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Malassezia – A Reader’s Keyword or … Oily Hint?




          * Malassezia – A Reader’s Keyword Or … Oily Hint? *

  Malassezia hint


                       K1- * oil doesn’t attract Malassezia *


I have been looking at this Keyword for some time now

 trying to think of different ways of interpreting it.


– It does not look like possibility of accidental Typo 

– It does not suggest or imply a question

– It is not phrased in a question format

 Whichever way i am trying to look at it

  i can only see it as a straight clear statement.

  A statement carrying a message … to me???


Inserting it timidly or surreptitiously in the Keywords section

-again i cannot interpret mode, motive or intention-

and without any further info or supporting evidence

no matter how well intentioned, it is not of much use

or enlightenment either to Me or to any other Readers.

It would have been preferable if the above Reader

had sent an email elaborating on the meaning

and premise of their statement, i.e.


Is their statement derived from:

– Personal view, assumption, logical deduction?

– Personal experience?

– Personal expertise in the medical/research field?

– Official medical information discovered?

– Knowledge or possession of recent scientific evidence?

– And perhaps provide links or explanations of how /why etc.


         If the Reader is a regular visitor to this Site

                       This is an Invitation

         Invitation MD

                          To please Do so!

There is always something new or …old to learn

and i am personally interested and open to learning

any Facts regarding Malassezia and its operations

and correcting my view – if there has been

any misinterpretation on my part

of my personal observations and experiences.


I am sure other Readers would be interested too …


In Several Entries throughout this Blog i have presented

some Informative Laboratory Research shedding more light

into the ways Malassezia operates – and some i have seen as

Supporting or Confirming my Own Observations and Findings

over a Five Year period – longer if pre-identification years

were included- when i was actually treating its symptoms

heavily and persistently with a variety of Oils and Ointments

           of all sorts, only to see them getting worse.


Below a small sample of Laboratory Research i have Presented

in earlier Entries throughout – with links to the sites provided.

                (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Malassezia and Lipids 1-R

Malassezia and Lipids 3-1

      Malassezia and Lipids on skin

 Of course it is the Elderly, the Ill and the Immuno-compromised

 that get the problems, even though or perhaps because their skins

            do not secret / provide  those … ‘Attracting Oils’???

 Noting here the difference between ‘presence‘ and ‘problems

 ‘Presence‘ is Natural if Malassezia is present as a Commensal

 while the ‘Problems‘ are created when it turns into a Pathogen  

                                       due to …  

               (Please Read Earlier Related Entries)


               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily *       

   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 




                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 


                                          Malassezia Daily WP.

                              To All Sonata Blog Visitors

 Although i am unable to engage in individual communications anymore

  I am always happy and interested receiving emails with your stories

experiences, suggestions, etc – and if suitable, publish in part or whole

   in the ‘Readers Contributions’ in the  *Malassezia Daily* section

  * Please State Clearly your Permission for your email to be Published*

         -Anonymously of course and without identifiable details –

otherwise they will be considered and treated as Private communications. 


  DC3 MD NEW              

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Malassezia – Quick Readers’ Questions & Keywords


      * READERS’ QUESTIONS & KEYWORDS  *            


         *Malassezia – Quick Readers’ Questions & Keywords*


                        More Info regarding Keywords below

                   Can be found in Earlier Entries in Both Blogs.


                      Q1- *does cuticura help with candida*

    Malassezia - Soap MD

   The reason i am addressing this Keyword is because

    many Readers confuse Malassezia and Candida 

    and – or simply do not know which one is causing them problems.

                             As far as i know

a) Candida is easily identified in medical tests

b) There is a lot more research done and therefore more known

     about it, due to being easier to grow in Laboratories

     since, it appears, it does not require the presence

     of Lipids as a growth Medium as is the case with Malassezia


– Cuticura is an antibacterial soap not sold in Australia

   and have not had a chance to trial, which is good

   because i doubt it would have been good for Malassezia

– According to tests results No Candida was found on me

   nor do i seem to exhibit any of its characteristic symptoms

           -although there are many that are similar-

   so i cannot offer any opinion as to whether it would help

                          – but my thinking is:

   If antibacterial soaps cured Candida there would not

   have been such plethora of ads and expensive kits

   promising – unique ways of curing it! Lol!

   Candida seems to be another high Recurrence devil…

                     And speaking about Devils…          .

                             K1- *sexia*

        Malassezia - SEXIA MD. jpg                    

                   Really? … You think so?

           I m sure ‘She’ will be Flattered, Lol!


               K2- *malassezia sexual cycle*

             Malassezia Cloning MD

    MalasSeXia SeXual Cycle means… Maniacal Cloning!

      Reminds me of a line in a Eurythmics Song;

   ‘…Sisters are doing it… for themselves…’  Lol!


                  K3- *pms and trichotillomania

                             Malassezia -Trich and Binging

PMS is a time when Trichilomania Flare-ups on Scalp

 and /or other Body areas can occur

a) Due to Hormonal changes and

b) Cravings and Binge Eating – especially on Sugars

(More in Earlier Specific Trichillomania and Scalp  Entries)

        A Theory of Trichotillomania.

        K4- *Malassezia and depression*

      Malassezia and Depression MD

                 Quick list of helpers


> Withania powder Capsules

   ( pictured above – Absolutely marvellous! )

> St John’s wart


> B Complex x 3 Daily

> Calcium – Magnesium supplements

> Melatonin

Avoid Sugars, Alcoholic Drinks, Artificial Additives

(More details in earlier Entries) 


K5- *malassezia in teeth*

         Malassezia in Teeth. jpg.

Yes… it does plague the Teeth as well…

I have not mentioned this before because

i have not been able to produce a presentable proof

or microscope confirmation but  i have had many

lip attacks, fewer tongue and side of mouth

and even the occasional brief throat attempt

       -fortunately no gum problems!-

so 98% certainty that it gathers on teeth is not unrealistic.


           To clarify this statement:

There are times i feel an overpowering bitter-sourly taste

in my mouth -usually a day prior to a Die Off  effect-

which i have come to identify as the Malassezia taste.

During those times, when i run tissue paper over my Teeth

it comes up with either an orange or a light lime-green hue on it

-both signs of Malassezia presence- and clear enough to see

with naked eye but not strong enough to show in photo

and neither collectable for viewing under microscope

-therefore the 98% certainty and the 2% missing ability

of proof presentation, unless one is there to witness.

Attempts to view saliva under Microscope were unsuccessful

due to saliva reflective quality – see details in Photo Entries.


My belief and observations indicate that usually

the ‘around and in mouth’ attacks are due to

> Sugary intake – would include Alcohol – and suspect

> Some Toothpaste/mouth Disinfecting products)

> Lack of Body Hydration forcing it to mouth, eyes, nostrils

    as well as genital areas are that naturally.

     (More about Hydration, Hygiene and Cosmetics products

      and Malassezia Behaviour caused by them, see earlier Entries) 


      K6- *shapoo with malassezia in it

Malassezia - Shampoo MD

Ok! … I admit i just cannot comprehend this one.

Who would want a Shampoo with Malassezia in it

when everyone would kill to find one that …Kills it? Lol!

Is someone trying to be funny?

I hope so … and it is appreciated

I would give anything for a good laugh 🙂


           K7- *pitryosporum folliculitis crawling*

         When crawling or Burning sensation is felt

                is best to immediately Rub-Wash

          with a harsh Face Cloth and Warm water. 


K8- *pussonpenis*

                        Malassezia ...pus sy

                   Oh Meow!… Which Puss? Lol!

Ok i must confess, i had to scrap completely an entire blog

and start from scratch after i discovered to my horror

          all the misspellings of Puss instead of Pus

           – due to the auto correct function-

    and was mortified at the laughs my Readers would have had

       especially when talking about private parts

            so lets get on to the serious question:

                          *puss on penis*

There can be many causes for pus on a penis

and i know …nothing about them other than vaguely

‘some kind of infection and help it not be a bad one’.

Malassezia is one of them and a bad one for that matter

due to the sensitivity of the area, the pain, persistence

recurrence and inconvenience that it causes.

Many Tips in earlier entries throughout both Blogs

and especially those dealing with the genital areas

may be helpful and worth reading and considering.


Assuming Symptoms in K9-K16 are caused by Malassezia  

K9-  *breast black line lesion*

K10- *black lesion itchy swollen*

K11- *black lumps on front vagina lips*

K12- *black dots on vagina lips*

K13- *blood filled bump on labia*

The appearing Black is Blood, either fresh, 

concentrated and encapsulated within the Lesion

where Malassezia will commence Cloning

or dried up on the surface while it is cloning underneath.

K14- *yeast infection sores on labia*

K15- *bump on lip of outer labia*

K16- *sores on labia*.

~More details in Earlier Related Entries in Both Blogs~


               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily *

 * Malassezia Health Quest *       

   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 




  DC3 MD NEW              

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Malassezia- Next Update Due


             * Malassezia ~ Next Update Due *

   Malassezia Update Due

  * Near all Keywords i have been finding recently

    are similar and revolving around issues

    i have already dealt extensively in several Entries.


  * Recent events mentioned earlier

   (succession of accidents landing me in a wheelchair)

    have made it necessary to make changes

    and employ new means in order to address

    current needs and improve my condition.


    These changes and additional measures

    have produced a noticeable impact on Malassezia.

    Given that any changes always have some initial effect

    it will take time before i can safely establish

    whether there is anything worthwhile to report

    either in regards to the above mentioned changes

    or any new -not already dealt with- Keywords. 

    I estimate around end Dec 14 should be adequate time

     (provided i am still …above ground! Lol!)

                             Jan 2015

      I have been very hard throughout December

              and have a Lot of Material to Publish

              including New…ish Keywords.

                            More Soon!


               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily *       

   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 



  DC3 MD NEW              

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Malassezia – and Body Hydration (PT 2)



                        Malassezia Q&A's MD 


             To Read PT1 First :

              Malassezia – and Body Hydration (PT1)  


                        * Malassezia – and Body Hydration (PT 2)*


                      ( K1: * is hydration good for pityrosporum * )                                                

      Malassezia Burning Fire                                                      

                         Due to Necessity in more recent times

                       and having to Obey my Body’s Indications

                 of its alternating needs, i have been able to observe

                       distinct variations in Malassezia behaviour

           and effect on the Body, during implemented changes of Diet.


                           I have a Dedicated Earlier Entry

         regarding my observations, but it roughly works like this:

                When i am on a Highly Hydrating Diet

          -On Belief and Repeated Confirmation of Benefits-

            Malassezia appears to definitely be more Active

          but with much Less Punishing Effects on the Skin

         while when on a Less Hydrating – More Solid Diet

             of Lightly Steamed Vegetables, thus providing

        Considerably Reduced Hydration (and ‘live’ nutrients)

                        Malassezia activity and presence

                      appears to be Reduced temporarily

            but then Turned into an Unbearably Increased

                     Corrosive –Fire like– Burning and Itch

           penetrating and interrupting even the deeper sleep

        and /or waking up to either Acid like Fluid filled Bubbles

                    or some extensive Red-Burn-like areas

            such as the Under Breast nasty Surprise incident.

                                 (See Related Entry)


                       HOW IS the BODY HYDRATED

         Hydration MD


                                  a) Production 

                                  b) Content

                                of Body Fluids


                     2) ACTIVE – ELIMINATIVE 


                          Can be Best achieved

             with a Nutrient Rich Organic Water Content

                  in Fresh Raw Fruit and Vegetables


                               Active Hydration    

                                   Approve Positive

                Provides and Satisfies the Body Requirements

                 for Building and Nutrient enriched Hydration

              in the Form of Fresh Raw Fruits and Vegetables.


                               Passive or Neutral

                   Goes through the digestive system

              offering little else but some essential water

            to partially cover some eliminative processes

            in the Form of Water plus any externally added       

        substances such as in Teas, Processed Fruit extracts

                      or absorbed in Cooked Foods.


                Some may dispute this – I cannot prove it

                     Only the Body can speak for Itself

                              to those able to ‘listen’…

               Regular Consumers of Fresh Raw Foods

      would know the difference and what i am talking about…


           Tap Water is only One part of Body Hydration

                      Indispensable and Necessary

                    but Not as Valuable and Important

                   as the Nutrient Rich Water Content

                   of Fresh Raw Fruit and Vegetables

                      whether eaten whole or juiced.

    (Most Fruits and Veggies are 80% – 95% Water Content )


                           Empty and Unsuitable                                                                     

      Approve Negative

                  * Processed, Reconstituted Juices

                  * Processed heated Canned Fruits, or

                  * Made into Jam and Marmalades

                                                     *                                                  .

                  * Boiled, Fried, Roasted Vegetables 

                            Jam and Marmalades

                          Do Not Retain Nutrients

              and are Neither Nutritious Nor Hydrating.

                Any water content remaining or absorbed

         during such above processing is inferior in quality

                   and does Not Qualify as Hydrating.


              The Proof is in the Thirst or Hunger Signals

                  produced despite their consumption.


                    The Hydration Malassezia Fears

       Malassezia Water Fear

           The One Type of Hydration Malassezia Fears

     is Paradoxically… Warm Water!… used to Scrub it Off!

        It is the most effective way of destroying it on the Skin

                                On the Condition 

              It is Done as Soon as it is Felt on the Skin

                      Before it Dries out or Settles in

                    (Details provided in Earlier Entries)  


   And to answer the Question about Pityrosporum and Hydration:

         Hydration is Beneficial to and Not against Malassezia


                      Indispensable for the Body 

  Malassezia and Body Hydration MD


               Dehydrating the Body will only cause harm to It

                        with possible ‘chain’ consequences

        but will Not harm Malassezia more than a brief slow down.

            It will Relocate in areas it can find needed humidity

                         and the Consequences will be

                        Intolerable Pain and Discomfort


                                Plain Warm Water

                   to Wash and Scrub it off Scalp* or Skin

                          in the Early /Activity stage

                       is the Bad One for Malassezia

             and one to implement without harm to the Body


              * For Scalp see Earlier Related Entries


                       *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                                  * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                                  * Malassezia Daily *       

        *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                             Malassezia Topics B  




  DC3 MD              

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Malassezia – and Body Hydration (PT1)



                         Malassezia Q&A's MD 


                     * Malassezia – and Body Hydration (PT 1)*


                      K1: * is hydration good for pityrosporum *

          Water md


                       My Personal View of Body Hydration

                       is Consisting of Two Different Types:

                       One of an Active Double Operation

                            and One Passive  or  Neutral


                      1-1) ACTIVE – CONSTRUCTIVE* 

                                            As in

                       A) Production of Body Fluids

                       B) Content of Body Fluids                                                                    

                        1-2) ACTIVE – ELIMINATIVE 

                                           As in 


                         2) PASSIVE – NEUTRAL

           As Fluids Passing through the digestive system

           with minimal constructive or eliminative utilisation

                             (Details and Charts below)


             There are also several External – Environmental

                        Types of Hydration / Humidity

                and they are ALL Favourable to Malassezia

                Internal Body and External Environmental

                                 except for One!


  Hydration as Humidity

            *1-  External – Environmental 

    – Pools, Pool Showers, Bathrooms, Baths and Showers

            and Any Water Collecting Areas or Vessels.

           *2- Environmental in Relation to Its Living

 – Our Body and All its ‘Variations of Fluids  and Humidity’ Areas

                      – Liquid, Humidity, Perspiration etc.                                                           

                    Hydration as Fluids

            *3- Internal Body Hydration

               – As Internal Body Fluid Conditions 

         All these Conditions are Favourable to Malassezia.


        How Important is Hydration for the Body

                 Looking at some Charts Below

            it becomes Obvious that for the Body

                               in One Word

                    HYDRATION means LIFE!

                  FAW MD 2

    Take a Look what it means for Each Vital Organ of the Body!



          Percentages provided in the Charts above and below

             vary a little and may not be completely accurate

               but  are a good indication of the Real Levels

          and how much ‘water’ our Body needs to Survive.


70% of the Body as a Total, is Water 

85% of the Blood content, is water

80% of the Brain content, is water

75% of the Muscles mass is water

90% of the Cells is water

              Not to mention that Water is also needed for

* Detoxification/* Production of Body Fluids

       such as

– Digestive Juices/– Hormones/– Lung Hydrating

  for elasticity and efficient functioning of clearing dust

  and other particles breathed in

– Mucous production for Protecting

– Nostrils

– Mouth

– Eyes/Eyelids

– Lungs

– Digestive and Urinary Tracts

– Genitals

 >Male head of Penis, Foreskin –  Female Vigina, clitoris)

– Urethra

– Anus

          Therefore, depriving the Body from the Benefits

                              of ample Hydration

                  Would Be Detrimental for the Body

           With Practically NO ILL Effect on Malassezia.   

             Body Hydration MD

  Somehow, i dont think that “Water” is just …Tap Water…


                       *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                                 * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                                 * Malassezia Daily *       

         *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


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Malassezia – Vibration and Sound




        * Malassezia – Vibration and Sound *

        Malassezia sound md

          A Number of Readers have mentioned in the past

           that they can ‘hear’ Malassezia under their skin.

            I never sought to clarify if they literally meant

                    that they can hear it as a sound

                knowing that it is often hard to express

           the different sensations with accurate words.


         Myself i have experienced it in several clear ways

           as i have already described in earlier entries

             but more as specific sensations, such as

                        * Crawling

                        * Sand Rolling

                        * Worm like Slithering

                        * Warm Liquid Sliding

                        * Flatter on the Eyelids

                        * Muscle Spasms under the Skin

                        * Strong Jerking Pulses or Cramping in the Legs

                          ( Restless Leg Syndrome, etc.)

        Each indicating a different stage of development or activity.


                      The closer and more relevant to ‘Sound’

                       yet not quite, are the vibratory ones, i.e

                            * Flatter on the Eyelid beds

                            * Muscle Spasms under the Skin

                            * Strong Jerking Pulses in the Legs

                    These three types have always displayed 

               a Characteristic Common Rhythmic Vibration.


                                   The Muscle Spasms

               Are strong but less defined regarding the Rhythm

               and can be Easily Confused with Calcium/Mineral loss

               or need for supplementation, yet -to me- distinctly different

               because they are erratic with no specific pattern.

              Sometimes just one or two and no more,

              sometimes a few short quick ones and sometimes slow

              and way apart from each other, while the Malassezia ones

              have a distinctly regular pattern, irrespective of duration

              intensity or interval repetition and often occurring 

              simultaneously with another one or two nearby

              – as if the first one triggered an alert

             (*)or co-ordination with others …

               ((*) more about this at the end of this Entry)  


                                    The Leg Jerkins

            Can be from very Faint to Very Strong, like electric currents

         -depending on accumulation of Yeast in the Colon area-

              and -if one observes closely- very clearly defined.


                                 The Eyelid Flatters

                Shorter in duration, vary from strong to very light

                        but more clearly defined in Rhythm.


                   The Vibration Pattern in the Human world

                    could be described as a ‘Rhythmic Code’

             that if it were to be translated into Sound or Taps

                                 it would be like  this:

                           1.2.3  – 4

                           1.2.3  – 4

                           1.2.3  – 4

                          It is something extraordinary!…

                        However much – light or strong  

          has been perceptible to my senses throughout time

                   has usually gone on for a few seconds

                           in brief stop – start intervals

         with each session lasting between a brief minute or so

                 to some times up to near Five full minutes.

               I had always assumed that this was perhaps  

          what the Readers were experiencing and referring to 

      because it is easier to express about it as if it was a ‘sound.’


        It was not until a few months back when i was too busy

         and preoccupied with other entries that i had a rather

             serious Ear … ‘invasion’ lol!… not on the outside

       which i had managed to heal beautifully after some period

          of having it harassed and nibbled as if by a mouse

        but farther inside to a depth not reachable by cotton tips


        Previous minor ones i had either prevented altogether

     or stopped settling with a few Acidophilus mix applications.


        This time somehow it managed to proceed deeper

            and it was during a few sessions of inserting

             an Acidophilus Mix cotton at the outer part 

        that i witnessed the most extraordinary confirmation

                                 of its Vibratory Activity

                    and the Closest one Resembling Sound

              as i could ever perceive with my senses

  – other than employing Nasa Supersonic equipment, Lol! …


           It was the very familiar Rhythm of 1.2.3 – 4

                 but experienced Inside the ear

             it sounded much like a Drum Beat, like:

Malassezia Vibration MD

                            Do-Do-Do – –Doop

                            Do-Do-Do – –Doop

                            Do-Do-Do – –Doop

         Mixed or accompanied with an additional sound

              a somewhat shrill, high pitched Sorrowful

     yet Aggressive, threatening tone, coming in waves.

            It was an Absolutely Astonishing Marvel!

           A Combination of a Polemic Battlefield Song

            of Attack in the sound of a Rhythmic Drum

          -of an army knowingly advancing to its death-

           and a Mournful yet Aggressive Dolphin Song

                  – definitely a Sound this one!  


The Drum one was the unmistakeable rhythm of Malassezia

the other i wondered  whether it might have been

the Acidophilus Bacteria  or whether both were Malassezia.

In order to verify beyond doubt i stopped inserting Acidophilus

for a couple of days and let Malassezia be and watch

if it would do it on its own – – –  and it Did!…. the Drum!

There is a good chance of course that although i had stopped

inserting the Acidophilus Mix there were still some ‘guys’ alive

      from both sides and the battle kept going on. (**)

So far i can tell i have never experienced any vibratory sense

      from Acidophilus alone while the Rhythmic ‘Sound’

       was identical to the Malassezia familiar vibrations…

                    A very  Definite Vibration

but doesn’t Vibration also equate with Sound in some level???


The Mournful Dolphin sound on the other hand was fluctuating

                  or rather undulating, coming in waves

                     but with no particular rhythm to it

    and have never heard it or sensed it before or since

    either on its own or in combination with the Drum beat.

  A Rhythmic Flatter in the Cotton-Tip serviceable area, yes

   but never the Shrill Mournful Sound nor the Drum Beat…

  possibly because all other time it had remain in the outer parts 

               where it was felt by the skin as a sensation

           where its sound/vibration could not be perceived

                  by the inner audio part of the ear???


                  Each session of the above incident

            went ‘on and off’ lasting for near 10 full minutes

            -longer than any other time or any other place-

                     followed by the usual dead quiet 

              after each Acidophilus – Malassezia clash

                     but was repeated for a few days

                                -perhaps surviving longer

                       due to being deep near the ear drum?-

        until it was all over and the ear finally free and clear!


       Going one step further and into dangerous ground

           of speculation, i wonder if the vibration/sound

            is not also a ‘transmission’ system between

          Malassezia and its Maniacal Cloning Sisters 

                    being extensions of its Self!…

  I say ‘also’ because its motions from place to place

appear to have a direction – especially when Relocating

     from a place ‘treated’ with some substance

    but rather erratic when cloning inside a lesion 

as well as when observed under Digital Microscope.

Therefore i assume that the rhythmic vibration/sound 

   is not due to its movement ‘From or To’ a location

                but -perhaps?- as a sign of 

               Initiated Cloning Activity

 … and / or – – – Transmitting signal to its Sisters???


All Speculations and kind of Dr Who stuff, Lol!…

but i do not see it as a too far-fetched idea either

considering all Species in Nature use Sound, Vibration

and other means -perceptible or not to man- 

    of communicating between themselves

             Planetary Spheres included,

     emanating sound – or  so we are told,

so why not the Yeast/Fungus Species as well 

especially since the vibration – and stages of activity

     are undoubtedly felt by many people in similar ways.


           I Believe Unless one is Open to Embracing

              Even what may seem outlandish ideas

                  One Cannot Observe Objectively.


                                Jan 2015

“There is a good chance of course that although i had stopped

inserting the Acidophilus Mix there were still some ‘guys’ alive

      from both sides and the battle kept going on”. (**)

  Update and comments about this coming in the New  Entries soon                

                See also Antibiotics-Bacteria-Biofilm


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Malassezia Furfur ~ Yeast or Mycelia



            Malassezia Q&A's MD 


                   * Malassezia Furfur ~ Yeast or Mycelia *


       Malassezia Faecal yeast and Hyphae 1 MD

                                  K1: *what is the difference

                  between malassezia yeast and malassezia flur*


                            IF i understand Correctly

                         a) From Research material:

         1) Either the Yeast does not always grow Hyphae

         2) Researchers had difficulty inducing it to do so in the Lab 

         3) Yeast Form does not always develop Hyphae

  Yeast or Mycelial MD

                                  (Click on Image to enlarge) 


  or b) From Microscope Observations of my Own Samples

      when it does, they are much smaller than the Mycelial Type.

         The Lesions also appear to be much smaller in size.


                 Below the Mycelial Hyphae are referred to 

                           as ‘Short Fungal Hyphae’

Malassezia spaghetti-meatballs

I am not sure where they get that because looking at my Mycelia ones

Malassezia Mycelia Hyphae MD

                       They Look anything but Short

               especially in comparison to the Yeast ones.


              Of course not being a Microscope Professional

               i must admit that i find it easier to differentiate

                       between the two types of Lesions

                     rather than the two types of Hyphae.

                   Having only observed my own samples

              I can still not be sure whether the differences i see

             between the quantities and sizes of  the Hyphae and Lesions

             of the Initial stages of outbreak and the current ones

             are due to a difference of Yeast and Mycelia

             as two different stages of Malassezia development


             a) An Improvement of my Skin Immunity

             b) A Reduction of Presence and Size and

             c) Inability of the Yeast to Develop to previous extensive levels

                 due to the Methods and Applications i have implemented

                 targeting Both Topical and General Immunity Improvement

                 and Inhibition of a Complete Malassezia Cycle

                 Not excluding of course the Possibility

                 of other contributing Factors i may not be aware of.


   K2: * fingernails turning dark from demodex *

Dirty Nails google image

        I m not sure if Demodex causes finger nails to turn dark

               but i know this is a sure Malassezia sign.

         It turns gray when its liquid carrier /Biofilm dries out

               and it is then harder to clean or wash off.


        Some time back i used to apply Oil Free Neutrogena

             but nowadays handling the Acidophilus mix

             when applying it to other areas of my Body

            does not allow any built up under the nails.


          If i had to treat it now i would dip my fingers/nails

           in Acidophilus Mix several times during the day

                      and particularly at Bed time  

      because of the additional benefits instead of Neutrogena.


            The photo displayed above is a Google image

                             and may or may not

                  have anything to do with Malassezia.


                      I do not have any Personal ones 

         with enough gray accumulation to be photographed


               Below is another Google image i picked

                    displaying the nails of a person

                believing them to be dirty from work

           despite -to their admitting- trying to clean them 

                  “with a cotton swap and alcohol

                 – and that only worked to a certain extent.

                     They still aren’t clean looking.”

       Nails Google image

           To me it looks like accumulation of Malassezia gray

              and progression to white grit  (trouble brewing!)

                  The fact that it can be visible to the eye

       and be photographed as well, indicates a serious case.

   The person is highly preoccupied with the look of the nails

                      in regards to Nail Polish ‘Beauty’

                and Totally Unaware of the lurking beast…

                I cringe thinking what they would reveal

                    looked under digital microscope

               when even perfectly healthy looking nails

                  can reveal being heavily infested.


                        ( Photo examples of my Nails 

                        comparing View with Naked Eye

                        against Revealing under Microscope ones

                        are posted in Related Earlier Entries.)


          K3: * how to kill malassezia from inside *                                                      

              I have not discovered anything yet

       that would kill Malassezia Internally as such

   and i am not sure whether there would be anything

     that would not be simultaneously too dangerous

                        for the Body as well

           so i have turned my efforts and attention

      into Building General Internal – External Immunity.

     Malassezia Competition


     * Malassezia ~ Priority of Questions & Keywords Selection * 

  * *

        Please Note 

  Order and Priority 

       Malassezia Keyword list

         Selecting, Processing and Publishing

    Questions and Keywords on the Waiting List

                        Are Dependent on

              * Issues Not Dealt with Already

               * Something New to Add

               * Time and Amount of Work Required

    And Not in Order of Appearing in ‘Search’ or Emails Received.


                         *  Malassezia Blogs  *

                                       Malassezia Blog WP

                            Deals with history of Treatments 

                               Outcomes and Experiences 

                             from Beginning to Recent times  

                                  –>  * Malassezia Blog *  


                                           Malassezia Daily WP.

                    Confirming and/or Updating past Topics 


                       Recent Developments and Progress

                             New Discoveries and Photos 


                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *


   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


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