Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT1)

08 Apr



        Malassezia Readers Keywords and Questions


   * Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT1)  *

    Malassezia Sleepless MD

        Q1: *melassezia, symptom, does it itch evening?*

        K1: *itch all night with malassezia on face* 

        K2: * pityrosporum and burning face* 

        K3: *restless body syndrome at night for the past 7 months*

    Q1: *melassezia, symptom, does it itch evening?*

    Malassezia Itch. jpg

    Yes it does!

           It Itches at Any time during the Day or Night

During the Day we are active and our muscles are uptight

so we are not aware of Malassezia’ s activities as much.

Night time though it becomes more active – as Night is its ‘Day’

while we get to Rest in the evenings sitting down or when lying in Bed 

 and it all Feels and IS a lot more Intense than during the day.

 The Body is tormented and fighting constantly with practically little rest

 if any – other tnan the Rest of Surrender to accumulated exhaustion… 

       Even if the Sleeper Does Not feel Anything 

 The Skin Does – The Entire Body Does!…

    Adding Favourable conditions to Malassezia’s activities

   such as Warmth and Humidity i.e Covers and Perspiration

      and this can become a Night of Trillions of Body Cells

screaming their agony that No one can Hear… or is able to Help…


             I Often experience a Goldilocks situation

where its activity wakes me up either when my body gets too hot

      –  or  too cold  if i throw the covers off while asleep 

The irony of it all is that when there is a near perfect temperature

         it still does its evil work but much more quietly 

and it is then i get to discover in the morning if there was

a close escape of a new casulalty or one i have to deal with.

In this regard, waking up a couple of times is preferable

-provided i can go back to sleep which i do easily now-

 because it gives me the opportunity to interrupt any attempt of invasion

 by re-applying Acidophilus and Fortify Protection in any area of activity.


Perspiration stirs it into activatity whether day or night

and in my case Night Sweats are part and parcel of Lung A-TB

so i have to gage every night what would be an optimal cover

to avoid any extremes and  preferably leaning more toward

the cooler side – hopefully escaping the sweats whenever possible.

I have developed it to an art… but often upsets are unavoidable.


Night Sweats can also be experienced due to;

a) Pre and Post Menopause or Menopause

b) Excessive Stress throughout the Day causing Fluid Retention

c) Consuming Salty Foods or Other types causing Fluid Retention

d) Fighting a Cold or Flu or an Infection

e) Minor or major -known or not- Kidney and /or Heart problems


       These are but a few causes of Night Perspiration

   when the Body finally may let go of accumulated Fluid.


Irrespective of the causes and of Malassezia’s nightly advantage

it is of Utmost Importance to get Some Solid Sleep in order to allow

the Body’s Repairing, Healing, Restorative Functions to take place

-and deal with any evil consequences in the morning.


There are ways this can be achieved to varying satisfactory levels

all depending on the Individual’s condition, ability and willingness

to implement diligently some helpful measures.


Some of these measures i have applied and tested

during earlier times and found them working realy well.

I am, unfortunately, unable to apply all of them now

but have still managed to move from a 2 am waking up

i.e 2 to 21/2 hours troubled sleep and a wakeful troubled night

where every minute on the clock feels like a punishing eternity

     to getting around 6 Solid hours of Sleep like a Log  

     despite Body’s fight and awareness of its torment.


         K1: *itch all night with malassezia on face*

         K2: * pityrosporum and burning face*


A Keyword to me is much like a Purse – large or small

containing several items/clues which i may be able to guess right 

or close enough, depending on facts known and matching or unknown

of the individual’s condition  life style and attempts of treatment.


So these Keywords indicate to me several Possibilities of cause:

*  Use of Shampoo causing Relocation from Scalp to Face

*  Area Vulnerability i.e. either

> Naturally Rich Facial Elements (Lipids?) or

> Use of Commercial Products Attracting Malassezia

* Reader Possibly spending time outdoors in sunlight

  >causing Malassezia to retreat under skin until dark

    and resurfacing and starting intense work at night

  when it gets generally more active.

    Based on the assumption of these Possibilities

      the way i would go about it:

* Check out Shampoo ingredients – replace if unsuitable

* Avoid Commercial Facial products – even antiseptic or medicated

* Try Steam Therapy (Towel over head – over Hot water etc)

   Will not kill Yeast but will open facial pores/hair follicles

   and force Yeast away – another Relocation…


       Yeast while in Mobile stage will Relocate

If in Semi-solidified Stationary, may cause burning

         and braking into Lesions as it dies.

           I would continue treatment for a week or two

            despite temporary reaction until all cleared

                     and from then onwards

* Avoid Commercial Products

* Keep Face Clean – Warm Water and Face Cloth will do just fine

* Keep Dry

                  Once Area is Clean

* Frequent Preventative measures for some time

  with Acidophilus Mix  or YAM should Deter Recurrence.

      Generally when an Area is safe for a while i discontinue Prevention

      and let it in its Natural state, unless Vulnerable to Repeated attacks

         in which case i apply preventative measures during Night time.

    Malassezia Relocate MD

       K2: *restless body syndrome at night for the past 7 months*

     Restless Night

     I Know exactly the feeling!

This Body Restlessness is a Twofold one: 

        External and Internal

1 – The External is caused by Malassezia coursing and settling

      on different parts of the Body causing skin irritability

      as if stimulated by a swarm of crawling insects

      and by a chemical Reaction to its Inflammatory, Corrosive liquid.

      It can aslo cause Skin Surface Flatter, Twitches or Tremors

when burrowing in concentrated quantities under the top skin surface

or Jab like Stabbings when near any peripheral nerve endings 

           NS MD


2 – The Internal similarly causing Stimulation of Sensitive Nerve Endings

      especially in the Private Parts areas – Anal, Vaginal and Penis 

                                    Resulting in

* Restless Leg Syndrome

* Highly Uncomfortable Periodic Muscle Contractions

* Intense -electric current like- Pulses  

        simply because Malassezia is moving constantly

          – as witnessed under Digital Microscope


  Activity in a Congested Colon – causes

 * Intense Leg Muscle Contractions

 * Electric current like Pulses felt right Up to the Pelvic area, and

 * Involuntary Leg jerking a few inches high off the resting surface. 

          Also caused by heavy presence in Vagina / Uterus.


This, no doubt, is much like walking miles throughout day and night

most likely causing production of lactic acid – like when overexercised.

An initial Leg Stiffness and difficulty walking in the morning

is not unusual – similar to having exercised muscles too much

          during the previous day.

In reality, this does not only happen during the night

but through several intervals throughout the day as well

     Reading a Book

Usually it is only felt when lying down or sitting in a recliner chair

           with raised  legs

          No wonder Chronic Fatigue is another Consequence 

       of Malassezia affliction. 

  And No need to hint what stimulating response during Sleep

     – when the Brain can easily oblige with dream imagery-

         Liquid Malassezia resembling saliva or ejaculate

          can arouse in Both Male-Female genital areas

       that have no way of discerning the subtle difference

      of ‘activity and effect’ … until of course they are eventually afflicted

    by its menacing Itchy – Burning – Corrosive Fire… 


 Waking up with a sense of a Wet Dream and / or Heart Palpitations

                   is an indication of what has likely occurred

          in a rather more Cruel Mix of … Pain and Pleasure           

         Acidophilus ProtectorMD

One that Acidophilus Can Prevent if applied before Bedtime.

This may help understand the Constant Fungal Activity throughout the night 

Fungal Freeways – Amazing!

Next Entry:  Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT2)

  Helpful Measures for A Better Sleep


             Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150




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