Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 2)

26 Apr




      Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 2) 


 To Read PT1 First:

Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1)


                                 Malassezia  (PT 2) 

* Bubbles & Bumps 

     * Fingers and Breasts 

* Salicylic Acid and Zinc Oxide


                 K2: * malassezia bubbles on fingers *

                      Bubble wrap

                               Bubbles and  Bumps

* Both are usually  Itchy

* Bubbles are filled with a Corrosive Stinging and Burning Liquid

* Bumps are more Gritty

* Both usually Break into Lesions

I have not been able to collect  any liquid samples from Bubbles

to observe under the Microscope if there are any differences

because i do not get them often and when i do they are tiny

even if in large quantity like the ones in the Breast attack

  “Malassezia Treatment-Relocation- Attack

       They might be Different stages of Development

 but i Believe  the Bumps are Produced

       by the Fungal Malassezia

      while the Bubbles by the Mycelial / Yeast One.


        K3: * bumps under large sweaty breasts *

       Malassezia on Breasts MD

Large or Small Breasts Malassezia is not Fussy, likes them All!

      Sweating is an Inviting Element – I keep Clean and Dry

Wash with Warm Water and Facecloth – No Soap or Body Wash

Pat Dry and apply Acidophilus Mix (1 Capsule in 3-4 TBS Warm Water)

   to Prevent the Pain and Mess of Bumps or Bubbles opening into Lesions.  .

    Must be done as Early as possible

  If Not and they Progress into Lesions

Acidophilus Mix helps Sooth Itching and Promotes Faster Healing.

    Once the area is Clear – I Keep Dry with Perfume Free Talc

 or Feet Powder to Deter Recurrence  for a while

then discontinue use of Talc and leave to adjust to Natural state

       making sure i keep a Clean and Dry Daily maintenance.                                          

 Q3: *can salicylic acid kill malassezia yeast *

           Salicylic Acid is a Blood Thinner

      And must be used sparingly and with care

       Therefore i have not been able to test it on its own.

It is one of the Ingredients contained in the Oil Free Neutrogena Face Cream

and as such i have applied in the past in different areas for quite some time

– and initially in some quantity as well- with good results

   regarding clearing hard, dead, lizard skin – but 

   Have Not been able to determine whether it kills Malassezia.

    I only use it rarely nowadays and in very small pimple size areas

  and it Does Not appear to Kill

   I have generally replaced everything chemical

 with Acidophilus Mix – with far greater results.


  K5: * zinc oxide kills Malassezia *

             Again, No Absolute Certainty or Evidence that it Kills.

                I have used it in two different forms;


    Zinc cream MD

        1) As a Cream – for Nappy Rash

   but it contains a lot of Peanut OIL

          and OIL – – –  * ANY OIL*

 Is an Absolute ‘NO! – NO!’

                          when it comes to Malassezia!

      Smelly Feet MD

2) As a Foot Powder:

 ( Zinc Undecylenate, Zinc Oxide, Talc, Aluminium Chloride )

      I used it on my Feet out of necessity some time back,

   but it did not make much difference, only short deterrence

so i Replaced with Acidophilus Mix for the Vulnerable Big Toes

      and Sea Water for the rest of the Foot.


     As a powder has proved an effective deterrent

            in the Under Breast Area keeping it Dry.

               NONE of the ingredients of either

                   Zinc Oxide or Talcum Powder 

                       are good for the Body.

         A necessary evil i ONLY use In That Area

    Alternately with Fragrance Free Talcum Powder

             and only for a s long as necessary.


Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150



  DC3 MD              

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