Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT2)

14 Jun

               Malassezia Daily Maintenance

*Malassezia ~ Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT2)*


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   Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT1)


       Latest Solutions Implemented for Clearing Blepharitis 


  During the latest Occurrence, having underestimated the Need to act

  immediately and decisively, i tried applying several solutions haphazardly 

           which naturally did not produce a satisfactory lasting result 

  so eventually i had to implement a Coordinated – Concentrated Plan

    which, Out of Necessity, Included Brief use of Chemical Solutions  


     1) Only IF/when Absolutely Necessary  

                                 Pyrenel Foam 

P- MDjpg

                       Available at Chemists (Australia)

                         (Google for List of Ingredients)

    It is a Head Lice treatment i have used for the Scalp before

from where the Yeast usually Relocates to the Eyes for Moisture

which contains OILS  -Bad and Counter productive for fighting Yeast

but it is the only one which seems to affect Clones (and Lice eggs)

due to containing Butoxide – and allows a couple of days of peace

before the cycle starts to build again, giving the opportunity

for intensive Eye Treatment without too much interruption from the scalp.


                             No good using frequently

                  for several reasons i have already outlined

  in several of my Entries in regards to

a) Chemicals and Oils, and

b) Relocation from Scalp to Eye Problem itself.


          2)  This I have been using Regularly

                      -Still on a Trial basis-

    It seems to help the Eye Problem – temporarily

                            Contains 2% Zinc Pyrithione

      C- MD

      Available at Coles and Woolworths (Australia)

                     I use it ONLY Under  the Lash Beds

              because it stings massively if it goes into the eye.

                   It seems to kill or sent away any Yeast lurking

      On or Under the Skin in that area and prevents it from moving in

          and settling into the Eyelash beds when it has matured.


                If present in the area when shampoo is applied

         initially there is no Response but soon as it starts to Die 

   it stings and itches rather strongly for just a few intense minutes

                                      then all quiet.

             When area is Free of Presence there is No response.

     This is a good indication of Presence or Absence near the Eyes

                                       but of course

there IS already presence in Eyes, Eyelashes, Eyelash beds

         where it cannot be applied either for testing or treatment.


  (I use it on the Scalp but it is only effective for what is Live

  and on the Surface or Hair, often causing immediate mobilisation

out of the area and totally useless for spores or anything residing

  deep in the hair follicles – so i am looking for replacement…)


3)  The Most Effective of All – also Temporarily

                      Prescription Free Topical Antibiotic


                      (Google for List of Ingredients)

                           Available at Chemists’

                 I get from ‘Pharmacy Online’ (Australia)

               What it is

Initially thought as a Puny little expensive Bottle – but it goes a long way!

Especially if used the way i found more productive for the purpose

                                   How I Used it

I tried the instructions for a few days but had no effect whatsoever

so i stopped. Then i realised i had not given the entire treatment

enough time to bring results and created my own Targeted Plan.


Instead of putting a few drops inside the eye – which also sting briefly,

I directed the Nozzle Only Along the Lash bed and squeezed 

       very gently to release just the necessary amount

                         – and only in that area

This at bed times just before turning the light off. Keeps it working all night.

Deters Infestation on the Lash beds and Clears the already present mess!


Three to Four Nights application eased the swelling and weeping

and deterred more from trying to settle in the area


It is the most effective for a bad Chronic – Entrenched case

and mine left untreated was progressively getting there.

As soon as inflammation and swelling subsided – within a week,

i Stopped and Reverted to Frequent

– Warm  Water Wash  ( the 3 www,s lol!)

– Seawater (Natural Deterrent)

– Acidophilus Mix


Acidophilus Mix is Best Applied After the Inside the Eye Liquid

and Clouding of the Eyes has been Noticeably Reduced

and activity throughout the day has Subsided considerably.

Iy is Better Applied as part of a Routine Preventative Maintenance

rather that during Treatment  because it upsets the Yeast

             which creates a rather messy condition

 before Acidophilus takes over delivering the Positive Results


Preventative Treatments I Use Regularly

1) Clean Eyelids with a Facecloth or Cotton wad and Warm/Hot Water

   several times daily – Especially Morning, Bath Time and at Bedtime

2)  Alternately, during Shower time, standing Facing the Shower Head

     allowing plenty of comfortably Hot water run to the closed eyes

     and wiping frequently with a Facecloth.

3) Dry with Face Cloth/Hand towel

    (specifically allocated for drying the eyes after each wash)

4) Tissue or Toilet paper on my desk or wherever i am stationed

    helps dry itchy liquid and gritty granules off the edges of the Eyes,

    keep Eyelash beds Dry and interrupt Malassezia Settling

5) Apply Seawater (Not Salt water!)on Eyelids, around Eye

    and Lash Beds Morning and Bedtime and /or

    whenever i feel Malassezia movement or attempt to settle in


 The Multi Benefits of Seawater:

Cost Free and Abundantly available all year round 

    ( For those Lucky to live by the Sea)

Lasts almost indefinitely In or Out of the Fridge

Not many ‘No Sea’ Creatures can Survive it

Deters new Infestations

Helps Heal wounds Faster

Contains Bio-available Minerals that feed Eyelashes

   making them grow Long, Luxurious in their Rich Natural Colour!

Can easily be rubbed directly on the Eyelash beds for Best results

Negligible brief discomfort – – – against

Tremendous Benefits  within a short time.


*  Benefits Alternating Face Cloth with Cotton Wad /Ripple

                                       Face Cloth

– Tougher for Better Cleaning and Dislodging

    Granules, Spores, Crusty or Oily Liquid, embedded Eyelid Shards

– Stays Hot longer can be Squeezed better

– Economic – can be made from old towels

– Reusable

                                 Cotton Ripple/Wad

–Speed e.g. if Work/ School mornings etc

– Hygiene and Convenience, i.e. Disposable – No need for wash,

– Reducing chances of Recontamination

Tissue or Toilet paper

I have learned to recognise sensations of when the devil is trying to lodge

into the lash beds such as Spider thread like movements or prickly and itchy

so i drop everything and go and wash immediately as above

During the rest of time when i feel them watery, leaky, or just itchy

i use toilet tissue* to wipe the lash beds and both edges of the eyes.

It is absorbent, disposable, goes a long way and the devil hates dry!

It Relieves the eye and potentially stops more irritation and additional growth.

I have a roll wherever i am sitting and do so as frequently as necessary.


* I buy specifically embossed type of tissue with Dolphin or Flower patterns

  and Flatten the Rolls down, so they don’t look as much like ‘toilet’ rolls, lol!

  and can go a long way with minimal cost compared to handkerchief tissues

               but a Bulk Box of them can also do the job well.


                                     (Part 3 to follow)

                                         Wed 30/7



                Checking on New Readers Keywords today

                             i discovered this one below.

                       K * toilet tissue can cause blepharitis *

           Reading the entire page above i am scratching my head

                    as to how or where could one have read    

                   that Toilet Tissue can ‘cause’ pblepharitis’

         when i am clearly stating the Opposite and have detailed

                                   its Use and Purpose

               in the Preventative Treatments and Benefits?                    


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