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24 Jun

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                             * Malassezia ~ Horse or Zebra? *


                      Malassezia HS-MD

                                   ‘Your Father is … what?…’


                 I would like to express

    My Deep Gratitude to the Reader Below

a) For Trusting their Story with me, and

b) For Allowing Publishing it for the Benefit of Readers

    who have been or going through similar experiences

hoping  that for many  it will be Beneficial and Soothing.


  On Me, it had a profoundly Therapeutic, Cathartic effect 

on the emotional level and acted as a Catalyst, facilitating

the Liberation from feelings of frustration, anger and resentment

that were weighing heavily on my soul, finding difficult

to shake off before reaching my end and been concerned 

they would follow me to my grave – any day as things stand at this stage.

So now i can say I am  finally able to at least Forgive – if not Forget.


 And for many new to the experience and/or those intending

 to seek medical help may be helpful preparing them

 to what they may expect and how to deal with their situation

 knowing ahead some possible hurdles…


 I am only including selected sections with crucial details

     enough for the purpose of benefiting other People 

         while Respecting the Kind Reader’s Privacy.



ID: JN104-52046PRS

If it makes you feel any better, I have the exact same problem you do,
AND my father is a dermatologist.
So, just imagine the frustration when your own father tells you it’s stress…
and then he has the nerve to slip in a few weeks later
that he had a woman come in with delusional parisitosis.
It has practically ruined our relationship.  Mine started after years of antibiotics … …

….. few things I know to be true about this, and a couple of assumptions.

=  If I eat any sort of pastry or have anything yeasty, I will have an unbearable flare.
Donuts, cookies, cake, bread, and beer are all a guarantee
of a flare within a couple of hours to a couple of days. .*1  

=  The fresher/yeastier, the sooner I react.  I cannot eat anything from a bakery.
Sometimes I’ll get away with stale bread.**1

=  The Specific Carbohydrate diet is helpful.

=  Diflucan will stop it.  I’ve been prescribed a two month course
on three separate occasions, in which you’re on a pretty restricted carb diet,
and you have to get your liver enzymes checked.
I’ve had complete relief during the course, but after a couple of months,
it starts again, and it’s too dangerous to take long term.*2

=  Right now, I’m going with the leaky gut theory.
I’m trying to heal with L-glutamine, zinc, probiotics,
candibactin, inositol, nystatin, and fish oils.*3
I was doing okay until recently, after a course of antibiotics ….
I went right back to where I started.**3

=  There is lots of info on Seborrheic Dermatitis
—which is obviously just one part of the manifestation of this
—but I’ve found that if I approach it from that angle,
I’ll be more likely to get someone to listen to me.

=  This is one that I have seen a pattern, and I’m 90% it helps significantly,
but I have to test it completely on its own.
I take Sam-E  (S-Adenosyl methionine), and it takes the inflammation down very quickly.
The problem I have with it is that if I take too much, I get really edgy. *4
So, trying to balance that vs. controlling this is a fine line.  When I get it right, it’s fabulous.



      (Brief Comments)


* 1  Many other Readers over time have mentioned  
       that after having to give up  these groups of foods,
       experienced some improvements.      

**1  Perhaps an indication???

     a) that even the Bread yeast creates problems
     b) Baking does not necessarily kill it all.
     c) Yeast loves gluten!!! – Gluten Rich flours create better rising breads…

.*2  Other Readers have Confirmed the same regarding Reappearance
      of the Yeast after stopping treatment

.*3  Some of the Ingredients mentioned i have tried without any beneficial result
      some i believed promoted proliferation -in my case- and some
      i would not elect due to certain disagreeable -to me- indications
      but each Person and Body is Different in Condition and Processing of Elements,
      so my standpoint always is:

         If it helps ~ without eventual or long term harm ~ go for it!

**3  Yes, antibiotics seem to have a quick effect of unravelling
      any meticulous progress and mending…
      Many Readers have reported similar experiences.

.*4  This i had tried before i knew about Malassezia or its effect upon it
      but i only managed to go through less than half of the container
      because it drove me crazy!… Malassezia can do that on its own, lol!
      Certainly not suitable for either irritable or depression prone individuals
     – but again… what may be bad for one, might be good for another?…                                             

*5  I am sure i would not be the only one to totally Agree with this statement!


(My Reply)

Hello (Reader)

I found your email very Interesting and had to break my resolve
-of not entering into any further personal communications-
in order to Thank You for taking the Time to Relate your Story.

I understand how Frustrated you may feel with your …’Dermatologist!’
Don’t get me started about mine! Lol!

Perhaps you have a unique Better Chance than most of us,
instead of allowing this situation to ruin your Father-Daughter relationship
to use your influence instead, no matter how negligible
you might consider it in your frustration, to ‘Convert’ him to the Camp,
help him Open up to Reality and the indisputable Facts
that it is not all just nerves or delusions –except perhaps for only a few–
and See how Better he Could Help so Many Suffering People.

I can imagine though this might be harder than actually ‘Curing’ Malassezia, Lol!
Yet i believe some seeds may have already found their way in his heart
and eventually his mind … you never know!… Life uses or creates Circumstances
to Guide us all to the water of Knowledge whether we choose to drink
or resist and stay inert until the inevitable strikes hard…

I see from the way you have been documenting your findings
* An Intelligent approach (most people lodge into anything –myself too initially)
* Research ( eventually we all resort to that one way or another)
* Methodical experimentation and watchfulness (again not all people do so)
* Close watch on your Body
* And an Openness to Solutions (my intuitive judgement from all you are relating)

These alone make me believe they may be the ‘Knock’ on your Father’s Door
and may have already be having some influence on him,
even if not quite detectable on his ways yet as perhaps
some of the Problems he is facing might be that,
as a Professional he feels reluctant to differ from the Traditional medical approach,
                                 … …. …. 

( Here i just broke my resolve not to get entangled in the ‘Dermatologist’s’ issue
feeling myself very frustrated and biased by my and including my husband’s experiences,
but to my surprise i have approached it more from the Father–Daughter angle
and feel more kindly and sympathetic to both your sides
as i too have two daughters of my own and i know that even where there are
disagreements there are always some influences and considerations on both sides)

( Reader )

                            … … …

I will take your suggestion and work on my dad a bit.
                           … … …
It’s easier for him to just go with the American Academy of Dermatology recommendations
                            … …
Yes, Understandably…



What a lovely email to receive. 

I’m very happy to have facilitated some peace in your life. 

If it helps, I have a little insight as to why these doctors behave in such a way. 

My father, and many, many doctors I have encountered, have very little empathy. 

It’s counterintuitive to me, because one would think that a doctor’s goal

is to help someone feel better. 

It took a lot of observation and investigating and massive disappointment for me

to figure out that this is rarely the case. 

Doctors tend more to be of the engineer type mindset, where they’re really out simply to use

deductive reasoning to solve a problem.  Considering the mastery of math and science involved

in the study of medicine, it’s really not that surprising. 

The problem arises when it’s something that doesn’t fit neatly into one of their categories. 

             And, he admits that some patients do fall through the cracks due to the           

 ‘don’t look for zebras when there’s a horse right in front of you’ credo

Malassezia and Doctors MD  

                                        (click on photo to enlarge)

The simplest explanation is the right one, in their minds. 

Do we have some weird infestation, allergic reaction, something or are we delusional? 

It’s easier to deem us delusional and move on, probably because

the anxiety we present with puts us in a neat little box of DP. 

Then, they feel satisfied that the solved the problem, and their egos remain intact.

    Malassezia- the end Result MD

Another theory I have is that if they ever did have the capacity for empathy,
it may have waned over the years due to a self-protective mechanism to insulate them
from their patients’ problems.  I know my dad has had to construct a wall around himself
when it came to patients he deemed needy, to prevent himself from getting sucked in. 
He cares about his patients, but he won’t take on any of their pain. 
It’s infuriating to say the least, in cases like ours. I truly feel like they misrepresent themselves
—but perhaps we overestimated the practice of medicine.

           (I totally agree with the Reader’s assessments, many of which 
               i had arrived at myself and now with additional ones
                   to complete an accurate picture – as i see it.)

The only luck I’ve had with any doctors are holistic practitioners

—integrative medical doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors—
they have never made me feel crazy, even if they didn’t know what it was. 
But, generally they have gotten it right away. 
What I now understand to be true about general medicine,  is that medical doctors
are taught to make a diagnosis based on specific symptoms, and prescribe medication. 
They’re generally not creative thinkers, and they’re very impatient. 
So, something like malassezia is unfathomable to them.


I feel vindicated since figuring it out with the help of wonderful doctors and my own research,
and I’m proud of the knowledge I’ve accumulated along the way. 
And, I hope that you feel proud of yourself and your service to others. 
You’ve done an amazing job figuring this all out and meticulously documenting everything.
I hope that despite these horrible experiences with doctors
that you can recognize it as their weakness, rigidity and stupidity,
and just continue your work preventing others from having to go down that path.   
And, then I hope you can gather up all of this frustration,
let it flow and let it go (that’s my motto with my kids). 
It took me a long time—( …) years now, and I’m not totally there yet, but I’m close. 
                         Wishing you a happy, healthy day!! 🙂


                        A very Brave Reader Indeed

                 and i feel Lucky and Indebted 

          for such detailed, highly Informative Feedback

   Thanks RC



Malassezia Readers Contributions

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                I have Deliberately Closed it in All my Blogs

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                    I am Therefore Tentatively Considering

                       A ‘Readers Contributions’ Category



                           (after obtaining permission)

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                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

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  DC3 MD              

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