Malassezia ~ Wine … Dine and …Burp!

21 Mar



        Malassezia Readers Keywords and Answers


     * Malassezia ~ Wine … Dine and …Burp! *   

Malassezia Dine                               

   Some of these questions i have partly answered  

            in several previous Entries

 K1: malassezia beer

 Malassezia Burp

         Beer, Wine, Champaign, Whiskey, Vodka or just Ginger ale…

Malassezia  would not mind sharing a glass or two with anyone willing to oblige!

The drinker would get drunk and Malassezia would utilise sugar/alcohol content

for her proliferating party. Lets get drank Baby and have …Baby Clone Sisters!


  Not Funny? … Ok i agree …it isn’t!… It is definitely Serious!


    If we are talking about using Beer Externally

one would have to make a Rich Poultice and Place it on the area.

I have my doubts it would do anything other than temporarily

give the impression of soothing, as Malassezia will duck under the skin

and wait for it to dry or be removed, or simply move away from that spot

in which case a healthier alternative is preferable for the area than beer

and a Risk that the Result may turn out Opposite to the Expected

      and rather Favourable to Malassezia, as is the case with many

      alcohol type ingredients containing cosmetic/hygiene products…


No Beer let alone anything stronger in this house, 

so i have not tried it  but i believe from similar experiences

where the content had been some type or other of alcohol 

that once it evaporates it may attract more back in the area

                        …. Anyone willing to try?….


If on the other hand we are talking about Drinking the Beer

i would think it is best to Keeping Alcoholic drinks down

                           If not Completely OUT…  

There is a related message in the Entry

      105- Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2) regarding Yeasts

including Bread and Wine making ones … worth taking into consideration


K2: does lemon juice kill massanzeia yeast

Malassezia -Lemon juice

To my Experience – No it doesn’t!

Taken Internally has No Noticeable effect

Applied Externally it upsets and causes it to Relocate

and when dried out it attracts more in the area  


      K3: does black tea kill Malassezia

            Malassezia -Black Tea

To my Experience – No matter how ‘Black’ it is. 🙂 Lol! … it doesn’t!

My Man Drinks it Daily as well as Green Tea

I have used tones of it in the Bathtub including the Tea Bags.

May sooth the area temporarily but it is deceptive as Malassezia

is mobile and either moves away or ducks under skin until irritant is removed 


      K4: cinnamon for Malassezia

          Malassezia - Cinnamon

         K5: vegetables for malassezia

    Vegetables, Meat, Fish, Pork, Poultry

         Milk, Chilly, Pepper, Salt, Spices

               and Cinnamon on Top!…

‘She’ is Not Fussy… One can Feed ‘Her’ Anything…

In the End she chooses her Own and Flourishes 


         K6:  malassezia in cheese

        Malassezia and Cheese

                     K7: foods that contain malassezia yeast

    K8: food Malassezia


I had never so far considered the possibility of Foods containing Malassezia…

I know certain Fermented Foods are Processed by Yeasts (Saccharomyces)

          such as Bread, Wine, Beer and Fermented Vegetables 

                    ( Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2) )

           but i know not -of or IF- any contain Malassezia

 Neither that that there may be such thing as …‘Food’…Malassezia (a typo?)

              Who would want to Eat it?…

Of course if it is contained in foods then we all do, like it or not

Since its cruel acquaintance i had always considered Malassezia 

as a Skin Yeast initially, and as Intestinal one, after closer observations

but the possibility of it as a Food Yeast never crossed my mind 

other than in trying to discover if / how it uses Foods directly 

or its derived Elements indirectly via the different ways available to it, 

for its Own Purposes (Photo 3) while Lab Research reporting

is somewhat contradictory regarding Sugars, to my understanding

or is there perhaps something i am missing between these two statements?

                                   i e: 

1) Not much is known on how Malassezia Utilises Sugars

2) Malassezia does Not Ferment Sugars

                       Perhaps meaning

    It will not help digest your dinner, nor ferment your bread, beer or wine

but will feed on it ferociously for its own construction and multiplying purposes 

      (Utilises Sugars 70% for the construction of its Cell )

Malassezia composition SPL

M- S F

   Malassezia composition ASPL

 K9: Malassezia Potato Juice

  Malassezia and Potato Juice

Assuming we are talking about RAW Potato Juice and in some quantity

No…i  have not been brave enough to try it.

I would have done so had i felt it would be effective in a somewhat Big way

and without any other side effects to the Body, i e Kidney, Liver, stomach etc.


I have tried eating semi-raw potato which mysteriously enjoyed thoroughly

and still do – but again much like any other edibles no striking difference.

I had also tried briefly -quite some time back- raw Potato Poultice. 

        Messy and unsustainable for repeated treatment… 


 K10: malassezia furfur, food to avoid

I have already dealt with Elements i consider as should be avoided

mentioned in several Previous Entries and Updated and listed in :

  Malassezia – How and Why It Thrives!


K11: diet to stop malassezia furfur

K12: foods that fight malassezia furfu

K13: does diet affect malassezia yeast production?

     Malassezia and Meals MD

No Diet or Specific Isolated Item/s i know of

have had any decisively Eliminative effect

but i have observed some Noticeable changes

with my Recent Diet and switching type of Meals

See Entries: 

Malassezia ~ Diet – Choice Between ‘Two Evils’

Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily!


    K14: why the body craves foods that feed malessezia

Malassezia and Cravings

Good question! – I have noticed that tendency myself

sometimes even craving for things i would not normally eat.

I Believe this is because Malassezia Robs the Body of Nutrients


It is hard to tell if the craving caused by lack of certain elements

is raised from Malassezia leeching Body reserves, or the Body itself

trying to compensate and which one will derive most of the Benefit.

If the craving is for Nutritionally Rich Food i go along and provide it

If it is fancy i decline the source and work out what elements may be

contained that i can provide from a healthier source and i do so.

Malassezia wins in either case … or almost!…


I ll give an example which i have noticed and suspected related

but have not been able to pin in the ‘absolutely certain’ category

so i have not mentioned before:


Forced to change my Diet during the past year after a serious health crisis

 and unable to consume any Protein since, i.e No Yoghurt or Goat milk

i noticed that gradually Malassezia’s large, thick crystalline gritty grains

changed in size and quality

During the Dairy (Calcium Providing) times they were large 

immediately visible to the Naked Eye,

produced Intense Crawling sensation long Blood filled hyphae

and where they succeeded they also created Large size cheesy lesions.

During this past year, as it appears by the recently obtained Samples

collected from the Orange/Green Biofilm as well as other Body/Fluid areas

and viewed under Both Microscopes, they are much smaller

and felt so when rubbed on the fingers

and the Hyphae, where there are any, are  Shorter

and if manage to stick on the skin they produce Tiny lesions

comparable to Scratch lines size or small Fluid filled Bubbles  


On a parallel my bones have also shown the strain of Calcium / Mineral

shortage with series of broken ribs produced by a mere sneeze

or just leaning over my side to reach something.

(A warning to anyone prone to Osteoporosis)


Fortunately the Mango Season, once more like Every Year

over the Past Decade has become the Saviour Rich in Natural Minerals

providing adequate Calcium /Minerals …for Both of us!…

My Bones have stabilised, my nails and hair are growing like weeds, lol!

and i am starting to feel Malassezia grits getting more substantial in size

and visible. I have been juggling the situation all throughout Summer

alternating between days of only 1 Fruity /Mango meal and two Greenies

and days of reversing to keep the Balance between Bones and Body needs

and Malassezia keeping in miniature size and unable to stick on the skin…

Unfortunately the Mango Season is now to its end and i m left with

one more week’s supplies and soon back to a different round of the problem ..


So to return to the Point : Malassezia gets the Elements it needs anyway

unless there is under-supply in which Both Body and Malassezia

suffer the consequences … and the Individual gets crazy with Cravings! …


K15:  sulfur malassezia furfur

I have not tried it either Internally or Externally

due to side effects and very poor clearance rate off the Body.

I have Only Used it for a few weeks in the Bathtub with no noticeable results.

   Malassezia Utilises Sulphur for the Construction of its Cell

Malassezia and Sulfur

All the Greenies i Crave provide Plenty of Safe Bio-available Sulphur!

      Malassezia Robbing my Body thus Creating the Craving?                                                                            


                                    Malassezia Fun Typos MD

                  Do we have a few good Typos above?  🙂

                          massanzeia – malessezia 


Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150             






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