Malassezia ~ Non-Healing Sores & the Nail Test

01 Nov


                                 * Readers’ Questions & Keywords *                  


                     Malassezia ~ Non-Healing Sores & the Nail Test


                            Malassezia ~ The Nail Test 


                     The Photo Below was taken and sent to me

                     so that i could check the List of Ingredients

                                       of that Supplement

Nail Infection 1

The original size was small and difficult to read

       so i enlarged it to Full Screen size

              and while scrolling through

    something else attracted my attention!                     

                         First this

         Nail Infection 2


           Then scrolling further down, this

Nail Infection 3

Put together for comparison and convenience

Nail Infection 4

          It is a Proverbial ‘Picture of a Thousand Words!’

I have not seen the owner of these fingers for a long time

so i am not aware if there is any other Malassezia evidence

but my guesstimation is inclined towards this being the case.

I know there has been Recent Illness, Medications 

and Stress due to grief for family loss and relationship breakup

and all of these, no doubt, constitute a bountiful of Reasons

              for a Malassezia take over.


  My Moral Dilemma:

Do i let them know ???

Or do i mind my own business

and hope that one day unbeknownst to them

they land onto my site for Info and perhaps

Relief / Control Solutions / Suggestions…

One comforting thought is that the Supplement above

indicates an effort to restoring health and immunity.


           Anyone care to take the Nails Test?

                No Microscope needed

– Just a Camera,  iPhone, or iPad

–  Close up Photo of Nails

– Transfer to Computer or Laptop

   and Enlarge to Full Screen size

    (Computer or Laptop size)


You might be Surprised … horribly surprised! Lol!

(In earlier Entries i have detailed ways of dealing successfully with mine)



                   * demodex toenail fungus *

                   * demodex fingernails *

              Due to lack of any Demodex sporting itself

   in any of My Microscope samples

    while on the contrary my Man’s show abundance

and he does not apply any (of my) treatments (*1) 

   i am inclined to believe 

        that some of the Malassezia Solutions presented here

                       have contributed to this fact

        and therefore can be helpful for Demodex treatment. (*3) 

       (*1) My Man’s Malassezia symptoms are very mild

           except for the occassional Flair-ups and therefore

             he is not forced to follow any routine as I am )  

      (2) I am not sure if Demodex harasses Finger and Toe Nails

              much like Malassezia does or whether the Reader 

              has mistaken the Symptoms as Demodex caused.

       (*3)  (Scroll down to bottom of page)


Malassezia ~ Non-Healing Sores

  One of the Recurrent issues many Readers have been reporting

             is, * Dealing with Non Healing Sores * 

– Some appear to respond temporarily

               (to some of Readers own choices of treatments)

            – Some do Not

            – Some Sores are Itchy some Not     


I have already explained in earlier Entries the various reasons

              for this occurrence, some of which are

        Cloning in that area, Attraction to Inflammation

                    and easier access to Blood, etc


        The Most Important Fact to Ensure

when dealing with a similar Symptom, is that 

One is Not Dealing with Skin Cancer!


Some of the unanswered questions also to be asked here


It is known Diabetic Sores fall in the category

        of Non healing or Difficulty in healing

but not sure what Type and what causes these Sores?

Are they Malassezia caused

Have they been Examined /Tested for cause

    other than generally attributed to Diabetes? or

Are they dubbed with a generic all-inclusive name?


How many other Non-healing types of sores and causes

   have been officially known, etc


Bearing in mind these unknowns  -at least to me-

and assuming backed up by other supporting evidence

that these Non-healing sores are caused by Malassezia

the way i would deal with them, is by

– Interrupting a Possible Cloning Cycle

– Reducing Inviting Inflammation in the area

– Applying Natural, Beneficial, Malassezia Deterrents

– Applying Healing Substances

– Avoiding All Malassezia Inviting Substances

     ( Details for all these measures above

        Can be found in Earlier Entries )


     * does malessezia always have to be itchy *

No, not always, itching depends on the inflammatory chemicals

released Both by the Yeast  as well as the Body -as a reaction to it .

     Malassezia and Inflammation R


       And a little hint of Devilish Humour

                     Devil smile        

     * chlorine pool for demodex *

  A Pool all of its Own?…  Lucky Demodex! …


            One Keyword asks a Question

            and the Other  …answers it! 🙂

       Malassezia Keyword Humour 1

    I am not sure this is correct but

    Vaseline being Petroleum Jelly

              there is No doubt

      Malassezia would be highly attracted to it!

As for Malassezia’ s Culinary preferences

our Researchers have not discovered much yet

but some Blue Flash cards in earlier Entries

mention the elements it utilises

but whether as ‘food’ or otherwise it is not clear.


And One For or From … the Delphi Oracle…

     Malassezia Keyword Humour 2

                                       * * *

                                      Jan 2015

      (*3) I am not sure if Demodex harasses Finger and Toe Nails

              much like Malassezia does or whether the Reader 

              has mistaken the Symptoms as Demodex caused.


              Malassezia is the Primary Topic in this site

     as i prefer to deal with what i have Personally Experienced  

       But I am Interested in Researching anything Related 

                           to Health / Medical Topics

   so I have decided -all going well- to start a New Blog Site

with Malassezia as the Main Topic but expanding to Related areas.

                     Announcement coming Soon! 🙂    




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