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22 Jun

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Sea Water and Malassezia

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Hi Sonata.   I wanted to post some of my treatment trials and offer support on your blog.

 I’m not sure if you take posted comments or not

I just wanted to pass along that My VITAMIN C* and sea* salt treatment is helping so much.

The 3 stubborn sores left over from about a thousand Are finally healing.

And My finger nails are turning back to WHITE WHITE.  Whiter than I ever seen them.

Skin texture in much better.  Oh I got the neutragena* face wash you recommended.  I love it.  

 Sending Happy Healthy Wishes Your Way!!!!!! 

Thank you so much!



                I am so very pleased to hear!


*1) From communications with the Lucky Reader living by the Sea

            i believe by ‘Sea Salt’ is meant ‘Sea Water’.

          I doubt if (Sea) Salt itself, isolated from the other     

            Sea minerals contained  in the Sea Water,

                    could produce the white nails.


    I have been experiencing the same result myself 

           due to Regular Seawater use for its

Malassezia Preventative and Fast Healing Properties

 And the Additional Benefits to Nails, Hair and Bones.


*2) Vitamin C, especially combined with Vitamin E

           taken Internally helps heal wounds.


*3) Neutrogena i rarely use nowadays, as a Malassezia treatment

   a)  due to its Salicylic acid which is a Blood Thinner

               and can cause Bruises and /or Bleeding

        where there are tendencies or other medications involved

        especially if used extensively or left on for a long time 

            (though should be ok for a quick facial wash

             but not as an effective Malassezia treatment.)


        Where i found Neutrogena most useful a long time back

             was its ability to Remove Dead, Sticky, Lizard Skin

           -caused by Malassezia allowed to settle and dry-

               but this method required leaving it on the skin

         much longer than the recommended instructions

                             for a quick facial wash

 and where the Blood Thinning property of SA

    had to be taken into consideration.


      b) because i have not fully established beyond any doubt

           if any of its other Ingredients attract Malassezia Back


      c) because Washing and Scrabbing Thoroughly any area

         -where burning, itching, crawling, irritation or activity is felt-

                        Immediately with Warm Water                      

                  using a rough Face Cloth or Cotton wad

        Removes the Yeast Before settling and drying on the skin

                     (becoming much harder to remove)

                   thus Not  Requiring the Neutrogena use


                       d)  because using a combination of

                          Seawater and Acidophilus Mix

               Offering Many Additional Skin Benefits Each,

                  i rarely find any use for Neutrogena anymore.

           I know though from Feedback that numerous Rearers

                        both Male or Female seem to love it.


          Personal Experience and Time can be good Indicators.



Malassezia Readers Contributions

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                           about the Comments Section. 

                I have Deliberately Closed it in All my Blogs

                  Due to the Volume of Extra work Required.

                    I am Therefore Tentatively Considering

                       A ‘Readers Contributions’ Category



                           (after obtaining permission)

               Selective Helpful and Informative Sections

                       from Qualifying Readers’ emails

                         on a ‘Now and Then’ basis



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  DC3 MD              

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