Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1)

22 Apr




        Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1) 


                     Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy (PT 1)

                 Q1: * does cold weather kill Malassezia *


                               Yes, Most Likely!…

                  If one is prepared

                 to dip into something like the above

                            for 15-20 minutes or so

                              and i can testify that.

       As i can aslo Testify that Killing even All the Outside

            will Not Stop what is Produced in the Inside.


         No matter how Cold is the Outside Temperature

          our Body is a constant between 35.8 – 36.6 C

                    and a Perfect range for Malassezia 


       I can Testify also it has survived much higher than that

                   during some Raging Fever episodes 


              i went through for several days some months back


         Q2: * malassezia temperature to kill *

    Malassezia ~ Exposure to Hi-Lo Temperature

     Malassezia ~ Lethal Strategies of the Past-1

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   Q: *doeswalkingonthebeachinseawaterhaveanyeffectonnailfungus*

       (I had to work hard to decipher this Freight Train of a Keyword! Lol!)

                      ‘does walking on the beach in seawater

                             have any effect on nail fungus


  Yes it Does!

                And in any Sea Natural Temperature  

        provided it is done  daily and for an hour or so

but the Yeast keeps going Back after a couple of hours 

and that’s why preventative daily maintenance is necessary

     taking back home some Seawater and dubbing on as needed

   especially evenings and at Bed time when Yeast becomes more active

and can sneak in and destroy the nail root before morning.

  (I had to work very hard to decipher this Freight Train of a Keyword! Lol!)


K1: *my husband thinks i’m going crazy but it is Malassezia*

It must be quite Puzzling for the Non afflicted Partner

and totally Frustrating for the ‘Possessed’ One, Lol! 


Malassezia can drive one crazy in many ways

and can certainly make them appear crazy

to anyone lucky not to know what it is like

having something practically invisible

pestering the body 24/7 without ever letting go

and the only supporting evidence the marks

of its malicious presence and activity, such as

Rash, Bumps, Scratch Lines and Lesions. 

  Those who suffer Maddening Itch, Burning, Crawling

Slithering, Pin Pricks, Inflammation without any visual signs

        are on their own, appearing to be neurotic

and suspected in the best case of (physical) Nerve Problems

and in the worst of Nerves and /or Emotional Problems

Not just to their own Partners or Anyone who they may confide

      but even to those who are supposed to help

     such as Doctors and Dermatologists who think

they heard it all before and have on the ready print outs

    of ‘Delusional Parasitosis’ i.e. ‘Its all in your Head’

     to be handed right before or after the collection

                          of a quick $200 Fee… 


Perhaps suggesting the above Partner to take a quick Test

  may give them some perspective of what it is like. 

                             If he agrees

Ask him to turn the palms of his hands upside down

Malassezia test

   Then dub them liberally with Hydrogen Peroxide

                  and wait for a minute or so…


Peroxide does Not Froth on Normal Skin – Neither Does it Hurt.

I have known it as totally Pain Free throughout my childhood

and have always trusted it as a gentle pain free treatment 

for my Children as well.

 It Froths on Broken Skin, Cuts and Wounds but does Not Hurt.

It Does Hurt –and rather excessively– if Malassezia is Present

even if the Skin Looks Perfectly Clear with No wounds–Nor cuts!


So initially it will Froth – then there will be a tingling sensation

which will intensify and feel rather uncomfortable, followed by

a likely formation of tiny, corrosive-fluid-filled- Bubbles

              of trapped Malassezia… ‘Dying …Hard!’ Lol!…

                      Does He Dare take the Test?…. 


Good for Anyone suspecting Malassezia presence.

It may not be an absolute Proof as there may be

other elements that could produce the same effect

          but it can be a good indication

especially if there are other supporting symptoms.


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