Malassezia ~ Candida – Are they the same?

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  * Malassezia – Candida – Are they the same *


    Candida Malassezia comparison MD


     Q1: * is candida and malassezia the same thing *

         Candida wiki MD 1

                      I have not found anywhere so far any Reference

                                         of  Candida Species

                       Being or listed as part of the Malassezia Species

                                       Neither any Malassezia  

                         Being or listed as part of the Candida Species.

Malassezia Images MD


                          Therefore, for now i will assume that

                                    Malassezia and Candida

                                         Are Not the Same.

        Nevertheless, they Share Many Common Characteristics

Candida Malassezia Comparison MD

         Candida – Malassezia Shared Common Similarities

Candida Albicans MD

  1- General Similarities

* Candida genus include many different Species

* It is Part of the Commensal Human Microflora

* It is a Dimorphic Fungus

* Grows Both as a Yeast or Fungus

* Develops Hyphae (Spores, Pseudohyphae, Hyphae)

* Multiplies by Asexual i.e. Cloning and Hyphae Reproduction

* It turns into Opportunistic Pathogen to Low Immunity Hosts

* Capable of Invading Any Site of the Human Body

* Forms a Biofilm

  (a Self-produced Matrix also referred to as Slime *)

* Causes Diseases

  (depending on Medium and Body area of affliction)


   2- Symptoms Similarities

– Rush, Redness, Inflammation

– Itching, Burning, Discharge, Odour etc.


         3- Body Area – Ailments Similarities

 * Skin – Cutaneous Candidiasis

– Skin, Creases, Folds,

– Torso (Upper and Middle Body)

– Under Breasts

– Genitals, Groin, Buttocks,

– Hair Follicles

– Other Skin areas

* Mouth Thrush

* Throat – Esophageal Candidiasis

* Blood  – Fungemia

  Candidemia – (Fungemia causes Mortality)

* Genitals/– Penis, Vagina, Anus, Diaper Rash in Babies

* Intestines – Gastrointestinal Tract

* Nails – Onychomycosis (Nail plates)


        4- Contributing Causes Similarities

– Low Immunity/- Illness (AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes etc)

– Stress

– Antibiotics

– Steroids, including HRT

– Humidity/ Moisture

–  Warmth/Temperature

– Use of Chemicals / Detergents / Cosmetics, etc

– Sugars, Alcohol

– Poor Nutrition

  (and more)


 5- Treatments Similarities

Candida treatments are the same as for Malassezia

 with also Temporary Results and Recurrence


Candida Albicans MD


         1- Slime * I assume it is the equivalent of the Malassezia GSL

  or ‘Greyish Sticky Layer’ as i had named it back then

  not knowing any other name, and referring to in recent times

  as ‘Orange-Gray Liquid’ – ‘Amniotic Fluid like’ – or ‘Carrier’.


   2- I have Not found so far any reference regarding

  Candida and OIL Requirement for Reproduction

               as is the case with Malassezia.

  I vaguely recollect having read somewhere

  Candida is Not requiring Oil for Proliferation

                       and IF that is correct,

  then this is One point of difference between them.


   3- IF i have understood the medical jargon correctly, and

 IF the information is correct and reliable

 some studies of oils have showing a slow down / inhibiting

 effect on Candida virulence – at least on the Petri dish…

( Difference between Petri Dish and Body is that the former

  is a restricted, limited environment where the Yeast/Fungus

  is tested under controlled conditions, whereas the Body

  is its Familiar, Dynamic changing environment

  where it can escape, adapt, or fight and survive. 

  Otherwise the Petri Dish findings would have offered

  Fixed Solutions to the problems these creatures present…)


    4- Since Laboratory Research 

       -and my Personal Experiences-

                 have shown that 

        Oils Promote Growth of Malassezia

  i assume it would be wise for each individual

          to be certain about

  Which Type of Yeast they are Dealing with

  in Regards to Using Oils for Treatment

  and be mindful of the difference between

         a Petri Dish in a Laboratory

  and the Entire Dynamic Complexity of a Body

  and presence of Other Friendly or Hostile Flora.


    5- The above Lists and Information are Compiled Solely

  from Concise, Brief Candida Yeasts Research

  and Not on any Personal Experience or Assessments

  as is the case with the Malassezia Entries

  that are based on Long term Personal Experiences,

  Experimentations and Repeated Pattern Observations.


     6- The Lists  and Information above are Only to Illustrate

   a number of Malassezia and Candida

   similar to identical characteristics they present 

   as both being Yeast /Fungus Species.

   (Readers are Urged to Do their Own Research 


    See Also: A View into Candida Albicans    

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