Malassezia: A Handful of Precious Gems

31 Oct


                      * Malassezia ~ Readers’ Contributions *


                              “A Handful of Precious Gems”

                 Malassezia-H of G-MD           

                                           ‘Thank Yous’

         are not in the Foremost of Readers minds when contacting me.

                           The majority of emails have more of 

           an Ambulance  Ambulance 2or Crisis kind of urgency,

                    concentrating on dealing with puzzling

                  frustrating and hard to resolve problems.


It takes a lot of courage to confide to a complete stranger

details of an affliction so private, confusing, wearisome

hard to identify, and without -or if- very little Medical help

and especially after a dismissive, Intimidating diagnosis 

           of ‘Nerves’, or ‘Delusional Parasitosis’.


  So the handful of few and far in between received

  have been like a Handful of Precious Gems to me.

                                 Thank You-Sonata - MD

        I am Deeply Grateful for Your Support and Appreciation

             It has kept me persevering during times of doubt  

                                                  * * *

   Malassezia -ThankYous

To Whomever reads this…  

I have become ill & searched for answers on the internet…. 

During my search I was lucky to find this page Malassezia Daily 

of this unbelievable woman who also endures TB

& has an additional site in this same nature.

Unbelievable is her detailed links diaries, search for diagnoses,

self help medications & natural aids.

She shares outright her emotional pain & trauma that you can feel

thru the very soul of your body.  

I was lucky enough to receive personal email & we have been in contact

when both of us are strong at times.

Never met her it is my only dream.  She has kept me alive.  

Hoping she would write a book ….

… as this is one of those stories that shouldn’t go unknown

as she has helped many where others have provided no help at all!!  

… her websites say it all & much better than I could ever express.  

She is my heart & soul of survival …!!!

          * * *

Thank You-Sonata - MD

I knew I wasn’t crazy but have felt very alone with that knowledge until now.

I usually walk away with “depression and anxiety” as my diagnoses

after my ex-doctor visit. Now THAT makes me crazy!

I’ve been glued to your blog for the past 6 hours

as you explain all the strange phenomena crawling on my body! 



Orange-peel skin; ‘demodex pores’ on my face; scalp that EXPLODES 

with grease and white sand every night around 9 or 10pm.

You explained them all!  From the bottom of my moldy heart, thank you.

   * * *

Thank You-Sonata - MD

Dear Sonata

Your blog URL was given to me by a kind person who emailed me through my website.

Your story is utterly amazing and I commend your courage, fortitude, and resolve

in dealing with it in the face of such medical ineptitude, ignorance, and arrogance.

You are a truly exceptional human being.

   * * *

Thank You-Sonata - MD

Useful info. Fortunate me I discovered your website accidentally,

and I’m shocked why this didn’t came about in advance! I bookmarked it. 


Hi there! I read your blog on Malassezia Yeast

and would like to say a big thank you for taking the time to research into this area

I had two questions which I would appreciate your feedback on.


Hi Sonata,Thank you for your wise words, and your encouragement.


Hi, Ive been reading your blog and looking for answers to my hell

and think I may have found it – Thank you.


Thank you so much for posting your (well-detailed) story. 

  * * *

Thank You-Sonata - MD

Helllo Sonata, I’ve been reading your M Yeast blog the past couple of days.

I’m so sorry for what you have gone thru.

Thank you so very much for your blog about it all.

I hope you realize how many people you must be helping.

I have a few questions if that is ok?


Hi, Sonata……   It’s been hell, quite literally.

Your site and information from others saved our …

when the medical community failed.


Hi Sonata, Thank you for sharing and pouring out your talents and experiences.

First of all, I think you are doing us all a great deed of good by your blog.


Hello Sonata, I want to thank you for sharing your experiences

and I am sorry for all you have had to endure.

I wanted to let you know that you are not alone.


Dear Sonatas, Greetings from the US.

Wanted to drop you an email of appreciation for sharing your story.

I have bookmarked the site

and will probably be finished reading it later tonight.


Thank you sooooooo much for the response Sonata.

Thank You-Sonata - MD



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                                  To All Sonata Blog Visitors                                                    

  Although i am unable to engage in individual communications anymore

       due to the fragile state of my health and time and effort required

  Tired Bunny

    I am always happy and interested receiving emails with your stories

 experiences, suggestions, etc – and if suitable, to publish in part or whole

    in the ‘Readers Contributions’ in the * Malassezia Daily* section.

 Please State Clearly your Permission for your email to be Published 

           – Anonymously of course and without identifiable details –

otherwise they will be considered and treated as Private communications.


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                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

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