Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 5)

07 May




      Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 5) 


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Malasszia-Good Nutrition MD


It is too Early to notice any impact on Malassezia yet

as it usually takes Time – i.e Several Months

as it also does with medication or any other treatment for that matter

                   but i Can Say for Sure there are Already

              Several Other General Benefits accrued so far

        such as – and attributed to:


1- Feeling Better, Stronger, more Lively – (*Improved Nutrition Overall)

2- No Lung Bleeds for some time – (*Acidophilus – *Kim Chee – *INO )

3- No more Braking Ribs – No Severe pains – (*Mango – *INO)

4- I Can Think Better (*Walnuts – *INO)

5- I am Awake and Functional in the Early part of Day – (*KC – *INO)

    instead of Zombieing around unable to keep my eyes open

6- Kidney Water flow Best ever! – (*KC) 

    but … accompanied by temporary -so far- sharp pains … (**)

7- Sleep Deep for 5-6 hours at Night – (*A – *INO)

    irrespective of any number of bathroom visits in between

8- And     – – –           I can Cautiously say

    * No Severe Unexpected Malassezia Attacks – (*A – *INO)

    * Reduced Bumps or Cuts both in Number and Size  

      but this comes and goes with any changes.

    Generally in recent times due to the Acidophilus treatments

    they have been as low as could be – at least on the outside.

    No considerable signs of change in Internal Production yet

    but still keeping fingers crossed i am building immunity…                                          

 Having said that

I still do not consider this Diet as an optimal overall for Long term 

compared to the Whole Raw one i was on for a long while 

(before forced to modify to accommodate sudden health changes)

                                      in that

1) It is Less Hydrating, despite Inclusion of additional (*) Raw Items

2) Some Nutrients unavoidably destroyed due to steaming

3) Greatly Improved  but still Inadequate Protein (**)

(*) I frequently replace steamed Lunch with second Fruit Only Breakfast

   and Bump up Dinner with more Lunch Greens 

(**) A Good portion of Natural Plain Yoghurt

  would bring it to Right levels and Increase Friendly Bacteria

   but my Kidneys cannot handle  dairy products anymore                                               

    I Strongly Maintain the View that a 90-95 % Fresh Raw Diet

          With inclusion of Raw – Unsalted Nuts (**) and Seeds


 Plain Yoghurt – Natural – Low Fat – Sugar and Additive Free

is Incomparable and Irreplaceable – especially if for Long Term                           

And this is why i am trying again to Improve as best i can

including redistribution of items and quantities in order to create

Three Round -High Nutrient- Light and Easier to Digest Meals.                                     

Having had to drop the Dairies and switch to the Green Diet

I have noticed the change of Malassezia from Dull Grayish

   or Fluorescent Orange – to Fluorescent Green

   and from its Predominant Severe Fungal Form

     to the More Moderate  Mycelia / Yeast one.

  Whether coincidence or Not – I cannot verify anymore.

All i Can Say with Absolute Certainty is

A  Good Body Nourishing – Immune System Building Diet

Green meal MD

Has Always Proved Beneficial – Malassezia presence or Not


         Below My Bulk Order 

                of Freshly Harvested

    Australian Walnuts in Shell! 🙂

Walnuts MD

   I Don’t Do things by Half! Lol!


Notes: Regarding  Items that contributed to Improvements


PT 1 – Ribs – Pains – Calcium 


This Improvement i Owe to Calcium Rich Mangoes

 (Improvement Tested and Verified Yearly for well Over a Decade)

   Replaced -due to Mango end of Season- with 

       Walnuts  Pumpkin Seeds and Figs

     Malassezia and Foods MD

                         ~ ~ ~

          PT 2 Kim Chee

          My KimChee1MD

1) My Kim Chee is quite different than any commercially prepared

       or Traditional Homemade Recipe Ones


2) The changes i have so far noticed started and/or coincide

     with shortly after introducing my Specially Made Kim Chee

        and might be attributed to Specific Ingredients added

       that i have not been able to otherwise include in my diet.

    ( More changes  have been noticed – not mentioned here)


 3) Not sure IF just Any Kim Chee could produce the same

             Positive ( and or / Negative? ) results

     as there are different methods and ingredients used

           not All of which i consider in the bracket

                 of my understanding of ‘healthy’  


4) Since i introduced Kim Chee into our meals

   a couple of weeks apart each – me first to test it out-

    my Husband and I have noticed identical episodes

    each separately on our approximately third day of starting

    as well as when each is On and Off it- or coinciding when both On

    but … not sure if Positive or Negative

    Nor whether Related or Independent of Malassezia yet…

    I am watching and trying to decipher their significance.  

  Some Definite -Independent of Malassezia- Pros and Cons

  have been noted so far but time … and my kidneys will tell! 

                                           ~ ~ ~

PT 3 Mushrooms

Mushrooms MD

I used to enjoy Mushrooms aware of them producing Ergosterol

which is a Precursor of Vitamin D2 – Vitamin D being essential

for Lund TB resistance – as well as their providing other Minerals.

Then i considered that there might be a possibility of thus

supplying Malassezia with ready Ergosterol for its Cell membranes

so i totally stopped eating them for several months

– despite Never having really been able to identify them

with absolute certainty as having any effect on Malassezia

    presence or activity – whether eating them or not.

     Until i decide whether to include them again 

   i pinch from time to time one from my man’s dinner 🙂

       * Indicative Results and my Body’s continually changing Needs

  are the guiding elements for any required modifications -if any-

     liable to be implemented at any stage in the future.  


(**) (No Peanuts: They are Not Nuts – they are Legumes

      Too Many Reasons to Avoid – to mention here.)

(**) That despite the absence of any chillies, condiments or salt

        and short ‘culturing’ time. I tentatively attribute it to the

                       naturally produced ‘vinegar’…

                   See also: Healthy Diets Good Kidneys


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