Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT2)

12 Apr



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   * Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT2) *

        SLEEP MD


         I have Always valued my Sleep 

       and whenever woken up before ready to rise naturally

         i feel very irritable  and unable to function properly.

     Therefore i have not left untried any means i have known of 

    that could be helpful  and conducive to a Long, Restful Sleep. 


Having worked in the Health and Diet field and naturally interested

in all connected, has helped in ways i would not have otherwise

          been able to achieve to satisfactory levels.


Another helpful element is my ability or urge to constantly modify

      and adapt to the needs as circumstances change

                   always vying for the best outcome.


          This has proved so, more than any other time before 

due to limitations that often bring me to a ‘checkmate’ like position

    where i need all the knowledge and flexibility i command

          and can apply to meet a favourable outcome. 


  So below i will List the Ways and Items

     that have proved Helpful both Currently and in the Past

             under the most challenging circumstances. 


    Evening Time 

                            1)- A Light Easy to Digest Meal

                  (Containing Slow Release Carbohydrates)

             Any abrupt drop of Blood Sugar levels can trigger an alarm

                and consequent wakefulness 

                        – Sleepiness around 9 -10 o’clock pm –

             but Wide Awake Owling Owl eyes1at 2 am the usual mark of it


                     2)- Allowing 3-4 hours for Digestion before Bed Time


               3)-  Items to Avoid after 4.30’- 5.00’ pm

Avoid MD


                     *Sugars – All Types or Quantities

    (Natural Fruits or  Naughty Refined Sugar Temptations)

        Fruits like Apples- Pears- Watermelon- Pineapple

         valuable nutrition but high quick release sugars

                      Best Eaten Early in the Day.


                         * All Brain Stimulants 

        such as Preservatives, Colours, Artificial Flavours,

                  Additives, Caffeine or Tannin etc. 

                       Naughty Temptations

                    – as far as i am concerned –

                     belong to the Rubbish Bin 

                 and do not exist in our household


     It is Not a matter of Quantity

                               ‘Just 1 Cookie – Chocolate

                        Glass of Wine-Beer etc- instead of 3’

            It is a matter of Quality

                         and of Chemical Release Triggering

                           as  The Result will be the Same … 

                         Sleepless MD

                   Counting Cookies or Pieces of Chocolate 

                    Upside down Owls or Sheep…  at 2 am’

                    with a Happy Highly Active Malassezia!


      Bed Time

                                *A Warm Bath

   Bath MD

A couple of hours Before Bed time helps Relax 

all uptight Muscles, the entire Body, Sooths Itching and Burning

         and suspends Malassezia activity for a little while. 



    Enema Bag MD

               Just before going to Bed help eliminate

                   all Malassezia activity in the Area

           Especially Nerve Stimulation and Leg Jerking. 

 Even if not felt by the individual, it still takes place – all Night…

                            The Body knows

         Is Restless – Keeps Fighting – Cannot Sleep 



Reading MD

          Now that i have covered a lot of ground 

   with Entries of Recent Discoveries and New Photos 

and Confirmations of Previous theories and Observations 

                 and Updated Methods Used 

i have started to ease a little and allocate some time to myself.

         So i start reading after dinner. It helps me relax

    and often have a Half Hour Nap then Read again until dark.

     And again in Bed until i practically fall asleep on my Book.

    I consider Books to be Natural Sedatives that should be sold

               at Chemists ‘Natural Sleep’ Inducing section

                          – instead of Sleeping Drugs. 


                                            * TV Viewing 

                    TV Viewing MD

               We allow only a maximum of One Hour

                                  No Snacks 

     Nor Adrenalin Stimulant Murders, Thrillers, Guts and Blood…

         Just  Brief, Quiet, Funny, Feel Good oriented TV

                     to keep awake until Bed Time.

        Some Nights we do Not watch TV at all – Just Read

         These prove to be the most Restful Sleep Nights

       provided most other measures have been in place   


                            Must be Noted here

             in Connection with Night time Viewing

           of Adrenalin Stimulant Violent / Scary Films

Adrenalin MD

                  that Adrenalin is a Potent Poison

          that Not only Activates the Entire Body

    -Muscles Heart and Brain-

                forQquick -and often Reckless- Action

                                      but also

  Strongly Stimulates  Malassezia to Absolutely Crazy Activity.


   * Eye Pads

   Eye Pads MD

    Gently keeping eyes shut while shielding light out.

       They also provide some comforting warmth

                             that aids Relaxation 


         * Beanie

         Beanie 1 MD

                The same applies to Beanies

  On Cooler nights i use -homemade- Cloth ones

     rather than Knit Yarn ones – to minimise heat

and possible encouragement to Malassezia scalp incubation…

      Beanie MD

   In order to have some air and moderate heat

            i cut the top off and leave it open.

  Make it long enough to pull over face and cover the eyes

  Beanie Cut x2 MD

     and provide Eye Pads and Beanie in One!


An Old oversized Sleeved Jumper – T Shirt or Nighty

J-T Sh MD    Sleeve MD

                cut along the armhole point

        can Provide 2 Instant Eye Pad / Beanies

           requiring only some hem stitching

           ( Do Not Look in the Mirror! …Lol! )


                      Also Part of Old Pants

         Pants MD

                     Cut along above the hem or any other point

                                   as blue line indicates

      Pants cut MD


    * Helpful Supplements

      (The More Combined the Better)

          Supplements MD


* B Complex

* B5 (Calcium Pantothenate)

* B3 Niacinamide (Non Flushing)

Vitamin C – works Synergistically and facilitates Absorption of others

Vitamin E Natural –Not Synthetic – Helps Heal Wounds

  ( Malassezia Lesions included – and Prevents Clotting)


Calcium Hydroxyapatite (Best absorption rate)

Magnesium Orotate – MuscleCalming – works in ratio with Calcium


Valerian – A Good High Potency- preferably in Capsule form

* St Hohn’s Wart 

                              Amino Acids

L- Phenylalanine day or night

* L-Tryptophen day or night 



* B6 – Causes Busy Vivid Dreams – Best taken early morning

* L-Glutamine – Stimulates Brain – Best taken early morning


                         * Night Protection

Appplying Malassezia Deterrents / Protectors dependig on Area

* Acidophilus

* Sea Water


           Apply Amply in Vulnerable areas

        Repeat at Night during Bathroom visits

 Sleep MD.

               The More Combined – The Better the Results!   

                  See also: Fungal Freeways – Amazing!


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