Malassezia ~ To and From the Pool

31 Jul


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                        * Malassezia ~ To and From the Pool *

          Pool Guest


                             K1: * malassezia furfur infection

                    can you swim in a pool with this infections *


                                     I hope the Reader

            Malassezia Swimming Pool

       Has not been standing on the Podium in their Swimsuit

               while waiting for the answer to their question


I was a Pool Swimmer for over 12 years soaking in Chlorinated water

for a full hour every single morning of the week – including weekends

                     at a brutal 5.30’ am each morning.

It was not long before chlorine was the prominent smell on my Body

never able to wash it off despite long hot scrub showers afterwards.

Chlorine weakened the Strength and the Colour of All types of hair

on my Body, such as Eyebrows, Underarms and Legs.

Wearing two Swimming Caps i.e one Lycra plus one Silicone

         helped protect my Scalp Hair from equal damage

                   but Never did anything to Malassezia.

              During those times its worse manifestation

  was on several of my Toes throughout the Entire Decade

  Malassezia Toe

        resulting in losing the left Big Toe Nail several times

   and getting so swollen and painful that often i could not walk

                 and would hobble my way to the pool.

 Walking in Seawater much later on, brought tremendous relief

      and eventual healing until i could not do that anymore

      Sea walk

and so trialled first the YAM and eventually only Acidophilus Mix.


I remember Three Consistent Characteristic Elements

i had noticed on other Swimmers throughout my Pool years

which today i can recognise as signs of Malassezia presence:


1-) The Strong Grayish Orange Colour of the Pool Scum 

                accumulated at the edge of the water

    Malassezia -pool scum

      which always had me wondering whether the Chlorine

                     was actually doing anything to it

                 as it never seemed to clean or dissolve 

                 and what would it mean for our Bodies?….

2-) Many of the Elderly people – and often some young ones

              when they were in the water were giving off

               a strong Ashy smell which i secretly called

   Ash MD

                                ‘The smell of Death’

                      because my head was telling me

                    it was the smell of their dead cells…

                                I was not too wrong…

    Later on i smelled it on my Body, especially in the initial stages

            of its outbreak, when my scalp was infected heavily

                           and was losing my hair fast.


3-) Many Swimmers, from very young to very old seemed to have

     all sorts of strange Bumps or Sores on their Bodies

     hard to tell whether they were Acne, Mosquito Bites, Eczema,

      Skin Ulcers, Burns, Allergies or Accidental Cuts, etc

             until i had started recognising some of them

                         looking very similar to mine

         but i still did not know at the time what mine were

    and often wondering whether we were getting something 

      from the built up of Orange Scum – or the Pool Showers.


    I can see Now how Long term Skin Exposure to Chlorine

                may have caused Skin Flora Imbalance

thus encouraging Malassezia growth on some swimmers skins.


Chronic exposure to Chlorine does not appear to have any detrimental

effect on Malassezia, it barrows under the skin deep into the hair follicles

    and waits until it is all over, or retreats into the Internal areas

                      such as Genitals and Anal Canal.


                                  One may ask

                 ‘Can People Infect the Pool?’

                 ‘Can People get Infected in the Pool?’

               I have no scientific back up for this answer

               since Malassezia being a part of Natural Body Flora

would not be looked for – or considered as a Pool infecting threat

and Pools are usually tested for other known Pathogenic nasties.

My Personal assessment, based on the above observations 

                         is Yes to Both questions

           and the Orange Scam is a supporting indication.

        The effect though on each Individual, would depend

 on the General state of Immunity and Other Contributing factors


                   And answering the original Question

      *can you swim in a pool with this infections*                                                             

                    Based on all said above

Yes, you Can and it is Really a matter of Personal Choice

such as if there is a Good Reason like Health, Exercise, etc

         as swimming is one of the Best ways for that purpose

 but may not be Beneficial for the Skin in the Long Term

    or if Malassezia is already causing too much trouble

         one may have to assess Necessity of Swim

        i.e whether just a Little Splash for Pleasure

               or a Health and Fitness Exercise


against the extend and severity of Malassezia trouble.

            I know if i could i would have continued swimming

                   regardless Malassezia  considerations. 



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