Malassezia – How and Why It Thrives

07 Mar



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This is Only a Short Summary of Issues

                 i have already dealt with

      throughout Many of my Previous Entries


  Elements that appear to Contribute to its Proliferation

                                   Malassezia on Vest 1 MD

Considering that Malassezia Constitutes Part of the Body’s Flora

         it gets to derive the Benefit of a Double Advantage 

       from Many Natural Positive Elements of -and- for the Body

                      Being Favourable to its Coexisting

     as well as Many Negative ones Affecting the Body

but Being Highly Conducive to Its Survival and Proliferation

                                           ~ ~ ~ 

             Natural Positive Elements of the Body


Normal Body Temperature

Our Normal Body Temperature is the Optimal one for Malassezia

and tolerates well any variation on either side of the scale.


* Abundance Of Available Nutrients

  Available Both Internally in our Digestive System 

  as well as Externally on the Skin Scalp and Hair


      * Humidity 

  such as in All Body Fluids including Perspiration

    causing opening of the pores and hair follicles

           and resulting expulsion of toxins


Negative Elements Affecting the Body

Flowering - withering

   Malassezia and Body are like Mankind and Earth

While Man Does Not Benefit from Earth’s Devastation and Afflictions

Malassezia on the contrary Grows Rampant Internally and Externally

and from its Quiet Uneventful state of Natural Flora ‘Commensal’ Form

turns into a Pathogen, Burdening and Adding to the already existing Problems.


  * Impaired Immune System  

      Serious Illness

* Medications, Frequent or Long term use of Antibiotics,

    Adversely affecting Friendly Intestinal Flora (among a long list of ills)

* Frequent X-Rays

      Killing Friendly Intestinal Flora  (among a long list of ills)

    * Cosmetics – Hair and Body

  Emollients, Balms, Creams, Moisturisers, Ointments, Lotions, Salves etc


  – Oils: Aromatic, Antiseptic, Anti-fungal – Antibacterial 

  – Different types of Alcohol                                                                                              

   * Consumables


    It loves it in Cosmetic products – and even better in the Gut

   as it acts like a Brewing Cauldron and i would think much better than Sugars

   that -leave technical chemistry details aside- contain the same molecules

   and many fruits turn sort of ‘alcoholic’ in the stomach, by the action of Yeasts

   during the digestive/natural fermentation process

   Refined Sugars 

       Possibly even Natural and beneficial ones

    Malassezia always gathers at the edge of my lips

    after i have my Fruity Smoothie unless i wash my mouth immediately.

    It also gets active when i peel apples or other fruits that i must use

  and touch with my hands instead of utensils – as i cannot work with gloves

             or when i used to squeeze oranges manualy.

       I normally use tongs or fork and knife  for most fruit handling

                  so there is no flesh contact with their sugars

        and my man has now undertaken to squeezing the oranges

            in our  newly purchased electric Juicer.  

            Saturated, Hydrogenated Oils and / or Trans Fats 

  Especially Cooked In High Temperature – Body Unable to Process

                  White Flour – Gluten containing products

           Gluten a Colon irritant – harms Intestinal walls

  White Flour takes many days to be processed through intestinal track

  often going rotten, causing congestion, bacteria proliferation and disease                        

    Other Conditions

 – Overeating – Inadequately handled by the Digestive juices

 – Constipation causing Colon Congestion

 – Lack of Natural Fibre to help Broom Rubbish out


                               Please Note:

Consumption of  Natural Polyunsaturated Oils Uncooked

is Recommended for Healthy Functioning of the Gallbladder

and other Beneficial Elements that can be derived

provided the quantity is moderate and to the Body’s ability to process  


    Our Advantage

   Body usually handles All these Burdens for long  times

      until something breaks down somewhere and then

the Consequences of All Actions Past and Present come to the fore

          and all attempts to rectifying the condition

     -if other than by Natural means- start to cascade

   creating a ‘Vicious Circle’ effect hard to get out of

(mine a decade of highly toxic antibiotic bombardment.)


   Malassezia’s Advantage

     (Our Disadvantage)

      Whether a Positive Normal Healthy Body Environment

or a Run Down one by a variety of Causes mentioned above

                           and many more…

         All Constitutes Malassezia’s Paradise

either in Peaceful, Natural, quiet Co-habitation as a Commensal

or in a War of Inconvenience, Pain and Torment as a Pathogen

in Different Forms and Inflicting a Variety of Symptoms and Aliments.


                              That’s why….

Concentrating on Restoring or Boosting Health to whatever degree possible

     is much more Important and Preferable to chasing Malassezia

with Temporary measures and Bombarding the Body with Chemicals

Increasing Its already existing Burdens  


Malassezia Survival MD

Malassezia Defender

~ ~ ~



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