Malassezia – False Statements of ‘Cure’

10 Mar



          Malassezia Readers Keywords – Quick Answers


     * Malassezia and False Statements of ‘Cure’ *                                  


             Not All  Keywords Below are Necessarily

either an Existing Source’s or a Visitor’s ‘Claims’ of ‘Cure’

      but most likely used by the Visitors as means to be directed

           to a site that may present such claim or discovery.

I am only attempting to Clarify my own Current Experience

and Understanding regarding the possible ‘Import’ of such keywords.


      * Malassezia and False Statements of ‘Cure’… * 

     Malassezia Cure False Claims      


     K1 i cured malassezia with vinegar *

                                 Vinegar 1-1

                I Sympathise with the Hopeful Reader

            having used this Keyword in search for a Cure

             but i don’t know what to think about anyone

         If Anyone in deed – has declared such inaccurate tale.

             I can only give them the benefit of the doubt that

       they thought they were dealing and curing Malassezia 

       when in reality it was something else…                                                

     I too was a ‘believer’ and user of Vinegar in many desperate attempts.

    So i can say: No – it Never!                

If that was true I would fill my Bathtub with Vinegar

                       and literally drown in it!

Husband and I had tried it Repeatedly over Several Weeks

until i realised it made the problem Worse – let alone ‘Cure’ it …                            

If that person used vinegar and the cause or symptoms was cured

          then the Cause must have been Something Else

    like Lice or Other creature but certainly Not Malassezia… 


       K2 * salt water kills malassezia *

             Malassezia and Salt

Not to my experience… and i have literally used Sacks of it

 in Different Forms and Different Ways of application

 Only Natural Fresh Seawater i found Beneficial

       but even this Does Not Kill Malassezia...


     K3 * oil kills malassezia fungi *

         Malassezia and Oil Controversy

   I Know No Oil that actually kills Malassezia

   neither have i come across any Lab report

   supporting such claim with hard evidence

         and especially Not on the Body!


   K4* coconut oil works on furfur * 

      Malassezia and Coconut claims

         Rather the other way round:

  Malassezia works  / Thrives on Oil


   K5* oranges kill malassazea  

    Orange Bliss

   Absolutely delicious as they might be

           to my personal experience 

     No, unfortunately they do Not kill Malassezia

  either internally or externally.

  Putting Malassezia in a Petri dish in a laboratory*

subjecting it to the extract of an isolated ingredient of Orange Oil

          may produce some result – It has Nowhere else to go…

but on the Body -the equivalent of it’s planet earth-

it  can move away, it can dive under the skin etc etc.

      As for Internally, i could put my head under the axe

     that eating or juicing a truckload would not produce any result

       if not even make it … ‘sugary’ happy!…                    

        See Entry: Malassezia – How and Why It Thrives!                                                   
Malassezia Behaviour MD
        K6 * coconut oil cured malesszia *                    

                See Entry:

* Malassezia – And The ‘Miracle Oils’ Saga goes On… * 


Time to start getting obsessed with …Acidophilus …’OIL’-  instead 🙂

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