Malassezia – Between the Odd and the Meaningful…

19 Jul



           Malassezia Q&A's MD 

          * Malassezia – Between the Odd and the Meaningful… *


     Devil smile md


              When i first read a Keyword

     isolated from the Reader’s trail of thoughts

 i see it through my little Devil’s Eyes of Humour

   -if there is any trace of twisted humour in it-

   before i finally get to deal with its seriousness.


    I wonder if other Readers respond in the same way

    when reading through a List of Keywords

         in any particular Entry Presented.


   (Do not worry i do not intend to run a Poll about that

              I am resigned in the knowledge

     that sadly either No one cares to participate

    or peoples’ iPhones do not bring them to visibility)


     So, lets see what each of us sees in these Oddies below

          before i get into their serious sides.


                        List of Keywords


K1 *  stop demodex Australia *                                                                

K2: * does sea breeze soothe trichotillomania *

K3: * malassezia reacts air * . 

K4: * morgellons body lice * .                              .

K5: * malassezia essential oil *

K6: * malassezia capsules *

K7: * pictures of malassezia pills * .                          .

K8: * water filled vagina * .                          .

             K9: * malassezia black — women *

             K10: * malassezia black *   


  K11 * malassezia furfur in bladder *

  K12: *burning pin prick feeling, like acid burning on skin on leg*

  K13: *will sun and bright lights kill a yeast infection of the scalp*

                                           * * * 

                      K1 *  stop demodex Australia * 

Aussie Flag md


I don’t know if Australia can stop Demodex

or any country for that matter

but i know someone that is successfully managing

to Control Malassezia – with similarity of symptoms.

Perhaps some of the Methods implemented for Malassezia 

could prove Helpful in treating Demodex.


K2: * does sea breeze soothe trichotillomania *

      Kitty in breeze


During my Morning walks by the Sea some time back

i experienced Sea Breeze as a carrier of Life Giving Elements

both for the Body and the Soul and a True indisputable Soother

on many Levels from Spiritual downright to Physical.

                                                   .                                                    .

My Personal experience with the Urge to Pull Scalp hair

was Brief during a time of heavy Malassezia infestation

so i am not really in a position to offer any expert advise

on a matter as serious and complicated as TTM.


I imagine that Sea Breeze can offer some Brief Relief

but not much else as  a treatment alone.


Some Earlier ‘Hair and Scalp’ Entries in Both Blogs

may offer some helping solutions to TTM caused by Malassezia.


 K3: * malassezia reacts air *

 K13: *will sun and bright lights kill a yeast infection of the scalp*

                                        Holding Tight md

   Malassezia operates better in warm humid environment

        and avoids exposure to anything that threatens 

                          to Dry up its carrier Oil / Biofilm


  Air as in Wind would force it to Move quickly Under the Skin

                   and wait for the condition to change.


  Nothing much can really be achieved through air exposure

                       other than temporary relief.


                     K4: * morgellons body lice *    

    Moregellons MD.                     

It appears many Readers are confused about

– What Morgellons is

– What symptoms are connected with it, or

– What attributes to its manifestation as a Condition in Itself

   if one is to go by the Long List of Keywords

      presented in Earlier Entries

       Such as

– Morgellons Yeast

– Morgellons Fungus

– Morgellons Demodex

– Morgellons Scabies

– Morgellons Malassezia

  and the newly added

– Morgellons Body Lice

                As far as i know Morgellons and Body Lice

                      and any other one in the list above

                             are All Different Afflictions.


  Laughing md

                         New Malassezia …Products!

                         ( At your nearest Beauty Shop )

       Malassezia Oil MD

                      K5: * malassezia essential oil *    

                            ( Comes in three Colours )

1) Fluorescent Green

Guaranteed to make you Glow in the Dark!

2) Fluorescent Orange

To Burn and Itch your Skin like Fire

K12: *burning pin prick feeling, like acid burning on skin on leg*

           ( Yep! That’s exactly what i mean )

3) Dull Dead Gray

Make you Look like a Lizard

Make you Feel like a Lizard


                           And yes,

It does make one want to bite anyone in near vicinity 

                  (ask my poor husband 🙂 )


    I m guessing the Reader as usual is looking 

   for some ‘essential Oil’ that Kills Malassezia …

               I have already talked about Oils 

           and my own experiences repeatedly 

               in several Entries in Both Blogs.

Of course one may easily dispute my personal findings

    over a Four year period of Observations

      and Lessons Learned the hard way

        but Ignoring Laboratory Findings

       one  may do so at their own Peril.

      So here is one Reminder i will present again.

Malassezia and Lipids 1-R

                                       (Click on Photos to enlarge)

Malassezia and Lipids 2 -R

There is a serious message that comes from the above!

a) It Requires Oil as a medium for its Growth

b) It Settles itself nicely wherever it can find it!…

Anyone thinking it cannot go anywhere else but the eye brows?

Anyone still interested in providing it with ‘Fatty Substances’?

                   Or talking about ‘essential Oil’

             (Any) ‘Essential Oil’ … for Its growth?


 ( b) It Settles itself nicely wherever it finds it!… Fat, Humidity, Blood etc)

  K11 * malassezia furfur in bladder *

Yes, it often lodges in the urethra and occasionally if circumstances

are unfavourable in the privates area it does get in the Bladder.

It feels like having a Bladder infection causing the urge for frequent

urination but it does not sting as a typical infection usually does.

The urine also feels kind of ‘thicker’ than usual.

I have used Vitamin C Powder ½ flat tsp orally and has worked.


                          More New Products

                 ( At your nearest Health food Shop )

                          Malassezia Evil MD

                   K6: * malassezia capsules *

                   K7: * pictures of malassezia pills *

                               Three times Daily

                             With or without meals

                   Guaranteed to make Life Miserable


                               Again, I m guessing

          The Reader was after a Pill that kills Malassezia

          The Seeker of ‘Pictures of Malassezia Pills’ though

                …is just a Mystery for my poor Brain, Lol!


Hose md

                 K8: * water filled vagina *

I believe this refers to an Entry where i mention periodic internal

Vaginal douching and sponging when Malassezia gets too much

           and then inserting an Acidophilus Capsule.

 Other than that i have no idea what the Reader might mean


Blood Blisters in Genitals

         K9: * malassezia black — women *

         K10: * malassezia black *

       This looks like two Keywords by the same Reader

   possibly researching about Black looking dark Maroon Specks

     or more likely Blood Filled Blisters in Female genitals.


 More Info regarding this issue and all other Keywords above

          can be found in Earlier Entries in Both Blogs.


  A fly on screen

( I have just discovered that Word Press has improved Editing

  to  display animated Gifs instead of only Static Pictures.

Nice as it is, i dread to think what the effect in some of my

Earlier Entries might be if all animated Gifs have been

automatically activated to animated status due to this change…)


Malassezia ~ Priority of Questions & Keywords Selection * 

  * *

        Please Note 

  Order and Priority 

       Malassezia Keyword list

         Selecting, Processing and Publishing

    Questions and Keywords on the Waiting List

                        Are Dependent on

              * Issues Not Dealt with Already

               * Something New to Add

               * Time and Amount of Work Required

    And Not in Order of Appearing in ‘Search’ or Emails Received.


                         *  Malassezia Blogs  *

                                       Malassezia Blog WP

                            Deals with history of Treatments 

                               Outcomes and Experiences 

                             from Beginning to Recent times  

                                  –>  * Malassezia Blog *  


                                           Malassezia Daily WP.

                    Confirming and/or Updating past Topics 


                       Recent Developments and Progress

                             New Discoveries and Photos 


                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *


          * Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


  DC3 MD              

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