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02 Apr




        Malassezia Readers Keywords and Questions


  Warning MD


       * Malassezia ~ More about Male – Female Genital Sores  *

    Some of these questions i have already partly answered  

     in several previous Entries


           * Q1: * what do dark blood blisters on labia mean *        

Malassezia  Genital Purple Bump         

Usually  Dark Red or Purple Blisters on either Male or Female Parts

are preceded by Burning, Itching and a Prickling Sensation

which deceptively subsides when Malassezia has entered

dug in – in the Area and Prepares for Reproductive Cloning.

Once cloning has started, intermittent activity and temporary itching 

  may be detected  throughout day and night

   for the duration of the cloning cycle.

As the Clones develop and mobilise towards the surface

the skin is corrupted and so follows the next stage of a Painful Lesion.

    The Cycle lasting for Four Weeks.

These areas are highly pursued by Malassezia because they provide

three Essential Elements, i.e Humidity, Warmth and most Importantly

readily available Blood Supply – Needed for its Cloning. 


(Any Area On Body)

K1: * severe razor burn *

K2: * unexplained skin scratches *

K3: * scratches on my buttock *

K4: * red burning lines covered by scaled itchy skin *

             The Razor Cuts and Scratch lines and the Red or Purple Bumps

            appear to be the same stage of development in the cycle

            only the Cuts and Scratches differ in size from the Bumps

            a) Due to the Area and Ttype of Skin, and

            b) The  Razor Cuts and Scratches appear to be 

                            Malassezia in Yeast Form  

                         while the Red or Purple Bumps  

                     Malassezia as the Mycelia/Fungus


        The scaly itchy skin can be fixed with OIL FREE Neutrogena

                  (  * Malassezia Blog * ) – Malassezia Identified & Helpful Discovery


Mstork R MD

      Q2: * does mallesszia fur fur thrush come from the vagina *

I shall quote here the Official Version of Malassezia’s Status and Origin

which is “Ubiquitous”  in Nature  and “Part of the Natural Body Flora.”

Ubiquitous = Omnipresent, Universal, Pervasive, Ever-Present, Everywhere.


Now ‘Home’ on my Own Body i have discovered and confirmed

through collection of samples and other characteristic symptoms 

that there is Nowhere that Malassezia Does Not or Cannot go

                               — bar the Brain!….


I Know, because i am able to Feel and would Put my Neck under the Axe,

that Malassezia Comes from the Internal Areas, i.e Intestinal and Vaginal

as well as Returns back there during some stage of its Development.

            I am unable to Answer the Universal Question

      ‘Where Does Yeast – Any Yeast Originates from?’


I have a Suspicion, or at least this is how i have been experiencing it

    during the Past Four Years, that it is Similar to the Legendary question

             ‘Which comes First the Chicken or the Egg?

ie. Yeast Originates in the Environment and Lodges on Living Bodies

           in a ‘Man – Mammal and Earth’ like Relationship

      or it Originates in the Intestinal Canal and Spreads outwards

similar to Tree Seeds carried away by Winds to Spread their Genus.

  One Fact is for sure – it cannot survive and develop without Blood

   which would make the second theory a strong possibility too.


                         What is Relevant here, is that

       YES! It Comes And Goes in the Vagina – and Penis

               and a Natural Treatment can Help Minimise

                           its Uncomfortable effects.


Mboys MD

K1: * red bump on penis * 

K2: * purple bump on penis * 

K3: * puss filled bump on penis * 

K4: * yeast infection bumps on penis * 

K5: * malassezia penis *

K6: *  bump on penis shaft with dry white puss


                  K7: * own his penis through furfur *

                     Did He Not Own it Before???

Assuming the first word is a Typo i tried placing all the letters

       in front of it but none made a word so all i can say  is

        ‘That is a rather Painful way to Own one’s Penis…’


               Mgirls MD 

K1: * bumps on vaginal lips *

K2: * purple/black dots on vagina lips *


K3: * purple bumps vulva *

K4: * yeast infection bumps private *

K5: * vulvar area pityrosporum yeast organisms *


K6-1 * i have red bumps on my majora *

K6-2 * hair bump on vagina and it burst *

K7-1: * infected razor cut on labia majora*  

K7-2:  * paper cuts on labia *

K8: * purple/black dots on vagina lips *


Knine MD

   K9: * k9 vulva sore *

     Poor k9 Creature!…

I m Guessing the same treatment with Acidophilus could help

  if a Soaked patch could be secured in the area

except …they would keep licking it off the area… Lol!

Mpubic MD

K1: * crawling prickly feeling in pube area *

K2: * pin poking feeling in the pubic hair area *

Mcrawling MD

K3: * malassezia yeast feels like it is crawling *

K4: * crawling sensation with white substance on my face  *

Q1: * does malassezia feel like crawling on skin *

There are different intensity sensations that can feel like Crawling

while Malassezia is mobile but the more Intense and Defined one

    is due to the developed hyphae ready to suck blood

      and it is rather Deceptive because at that stage

 it has reached solidity often visible as a crystalline grain

       and is stationary ready to dig into the skin.

   Immediate attention of the area either washing off

         or applying Seawater or Acidophilus

       can interfere and prevent it from settling in.                                  

      Q2: * behind my ears it iches is it candida or Malassezia *

Malassezzia Itch MD

I am not qualified to make a diagnosis especially from distance.

A scrapings sample under the Microscope could shed some light.

I will deal with it only as a ‘Perhaps it Is…’

and on the hypothetical basis that it might be

i will say what i know of and how i deal with it

which applies to all of the above mentioned cases.

Lucky Me… i have practically fought them All.

            Mfensing MD

Before i had evidence that Acidophilus Inhibits or Kills Malassezia

slowly, smoothly and quietly almost imperceptibly

depending at the stage of M’s development and vulnerability

i used to alternate between Seawater and Acidophilus

but now i go for Acidophilus for more vulnerable areas

and Seawater for less frequently attacked and/or less painful.

I am Not counting Capsules or Cost anymore

   as Results are more Important to me.

The Application of Either Seawater (Not Salt + Water) or Acidophilus

is simple and effective – but deriving better advantage from Acidophilus

                     provided the Criteria of 

 Malassezia ~ Acidophilus Results-How it Works Best

           and the Best way to Extract the Benefits,

                 are met as close as possible.


 Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150



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