Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT3)

16 Jun


 *Malassezia ~ Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT3)*


                                 To Read First

PT1:  Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT1)   

PT2:  Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT2)


                            *Treatments and Maintenance*      

       NO MD                

                              Things to Avoid or Cut Down

* Shampoo /Conditioners/ Body wash Or Other Cosmetics

  containing OIL, Perfumes and too many Chemicals

  that Promote yeast Proliferation and aggravate Symptoms

* Consumption of Sugars, Fats and Alcohol

   for the same reasons as above

* Frequent use of Antibiotics– Trying Natural methods first


                                           Head and Body      

    * Shampoo /Conditioners/ Body wash Or Other Cosmetics

      * As a Standard ALL SHAMPOOS use Ingredients such as OILS

      and Ethyl/Methyl/Acetyl type Alcohols and a variety of other Chemicals

       both detrimental to Good Flora as well as Promoting growth of Yeast

                     -if not of other nasties- supposed to Eliminate. 

         One Cannot – Not wash their Head/Body etc so we all end up

              using Necessary evils and some end up affected badly

            while many are lucky to tolerate without repercussions.

         One with a Blepharitis or any Malassezia Variety of Symptoms,

        is Faced with a dilemma and has to search for the most suitable

                   less harmful and least problem exacerbating.


      In the past i used one of the ‘Head and Shoulders’ formulas

       – Silk and Smooth Pink – which i had found very effective

     in keeping the beast under control but it appears the Formula

     was changed  and i started to have problems, so i have been

         in search for a new one, testing and checking results

    while temporarily using the Cedel due to its 2% Zinc Pyrithione.

      Therefore i have no good suggestion for a Suitable shampoo.

                    Checking one’s currently used Shampoo,

            if found to contain too many Oils/Ethyl/Methyls,

        would be wise to replace with a more suitable alternative.


            Consumption of Sugars, Fats, Pastries and Alcohol


               Replace with Natural Foods, Providing Live Nutrients 

Breakfast MD

                                  and Help Boost Immunity


 Replacement of Antibiotics

     Malassezia NO 2

                      In Years Past and with Two young Kids

                             during Flu and Colds seasons

                      -before surrendering to Antibiotic solution- 

                              i allowed a couple of days

                                of   ONLY FRUIT  DIET

Mango md

      Or a Combination of

  – ‘Fruits Only’ Smoothies

  –  Fresh Orange Juice

  – Vitamin C Powder

  – Acidophilus Capsules  and

  – Variety of Herbs such as Echinacea etc


                     Treatment and Maintenance

   My Clock MD

                            Whenever i wake up during the night

                               i open my eyes to check the time

                                    on the illuminated clock

                                   positioned for easy view.  

                     An easy, effortless, gliding action of the Eyelids

                                 i have always taken for granted

                           up until this second Blepharitis incident

                          when at some point they became so dry

                 that it was impossible to open for three or four minutes

                         after i had been sitting or standing upright

                      and if i tried forcing them open with my fingers

                        i felt a painful and uncomfortable resistance.

                     I had never experienced anything like this before.

                               Until then the expression ‘Dry Eyes’

                               was ’empty words’ unable to convey

                          the fullness of meaning and experience.


  Now My Eyelids, Eyes and Eyelashes are Finally Clear

             and when i open my eyes during the night

            it feels like a small wonder… a little miracle!

                    God am i So Glad and Grateful  

              to have this Nature’s Blessed ‘Gift’ back!


In Order to Prevent any Repeat of Troublesome Incidents

                           in such Precious area

         i have decided it is Important to Remember 

                      some Essential Key Factors

   -) Taking into Consideration and Be Watchful of  

       ‘Malassezia’s Persistent Periodical Invasion Areas’

        due to either Area Vulnerability or by Chance or Choice

   -)  Relocating Factors, especially when other parts 

       of the body/head/face etc, are simultaneously treated

   -) The Nature of the Problem and the fact that

       it is Not likely to go away on its own if left Untreated

   -) The Longer to Act – the more Entrenched it becomes

   -)  It can end up Chronic and get Worse without Maintenance

   -)  May Require Concentrated Effort and Multilevel Treatment

       especially when chronic, persistent or aggravated case    

       and choosing One quick and easy part of Treatment

                        will Not work as expected

   -)  It will take Time, Consistency and Persistence

       especially in unyielding or entrenched case

   -)  It is necessary to Apply Treatments with

       Persistence, Perseverance and Consistency

                  V                                                 V

          Do Not Stop        <——–>         Do Not Skip!


  Not as

           Trying Some of the aboveor for Some Days

                      to see IF there are any Results

                                     but rather

            Applying UNTIL there ARE Results!

             Especially in the Beginning until some headway is made

                     and then easing to Regular more tempered

                               Preventative Maintenance.


                              CONSISTENT TREATMENT

                                  OF UP TO 12 WEEKS

                                   MAY BE REQUIRED


                                 Is there any Guarantee

                        that even with Regular Maintenance

               there will be no more Recurrences of Blepharitis?


    There are No Recurrence Free Areas anywhere on the Body

             simply because Malassezia has an advantage on Us:

        It is Awake and Active when we are Asleep and Unaware

              Nights are the Times of most Surreptitious attacks

              even if the results are discovered later in the Day!

                         That’s where and why Vigilance

 Owl Beauty MD

                                      Combined with

                           Diligent Routine Maintenance

                                are Necessary measures.


            Speed of Action can Determine Duration and  Severity


                    “ Malassezia: Hair and Scalp Treatment ”

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                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *



  DC3 MD              

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