Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT1)

11 Jun


   Malassezia Daily Maintenance

*Malassezia ~ Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT1)*


                  K1: * malassezia in the eyebrow * 

                  K2: * losing eyelashes *

                  K3: * creamy blobs in eyes *
 Malassezia Creamy Blob in Eye

            I do Not particularly consider my Condition as Chronic

         since i have only had two troublesome Flair-Ups throughout.

                One a couple years back, still in the early stages

             when i had to resort to wearing Goggles at Bedtimes

                      to deter Malassezia savaging my eyes.

         The Other more recently due to Shampoo experimentations

         and underestimating the maintenance frequency necessary

                              to avoid the eventual build-up.


                         What i definitely consider  as Chronic

                             is the Likelihood of Recurrence

          and Necessity for Vigilance and Prophylactic Maintenance.


Causes of Blepharitis 

  Blepharitis is an Inflammation of the Eyelids, caused by either

  a) Staphyloccal Bacteria

  b) Malassezia Yeast /Fungus

      and its related condition Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

  c) Meibomian gland dysfunction

  d) All or Combination of the above

      due to resulting Inflammation, Contamination and Infection

Malassezia Blph 1 MD

     Naturally so, since they would all be Present because:

  a) Staphyloccal Bacteria are harmless and reside normally

      on the skin and mucous membranes (Wikipedia)

   b) Malassezia is also harmless part of Normal Body Flora

         ( This, until… something goes wrong somewhere

               i.e Illness or Infection/s affecting immunity

       and/or frequent or long term Antibiotic treatments etc. )


Malassezia and Blepharitis 

* Malassezia triggers inflammatory reaction causing Blepharitis  

* Malassezia is highly attracted to Inflammation

  due to the easier availability of blood which seems to need for its cloning.

* Malassezia is attracted to Humidity and Oils

  The Eyes Provide Humidity/and Meibomian gland Oily Fluids

* Blepharitis is considered as Chronic and Persistent

   with Recurrent Flair-Ups alternating with Symptom Free periods.

Malassezia and Inflammation R


Some Regular Malassezia Characteristic i have observed over time are:

1)  After a Persistent period of practically devastating a particular area,

     it abandons it suddenly -for no apparent treason- and moves

                                       to a different one.

     I extrapolate this is because the area does not provide enough

     of its requirements or perhaps of successful survival of its Clones

     – until the area has healed again and becomes a target once more…

2) Another observed Characteristic is that it is more likely to Return

     to a Previously Invaded area than to attempt doing so to a New one

     thus causing the Blepharitis –and Other Areas– Periodic Recurrences.

3) Relocation -of which i have referred to in Previous Entries-

    when Treatments that Do not kill it on Impact are applied

    and force it to move to different areas, such as 

    from Scalp to Face, Ears, Eyes (Blepharitis), etc


   Malassezia and Eyesight

 General Vew is that Eyesight is rarely affected as a direct result

       but in reality there are detrimental effects in the Long Term:

  Although Transparent and Invisible the Malassezia Liquid is Thick

       Malasezia In Eye


* Covers and Clouds the Eyes

* Obscures the Eyesight possibly putting stress on relevant optic nerves

* Deprives the Eyes from Oxygen

* Prevents the Natural Meibomian gland Oily Fluids

  to Hydrate and Lubricate the Eyes Causing them to Dry out

* At times as the Clones develop it Feels Gritty and Bothersome

* It is alive and Sucks Blood from the Eye Blood vessels

                     causing discomfort and irritation

(My Ophthalmologist had seen Splinter haemorrhages in my Eyes

        -Splinter haemorrhages are small areas of bleeding

                  i usually had them under finger nails –

            and although other causes cannot be excluded 

              i consider Malassezia presence one of them

                      Photos under Microscope confirm)

    Malassezia Near and In Eye

  Malassezia and Eyes – Symptoms

  I have experienced a Combination of these Symptoms

           in either or Both of the two occasions:


* Red, Puffy and Itchy (Both or either of )

* Eyelid Flatter

* Oily Sticky Eyelids

* Dandruff like Scales embedding on Eyelids (*1)

* Eyelids partly glued together in the morning

   with Dry Crusted liquid


(*1) The embedded Scales are due to development of Hyphae

   digging-in on the skin surface, preparing for cloning

   easily visible under Biological Microscope.

   The longer allowed to remain on eyelid the harder to scrape off

   and the more of eventual corrosion of the skin

   resulting in bleeding when eventually scraped off

         Eyelash Beds

* Red Sore and /or Itchy Inflamed

* Pus filled and leaking

  Eyes and Vision

* Blurred Vision as if through glazed glass

* Fine Grit gathering at Inner Eye edge (near nose)

* Burning Liquid on Outer Eye edge

* Sore and Dry


* Hair or Spider like Movement on Eyelashes

* White, Gritty Dandruff like granules

* Loss of Eyelashes

* Discolouration of Eyelashes

Malassezia on Eyelashes

The Combination of Symptoms was different each time


             Elements that Contribute to Blepharitis

                      Flair-ups and /or Start Ups

                           In already Present

            As a Pathogenic Malassezia Condition

* Antibiotics  *1

* Head Lice Treatments *2-1

* Scalp and or Face Cosmetic containing Oils, Fragrances etc*2-2

* Scalp and Face Chemical Treatments

 (dandruff, acne, rosacea, yeast, etc etc)

* Eye Irritation

* Red Eye and or Blood Vessel Inflammation*3

* Malassezia Periodical choice of topical Invasion

* Winter Viruses, Colds and Flu

* Trichillomania (Urge to ‘Pull’ the lashes )

* Low Immunity


1    Antibiotics Cause Some Imbalance that Exacerbate Malassezia Presence 

2  (1-2)  Exposure and Use of Lice Treatments – due to containing

    a) Chemicals  

        that Upset the natural –Friendly– Flora of the Scalp, causing

        some of the opportunistic aggressive ones to Relocate to the Eyes


    b) Oils or Both which promote a proliferate growth of the Yeast

        that would otherwise be unobtrusive

3  Excessive Sugary /Alcoholic or Fats Intake

    Dilate /enlarge Blood Vessels and Veins   

4  Malassezia Triggered Inflammation and Itchiness 

   cause -the Trichillomania- urge to Pull and Remove the cause

    (Other Psychological conditions may apply in some cases)

    Malassezia urge to Pull

                                  Either or All can cause  

                       Persistent Blepharitis Recurrence


                                     (Part 2 to follow)


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                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *


   * Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


  DC3 MD              

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