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25 Jul



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                           * Malassezia ~ Considerations…  *


              K1: * will high progesterone cause Malassezia *

     Malassezia and Progesterone


I don’t think Progesterone ‘causes’ Malassezia as such.

Malassezia exists naturally on several areas on the Body.

Progesterone may cause it to Proliferate or exacerbate

                           an existing condition.


There was a brief period during which my GP prescribed

Natural Progesterone obtained from Compounding Chemists.

I cannot tell with absolute certainty Progesterone was responsible

for causing flair up symptoms as at  the time i was on Antibiotics

and was trying anything on earth to give my body a boost

to help coping with A TB Illness and the  lethal Antibiotic toxicity.

Malassezia back then was a camouflaged undiscovered evil

and its effects were masked and bundled up with all other

as antibiotics afflictions. Looking back though and recalling

time- events- symptoms, start/stops and flair ups taking place

during that brief period of being on Progesterone,

there is in retrospect a strong indication the it caused Malassezia

braking out as acid filled burning bubbles in the upper torso area.

Nevertheless, i cannot consider it as a reliable conclusion.


What is a more reliable indication though is the undeniable connection

of High (Progesterone) Hormones  during and after Pregnancy

and Proliferation of Yeasts  as well as the fact that many Babies

are Born with yeast infection i.e ‘Cradle Cap’, etc


A Google or Google Images ‘Progesterone Dermatitis’ Keyword

brings some indicative results.

So, if a Reader is concerned about it i would suggest ‘try and watch’

If there are indications to support suspicions, i would personally

weigh benefits against negatives and discontinue or seek alternatives


K2: * mustard powder malassezia treatment

K3: * mustard paste removes morgellons white spots *

K4: * mustard paste removes morgellons *                                                                

   Malassezia and Mustard

              Both Keywords entered the Same Day

        All three seem to come from the same Reader

Looks like someone is ‘hot’ 🙂 … on using Mustard Powder

   unless some discovered a site praising it as a solution?


A few Readers have reported some success-topically, temporarily

with a price of uncomfortable burning and skin irritation.


    Personally i am against anything that can harm the skin

                 or any of its Friendly inhabitants.

                                My Motto is

         If something can Only offer Temporary relief

                        Let it Not Be Harmful

Substitute with what can Heal and Sooth in the short term

               while Building on Improving Immunity

        and Defensive ability of Skin in the Long Term.


                 K5: * bump on penis that want leave *

                       K6: * 2white tiny lumps just inside my anal canal

                                 really stingy and painful *


   One must Never Underestimate the Possibility

               that there can be Any of a myriad Other things…


If the Bump is caused by Malassezia and not something else

it will eventually be absorbed by the Body or Burst into a lesion.

They usually end up absorbed by the Body and take a long time

to totally dry up and vanish or develop into a lesion

lasting for approximately 4 weeks while cloning is taking place.


K7: * malassezia and milk of magnesia appplied to face *

  Malassezia and Milk of Magnesia

       Brief information i found about it -for me- puts it  straight away

                         in the category of ‘why bother’ …

“Magnesium hydroxide is a common component of antacids and laxatives”

        “It Interferes with the absorption of Folic Acid and Iron”


                                 As i declared above

              If something can Only offer Temporary relief

                              Let it Not Be Harmful

                Let it Punish the Enemy Not the Skin

    Substitute with what can Heal and Sooth in the short term

               while Building on Improving Immunity

         and Defensive ability of Skin in the Long Term.



     * Malassezia ~ Priority of Questions & Keywords Selection * 

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