Malassezia ~ How Fast can it Spread

06 Aug



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Many of the Readers who have shared their stories with me

have related items or events they have observed or believed

have caused them flare ups but None so far has mentioned

how long it has taken from First Appearance to a sure Spread.


Looking back at my own case i too find it difficult to pin-point

a specific length of time and i believe there could be truly

no specific term in days, weeks, months etc for everybody

due to unique individual ways, living elements

and personal conditions, as well as how many symptoms

and how far back were noticed, or could be traced and verified

as legitimate ones relating specifically to Malassezia 

when many other transient things could produce similar symptoms.


     Once Malassezia turns from a Commensal, Natural part of Body Flora

     into a problem causing Pathogen, its Extend and Severity

     depend on a combination of Several Internal and External Factors

Commensal Pathogen MD

             either Allowing and or Contributing to its Proliferation

                                        such as:

* A Weak Immune System, due to Illness or other causes

* Long Term Medications

* Poor or Wrong Nutritional Elements

* Application of a Variety of harmful Cosmetics and Hygiene products.


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