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Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 3)




      Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 3) 


    To Read First:

Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1) 

Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 2)


           Malassezia and Starving (PT 3)


     Q4: * how to starve Malassezia *

    Eating MD

                     Starving Malassezia with Medication

      As far as i know The Azole family of Drugs

 such as Fluconazole, Itraconazol, Miconazole  etc, 

 work by preventing the synthesis of Ergosterol

       produced by Yeasts/Fungi/Malassezia

as an essential component of their cell membranes.

Disrupting production causes holes in the membranes

and leakage of the cell contents – thus killing them.


      The Downside of these Medications is:

 * Long Term Treatments under Medical Supervision

                 due to possible Liver Toxicity  

* Serious and Potentially Fatal Side effects (as above)

* Interference with Other Medications

* Temporary Result due to High Malassezia Recurrence

      (And a lot more – too much to mention here)


  Q: I read on your website that azole family is good for yeast infection?   

* Good God  – No!… I never said or meant  ‘Good’ 

      I worded it very carefully to only describe how they are reputed to work.

                               In my Personal Experience

            –as stated in Several Relevant Entries in Both Blogs-

    i have found them  totally ineffective whether used as Shampoo

      External Topical Cream  or Oral Prescription  Medication.

     Furthermore, the Topical ones seem to exacerbate the problem

  due to emollients and other ingredients that attract Malassezia back.


 Starving Malassezia through Diet 

Malassezia utilises several types of Nutrients such as

 Sugars, Minerals, Amino Acids, Lipids etc.                                                

 Practically Every Piece of Food contains a Combination

  of Some or All of them in Varying Quantities.   


Therefore Attempting to Starve Malassezia through Diet

                  would be almost Impossible.

   But even if it Was possible it would be so Detrimental to the Body

      and with Dire Consequences far Outweighing

      the affliction and inconvenience caused by Malassezia itself

   by further weakening and damaging the already poor Immunity

           that allowed its the first place.                                                     

               The Weaker the Body Defence

           the Greater the Malassezia Stronghold.                                                   

        Attempting to Starve Malassezia through Diet

         by Depriving the Body of So Many Essential

          Life Building and Life Supporting Nutrients

                      would be the equivalent 

          to Being in the Middle of the Ocean

                    Surrounded by Sharks 


While Shooting Holes into One’s Own Boat!

Ready for meal MD

                                    The Less for You

The More for Me … and my Sisters!  


 I believe that the Opposite would be the Best way to go about

         i.e. to Build and Boost the Immune System

with the Most Nutritious Foods available and Tolerated.                                     

        * Long Term Antibiotics 

        * Lberal use of Medications and X-Rays,

        * Our Culinary Pleasures or Neglect, and

        * Poor – Nutrient Deprived Diets.

          often do Irreparable harm to the Body.

           A Lot more damage than Natural Aging

          usually attributed to and blamed on, does.                                                  

      I have been hammering this message repeatedly  

     because i have experienced and suffered greatly 

           through the entire bad side of it myself

        and  trying to pick up the pieces ever since

  fighting hard along the way and never giving up easily

  when it comes to trying anything that can be of Benefit

  and Produce a Better Result generally for my Body

  regardless of any direct impact or not on Malassezia.


Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150



  DC3 MD              

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Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 2)




      Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 2) 


 To Read PT1 First:

Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1)


                                 Malassezia  (PT 2) 

* Bubbles & Bumps 

     * Fingers and Breasts 

* Salicylic Acid and Zinc Oxide


                 K2: * malassezia bubbles on fingers *

                      Bubble wrap

                               Bubbles and  Bumps

* Both are usually  Itchy

* Bubbles are filled with a Corrosive Stinging and Burning Liquid

* Bumps are more Gritty

* Both usually Break into Lesions

I have not been able to collect  any liquid samples from Bubbles

to observe under the Microscope if there are any differences

because i do not get them often and when i do they are tiny

even if in large quantity like the ones in the Breast attack

  “Malassezia Treatment-Relocation- Attack

       They might be Different stages of Development

 but i Believe  the Bumps are Produced

       by the Fungal Malassezia

      while the Bubbles by the Mycelial / Yeast One.


        K3: * bumps under large sweaty breasts *

       Malassezia on Breasts MD

Large or Small Breasts Malassezia is not Fussy, likes them All!

      Sweating is an Inviting Element – I keep Clean and Dry

Wash with Warm Water and Facecloth – No Soap or Body Wash

Pat Dry and apply Acidophilus Mix (1 Capsule in 3-4 TBS Warm Water)

   to Prevent the Pain and Mess of Bumps or Bubbles opening into Lesions.  .

    Must be done as Early as possible

  If Not and they Progress into Lesions

Acidophilus Mix helps Sooth Itching and Promotes Faster Healing.

    Once the area is Clear – I Keep Dry with Perfume Free Talc

 or Feet Powder to Deter Recurrence  for a while

then discontinue use of Talc and leave to adjust to Natural state

       making sure i keep a Clean and Dry Daily maintenance.                                          

 Q3: *can salicylic acid kill malassezia yeast *

           Salicylic Acid is a Blood Thinner

      And must be used sparingly and with care

       Therefore i have not been able to test it on its own.

It is one of the Ingredients contained in the Oil Free Neutrogena Face Cream

and as such i have applied in the past in different areas for quite some time

– and initially in some quantity as well- with good results

   regarding clearing hard, dead, lizard skin – but 

   Have Not been able to determine whether it kills Malassezia.

    I only use it rarely nowadays and in very small pimple size areas

  and it Does Not appear to Kill

   I have generally replaced everything chemical

 with Acidophilus Mix – with far greater results.


  K5: * zinc oxide kills Malassezia *

             Again, No Absolute Certainty or Evidence that it Kills.

                I have used it in two different forms;


    Zinc cream MD

        1) As a Cream – for Nappy Rash

   but it contains a lot of Peanut OIL

          and OIL – – –  * ANY OIL*

 Is an Absolute ‘NO! – NO!’

                          when it comes to Malassezia!

      Smelly Feet MD

2) As a Foot Powder:

 ( Zinc Undecylenate, Zinc Oxide, Talc, Aluminium Chloride )

      I used it on my Feet out of necessity some time back,

   but it did not make much difference, only short deterrence

so i Replaced with Acidophilus Mix for the Vulnerable Big Toes

      and Sea Water for the rest of the Foot.


     As a powder has proved an effective deterrent

            in the Under Breast Area keeping it Dry.

               NONE of the ingredients of either

                   Zinc Oxide or Talcum Powder 

                       are good for the Body.

         A necessary evil i ONLY use In That Area

    Alternately with Fragrance Free Talcum Powder

             and only for a s long as necessary.


Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150



  DC3 MD              

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Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1)




        Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1) 


                     Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy (PT 1)

                 Q1: * does cold weather kill Malassezia *


                               Yes, Most Likely!…

                  If one is prepared

                 to dip into something like the above

                            for 15-20 minutes or so

                              and i can testify that.

       As i can aslo Testify that Killing even All the Outside

            will Not Stop what is Produced in the Inside.


         No matter how Cold is the Outside Temperature

          our Body is a constant between 35.8 – 36.6 C

                    and a Perfect range for Malassezia 


       I can Testify also it has survived much higher than that

                   during some Raging Fever episodes 


              i went through for several days some months back


         Q2: * malassezia temperature to kill *

    Malassezia ~ Exposure to Hi-Lo Temperature

     Malassezia ~ Lethal Strategies of the Past-1

  (Links will open to *Malassezia Blog* in a New Browser)


   Q: *doeswalkingonthebeachinseawaterhaveanyeffectonnailfungus*

       (I had to work hard to decipher this Freight Train of a Keyword! Lol!)

                      ‘does walking on the beach in seawater

                             have any effect on nail fungus


  Yes it Does!

                And in any Sea Natural Temperature  

        provided it is done  daily and for an hour or so

but the Yeast keeps going Back after a couple of hours 

and that’s why preventative daily maintenance is necessary

     taking back home some Seawater and dubbing on as needed

   especially evenings and at Bed time when Yeast becomes more active

and can sneak in and destroy the nail root before morning.

  (I had to work very hard to decipher this Freight Train of a Keyword! Lol!)


K1: *my husband thinks i’m going crazy but it is Malassezia*

It must be quite Puzzling for the Non afflicted Partner

and totally Frustrating for the ‘Possessed’ One, Lol! 


Malassezia can drive one crazy in many ways

and can certainly make them appear crazy

to anyone lucky not to know what it is like

having something practically invisible

pestering the body 24/7 without ever letting go

and the only supporting evidence the marks

of its malicious presence and activity, such as

Rash, Bumps, Scratch Lines and Lesions. 

  Those who suffer Maddening Itch, Burning, Crawling

Slithering, Pin Pricks, Inflammation without any visual signs

        are on their own, appearing to be neurotic

and suspected in the best case of (physical) Nerve Problems

and in the worst of Nerves and /or Emotional Problems

Not just to their own Partners or Anyone who they may confide

      but even to those who are supposed to help

     such as Doctors and Dermatologists who think

they heard it all before and have on the ready print outs

    of ‘Delusional Parasitosis’ i.e. ‘Its all in your Head’

     to be handed right before or after the collection

                          of a quick $200 Fee… 


Perhaps suggesting the above Partner to take a quick Test

  may give them some perspective of what it is like. 

                             If he agrees

Ask him to turn the palms of his hands upside down

Malassezia test

   Then dub them liberally with Hydrogen Peroxide

                  and wait for a minute or so…


Peroxide does Not Froth on Normal Skin – Neither Does it Hurt.

I have known it as totally Pain Free throughout my childhood

and have always trusted it as a gentle pain free treatment 

for my Children as well.

 It Froths on Broken Skin, Cuts and Wounds but does Not Hurt.

It Does Hurt –and rather excessively– if Malassezia is Present

even if the Skin Looks Perfectly Clear with No wounds–Nor cuts!


So initially it will Froth – then there will be a tingling sensation

which will intensify and feel rather uncomfortable, followed by

a likely formation of tiny, corrosive-fluid-filled- Bubbles

              of trapped Malassezia… ‘Dying …Hard!’ Lol!…

                      Does He Dare take the Test?…. 


Good for Anyone suspecting Malassezia presence.

It may not be an absolute Proof as there may be

other elements that could produce the same effect

          but it can be a good indication

especially if there are other supporting symptoms.


             Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150


Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 




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Malassezia ~ Its Double Role in Immunity




                                Malassezia in Lab

     *Malassezia ~ Its Double Role in Immunity*


      I was Lucky to stumble upon these two photos below some time back

                        somewhere … but don’t remember where…

                             I think the content is very Impressive!

Macrophage 1

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

  I absolutely agree, much prettier than i would have thought too!

         I d like to give it a pat on its head or paws! Lol!  🙂


  These Macrophage guys/gals … are our Immune System Defenders

                   against Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses 

Macrophage 2

The reason i am posting these photos here is because

there is a Relationship between them and Malassezia

as will be seen below in a Document referring to Both.


    This is only a small part of it

                                     (Link for full article provided below)


(As i Understand it) It is all ”Research Studies” at this stage

         with Potential Beneficial Applications in some Future

        -if proved viable and eventually applicable to humans…


I have Highlighted in Red the points of attention


( Acting like Immunisation Injection? )     

   * Injection of Malassezia resulted in increased numbers 

     and bactericidal activity of intraperitoneal macrophages,


  Intraperitoneal Organs 

     Stomach – Liver – Pancreas (part) – Duodenum (part) – Spleen 

          Small Intestines – Transverse Colon – Sigmoid Colon 

                                 Rectum (part) – Appendix 

           And In Women: Uterus – Fallopian Tubes – Ovaries    



                                    And here is how

                          Noting the very careful ‘Wording’


   1– “possible reason” – 2– “suggested3– “may be” – 

                      4– “understanding how

          indicating ‘Not absolute certainty or proof



                                                       ( Click on Photos to Enlarge )


PT 3-2 :the lipids associated with the cell wall of Malassezia’ 

                                   may be referring to

PT 3-1 : ‘the production of azelaic acid by Malassezia’ 

PT 3-3:“unlikely to come into contact with professional phagocytic cells

My Q: I wonder if this statement is derived from laboratory test observations 

     or an assumption of Malassezia being only a skin deep presence

     that is not usually found in the organs and or places

     where  ‘intraperitoneal macrophages’ operate.

    If it is the latter i could write a few pages – in fact i have already done!

    regarding what appears to me to be debatable

    -at least from my angle of personal experience 


* If Ejaculate can go up from the Vagina – into the Uterus

  so can highly mobile Malassezia – up to Falollpian tubes and Ovaries 

* If Urine can run down from the Kidneys to the Bladder and Urethra

  so can Malassezia travel upwards to the Kidneys (urine does not kill it!)

* If it can go from the Scalp to the Face – and into Eyes and Nasal cavities

  it can also go down to the Oesophagus and into the Lungs – and so on …

                I dont know about the Stomach, Liver or Spleen

 -despite having periodically experienced indicative symptoms of possible

  invasion, though assumption is that stomach juices would kill it

  -and perhaps they do…or they Dont!…if the Digestives are sluggish etc-

  but i will not venture to where i have not had adequte indications of proof.


PT 3-4 Q: Now who is going to tell Malassezia that it is meant to be

                       a Commensal  rather than a Pathogen    

                       and stop causing havoc on our bodies?…


             I often wonder what was it the Antibiotics and X-Rays

        destroyed in my Body that caused Malassezia to transition

                            from Commensal to Pathogen,

(since the trouble began at the commencement of these Treatments)


Equally so, i wonder if there are any causes

           other than those similar to mine

that  trigger the same change in other people.


  I have tried conducting a Poll to see if i could gather any indications

  and proceed to targeted research and possible helpful implementation

             of measures towards boosting the afflicted areas

                  but participation has been rather appalling

              it seems no one wants to bother and all is the pity

        because the Doctors do not appear to want to bother either

     so we are left on our own… and the only ones with the incentive

                to want to Bother – if only for our Own Benefit!…

Unfortunately it is hard to find out and alone there is only that much i can do. 


    (Perhaps  Visiting the Site on iPhones, some iPads or through RSS Subscription 

             many people are not able to load and view each Page on its entirety

                 therefore missing some of the contents without being aware.)



There is a lot of Medical jargon hard to understand and nothing much

that Malassezia aflicted people can apply and benefit from in practical terms 

but worth going through it as it contains valuable well-presented information.

I have read this document several times so far and intend to do so again

as each time something stands up and appears a bit clearer than previously.

                                                          * * *

                   Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150




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Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT2)



        Malassezia Readers Keywords and Questions


  Click To Read:  Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT1)



   * Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT2) *

        SLEEP MD


         I have Always valued my Sleep 

       and whenever woken up before ready to rise naturally

         i feel very irritable  and unable to function properly.

     Therefore i have not left untried any means i have known of 

    that could be helpful  and conducive to a Long, Restful Sleep. 


Having worked in the Health and Diet field and naturally interested

in all connected, has helped in ways i would not have otherwise

          been able to achieve to satisfactory levels.


Another helpful element is my ability or urge to constantly modify

      and adapt to the needs as circumstances change

                   always vying for the best outcome.


          This has proved so, more than any other time before 

due to limitations that often bring me to a ‘checkmate’ like position

    where i need all the knowledge and flexibility i command

          and can apply to meet a favourable outcome. 


  So below i will List the Ways and Items

     that have proved Helpful both Currently and in the Past

             under the most challenging circumstances. 


    Evening Time 

                            1)- A Light Easy to Digest Meal

                  (Containing Slow Release Carbohydrates)

             Any abrupt drop of Blood Sugar levels can trigger an alarm

                and consequent wakefulness 

                        – Sleepiness around 9 -10 o’clock pm –

             but Wide Awake Owling Owl eyes1at 2 am the usual mark of it


                     2)- Allowing 3-4 hours for Digestion before Bed Time


               3)-  Items to Avoid after 4.30’- 5.00’ pm

Avoid MD


                     *Sugars – All Types or Quantities

    (Natural Fruits or  Naughty Refined Sugar Temptations)

        Fruits like Apples- Pears- Watermelon- Pineapple

         valuable nutrition but high quick release sugars

                      Best Eaten Early in the Day.


                         * All Brain Stimulants 

        such as Preservatives, Colours, Artificial Flavours,

                  Additives, Caffeine or Tannin etc. 

                       Naughty Temptations

                    – as far as i am concerned –

                     belong to the Rubbish Bin 

                 and do not exist in our household


     It is Not a matter of Quantity

                               ‘Just 1 Cookie – Chocolate

                        Glass of Wine-Beer etc- instead of 3’

            It is a matter of Quality

                         and of Chemical Release Triggering

                           as  The Result will be the Same … 

                         Sleepless MD

                   Counting Cookies or Pieces of Chocolate 

                    Upside down Owls or Sheep…  at 2 am’

                    with a Happy Highly Active Malassezia!


      Bed Time

                                *A Warm Bath

   Bath MD

A couple of hours Before Bed time helps Relax 

all uptight Muscles, the entire Body, Sooths Itching and Burning

         and suspends Malassezia activity for a little while. 



    Enema Bag MD

               Just before going to Bed help eliminate

                   all Malassezia activity in the Area

           Especially Nerve Stimulation and Leg Jerking. 

 Even if not felt by the individual, it still takes place – all Night…

                            The Body knows

         Is Restless – Keeps Fighting – Cannot Sleep 



Reading MD

          Now that i have covered a lot of ground 

   with Entries of Recent Discoveries and New Photos 

and Confirmations of Previous theories and Observations 

                 and Updated Methods Used 

i have started to ease a little and allocate some time to myself.

         So i start reading after dinner. It helps me relax

    and often have a Half Hour Nap then Read again until dark.

     And again in Bed until i practically fall asleep on my Book.

    I consider Books to be Natural Sedatives that should be sold

               at Chemists ‘Natural Sleep’ Inducing section

                          – instead of Sleeping Drugs. 


                                            * TV Viewing 

                    TV Viewing MD

               We allow only a maximum of One Hour

                                  No Snacks 

     Nor Adrenalin Stimulant Murders, Thrillers, Guts and Blood…

         Just  Brief, Quiet, Funny, Feel Good oriented TV

                     to keep awake until Bed Time.

        Some Nights we do Not watch TV at all – Just Read

         These prove to be the most Restful Sleep Nights

       provided most other measures have been in place   


                            Must be Noted here

             in Connection with Night time Viewing

           of Adrenalin Stimulant Violent / Scary Films

Adrenalin MD

                  that Adrenalin is a Potent Poison

          that Not only Activates the Entire Body

    -Muscles Heart and Brain-

                forQquick -and often Reckless- Action

                                      but also

  Strongly Stimulates  Malassezia to Absolutely Crazy Activity.


   * Eye Pads

   Eye Pads MD

    Gently keeping eyes shut while shielding light out.

       They also provide some comforting warmth

                             that aids Relaxation 


         * Beanie

         Beanie 1 MD

                The same applies to Beanies

  On Cooler nights i use -homemade- Cloth ones

     rather than Knit Yarn ones – to minimise heat

and possible encouragement to Malassezia scalp incubation…

      Beanie MD

   In order to have some air and moderate heat

            i cut the top off and leave it open.

  Make it long enough to pull over face and cover the eyes

  Beanie Cut x2 MD

     and provide Eye Pads and Beanie in One!


An Old oversized Sleeved Jumper – T Shirt or Nighty

J-T Sh MD    Sleeve MD

                cut along the armhole point

        can Provide 2 Instant Eye Pad / Beanies

           requiring only some hem stitching

           ( Do Not Look in the Mirror! …Lol! )


                      Also Part of Old Pants

         Pants MD

                     Cut along above the hem or any other point

                                   as blue line indicates

      Pants cut MD


    * Helpful Supplements

      (The More Combined the Better)

          Supplements MD


* B Complex

* B5 (Calcium Pantothenate)

* B3 Niacinamide (Non Flushing)

Vitamin C – works Synergistically and facilitates Absorption of others

Vitamin E Natural –Not Synthetic – Helps Heal Wounds

  ( Malassezia Lesions included – and Prevents Clotting)


Calcium Hydroxyapatite (Best absorption rate)

Magnesium Orotate – MuscleCalming – works in ratio with Calcium


Valerian – A Good High Potency- preferably in Capsule form

* St Hohn’s Wart 

                              Amino Acids

L- Phenylalanine day or night

* L-Tryptophen day or night 



* B6 – Causes Busy Vivid Dreams – Best taken early morning

* L-Glutamine – Stimulates Brain – Best taken early morning


                         * Night Protection

Appplying Malassezia Deterrents / Protectors dependig on Area

* Acidophilus

* Sea Water


           Apply Amply in Vulnerable areas

        Repeat at Night during Bathroom visits

 Sleep MD.

               The More Combined – The Better the Results!   

                  See also: Fungal Freeways – Amazing!


               Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150  


Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

     Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Readers Questions Answered
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 


Sonatas Blogs MD


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Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT1)



        Malassezia Readers Keywords and Questions


   * Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT1)  *

    Malassezia Sleepless MD

        Q1: *melassezia, symptom, does it itch evening?*

        K1: *itch all night with malassezia on face* 

        K2: * pityrosporum and burning face* 

        K3: *restless body syndrome at night for the past 7 months*

    Q1: *melassezia, symptom, does it itch evening?*

    Malassezia Itch. jpg

    Yes it does!

           It Itches at Any time during the Day or Night

During the Day we are active and our muscles are uptight

so we are not aware of Malassezia’ s activities as much.

Night time though it becomes more active – as Night is its ‘Day’

while we get to Rest in the evenings sitting down or when lying in Bed 

 and it all Feels and IS a lot more Intense than during the day.

 The Body is tormented and fighting constantly with practically little rest

 if any – other tnan the Rest of Surrender to accumulated exhaustion… 

       Even if the Sleeper Does Not feel Anything 

 The Skin Does – The Entire Body Does!…

    Adding Favourable conditions to Malassezia’s activities

   such as Warmth and Humidity i.e Covers and Perspiration

      and this can become a Night of Trillions of Body Cells

screaming their agony that No one can Hear… or is able to Help…


             I Often experience a Goldilocks situation

where its activity wakes me up either when my body gets too hot

      –  or  too cold  if i throw the covers off while asleep 

The irony of it all is that when there is a near perfect temperature

         it still does its evil work but much more quietly 

and it is then i get to discover in the morning if there was

a close escape of a new casulalty or one i have to deal with.

In this regard, waking up a couple of times is preferable

-provided i can go back to sleep which i do easily now-

 because it gives me the opportunity to interrupt any attempt of invasion

 by re-applying Acidophilus and Fortify Protection in any area of activity.


Perspiration stirs it into activatity whether day or night

and in my case Night Sweats are part and parcel of Lung A-TB

so i have to gage every night what would be an optimal cover

to avoid any extremes and  preferably leaning more toward

the cooler side – hopefully escaping the sweats whenever possible.

I have developed it to an art… but often upsets are unavoidable.


Night Sweats can also be experienced due to;

a) Pre and Post Menopause or Menopause

b) Excessive Stress throughout the Day causing Fluid Retention

c) Consuming Salty Foods or Other types causing Fluid Retention

d) Fighting a Cold or Flu or an Infection

e) Minor or major -known or not- Kidney and /or Heart problems


       These are but a few causes of Night Perspiration

   when the Body finally may let go of accumulated Fluid.


Irrespective of the causes and of Malassezia’s nightly advantage

it is of Utmost Importance to get Some Solid Sleep in order to allow

the Body’s Repairing, Healing, Restorative Functions to take place

-and deal with any evil consequences in the morning.


There are ways this can be achieved to varying satisfactory levels

all depending on the Individual’s condition, ability and willingness

to implement diligently some helpful measures.


Some of these measures i have applied and tested

during earlier times and found them working realy well.

I am, unfortunately, unable to apply all of them now

but have still managed to move from a 2 am waking up

i.e 2 to 21/2 hours troubled sleep and a wakeful troubled night

where every minute on the clock feels like a punishing eternity

     to getting around 6 Solid hours of Sleep like a Log  

     despite Body’s fight and awareness of its torment.


         K1: *itch all night with malassezia on face*

         K2: * pityrosporum and burning face*


A Keyword to me is much like a Purse – large or small

containing several items/clues which i may be able to guess right 

or close enough, depending on facts known and matching or unknown

of the individual’s condition  life style and attempts of treatment.


So these Keywords indicate to me several Possibilities of cause:

*  Use of Shampoo causing Relocation from Scalp to Face

*  Area Vulnerability i.e. either

> Naturally Rich Facial Elements (Lipids?) or

> Use of Commercial Products Attracting Malassezia

* Reader Possibly spending time outdoors in sunlight

  >causing Malassezia to retreat under skin until dark

    and resurfacing and starting intense work at night

  when it gets generally more active.

    Based on the assumption of these Possibilities

      the way i would go about it:

* Check out Shampoo ingredients – replace if unsuitable

* Avoid Commercial Facial products – even antiseptic or medicated

* Try Steam Therapy (Towel over head – over Hot water etc)

   Will not kill Yeast but will open facial pores/hair follicles

   and force Yeast away – another Relocation…


       Yeast while in Mobile stage will Relocate

If in Semi-solidified Stationary, may cause burning

         and braking into Lesions as it dies.

           I would continue treatment for a week or two

            despite temporary reaction until all cleared

                     and from then onwards

* Avoid Commercial Products

* Keep Face Clean – Warm Water and Face Cloth will do just fine

* Keep Dry

                  Once Area is Clean

* Frequent Preventative measures for some time

  with Acidophilus Mix  or YAM should Deter Recurrence.

      Generally when an Area is safe for a while i discontinue Prevention

      and let it in its Natural state, unless Vulnerable to Repeated attacks

         in which case i apply preventative measures during Night time.

    Malassezia Relocate MD

       K2: *restless body syndrome at night for the past 7 months*

     Restless Night

     I Know exactly the feeling!

This Body Restlessness is a Twofold one: 

        External and Internal

1 – The External is caused by Malassezia coursing and settling

      on different parts of the Body causing skin irritability

      as if stimulated by a swarm of crawling insects

      and by a chemical Reaction to its Inflammatory, Corrosive liquid.

      It can aslo cause Skin Surface Flatter, Twitches or Tremors

when burrowing in concentrated quantities under the top skin surface

or Jab like Stabbings when near any peripheral nerve endings 

           NS MD


2 – The Internal similarly causing Stimulation of Sensitive Nerve Endings

      especially in the Private Parts areas – Anal, Vaginal and Penis 

                                    Resulting in

* Restless Leg Syndrome

* Highly Uncomfortable Periodic Muscle Contractions

* Intense -electric current like- Pulses  

        simply because Malassezia is moving constantly

          – as witnessed under Digital Microscope


  Activity in a Congested Colon – causes

 * Intense Leg Muscle Contractions

 * Electric current like Pulses felt right Up to the Pelvic area, and

 * Involuntary Leg jerking a few inches high off the resting surface. 

          Also caused by heavy presence in Vagina / Uterus.


This, no doubt, is much like walking miles throughout day and night

most likely causing production of lactic acid – like when overexercised.

An initial Leg Stiffness and difficulty walking in the morning

is not unusual – similar to having exercised muscles too much

          during the previous day.

In reality, this does not only happen during the night

but through several intervals throughout the day as well

     Reading a Book

Usually it is only felt when lying down or sitting in a recliner chair

           with raised  legs

          No wonder Chronic Fatigue is another Consequence 

       of Malassezia affliction. 

  And No need to hint what stimulating response during Sleep

     – when the Brain can easily oblige with dream imagery-

         Liquid Malassezia resembling saliva or ejaculate

          can arouse in Both Male-Female genital areas

       that have no way of discerning the subtle difference

      of ‘activity and effect’ … until of course they are eventually afflicted

    by its menacing Itchy – Burning – Corrosive Fire… 


 Waking up with a sense of a Wet Dream and / or Heart Palpitations

                   is an indication of what has likely occurred

          in a rather more Cruel Mix of … Pain and Pleasure           

         Acidophilus ProtectorMD

One that Acidophilus Can Prevent if applied before Bedtime.

This may help understand the Constant Fungal Activity throughout the night 

Fungal Freeways – Amazing!

Next Entry:  Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT2)

  Helpful Measures for A Better Sleep


             Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150




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Malassezia ~ More about Male / Female Genital Sores




        Malassezia Readers Keywords and Questions


  Warning MD


       * Malassezia ~ More about Male – Female Genital Sores  *

    Some of these questions i have already partly answered  

     in several previous Entries


           * Q1: * what do dark blood blisters on labia mean *        

Malassezia  Genital Purple Bump         

Usually  Dark Red or Purple Blisters on either Male or Female Parts

are preceded by Burning, Itching and a Prickling Sensation

which deceptively subsides when Malassezia has entered

dug in – in the Area and Prepares for Reproductive Cloning.

Once cloning has started, intermittent activity and temporary itching 

  may be detected  throughout day and night

   for the duration of the cloning cycle.

As the Clones develop and mobilise towards the surface

the skin is corrupted and so follows the next stage of a Painful Lesion.

    The Cycle lasting for Four Weeks.

These areas are highly pursued by Malassezia because they provide

three Essential Elements, i.e Humidity, Warmth and most Importantly

readily available Blood Supply – Needed for its Cloning. 


(Any Area On Body)

K1: * severe razor burn *

K2: * unexplained skin scratches *

K3: * scratches on my buttock *

K4: * red burning lines covered by scaled itchy skin *

             The Razor Cuts and Scratch lines and the Red or Purple Bumps

            appear to be the same stage of development in the cycle

            only the Cuts and Scratches differ in size from the Bumps

            a) Due to the Area and Ttype of Skin, and

            b) The  Razor Cuts and Scratches appear to be 

                            Malassezia in Yeast Form  

                         while the Red or Purple Bumps  

                     Malassezia as the Mycelia/Fungus


        The scaly itchy skin can be fixed with OIL FREE Neutrogena

                  (  * Malassezia Blog * ) – Malassezia Identified & Helpful Discovery


Mstork R MD

      Q2: * does mallesszia fur fur thrush come from the vagina *

I shall quote here the Official Version of Malassezia’s Status and Origin

which is “Ubiquitous”  in Nature  and “Part of the Natural Body Flora.”

Ubiquitous = Omnipresent, Universal, Pervasive, Ever-Present, Everywhere.


Now ‘Home’ on my Own Body i have discovered and confirmed

through collection of samples and other characteristic symptoms 

that there is Nowhere that Malassezia Does Not or Cannot go

                               — bar the Brain!….


I Know, because i am able to Feel and would Put my Neck under the Axe,

that Malassezia Comes from the Internal Areas, i.e Intestinal and Vaginal

as well as Returns back there during some stage of its Development.

            I am unable to Answer the Universal Question

      ‘Where Does Yeast – Any Yeast Originates from?’


I have a Suspicion, or at least this is how i have been experiencing it

    during the Past Four Years, that it is Similar to the Legendary question

             ‘Which comes First the Chicken or the Egg?

ie. Yeast Originates in the Environment and Lodges on Living Bodies

           in a ‘Man – Mammal and Earth’ like Relationship

      or it Originates in the Intestinal Canal and Spreads outwards

similar to Tree Seeds carried away by Winds to Spread their Genus.

  One Fact is for sure – it cannot survive and develop without Blood

   which would make the second theory a strong possibility too.


                         What is Relevant here, is that

       YES! It Comes And Goes in the Vagina – and Penis

               and a Natural Treatment can Help Minimise

                           its Uncomfortable effects.


Mboys MD

K1: * red bump on penis * 

K2: * purple bump on penis * 

K3: * puss filled bump on penis * 

K4: * yeast infection bumps on penis * 

K5: * malassezia penis *

K6: *  bump on penis shaft with dry white puss


                  K7: * own his penis through furfur *

                     Did He Not Own it Before???

Assuming the first word is a Typo i tried placing all the letters

       in front of it but none made a word so all i can say  is

        ‘That is a rather Painful way to Own one’s Penis…’


               Mgirls MD 

K1: * bumps on vaginal lips *

K2: * purple/black dots on vagina lips *


K3: * purple bumps vulva *

K4: * yeast infection bumps private *

K5: * vulvar area pityrosporum yeast organisms *


K6-1 * i have red bumps on my majora *

K6-2 * hair bump on vagina and it burst *

K7-1: * infected razor cut on labia majora*  

K7-2:  * paper cuts on labia *

K8: * purple/black dots on vagina lips *


Knine MD

   K9: * k9 vulva sore *

     Poor k9 Creature!…

I m Guessing the same treatment with Acidophilus could help

  if a Soaked patch could be secured in the area

except …they would keep licking it off the area… Lol!

Mpubic MD

K1: * crawling prickly feeling in pube area *

K2: * pin poking feeling in the pubic hair area *

Mcrawling MD

K3: * malassezia yeast feels like it is crawling *

K4: * crawling sensation with white substance on my face  *

Q1: * does malassezia feel like crawling on skin *

There are different intensity sensations that can feel like Crawling

while Malassezia is mobile but the more Intense and Defined one

    is due to the developed hyphae ready to suck blood

      and it is rather Deceptive because at that stage

 it has reached solidity often visible as a crystalline grain

       and is stationary ready to dig into the skin.

   Immediate attention of the area either washing off

         or applying Seawater or Acidophilus

       can interfere and prevent it from settling in.                                  

      Q2: * behind my ears it iches is it candida or Malassezia *

Malassezzia Itch MD

I am not qualified to make a diagnosis especially from distance.

A scrapings sample under the Microscope could shed some light.

I will deal with it only as a ‘Perhaps it Is…’

and on the hypothetical basis that it might be

i will say what i know of and how i deal with it

which applies to all of the above mentioned cases.

Lucky Me… i have practically fought them All.

            Mfensing MD

Before i had evidence that Acidophilus Inhibits or Kills Malassezia

slowly, smoothly and quietly almost imperceptibly

depending at the stage of M’s development and vulnerability

i used to alternate between Seawater and Acidophilus

but now i go for Acidophilus for more vulnerable areas

and Seawater for less frequently attacked and/or less painful.

I am Not counting Capsules or Cost anymore

   as Results are more Important to me.

The Application of Either Seawater (Not Salt + Water) or Acidophilus

is simple and effective – but deriving better advantage from Acidophilus

                     provided the Criteria of 

 Malassezia ~ Acidophilus Results-How it Works Best

           and the Best way to Extract the Benefits,

                 are met as close as possible.


 Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150



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