Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 4)

03 May




      Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 4) 


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Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1)  

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        Malassezia and Diet Again (PT 1)

Dinner MD2


Although i have conducted several dietary experiments

my Diet has never been geared towards the Purpose

of affecting Malassezia other than temporary

in order to observe if anything can directly or indirectly do so

 to a noticeable degree either by addition or subtraction.



My Steady Aim has Always been to Provide my Body

         with the Essential Nutrients Required 

  to Support the Best Possible degree of Immunity Function 

  under the current – at the time – circumstances



Each time i had to reduce or modilfy items for some time

i would wait until the best opportunity when able to try again

adding back bit by bit up to the new limit of tolerance.



   So, I have recently tried to claw back some of the good things

  i had to give up – and keep working my way through 

  to the upper limit of how much of the Camel’s Body

 i can push back into the ‘Tent of Limitations’

          much like the story of the insolent Camel

Camel and Tent

I have gone through different variations which i have already posted

but recently have Added and Enriched each meal with a few more Items

and this is how it stands for now in comparison with the previous version.

Upon Rising 

Orange MD

A Cup of 1 Fresh Orange Juice in Warm Water

* Warms up the Body

* Flashes the Kidneys

* Moves the Peristaltic

* Provides Vitamin C

* And Precious Minerals



Breakfast MD

 Consisting of

* 2 Bananas  (1 Added)

*  Half med – small Pawpaw (Increased)

* 1 Avocado

* 6 Grapes (Added)

* 1-2 Strawberries

* 5 Whole Walnuts (in Shell) (3 Added)

* 1 TBS Pumpkin Seeds (Added)

* 1 Dried Fig (Added again(*))  ‘On and Off’

          ((*)) Based on tolerance and Malassezia activity effect)

   (Mango season ended so i can only dream of it till next Summer)

                    I Never Say No 

Figs and Cherries MD

     to  Nutrient Rich  

    Fresh Figs or Cherries  



   Consisiting of

(Depending on availability and size)

    Dinner MD5

    Lightly Steamed

   (To Retain Firmness, Colour and Maximum of Nutrients)

* Broccoli (2-4 Florets)

* Cauliflower (2-3 Florets

* Brussel Sprouts (3-4)

* Okra (4-5)

* Green Beans (6-8)

* Beetroot Greens 4-5 Leafs

* Beetroot Stalks 6-8

* Zucchini (1 Med or 1/2 Large)

Fresh Raw 

         Dinner MD4

* 1 Avocado

* 1/2–1 Cucumber

* 2-3 Roma or Cherry Tomatoes (Added)

* 1 Tbs Kim Chee  (Added)

( My Own Homemade Salt free)

My KimChee MD

    ( My Own Homemade Salt Free )

    And Periodically

    Fresh Greens MD

                             * Lettuce and / or  Capsicum



       Dinner MD3

   Consisting of

      Lightly Steamed

* Broccoli (2 Florets) (Added)

* Cauliflower (2 Florets) (Added)

* Zucchini (1 Med or 1/2 Half Large)

* Potato 2 Medium – apple size- (Steamed till tender)

* or Purple Sweet Potato (Steamed till tender)


  Fresh Raw

Dinner MD4

* 1 Avocado

* 1/2–1 Cucumber

* 2 Roma or Cherry Tomatoes (Added) 

* 1 Tbs Kim Chee (Added)

          (Kim Chee: My Own Homemade – Special Requirements Recipe)


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