooth the area temporarily but it is deceptive as Malassezia

is mobile and either moves away or ducks under skin until irritant is removed 


      K4: cinnamon for Malassezia

          Malassezia - Cinnamon

         K5: vegetables for malassezia

    Vegetables, Meat, Fish, Pork, Poultry

         Milk, Chilly, Pepper, Salt, Spices

               and Cinnamon on Top!…

‘She’ is Not Fussy… One can Feed ‘Her’ Anything…

In the End she chooses her Own and Flourishes 


         K6:  malassezia in cheese

        Malassezia and Cheese

                     K7: foods that contain malassezia yeast

    K8: food Malassezia


I had never so far considered the possibility of Foods containing Malassezia…

I know certain Fermented Foods are Processed by Yeasts (Saccharomyces)

          such as Bread, Wine, Beer and Fermented Vegetables 

                    ( Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2) )

           but i know not -of or IF- any contain Malassezia

 Neither that that there may be such thing as …‘Food’…Malassezia (a typo?)

              Who would want to Eat it?…

Of course if it is contained in foods then we all do, like it or not

Since its cruel acquaintance i had always considered Malassezia 

as a Skin Yeast initially, and as Intestinal one, after closer observations

but the possibility of it as a Food Yeast never crossed my mind 

other than in trying to discover if / how it uses Foods directly 

or its derived Elements indirectly via the different ways available to it, 

for its Own Purposes (Photo 3) while Lab Research reporting

is somewhat contradictory regarding Sugars, to my understanding

or is there perhaps something i am missing between these two statements?

                                   i e: 

1) Not much is known on how Malassezia Utilises Sugars

2) Malassezia does Not Ferment Sugars

                       Perhaps meaning

    It will not help digest your dinner, nor ferment your bread, beer or wine

but will feed on it ferociously for its own construction and multiplying purposes 

      (Utilises Sugars 70% for the construction of its Cell )

Malassezia composition SPL

M- S F

   Malassezia composition ASPL

 K9: Malassezia Potato Juice

  Malassezia and Potato Juice

Assuming we are talking about RAW Potato Juice and in some quantity

No…i  have not been brave enough to try it.

I would have done so had i felt it would be effective in a somewhat Big way

and without any other side effects to the Body, i e Kidney, Liver, stomach etc.


I have tried eating semi-raw potato which mysteriously enjoyed thoroughly

and still do – but again much like any other edibles no striking difference.

I had also tried briefly -quite some time back- raw Potato Poultice. 

        Messy and unsustainable for repeated treatment… 


 K10: malassezia furfur, food to avoid

I have already dealt with Elements i consider as should be avoided

mentioned in several Previous Entries and Updated and listed in :

  Malassezia – How and Why It Thrives!


K11: diet to stop malassezia furfur

K12: foods that fight malassezia furfu

K13: does diet affect malassezia yeast production?

     Malassezia and Meals MD

No Diet or Specific Isolated Item/s i know of

have had any decisively Eliminative effect

but i have observed some Noticeable changes

with my Recent Diet and switching type of Meals

See Entries: 

Malassezia ~ Diet – Choice Between ‘Two Evils’

Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily!


    K14: why the body craves foods that feed malessezia

Malassezia and Cravings

Good question! – I have noticed that tendency myself

sometimes even craving for things i would not normally eat.

I Believe this is because Malassezia Robs the Body of Nutrients


It is hard to tell if the craving caused by lack of certain elements

is raised from Malassezia leeching Body reserves, or the Body itself

trying to compensate and which one will derive most of the Benefit.

If the craving is for Nutritionally Rich Food i go along and provide it

If it is fancy i decline the source and work out what elements may be

contained that i can provide from a healthier source and i do so.

Malassezia wins in either case … or almost!…


I ll give an example which i have noticed and suspected related

but have not been able to pin in the ‘absolutely certain’ category

so i have not mentioned before:


Forced to change my Diet during the past year after a serious health crisis

 and unable to consume any Protein since, i.e No Yoghurt or Goat milk

i noticed that gradually Malassezia’s large, thick crystalline gritty grains

changed in size and quality

During the Dairy (Calcium Providing) times they were large 

immediately visible to the Naked Eye,

produced Intense Crawling sensation long Blood filled hyphae

and where they succeeded they also created Large size cheesy lesions.

During this past year, as it appears by the recently obtained Samples

collected from the Orange/Green Biofilm as well as other Body/Fluid areas

and viewed under Both Microscopes, they are much smaller

and felt so when rubbed on the fingers

and the Hyphae, where there are any, are  Shorter

and if manage to stick on the skin they produce Tiny lesions

comparable to Scratch lines size or small Fluid filled Bubbles  


On a parallel my bones have also shown the strain of Calcium / Mineral

shortage with series of broken ribs produced by a mere sneeze

or just leaning over my side to reach something.

(A warning to anyone prone to Osteoporosis)


Fortunately the Mango Season, once more like Every Year

over the Past Decade has become the Saviour Rich in Natural Minerals

providing adequate Calcium /Minerals …for Both of us!…

My Bones have stabilised, my nails and hair are growing like weeds, lol!

and i am starting to feel Malassezia grits getting more substantial in size

and visible. I have been juggling the situation all throughout Summer

alternating between days of only 1 Fruity /Mango meal and two Greenies

and days of reversing to keep the Balance between Bones and Body needs

and Malassezia keeping in miniature size and unable to stick on the skin…

Unfortunately the Mango Season is now to its end and i m left with

one more week’s supplies and soon back to a different round of the problem ..


So to return to the Point : Malassezia gets the Elements it needs anyway

unless there is under-supply in which Both Body and Malassezia

suffer the consequences … and the Individual gets crazy with Cravings! …


K15:  sulfur malassezia furfur

I have not tried it either Internally or Externally

due to side effects and very poor clearance rate off the Body.

I have Only Used it for a few weeks in the Bathtub with no noticeable results.

   Malassezia Utilises Sulphur for the Construction of its Cell

Malassezia and Sulfur

All the Greenies i Crave provide Plenty of Safe Bio-available Sulphur!

      Malassezia Robbing my Body thus Creating the Craving?                                                                            


                                    Malassezia Fun Typos MD

                  Do we have a few good Typos above?  🙂

                          massanzeia – malessezia 


Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150             






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Malassezia ~ Probiotic Warning (Pt 3)




          * Malassezia ~  Probiotic Warning (3) *


     Fermented Foods – Friends of Foes?

       Malassezia - Fermented Foods MD.

                    It would be near Impossible for Malassezia

                     to be One creature that has No Predator

            to threaten its existence and affect its Proliferation levels 

                 as is ‘Nature’s Way’ with All Creatures, great and small

   but i have often come close enough to believe it might as well be so.


               Having had No Positively helpful discovery so far

                             in the Internal / Intestinal area

                 i have considered that an alternative possibility

        of Introducing and / or Enhancing Other Co-habiting the Body

         and Competing for Resources and Space Friendly Gut Flora,

               might be another way of Checking and Restricting 

   Malassezia’ s Proliferate Rate of Growth.


Some of the Fermented Foods consumed regularly

seem to make No difference in regards to Malassezia

    and in many cases such as in consumption of

                Bread and Alcoholic Drinks

       Intensifying the problem or causing Additional ones..


         Acidophilus is one of the Friendly Bacteria easily obtainable

that i have been implementing increasingly externaly and partly intrenally

    but have seen the need for some additional Internal beneficial Flora

     since Oral consumption of Acidophilus creates problems to me

         due to the ‘encapsulating agents’ it comes with.

       Many years back i used to make my own Bread and Yoghurt 

   as well as consume a Variety of Commercially Fermented Foods 

  such as  Sour Cream, Soy Sauce, Tempeh, Miso, Tofu, Tamari etc

       but caused me all sorts of niggly problems which in the end

forced me to give them all up – some before the start of my Lung problem

and some shortly after and have not had any for a good number of years.


Therefore, a few months back i Considered the Possibility 

of Naturally Fermenting part of my Raw Foods

without the use of Commercial Yeasts Containing Additives or Salt

that could cause side effects or additional problems

ie High Blood Pressure, Kidney pains etc.


Some brief research regarding natural Fermentation indicated

that i would have to Invent and create my Own Unique Recipe

that would Work, would Not go Mouldy and would Ensure

the Presence of Friendly Flora – and would Not cause any Problems.

              Well… Not much to ask really, Is it! Lol! 🙂      

I have always been very creative in the Culinary field since i was a child

and have never followed or relied on any Recipes – not even Mine, lol!

   so i thought i would give it a try and see how it all goes.


         On the First attempt i followed Internet instructions

but it went Mouldy and Regrettably ended down the Drain Untested .

       On the Second one i disregarded all traditional ways

      and took command keeping in mind my Specific needs

            and aiming for the closest viable alternative

        and so My Own ‘Salt Free Kim Chee’ was created

                           – Photo above is Mine!


Two weeks in and it kept ‘growing’, changing from colourless water

         to a Deep Wine Red, while developing a Mild Pleasant

                          Flowery Vinegary Aroma…

    The Taste Absolutely Heavenly!…Without Any trace of Mould

but two weeks Fermentation made it too strong for my head and kidneys

     and while my Intestinal Motions Improved considerably

         i could not continue the experiment long enough

   been additionally interrupted by Lung Bleeds and other ills

             so i had to stop and wait for better days

to Re-test a Refinement of Recipe with Shorter Fermentation Time…


The Refined Recipe and Shorter Fermentation Time were a Great Success

but the testing did not last for more than a couple of days

– interrupted Once more by Lung Bleeds, Kidney Problems,

Fevers, Colds, Broken Ribs and all the Tribulations of Winter Season

                so i gave up fighting for the time being

but did not give up on the idea of repeating the experiment

     sometime again if given enough ground to stand upon.


        All the while though, thinking intensely about this Subject

       and despite having already attempted experimenting with it

 –and highly aware of taking a Great Risk that may Backfire Badly–

                           I am still in Two Minds about it.


        I am Tossed between Two Contradictory Lines of Thought

                            Leading in Opposite directions


                    Unable to decide which one is Correct 

                  in Successfully Combating Malassezia

              or whether instead Exacerbating the Situation

                             as well as the Possibility

   Of Other unforeseen  Dire Consequences


        The Line of Thought


                            Possible ‘Positive Results’ 

           Straight line


    Providing Internally Natural Friendly Probiotics,  Creates and Enhances

– Beneficial Environment for Body’s Internal Functions and Processes

– Helps Build Immune Defence and Fight against Infections

– Produces Competition for Space and Resources against Malassezia

         and other Nasties.


                                The Line of Thought


                          Possible ‘Negative Results’

           Curved Line


   If One is Prone to Proliferation and Overgrowth of Yeasts

benign, friendly or otherwise, to a point that turn into Pathogens

                      Creating Problems, such that

  for whatever Reasons the Body has Lost its Ability, to

a) Derive the Expected Beneficial Elements, and

b) To Handle Overgrowth turned into Hostile, Dangerous Infection 

    it would make sense to Avoid Consumption

  and Possible Risk of a Situation  that may be

              Difficult to Reverse or Ttreat

     in addition to the Malassezia one.


 Which Line of Thought is Truly the Correct and Beneficial One?

    Or is it Possible that it may be Different for Each Individual

  Depending on Strength of Immunity and Causes?


The more i think of it, the more i see it as More Likely to be the Second

       i.e ‘Depending on Strength of Immunity and Causes’  

thus working Favourably for some but causing Problems for others.


               My Reason for Sharing these two Different Sides 

   of Viewing this Subject, is that

 There is Only One way to Find Out – And that is by Testing

                            But Making Sure 

a) To Avoid Commercial Preparations that Contain Yeasts

          Identified as Unsuitable to treating Malassezia

    and Potentially Dangerous due to Impaired Immunity, and


b) To Provide Foods with Live Elements Needed for the Flora

     to be Sustained – Proliferate and Fight.


    This Testing i have already Commenced Once more upon Myself

  and Keeping Fingers Crossed… i will come Safe at the End of it all.


               Malassezia and Saccharomyces

                 More Probiotic Related Entries:

31-Malassezia and Probiotics – K 

    105- Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)

43-Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM

                        ~ ~ ~

                   Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150




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Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)




          * Malassezia ~  Probiotic Warning (2) *

    Probiotics MD

While Conducting another Acidophilus Experiment 

the results of which i will post when completed

i have come across additional Information

regarding different types of Probiotics

and since i have been touting from the Rooftop

the Acidophilus Benefits i have experienced

derived from its use wherever possible

i thought it prudent and rather important

to share my recent findings

as it appears the case of Probiotic Use 

is not ‘universally’ safe for many individuals

or not so under certain conditions.


I Cannot Vouch for the Accuracy of all this Information

but it is collectively and by all means an Expansion and Confirmation

of what i have already Posted in the First ‘Probiotics Warning’ Entry

that was included by a Company as a caution of use of their Probiotic.

( I have included below their Possible Source of this Info – Photo1)


Since i cannot copy/paste and post the entirety of contents of other sites

i will attempt to present a Summary and Provide a Link

with sufficient info covering most of the topic in one place. 


             A ‘Summary of Gathered and Collated Info’ 

*   Saccharomyces are Yeasts belonging in the Category of Fungi

     Their Name means ‘Sugar Fungi’

* ‘Saccharomyces cerevisiae’, are used in making wine, bread, and beer 

   ‘Saccharomyces bayanus’, also used in making wine, and

   ‘Saccharomyces boulardii’, used in medicine

*   Some Saccharomyces are considered as Friendly Probiotics

     with reported Beneficial effects under Normal conditions

                                            ~ ~ ~

*   Fungemia is the Presence and Colonisation

     of Yeasts/Fungi in the Bloodstream

   Internal Contamination of the Blood can cause Fungemia

*   Saccharomyces are a Common Cause of Fangemia

      in Immunosupresed Individuals

*   Saccharomyces and Saccharomyces Boulardii,

    are often included in many Probiotic Supplements                                                  


                             (Click on Photo to Enlarge)


    ~ ~ ~

There are Many Risk Factors Listed as possible causes

 but i shall name only a few closer related to Malassezia that i know of

 though some people may have developed Malassezia proliferation

 due to some of the other Risk Factors included in the Info Lists

– (Not all listed below)


  Most Common Infection Risk Factors


* Frequency of Infection Increasing 

   possibly due to Increase of Antibiotic use

* Use of  Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics

* Use of Steroids

* Use of Yeast Probiotics

* Lowered Intestinal Flora

  (Due to Antibiotics and X-Rays) *1

* Serious Illness

* Suppressed Immune System

* Fungal Colonisation (varying Yeast species)

  (Content In Parenthesis*1 is my addition)


Pretty much what i have been saying all along 

Clever MD

  about Proliferation Causes of Malassezia!      


I must Clarify here that My Purpose of Presenting this Info

is Not to Enlighten the Reader about the Saccharomyces

as i know very little of them myself and learning as researching about them

but Due to having lavishly Presented my Findings of the Incredible Benefits

i have been Deriving from the Use of 2 Different Successfully Effective

Probiotic Combinations of Acidophilus Bifido-Bacteria Products

and to Sound a  Warning Bell about the Variations of Combinations 

of some Probiotic Products that include Probiotic Yeasts


Malassezia and Saccharomyces

         This does Not mean avoiding Probiotics use altogether

                                         but making sure 

         the Probiotic Products containing Acidophilus Bifidobacteria

           Do Not Include Any Saccharomyces Yeasts.


            An additional Problem with All Probiotic Products

          is the ‘Encapsulating Agents, ‘i.e any Preservatives

        and/or Type of Sugars included for Feeding the Bacteria.

They can cause headaches and other assorted funny symptoms 

                     as Both my man and I discovered

only being in better condition than i am it took him much longer

            to register and mention anything about them.

When he started complaining and considering seeing a doctor

i suspected  they might be the cause and took him off them to verify. 

Soon after discontinuing all symptoms disappeared.

This occurred and was verified a couple of times. 

So now i give him some for a few days and stop for another few

but then his Malassezia seldom creates debilitating

or torturing problems for him except in rare occasions

when he gets Flair-ups due to Colds, Stress, etc


One particular Australian brand i tried just half a capsule in the breakfast

had me with a Blinding, extremely nauseating Migraine and blurred Vision

for Three full days … I threw the rest of them out and decided to stick with

the ones i can use -the way i have been using them- with only minimal

and brief symptoms and not risk any painful repeat unnecessarily. 

                                      June 14

                    * Other Probiotic Ingredients:         

Inulin – Polydextrose, maltodextrin, sugar, phytates,

 preservatives, artificial flavours or colours, wheat, gluten.


( Some of them  likely to cause some problems to some people

               and of course … Yeasts Love Sugars!…

      So our Pharmaceutical Manufacturers – hopefully unintentionally

                   give us the Antidote bound with the Poison!

                   and No listing of it so we might have a choice.

    Considering of course that Acidophilus Bacteria are Live creatures

    Needing Food to Survive for months in an airtight capsule or container

              i am not sure if there is a better solution to this bind

                 so as things stand it comes down to the Individual 

               to trial different Brands and weigh the Positives

                           against (IF) any Negative results 

                 until finding the optimal for their needs.)


More Probiotic Related Entries:

31-Malassezia and Probiotics – K

43-Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM

                       Acidophilus in Lung Experiment

~ ~ ~

                   Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150                 




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Malassezia – False Statements of ‘Cure’



          Malassezia Readers Keywords – Quick Answers


     * Malassezia and False Statements of ‘Cure’ *                                  


             Not All  Keywords Below are Necessarily

either an Existing Source’s or a Visitor’s ‘Claims’ of ‘Cure’

      but most likely used by the Visitors as means to be directed

           to a site that may present such claim or discovery.

I am only attempting to Clarify my own Current Experience

and Understanding regarding the possible ‘Import’ of such keywords.


      * Malassezia and False Statements of ‘Cure’… * 

     Malassezia Cure False Claims      


     K1 i cured malassezia with vinegar *

                                 Vinegar 1-1

                I Sympathise with the Hopeful Reader

            having used this Keyword in search for a Cure

             but i don’t know what to think about anyone

         If Anyone in deed – has declared such inaccurate tale.

             I can only give them the benefit of the doubt that

       they thought they were dealing and curing Malassezia 

       when in reality it was something else…                                                

     I too was a ‘believer’ and user of Vinegar in many desperate attempts.

    So i can say: No – it Never!                

If that was true I would fill my Bathtub with Vinegar

                       and literally drown in it!

Husband and I had tried it Repeatedly over Several Weeks

until i realised it made the problem Worse – let alone ‘Cure’ it …                            

If that person used vinegar and the cause or symptoms was cured

          then the Cause must have been Something Else

    like Lice or Other creature but certainly Not Malassezia… 


       K2 * salt water kills malassezia *

             Malassezia and Salt

Not to my experience… and i have literally used Sacks of it

 in Different Forms and Different Ways of application

 Only Natural Fresh Seawater i found Beneficial

       but even this Does Not Kill Malassezia...


     K3 * oil kills malassezia fungi *

         Malassezia and Oil Controversy

   I Know No Oil that actually kills Malassezia

   neither have i come across any Lab report

   supporting such claim with hard evidence

         and especially Not on the Body!


   K4* coconut oil works on furfur * 

      Malassezia and Coconut claims

         Rather the other way round:

  Malassezia works  / Thrives on Oil


   K5* oranges kill malassazea  

    Orange Bliss

   Absolutely delicious as they might be

           to my personal experience 

     No, unfortunately they do Not kill Malassezia

  either internally or externally.

  Putting Malassezia in a Petri dish in a laboratory*

subjecting it to the extract of an isolated ingredient of Orange Oil

          may produce some result – It has Nowhere else to go…

but on the Body -the equivalent of it’s planet earth-

it  can move away, it can dive under the skin etc etc.

      As for Internally, i could put my head under the axe

     that eating or juicing a truckload would not produce any result

       if not even make it … ‘sugary’ happy!…                    

        See Entry: Malassezia – How and Why It Thrives!                                                   
Malassezia Behaviour MD
        K6 * coconut oil cured malesszia *                    

                See Entry:

* Malassezia – And The ‘Miracle Oils’ Saga goes On… * 


Time to start getting obsessed with …Acidophilus …’OIL’-  instead 🙂

                Click Here for   * ENTRY LINKS 1-100 *  



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Malassezia – How and Why It Thrives



                 Malassezia Readers Keywords 


  K:  * why malassezia proliferate * 


This is Only a Short Summary of Issues

                 i have already dealt with

      throughout Many of my Previous Entries


  Elements that appear to Contribute to its Proliferation

                                   Malassezia on Vest 1 MD

Considering that Malassezia Constitutes Part of the Body’s Flora

         it gets to derive the Benefit of a Double Advantage 

       from Many Natural Positive Elements of -and- for the Body

                      Being Favourable to its Coexisting

     as well as Many Negative ones Affecting the Body

but Being Highly Conducive to Its Survival and Proliferation

                                           ~ ~ ~ 

             Natural Positive Elements of the Body


Normal Body Temperature

Our Normal Body Temperature is the Optimal one for Malassezia

and tolerates well any variation on either side of the scale.


* Abundance Of Available Nutrients

  Available Both Internally in our Digestive System 

  as well as Externally on the Skin Scalp and Hair


      * Humidity 

  such as in All Body Fluids including Perspiration

    causing opening of the pores and hair follicles

           and resulting expulsion of toxins


Negative Elements Affecting the Body

Flowering - withering

   Malassezia and Body are like Mankind and Earth

While Man Does Not Benefit from Earth’s Devastation and Afflictions

Malassezia on the contrary Grows Rampant Internally and Externally

and from its Quiet Uneventful state of Natural Flora ‘Commensal’ Form

turns into a Pathogen, Burdening and Adding to the already existing Problems.


  * Impaired Immune System  

      Serious Illness

* Medications, Frequent or Long term use of Antibiotics,

    Adversely affecting Friendly Intestinal Flora (among a long list of ills)

* Frequent X-Rays

      Killing Friendly Intestinal Flora  (among a long list of ills)

    * Cosmetics – Hair and Body

  Emollients, Balms, Creams, Moisturisers, Ointments, Lotions, Salves etc


  – Oils: Aromatic, Antiseptic, Anti-fungal – Antibacterial 

  – Different types of Alcohol                                                                                              

   * Consumables


    It loves it in Cosmetic products – and even better in the Gut

   as it acts like a Brewing Cauldron and i would think much better than Sugars

   that -leave technical chemistry details aside- contain the same molecules

   and many fruits turn sort of ‘alcoholic’ in the stomach, by the action of Yeasts

   during the digestive/natural fermentation process

   Refined Sugars 

       Possibly even Natural and beneficial ones

    Malassezia always gathers at the edge of my lips

    after i have my Fruity Smoothie unless i wash my mouth immediately.

    It also gets active when i peel apples or other fruits that i must use

  and touch with my hands instead of utensils – as i cannot work with gloves

             or when i used to squeeze oranges manualy.

       I normally use tongs or fork and knife  for most fruit handling

                  so there is no flesh contact with their sugars

        and my man has now undertaken to squeezing the oranges

            in our  newly purchased electric Juicer.  

            Saturated, Hydrogenated Oils and / or Trans Fats 

  Especially Cooked In High Temperature – Body Unable to Process

                  White Flour – Gluten containing products

           Gluten a Colon irritant – harms Intestinal walls

  White Flour takes many days to be processed through intestinal track

  often going rotten, causing congestion, bacteria proliferation and disease                        

    Other Conditions

 – Overeating – Inadequately handled by the Digestive juices

 – Constipation causing Colon Congestion

 – Lack of Natural Fibre to help Broom Rubbish out


                               Please Note:

Consumption of  Natural Polyunsaturated Oils Uncooked

is Recommended for Healthy Functioning of the Gallbladder

and other Beneficial Elements that can be derived

provided the quantity is moderate and to the Body’s ability to process  


    Our Advantage

   Body usually handles All these Burdens for long  times

      until something breaks down somewhere and then

the Consequences of All Actions Past and Present come to the fore

          and all attempts to rectifying the condition

     -if other than by Natural means- start to cascade

   creating a ‘Vicious Circle’ effect hard to get out of

(mine a decade of highly toxic antibiotic bombardment.)


   Malassezia’s Advantage

     (Our Disadvantage)

      Whether a Positive Normal Healthy Body Environment

or a Run Down one by a variety of Causes mentioned above

                           and many more…

         All Constitutes Malassezia’s Paradise

either in Peaceful, Natural, quiet Co-habitation as a Commensal

or in a War of Inconvenience, Pain and Torment as a Pathogen

in Different Forms and Inflicting a Variety of Symptoms and Aliments.


                              That’s why….

Concentrating on Restoring or Boosting Health to whatever degree possible

     is much more Important and Preferable to chasing Malassezia

with Temporary measures and Bombarding the Body with Chemicals

Increasing Its already existing Burdens  


Malassezia Survival MD

Malassezia Defender

~ ~ ~



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Malassezia ~ Kill or Cure



          Malassezia Readers Keywords – Quick Answers


     * Malassezia Kill or Cure* 

                        * KILL*


       ( Clipart from

K1 * what kills malezzia furfur? *

K2 * killing malassezia instantly * 


The Only item i know off that kills Malassezia instantly

-provided Malassezia is totally immersed in it-

is isopropyl alcohol contained in Ear Drops – takes 4 minutes!

Hydrogen Peroxide also Does so but takes Longer

depending on Malassezia stage and volume

from 20 minutes to 6 hours and – mostly is very Painful 

K2 * get rid of malassezia yeast *

K3 * kill or eliminate Malassezia *

K4 * how do i get rid of Malassezia *

K5 * how to eliminate maleesza yeast *

K6 * how to eliminate malassezia yeast * 

Malassezia Cannot Be Totally Eliminated

as it is Part of the Natural Body Flora

but Can be Controlled to a great degree

Minimising Presence and Unpleasant effects

(details given in several entries throughout this site.)

K7 * kill malassezia *

K8 * what will kill malasezzia fungus *

K9 * what kills Malassezia 

K 10 * what kills yeast malassezia *

What Kills Malassezia is Laughing to tears

Evil laugh!

      and Chocking Reading Keywords 


Malassezia – and Any “OIL… OIL … OIL…”

It Really Kills Malassezia Laughing… 🙂

     ~ ~ ~

 (What Kills Malassezia depends if on Body or Clothing etc)

    I have already written in Details in Previous Entries

 ‘Which Items and How Applied’

Can Kill Malassezia – but Only Topically and Temporarily


    * CURE *


K 11 * malassezia how to cure *                                                                      
K 12 * quickest cure for malassezia *                                                            
K 13 * malassezia cure naturally *


As Malassezia cannot be totally eliminated or for very long

i consider ‘Cure’ as meaning  a Return to Normal levels

without the characteristic unpleasant effects.

    I Have found Natural ways to Control it to a great degree Externally

   but Nothing that can be –in my case– as Effective Internally.

While still in Search, Research and Observations

i believe this  can be achieved to some degree

      -depending on the Individual’s condition-


                Avoiding Anything that can Harm or Cause

                       Additional Burden the Body

-such as Chemical Substances used Unnecessarily-


 Boosting the Immune System with a Natural Highly Nutritious Diet

as well as Protecting and Promoting Growth of Friendly Body Flora

Malassezia Competition                                                                       
  (Click on Images to Enlarge)                                                                   
      K 14 * malassezia internal cure *         
     Malassezia medications

                                        *           *          *





                     BUT NOT AS A ‘CURE’

                                      *           *          *

 My Opinion based on my Personal Experience, is

                Provided there is No Serious Underlying Illness

                        taxing the Immune System 

             If a  ‘Malassezia Killer’ can be Applied

            as Successfully Internally as Externally

            There is Definitely Hope and a Mighty Good Chance

                with Persistent Systematic Treatment and Time

                   to achieve Restoration of  Natural Balance

                 (still most likely on a Temporary ‘watch it ‘  basis)

                                         *           *          *

   Time to Start getting Obsessed with Acidophilus..(Oil)  … LOL! 🙂

   Can be Taken Orally as well as Applied Internally and Externally!

                                          *           *          *

            Click Here for * ENTRY LINKS 1-100 * 



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