Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 3)

29 Apr




      Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 3) 


    To Read First:

Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1) 

Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 2)


           Malassezia and Starving (PT 3)


     Q4: * how to starve Malassezia *

    Eating MD

                     Starving Malassezia with Medication

      As far as i know The Azole family of Drugs

 such as Fluconazole, Itraconazol, Miconazole  etc, 

 work by preventing the synthesis of Ergosterol

       produced by Yeasts/Fungi/Malassezia

as an essential component of their cell membranes.

Disrupting production causes holes in the membranes

and leakage of the cell contents – thus killing them.


      The Downside of these Medications is:

 * Long Term Treatments under Medical Supervision

                 due to possible Liver Toxicity  

* Serious and Potentially Fatal Side effects (as above)

* Interference with Other Medications

* Temporary Result due to High Malassezia Recurrence

      (And a lot more – too much to mention here)


  Q: I read on your website that azole family is good for yeast infection?   

* Good God  – No!… I never said or meant  ‘Good’ 

      I worded it very carefully to only describe how they are reputed to work.

                               In my Personal Experience

            –as stated in Several Relevant Entries in Both Blogs-

    i have found them  totally ineffective whether used as Shampoo

      External Topical Cream  or Oral Prescription  Medication.

     Furthermore, the Topical ones seem to exacerbate the problem

  due to emollients and other ingredients that attract Malassezia back.


 Starving Malassezia through Diet 

Malassezia utilises several types of Nutrients such as

 Sugars, Minerals, Amino Acids, Lipids etc.                                                

 Practically Every Piece of Food contains a Combination

  of Some or All of them in Varying Quantities.   


Therefore Attempting to Starve Malassezia through Diet

                  would be almost Impossible.

   But even if it Was possible it would be so Detrimental to the Body

      and with Dire Consequences far Outweighing

      the affliction and inconvenience caused by Malassezia itself

   by further weakening and damaging the already poor Immunity

           that allowed its the first place.                                                     

               The Weaker the Body Defence

           the Greater the Malassezia Stronghold.                                                   

        Attempting to Starve Malassezia through Diet

         by Depriving the Body of So Many Essential

          Life Building and Life Supporting Nutrients

                      would be the equivalent 

          to Being in the Middle of the Ocean

                    Surrounded by Sharks 


While Shooting Holes into One’s Own Boat!

Ready for meal MD

                                    The Less for You

The More for Me … and my Sisters!  


 I believe that the Opposite would be the Best way to go about

         i.e. to Build and Boost the Immune System

with the Most Nutritious Foods available and Tolerated.                                     

        * Long Term Antibiotics 

        * Lberal use of Medications and X-Rays,

        * Our Culinary Pleasures or Neglect, and

        * Poor – Nutrient Deprived Diets.

          often do Irreparable harm to the Body.

           A Lot more damage than Natural Aging

          usually attributed to and blamed on, does.                                                  

      I have been hammering this message repeatedly  

     because i have experienced and suffered greatly 

           through the entire bad side of it myself

        and  trying to pick up the pieces ever since

  fighting hard along the way and never giving up easily

  when it comes to trying anything that can be of Benefit

  and Produce a Better Result generally for my Body

  regardless of any direct impact or not on Malassezia.


Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150



  DC3 MD              

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