Malassezia~ ‘Qs & As’– Funny & Serious (PT2/2)

02 Jul




     To Read First:

Malassezia~ ‘Qs & As’– Funny & Serious (PT1)  

Malassezia~ ‘Qs & As’– Funny & Serious (PT2/1)


Funny and Serious… (PT2/2)


~The Serious Side~  (PT2)

         Malassezia the Serious side B MD                            


      K5:* will ivermectin kill malassezia *

         Dead Horse

              My Man and I consumed enough Ivermectin

                           to have killed a horse, Lol!

              And Horse Ivermectin it was – from Vet supplies

              because it can only be obtained by Prescription

                             after Gov. Authorisation.

                        This says something in itself!

                     i.e – Not Safe or for extensive Use.


           The question here is Not whether IVM kills Malassezia.

              Lets say -Hypothetically!- that it does… short term

       Short term it is because Malassezia is outside – everywhere

         and from outside easily goes back inside-and vice versa 

                                      Then what?…

                            How Much and How Long  

          would the Body be able to sustain being Bombarded

                 before a Cumulative effect strikes back?


          Any Long Term Medication/Antibiotic/Drug Treatment

            is similar to Accumulating varying amounts of Debt

                    For a reckoning day to be Paid Back! 

Debt MD

               That’s why i have been hammering home, that

                   The Only Safe Long Term Solution                             

                     is Building the Immune System!


                         K6:*neem kills Malassezia*

               The word OIL in connection with Malassezia

                                          in my mind

                   brings only one spontaneous association

                                         and that is …

                                  Natural Disaster!…

                        M Oil Disaster

            There aren’t many Entries in either of my Blogs

               where i have not repeatedly mentioned

         the Relationship of OIL –ANY OIL– and Malassezia 


                         K7:  *M Keyword 1MD*

                                      Malassezia Foto

            I m sure the Reader must have already discovered

                    the Numerous photos in Both Blogs

                but one of my Favourite Photos is one that …

                    Fortunately!!!!  I do Not see anymore…

           Malassezia Nodulated Hyphae MD

  An original photo of a smaple taken approximately Four years back

             Showing a good handful of Hyphae with Nodules

               Not getting anything that rich anymore! 🙂 🙂 🙂

                               A Good Indication that  

                Even with an Antibiotics and Serious Illness 

                           Ravaged Run Down Body

               Considerable Progress Can Be Achieved

               Provided the Right Measures are Applied                                               


             K10:*check hair follickle in yoir computer *

           A Re-visiting Reader looking for Hair Follicle Photos 

                                  … in my Computer??? 

  Malassezia Hair Fiolicle MD

                Entries to be found in the *Malassezia Blog*


                         *K11:*malassezia genital *

                          K12  * scratched my labia*

                    Malassezia  Genital Purple Bump        

                I am sure all the Readers who have used

              these and other similar Keywords such as      

                         * malassezia on scrotum * 

                         * malassezia red scrotum *

                      have found the relevant entries

                           and photos of some areas

             ( mainly Female as my Man is camera shy

               except for any unclothed parts of his Body, Lol! )

         The Principle Care is the same for Male /Female areas                                                                 


       K8:   *M Keyword MD  *

       K9:   * malassezia psychiatric *                                      

                 I m not sure what this Reader had in mind

                          perhaps re-visiting the site

                   and connecting words i may have used

                            in a particular incident?

                     or a first time visitor researching?


                         Emotional Shock?… I doubt…

           I would say in severe cases it would be more like

           a ‘Rising feeling of Inescapable Entrapment’.

          I cannot think of anyone having an emotional shock

                       discovering they have Malassezia.

      Discovering Cancer can undoubtedly produce emotional shock

                  but Malassezia?  – unless one is, somehow

       fully aware of what the whole Malassezia affair is truly about.

         Something i judge near impossible, as it takes a long time 

         for most people to perceive and make connection 

        with the reality of its pervasive nature and seriousness.

   There are two factors hindering recognition and progress

      1) In light, localized manifestation of symptoms

            such as only on scalp face, or chest etc.

        the individual tends to believe this is the entirety of the problem

       2) In more extensive and unmanageable conditions  

                  due to either lack of proper diagnostics

                or medicos  cooperation in prescribing them

                 leaving the individual to their own research

               and choice of matching symptoms and causes

                there is a tendency of preference to a theory

                and an ‘exotic’ name and kind as the cause

           either hard to diagnose – or with absolute certainty.

          Possibly because psychologically it is much easier

            to assume and justify its apparent Indestructibility  

       instead of accepting as a cause something more simple 

                  such as Natural Flora ‘gone wrong’ 

                       due to Illness or Medication etc.

                 The problem with either case of course

     is delaying doing what is necessary to minimise and control

       while instead helping and/or allowing it time to proliferate

         ( whether Malassezia or other similar symptom cause ) 


              The entirety of it is not usually quite perceived

         even having been dealing with it for more than 2 years

       from what i have observed from numerous communications

                over time, including my own gradual progress.

                      It is much like discovering the head

                           of the Loch Ness Monster

                                       LN1 -MD

                 while being Oblivious of its hidden Totality



                   The Only emotional shock i can think of

            and relate to as well, is the one i have presented in jest

                             in  ‘The Funny Side’   Entry

               but Real and … Certainly Not Funny- experience

                      of been served with a DP * diagnosis

                       after a First visit to a Dermatologist.

            ( *DP: Delusional Parasitosis i.e. “It is all in your mind” )


                     Both Keywords above (K8 K9) as far i can tell

                        are linked to the same experience

              the second a recommendation coming as part

                              of the DP assessment.


                I have no other comments in this regard

                     but i highly recommend reading:

       ** Malassezia~Readers’Contributions-Horse or Zebra?

          No, that’s not the Funny one! – but rather a ‘Must Read’ one      

          This is the Funny one:   ‘The Funny Side’


          * Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150  *   


                         *  Malassezia Blogs  *

                                       Malassezia Blog WP

                            Deals with history of Treatments 

                               Outcomes and Experiences 

                             from Beginning to Recent times  

                                  –>  * Malassezia Blog *  


                                           Malassezia Daily WP.

                    Confirming and/or Updating past Topics 


                       Recent Developments and Progress

                             New Discoveries and Photos 


                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *



  DC3 MD              

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