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24 May



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  To read PT1 First: 

Malassezia ~ Scalp – Trich & Trichillomania(PT1)


      Malassezia ~ Scalp – Trich and Trichillomania (PT2)

                            Shampoo Treatments


K1: * hegor 150 * 

K2: * selsun blue Malassezia *

              I have used Selsun Gold but not any of the above.

       Hegor contains Zinc Pyrithione but all depends on percentage

                                  and for ANY Shampoo

                 whether any of the Other Ingredients Included

                           are Yeast Feeders, such as

           OILS and Ethyl-Methyl-Acetyl Alcohol types etc.


      Q1: * is there such thing as just 2% zinc pyrithione drops *

         A quick Google Search did not produce any results

         but here is my New Zinc Pyrithione 2% Shampoo.


     (Australian Product)



     Zinc yes, but loaded with other ingredients counteracting purpose

         much like All Other Anti-dandruff Shampoos I have tried.


                                Does it work?…

       I have used it for over 2 months Daily and Consistently

    I leave it on the scalp for near a full hour while having a Bath.

       I am, regrettably, pretty close to Busting another Myth…

  Does it work?

        Not exactly! … perhaps a little … and only temporarily.                                            

    It appears not affecting anything residing deep in the hair follicles

    and only lightly or temporarily what is on the surface on scalp/hair.

              The other Ingredients make it a great Re-locator. (*1)

            Within 15 minutes after applying it and while still on

         i can feel distinct ‘sand’ movement away from the scalp

     into the ears, eyelids and face … most likely down to the neck.                                    

Then within an hour or two after rinsing and drying, a stampede back

which only appears to stop -temporarily- after applying Acidophilus mix.

Acidophilus treatment takes several weeks and systematic treatment

               to complete the job of clearing the scalp

 and then needs Regular maintenance to keep it Malassezia Free.                                   

The Only Shampoo i have found seemingly partly affecting spores

      and resulting in several hours and up to 1-2 days all quiet

-tested repeatedly in the past and only occasionally and briefly now-

         is a ‘Lice & Eggs’ treating one containing Butoxide 

but it gets absorbed though the scalp and hits me Badly in other areas

           side effects manifesting as early as the next day

   and lasting for 4-5 days or more until cleared out of my system (*3)

                                          P- MDjpg

                   And like Everything else Applied Externally

                            -whether Chemical or Natural-

                      the Results are Always only Temporary

                     because as already mentioned above:


                It Depends on the Individual’s state of Immunity

                        which consequently determines

                whether affliction is a temporary brief attack

                    or develops into a Chronic condition.  



The Difference between perpetually using

Chemical Loaded Shampoos trying to control it

instead of using Natural Methods / Ingredients

                        is that

                 The First Option

  May have Detrimental Cumulative Effects *

   1) On Detoxifying Organs such as Liver and Kidneys

  and consequently other Dependent on them Functions, etc

                                   as well as 

   2) On Other Present Scalp Friendly Flora

       The same would apply to any other

  Topical Chemical Substances used Long term**


              While the Second, Natural Option

1) Will Enhance Friendly Flora – Creating Competition

  and possibly Increase Resistance, and

2) Fortify the Immune System without causing any harm 


With these Considerations in mind after this Shampoo trial period

and only One Natural effective harmless Solution available

but still temporary and with the threat of Malassezia Re-location

in an area that could cause me more trouble than on my Scalp

           and Provided i can keep it under Control

     ie, Not have Sticky Matted Hair or Falling Off Fast

                 i have started a turn around to

* Tapering Shampoo Strength – Diluting with ‘Fun Time’ Baby Bath

* Reducing amount used per session by half

* Shortening the Duration of Scalp exposure to only 10-15 minutes

* Applying Acidophilus Mix after Rinsing and Drying

or immediately as soon as when Sticky Malassezia movement is felt

as a light Spider or Insect crawl in hair or Itchy Burning forming Bump.

     This way minimise exposure to -lets face it- Useless harmful chemicals

       and Protecting and Fortifying Friendly Helpers.

(The above applies for all shampoo types/brands i have identified

 exacerbating current condition and/or causing additional problems)


              *  Ingredients Causing Re-location  

(*1) Since it is a living  mobile creature, if not killed on impact

   and its environment is disturbed – like man and volcano eruption-

   it naturally moves away -temporarily- to a safer place.

   Where it chooses to go depends on the Individual’s

                 skin condition and vulnerability.

    In some people may settle on Eyelashes, in other on the Face

    in other on the Nek, Upper Torso – Chest, Back, Arms etc

                  or worse in the Privates areas…

    This does not guarantee that Newbies will not try to re-invade

     the Scalp area -or Any other ‘Favourite’ – treated area

                   after treatment effect has passed

(Man goes back to his volcanic land and rebuilds when all settled)


* Chemicals building cumulative effect through Skin absorption

*  Skin absorption can be negligent provided Shampoos

    are used for a few minutes as in Normal cases of Use

     but this would hardly produce any result

      for Malassezia Pityrosporum fighting purposes.


** Some may argue whether any Ingredients Could be Absorbed

      by the Skin and cause gradual or eventual harm, etc.

      The question is always : Is it worth any Risk?

     I know through first hand experience, that it Can and Does!       

  (*3) a) Gradually building after certain Repeated Applications:

     I will Not name Brands as such but Ingredients contained

                                          such as

  * Ketoconazole

  * Strong Methyl /Acetyl/ Alcohol types of ingredients

    – With or without Zinc Pyrithione –

  * As well as Some OIL containing ones

    (used way back during heavy experimenting ‘anything goes’ times)

  * Lice treating ones – as mentioned above 

 b) As well as in a One Off -unforgettable- Extremely Intense Impact

     -when used out of desperation in a foolish, unwise way 

     as in   Malassezia: Lethal Strategies of the Past (2)

                                 * * *

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                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *


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  DC3 MD              

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