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Malassezia ~ Candida – Are they the same?




  * Malassezia – Candida – Are they the same *


    Candida Malassezia comparison MD


     Q1: * is candida and malassezia the same thing *

         Candida wiki MD 1

                      I have not found anywhere so far any Reference

                                         of  Candida Species

                       Being or listed as part of the Malassezia Species

                                       Neither any Malassezia  

                         Being or listed as part of the Candida Species.

Malassezia Images MD


                          Therefore, for now i will assume that

                                    Malassezia and Candida

                                         Are Not the Same.

        Nevertheless, they Share Many Common Characteristics

Candida Malassezia Comparison MD

         Candida – Malassezia Shared Common Similarities

Candida Albicans MD

  1- General Similarities

* Candida genus include many different Species

* It is Part of the Commensal Human Microflora

* It is a Dimorphic Fungus

* Grows Both as a Yeast or Fungus

* Develops Hyphae (Spores, Pseudohyphae, Hyphae)

* Multiplies by Asexual i.e. Cloning and Hyphae Reproduction

* It turns into Opportunistic Pathogen to Low Immunity Hosts

* Capable of Invading Any Site of the Human Body

* Forms a Biofilm

  (a Self-produced Matrix also referred to as Slime *)

* Causes Diseases

  (depending on Medium and Body area of affliction)


   2- Symptoms Similarities

– Rush, Redness, Inflammation

– Itching, Burning, Discharge, Odour etc.


         3- Body Area – Ailments Similarities

 * Skin – Cutaneous Candidiasis

– Skin, Creases, Folds,

– Torso (Upper and Middle Body)

– Under Breasts

– Genitals, Groin, Buttocks,

– Hair Follicles

– Other Skin areas

* Mouth Thrush

* Throat – Esophageal Candidiasis

* Blood  – Fungemia

  Candidemia – (Fungemia causes Mortality)

* Genitals/– Penis, Vagina, Anus, Diaper Rash in Babies

* Intestines – Gastrointestinal Tract

* Nails – Onychomycosis (Nail plates)


        4- Contributing Causes Similarities

– Low Immunity/- Illness (AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes etc)

– Stress

– Antibiotics

– Steroids, including HRT

– Humidity/ Moisture

–  Warmth/Temperature

– Use of Chemicals / Detergents / Cosmetics, etc

– Sugars, Alcohol

– Poor Nutrition

  (and more)


 5- Treatments Similarities

Candida treatments are the same as for Malassezia

 with also Temporary Results and Recurrence


Candida Albicans MD


         1- Slime * I assume it is the equivalent of the Malassezia GSL

  or ‘Greyish Sticky Layer’ as i had named it back then

  not knowing any other name, and referring to in recent times

  as ‘Orange-Gray Liquid’ – ‘Amniotic Fluid like’ – or ‘Carrier’.


   2- I have Not found so far any reference regarding

  Candida and OIL Requirement for Reproduction

               as is the case with Malassezia.

  I vaguely recollect having read somewhere

  Candida is Not requiring Oil for Proliferation

                       and IF that is correct,

  then this is One point of difference between them.


   3- IF i have understood the medical jargon correctly, and

 IF the information is correct and reliable

 some studies of oils have showing a slow down / inhibiting

 effect on Candida virulence – at least on the Petri dish…

( Difference between Petri Dish and Body is that the former

  is a restricted, limited environment where the Yeast/Fungus

  is tested under controlled conditions, whereas the Body

  is its Familiar, Dynamic changing environment

  where it can escape, adapt, or fight and survive. 

  Otherwise the Petri Dish findings would have offered

  Fixed Solutions to the problems these creatures present…)


    4- Since Laboratory Research 

       -and my Personal Experiences-

                 have shown that 

        Oils Promote Growth of Malassezia

  i assume it would be wise for each individual

          to be certain about

  Which Type of Yeast they are Dealing with

  in Regards to Using Oils for Treatment

  and be mindful of the difference between

         a Petri Dish in a Laboratory

  and the Entire Dynamic Complexity of a Body

  and presence of Other Friendly or Hostile Flora.


    5- The above Lists and Information are Compiled Solely

  from Concise, Brief Candida Yeasts Research

  and Not on any Personal Experience or Assessments

  as is the case with the Malassezia Entries

  that are based on Long term Personal Experiences,

  Experimentations and Repeated Pattern Observations.


     6- The Lists  and Information above are Only to Illustrate

   a number of Malassezia and Candida

   similar to identical characteristics they present 

   as both being Yeast /Fungus Species.

   (Readers are Urged to Do their Own Research 


    See Also: A View into Candida Albicans    

                       Malassezia & Arabinitol

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                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 


  DC3 MD              

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Malassezia ~ Its Double Role in Immunity




                                Malassezia in Lab

     *Malassezia ~ Its Double Role in Immunity*


      I was Lucky to stumble upon these two photos below some time back

                        somewhere … but don’t remember where…

                             I think the content is very Impressive!

Macrophage 1

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

  I absolutely agree, much prettier than i would have thought too!

         I d like to give it a pat on its head or paws! Lol!  🙂


  These Macrophage guys/gals … are our Immune System Defenders

                   against Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses 

Macrophage 2

The reason i am posting these photos here is because

there is a Relationship between them and Malassezia

as will be seen below in a Document referring to Both.


    This is only a small part of it

                                     (Link for full article provided below)


(As i Understand it) It is all ”Research Studies” at this stage

         with Potential Beneficial Applications in some Future

        -if proved viable and eventually applicable to humans…


I have Highlighted in Red the points of attention


( Acting like Immunisation Injection? )     

   * Injection of Malassezia resulted in increased numbers 

     and bactericidal activity of intraperitoneal macrophages,


  Intraperitoneal Organs 

     Stomach – Liver – Pancreas (part) – Duodenum (part) – Spleen 

          Small Intestines – Transverse Colon – Sigmoid Colon 

                                 Rectum (part) – Appendix 

           And In Women: Uterus – Fallopian Tubes – Ovaries    



                                    And here is how

                          Noting the very careful ‘Wording’


   1– “possible reason” – 2– “suggested3– “may be” – 

                      4– “understanding how

          indicating ‘Not absolute certainty or proof



                                                       ( Click on Photos to Enlarge )


PT 3-2 :the lipids associated with the cell wall of Malassezia’ 

                                   may be referring to

PT 3-1 : ‘the production of azelaic acid by Malassezia’ 

PT 3-3:“unlikely to come into contact with professional phagocytic cells

My Q: I wonder if this statement is derived from laboratory test observations 

     or an assumption of Malassezia being only a skin deep presence

     that is not usually found in the organs and or places

     where  ‘intraperitoneal macrophages’ operate.

    If it is the latter i could write a few pages – in fact i have already done!

    regarding what appears to me to be debatable

    -at least from my angle of personal experience 


* If Ejaculate can go up from the Vagina – into the Uterus

  so can highly mobile Malassezia – up to Falollpian tubes and Ovaries 

* If Urine can run down from the Kidneys to the Bladder and Urethra

  so can Malassezia travel upwards to the Kidneys (urine does not kill it!)

* If it can go from the Scalp to the Face – and into Eyes and Nasal cavities

  it can also go down to the Oesophagus and into the Lungs – and so on …

                I dont know about the Stomach, Liver or Spleen

 -despite having periodically experienced indicative symptoms of possible

  invasion, though assumption is that stomach juices would kill it

  -and perhaps they do…or they Dont!…if the Digestives are sluggish etc-

  but i will not venture to where i have not had adequte indications of proof.


PT 3-4 Q: Now who is going to tell Malassezia that it is meant to be

                       a Commensal  rather than a Pathogen    

                       and stop causing havoc on our bodies?…


             I often wonder what was it the Antibiotics and X-Rays

        destroyed in my Body that caused Malassezia to transition

                            from Commensal to Pathogen,

(since the trouble began at the commencement of these Treatments)


Equally so, i wonder if there are any causes

           other than those similar to mine

that  trigger the same change in other people.


  I have tried conducting a Poll to see if i could gather any indications

  and proceed to targeted research and possible helpful implementation

             of measures towards boosting the afflicted areas

                  but participation has been rather appalling

              it seems no one wants to bother and all is the pity

        because the Doctors do not appear to want to bother either

     so we are left on our own… and the only ones with the incentive

                to want to Bother – if only for our Own Benefit!…

Unfortunately it is hard to find out and alone there is only that much i can do. 


    (Perhaps  Visiting the Site on iPhones, some iPads or through RSS Subscription 

             many people are not able to load and view each Page on its entirety

                 therefore missing some of the contents without being aware.)



There is a lot of Medical jargon hard to understand and nothing much

that Malassezia aflicted people can apply and benefit from in practical terms 

but worth going through it as it contains valuable well-presented information.

I have read this document several times so far and intend to do so again

as each time something stands up and appears a bit clearer than previously.

                                                          * * *

                   Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150




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Malassezia: Which? … Where?… and …The Invisible!

 Warning MD



          Malassezia at Home Malassezia in Lab




  * Malassezia: Which? … Where?… and …The Invisible! *


          The Condition of Malassezia Symptoms is Referred to 

      as ‘Pityrosporum Folliculitis’ – ‘Seborrheic Dermatitis’ etc

        Although the Dermatologists prefer to call it…

Deception MD

            ‘Delusional Parasitosis’ or ‘Parasitophobia’

                as well as other Disguised variations

              carrying the same ‘hint’ as the above… 

              which Translates to: ‘Its All in your Mind’ 


        Fortunately the Medical Researchers have advanced past 

   this fixated and highly embarrassing for the Profession ignorance

 providing evidence that it Is actually a ‘Creature’ after all

   and … Materialises … on the Body –  and Not the Mind!


 Tongue in Cheek aside… there is still a little hindering problem …

                       How Much of the Body

          … is actually considered as ‘existing’ and as part

            of the field to be examined  by those Researching

the Relationship of Body and Manifestation of Malassezia Symptoms.

                                        For example

         This appears to be a mighty good effort but does it go far enough?

M Distribution on sites     

(Click on Photo to enlarge)                                                                    

Let’s See:

Chest, Mid line Back, Scalp, Ear, Upper Back, Upper Thigh and Cheeks (= 7)

Which ones could be the 13 other sites missing mention in the list above?


If i were to guess the most probable sites been checked i would add:

Forehead?- Eyelashes?- Nose?- Neck?- Arms?-Fingers?

Finger Nails?-Chest?- Belly?- Legs?-Feet?-Toes?-Toe nails? (=13+7=20)


        It would be interesting to know the sites examined

            rather than trying guessing them


           Even if these sites were added to the List above

                               it would still leave out

                    Hair? Nostrils? Lips? Buttocks?-Legs?

                   Feet upper/heels/sole?-Toes-Toe Nails?

  Some of these may be among the ones checked instead of my suggested

              but it nevertheless leaves out many sites unchecked


     And what about….


Vaginosaurus?-Analosaurus?- Penis-PurpleoSporum? and IntestinoSporum?

        Are these … the Invisible  ‘Dinosaurs’ in the Research Room?

considering that the same Symptoms are also afflicting the ‘unmentionable’ parts

of our bodies where the same Rich Follicular environment is naturally provided

and even Richer in many other respects in the Intestinal Canal – and manifesting

on the outside as Itchy, Burning, Purple Bumps, Lesions, Paper Cut lines? etc.  


 I have not come across any research yet mentioning these areas at all.

All the ones i have read refer to manifestation of Malassezia symptoms

i.e ‘Pityrosporum Folliculitis’/‘Seborrheic Dermatitis’/Tinea Versicolour, etc.

        usually Concentrating on the Upper part of the Body

      as if the Lower does not exist or it is off limits…


I wonder if adequate research has been done on samples from these vital sites

from where Malassezia Emerges, Returns to, and habitually and stubbornly

Settles and Clings on in the Surrounding areas, especially the closest ones

such as the Vulva, Anus and Inner Richly Follicular Buttocks

as if for its Dear Life … and Inevitably its Evil Purposes… because

                           Its Persistent Clinging there 

                         Is Not Haphazard or Accidental

           but a Strong Instinctual Urge and Directive

                            despite these areas often Rendered 

                            by different Treatment applications 

       Inhospitable to its Survival and Completion of Cycle.


               Hopefully one day the Penny may drop and Prompt  

             ‘The Research  Field’  to turn the Light of its Attention 

    on these most important yet -apparently so far- neglected areas.

                 In the mean time I will keep searching and hoping

                                        and who knows

   ‘Knock and Thy Shall Find’   may prove true …if i am still around…


                     Well… well!… what do you know…Lol!…

It seems my hopes and prayers were answered faster than i had anticipated 🙂

Some time back when i had Googled Malassezia and Vaginal  Penis problems

       i had only found a relevant Link where the document concluded

           that samples from the Penis did not contain any Malassezia

         and the Vaginal one turned out referring to Candida Yeasts. 


No Malassezia on Penis? …“Yeah?… on what Planet?”…

Subsequent ones did not yield any better result in either Male or Female areas

                      and as for Malassezia and Intestines…

                    most of the links lead to my Own Blogs

              of which the contents and findings i knew well

                    but wanted to find out any Lab ones….


 Perhaps it had more to do with my developing Searching Keyword skills 

         that did not lead me to the right links but i shall never know.


 So just before clicking ‘Publish’ -this Entry- a little wise voice inside my head


 ‘Why don’t you try Googling’ Malassezia and Penis /Vagina’ one more time 

      just in case there is something more recent – so i Did and Voila!… 

M Yeast on Penis

Malassezia in the Vagina area is described in one site as ‘Superficial Infection’

                              Superficial??? … i Wish!…. 

Mind you nothing much more than that in regards to links and findings

-Could be my Googling skills again, Lol!- but at least it appears

                  the Body areas  have been Discovered

        and some of the ‘Dinosaurs’ are becoming Visible!


Reading the article above about the abundance of not just Malassezia Species

       but the many other types of Yeasts in Both V and P areas,

  it makes me think my referral -at times of high frustration and strain-

of my V being the ‘Cauldron of Hell’ may have sounded rude to some

but now i think the name can be well-deserved – when things go wrong.

   As for the P i have just lost my innocent regard of it and inclined

to see it as a Potential ‘Lethal Weapon’ … as much as its… Sister V.                                 

A quick read of the complete article above can be adequately convincing.

The Reality is they are All Part of our Bodies and all is well and perhaps

there is some purpose to their presence as long as things run smoothly…

                     After all. the Naming is not important

as much as Discovering and Establishing  the areas of  Affliction

  and Available Solutions to when/where they become a Problem.


                                  So where to from here?… 

Treatment Goal

I absolutely agree with this statement – Yeasts may have some Purpose

but I can say that for me it is too late and near impossible to achieve

   Complete Normal Balance  due to my Multiple Health Problems

that thwart and inhibit the best possible approaches to arrive there

    but a Younger or a Healthier person without a serious Illness

                       i believe there is a good possibility

–IF willing to sacrifice a lot and implement a Healthier life style

and pursue a Strict Maintenance regiment – as described in my Entries 

  Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT1)

there is more than a good chance – fragile and temporary as it might be

 to Revert to a Normal or near Normal Level and Balance of Presence





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Malassezia in the Kidneys and Transverse Colon




          Malassezia at Home




     * Malassezia in the Kidneys and Transverse Colon *


 Back in October, Beautiful Spring time here

  it had been over a year since my collapse

     during a short trip to our Local Beach

     that rendered me housebound since.


Wanting to give it one more chance, just in case it might still be 

possible to enjoy it again, even for a short time, we arranged

a family meeting as also a chance to enjoy my grandchildren

     Unfortunately, this little outing nearly killed me…


   I collapsed again and brought back home urgently

 and started to froth in the mouth and vomiting violently 

 though there was nothing left in my stomach

of the light fruity breakfast i had before leaving.

   I was so dizzy i could not keep my eyes open for two days.


  I was unable to eat anything for the rest of the day

         and near impossible to drink any water.

For the following three days, i could not eat more

than a tiny fruit amount once a day,  so I had an idea

to start the day with a 1/2 freshly squeezed Orange juice

   diluted in a cup of hot water to avoid dehydration

and to flash the Kidneys – i still do so!- and hopefully restart

  the Peristaltic and bring an End to the ‘Shut down’


My man had to take a full week off work to look after me.

I thought that was the last of me and i would never recover

but as usually, once more i pulled through within a week.


  Now to how all this Relates to Malassezia:

Prior to this episode, for nearly 4-5 months i had developed

 some constant unexplained Hot Charcoal Nail-like Pains

               in Both Kidneys

  Malassezia in Kidneys

     (Red Circles indicate relevant Extend)

And in Two areas in the Transverse Colon.  

         Malassezia in Transvesre

   (Yellow Circles Indicate the Areas)


I had a sneaky suspicion -if not certainty- that Malassezia

had Invaded Both areas because there was no other cause

  i could think of justifying these particular Burning pains.


 Lung Bleeding going down through the digestive system

  and having to be processed by the Kidneys do cause me pain

   reduced fluid clearance and urine output

      to only a few trickling drops at a time

 but it all ceases within 4-5 days after bleeding stops

  -depending on the blood volume been processed.

 This affects only the Kidneys and never the Colon.


   So the constant pains had Nothing to do with any

   intermittent bleeding occurring during those 4-5 months .


Enemas  had not helped, just Fruit Juice Days had not helped

Vitamin C powder had not helped and the finger was pointing

    more and more to the suspicion that the Devil 

had created an Opportunistic Breeding Neighbourhood

                    in a Rich Nutrient area.

Due to the Internal Inflammation caused by its Presence

and Digging-in, it naturally attracted more and more

and thus the continuation of over Four months of Burning Pains.

Certainty of course can only Derive from hard Proof

and this i did not know if it was even possible to obtain… 


Eliminating all possible causes of pain in the afflicted areas

from all known from previous occasions

as well as ‘unlikely coincidental ones’

 can only result in certainty by proxy

and this may be good enough if one is looking for healing

  but not good enough for research purposes,

     so I had considered this case as one

    i would never be able to know for sure.


Right after the Beach Incident, a couple of Noticeable events followed:

1) Burning Pains in Both areas Disappeared

    during the Second and Third Recovering Day

2) There was a Potent Putrid ‘Dying Off’ Odour in the Faeces

    for  2-3 days following the Burning Pains abrupt termination.

3) Malassezia Ceased All Activity to just barely been there

    as it usually does when something major happens in my Body

4) There were No Shivers that Usually follow an Outbreak.


Considering i had hardly been able to eat or drink during that time

   and no chance of any change being made in any area

      other than my Body Shutting Down All Processing 

and Rejecting any Food or Fluid, it strongly leads me to believe

the over Four Months Burning Pains in the Kidney/Colon areas 

     were Not due to any Organ Dysfunction or Infection

that would have caused additional recognisable symptoms

          such as Pus/Blood in Urine or Stools etc.


Something was Purged or Perished with the Shut Down

and one could speculate a highly unlikely ‘coincidental’ cause

but to me it points clearly to the most obvious and most likely

of Malassezia’s presence as it is the one that causes the same

Burning Pain wherever it settles, from any External Skin areas

to internal, such as Vaginal walls, Urethra, or Anal/Rectal area, etc…


I have had No Recurrent problem so far

which again excludes Area/Organ causes

          or External such as Diet

-still the same, simple and impossible to cause any irritation-

or of any accumulation of internal congestion etc.


Due to the possibility included in the unlikely coincidental

of a multitude of other types of parasites been the cause

i again cannot be 100 % sure but only as close as logically

           the events and indications can allow.

What also strengthens my Belief that it was Malassezia

and not some other causes, is that whenever i have endured

Vaginal attacks and had it chased, it had invariably moved up

through the Cervix to the Uterus and into the Ovaries 

 Malassezia in Vagina 1

where it has caused the exact same Burning Pains

 lasting for several weeks and eventually dying off…


It has taken many Months of Consistent Acidophilus applications

three times daily to eventually bar it -even if partially- from occupying

these inaccessible areas and this is the reason i have mentioned

   in several of my Entries that Malassezia is Capable

of Completing its Cycle either Internally or Externally if it is forced.


Due to this fact, the Reason/s of the ‘Ins and Outs’ traffic 

as part of its Cycle, still eludes me and i keep Guessing 

and Speculating about a possible need -similar to plants-

Light Synthesis exposure in order to progress from the Yeast

to the Hyphae development and its outer cell formation  

and hoping that one day, some piece of Research Info

or Personal Discovery will Lead me to the Right Conclusion.






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Malassezia Green and the Lung Experiment


* (Re- Blogged For the Attention of Lung A-TB Patients) *

                                          * * *




          Malassezia at Home Malassezia in Lab




*Malassezia ‘New Discoveries–Photos’ Follow Up (PT2)*

   PART 5   

        * Malassezia Green and the Lung Experiment *


In order for the Experiment to Produce Reliable Results

I had to think carefully and put in place some safety Rules:


1- The Containers used must be Clean – Never used before

 2- The Sample Sputum must come from the Lungs – Not just plain saliva

 3- Must be Collected as far as possible from Previous meal

    to Avoid any Food Colouration no matter how remote the possibility

 4-  Must Not contain Blood

 5- Must remain Undisturbed and Uncontaminated.


So I asked my Man to buy me a New Set of Sealed Plastic Party Cups

white or clear and waited until All Rules could be Implemented.


    The First Part of the Experiment:

I Half-filled a cup with plain Tap water from the Bathroom

and set it in a place it would remain undisturbed – Uncovered

in order to Rule out humidity attracting airborne Malassezia

into the cup and thus changing the colour of the water.


At the end of Three Days the water looked still Clean and Clear

Malassezia in Water Experiment 1


The Second Part of the Experiment:

* I Discarded the Clear water and used a New Clean cup for the Second Part.

* I Half filled it with Clean Tap water.

* I Collected a number of Sputum Blobs adhering closely to the rules.


Some looked Light Yellowish Brown and some Light Brown

I Covered the container and let it stand for Three Days undisturbed.

      Nothing happened!…

The water turned to a slightly Muddy Colour

and the Blobs remained their Original Brownish Colour

        and sunk in the bottom of the cup.


      Failed Sputum – Remained Brownish

( I did not think to take a photo so i Photo-shopped this one

to resemble the original and its colour * as close as possible)

      Malassezia and Lung Experiment 1

I judged Experiment Void – so i emptied the cup and discarded it.

Waited a few days and repeated as above.


On the Second day the Contents turned to a Light Greenish hue

and by the Third day, Both Water and Sputum turned Lime Green!…

Malassezia and Lung Experiment 2


Malassezia and Lung Experiment 3

   My Husband volunteered to hold the cup high

        in order to take a photo from underneath

 and then added the contents of one Acidophilus capsule

                   and let it stand for an extra day.


There was No Change – and this may indicate that either 

1- * When Acidophilus was introduced, Malassezia was already dead


2- * Acidophilus was already dead and had no effect


3- * Acidophilus was already at work from Internal dosage.

    Must Note here

1) For External applications i buy an economy pack of 90 caps

    and some of them end up dried up half way through the end

    while the ones sealed in a Blister i only use for Internal areas

    because they Remain Fresh Throughout and Cost a lot More 

2) Before i started using Acidophilus both Internally and externally

    i had never had any Sputum or other Specimen turning Green.


I could think perhaps that the Green fluorescent colour may have to do

with the  recent months of ‘All Greens’ Diet but it is Always Rusty Orange

at a starting ‘Live’ stage as can be observed in many of my Entries.


Green Fluorescence

Is it Possible that is is already dead when observed under Wood’s light?

         Another good Question here is:

“What is Pityriasis Versicolour doing in my Lungs???”


As Luck had it, i always keep an emergency empty Vitamin Container

with a wide mouth on the side of the Bathtub, because usually

when i have a Bath my Lungs Relax and are prone to expectorating

               making it a good opportunity for clearance

                 but inconvenient to getting out in a hurry…


So, a couple of days after i was done with the Sputum Experiment

i emptied the Bathtub before i had got up and found i was too weak

to lift my body. I tried all the tricks i have devised but none worked

so i panicked so much that i did not even think to call my man for help.


I made it out eventually shaking like jellyfish out of the water

and been too concerned on how to avoid such a repeat i forgot 

to Check and Empty the Sputum Container if had been Used.

Forgetting  turned out to be a good thing because by Next Morning

        it too had turned Green!…

     So i took a couple of photos

Malassezia and Lung Experiment 4

Malassezia and Lung Experiment 4-2

Then i agitated the cup and Both Acidophilus as well as Sputum

spread and blended with the water and i took another photo of the mix

Malassezia and Lung Experiment 4-3

Curiosity took the better of me so a few more days later

i deliberately left another Bath batch for a day of Brewing, lol!

                 Day One of a mini Sputum Collection :  

   2 small Brownish Blobs in Clear tap water.

Next Day, Both Sputum and Water had turned Bright Lime Green!…

Malassezia and Lung Experiment 5 

    * It Must be noted here that the colour of each sample presented

         may vary due to each Reader’s Computer / iPad / iPhone

                             Colour Settings, Pixels etc.


I can judge the closeness only by what i see on my own screen

and beside the original photo i usually include a lighter or darker version

to illustrate the colour closer to the specimen and /or for better viewing.

                                      Dec 2014

1- 2- 3 * One Point not taken into account at the time of Entry

              regarding the Sputum Colour Remaining Green

              instead of turning Gray after Acidophilus was introduced    

              was that the Thickness of the Sputum Mucous

              prevented fast interaction between Acidophilus

              and Malassezia – also in its own Sticky Biofilm.               


  Below if the findings are Correct there are Three points of Interest:

  Two Negative Ones affecting All

 And a Somewhat Positive for the A-TB Patients

   Malassezia and Antibiotics

I am not sure whether it is true or to what degree, that

  “Discontinuation of antibiotics can be helpful”

  in regards to Malassezia once the devil has taken over

other than not weakening and doing further harm to immunity

                    as generally antibiotics do!                                                        

   The Three Points of Interest as i see them: 

1) The Negative Role of Oral Antibiotics (affecting anyone) 

2) Recurrence and Ubiquitous Nature of the offender (also affecting all) 

3) Malassezia Stimulating the Immune System

    proving Beneficial in Slowing or Preventing a variety of other Diseases

    so that it is currently researched as possible Preventive agent or even Cure 

   … in some Millenniums to come…

This Third part i see of Interest to A-TB patients

  because Malassezia activates A-TB fighting T-Cells 

     which are Low in people with A-TB

and thus Possibly slowing or preventing Lung damage progression 


I suppose it would depend on the Severity of Symptoms to be Endured

to make the Exchange of Malassezia’ s Potential …‘Gifts’ worthwhile…


 For me it is a matter of Better Die Sooner of a Serious Illness

rather than Live Longer like a Combatant Soldier on the Front Line

practically every single minute of day or night, going through

Constant Battle with a highly opportunistic, adaptable devil 

causing Torturous hell of Casualties in endless Repetitive Rounds…


Of course, while still Alive and Fighting on All fronts

there is No Choice and Only One way, and this is

“How to make Life Easier and Reduce Pain and Discomfort”


One of the Keywords in queue i will be addressing soon

Fits nicely with that Aim – which is a Daily One for Mine.

It will take Some Time and much Thinking to Present it All

In One Concise Entry while addressing the Issues as widely

as Necessary to Help and Benefit as Many People Possible

      * * *

See also Acidophilus in Lung Experiment





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Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(2)



  * Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings PT 2 *


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Is there any Relationship between Certain Foods and Malassezia?


                                   I Personally Believe:

                    One of the Most Malicious Contributors

                                of Malassezia Proliferation

                         Is a Frequent Accumulation 

                       of Unprocessed by the Body 

         Undigested – High Temperature Treated/Cooked

           Roasted or Fried Animal Fats, OILS and Butter

              in the Descending and Lower Colon Area


 Malassezia Intestines


  Some Readers may find a bit confusing

   My declaring on One hand, that i Believe

      ‘No Diet or Foods have any Direct Impact on Malassezia’

                                 While on the Other

              I deliver a strong statement that i consider

‘Most Malicious Contributors of Malassezia Proliferation 

Roasted or Fried Animal Fats, OILS and Butter

when present in the Descending and Lower Colon Area’

                             with such conviction…


                                  Let me Clarify:

                  I have stated before that Malassezia

* May Obtain Nutrients from the Skin

* May Obtain them via the Blood

* I have observed Heavy Concentration of Malassezia Presence 

   when there is Lower Colon Congestion.

* And as Above that Animal Fats, Oils, Butter 

  when Present in the Colon cause Malassezia Proliferation.


                  My Reasoning is:

* If it Obtains Nutrient from the Skin 

   then Diet and Specific Foods at large make No difference.


* If it Obtains Nutrients from the Blood  

   since All Foods -Individually or as Diet- are Converted

   into Elements such as Amino-acids, Sugars, Lipids etc

   again, Diet or Foods make No Difference

   as these elements are always present and available in the Blood.


* If it Obtains Nutrients from the Colon area

 – Already being Extracted and Converted by the Body

  and only small residues of partially undigested /unprocessed

  again it makes No Difference – or not much…


                      The only exception is FATS, OILS etc

                      as it is already Known and Established

         that Malassezia uses them Primarily as Growth Medium

                               and NOT as FOOD!…

Or Perhaps even as Food when Converted to Lipid Components?)       


                      Does it now make more sense?…

                                                          * * *


Something interesting i spotted in my research rounds: 


       I will not refer here to the frequent Blood Clotting problem

               dealing with for the past five years or more

          and never connected or suspected having anything to do

             with Malassezia – IF it does…


     The Questions that arise for me here are Food Related:


Q1: Does Malassezia have Direct Access to the Blood

                        and any Effect on it

             (other than the Dig-in for its Cloning)


                 Not Clear in the above Quote

If Blood and the Calcium induced Clots and Malassezia’s effect

     was tested/found in a Petrie/Tube apparatus, etc

or Directly in  Blood Plasma – and … where was Malassezia

                 or when introduced into it?

(I wish i could have a little chat with the Researcher! …Honestly! 🙂 )                

Q2: Does Malassezia have the same effect on the Clot Formation

       in the Blood inside the Body or only in the Lab glass tubes

(though the conclusion at the end of ‘quotes’ below implies the former)


Q3: Does it mean Malassezia’s beta-glucan part when released in the Blood

         – either by direct access or during its digging-in for its cloning –

        activates the Body’s Blood Clotting mechanism


Q4: Is there any Relationship between the Calcium present in the Blood

             -via Foods and/or Supplements- and Malassezia’ s

                               Obtaining it for its needs


If the answer is -Yes- to any of the above i would think

    Diet or Foods would have No Direct Impact on Malassezia


Below is a brief extract of the above i highlighted in bold and red:

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

       …. acetone-treated M. furfur also shortens the calcium-induced clot formation time,

while treatment with zymolyase, which causes decomposition of beta-glucan, did not shorten it


        These results suggest that M. furfur activates the blood coagulation systems,

            and the beta-glucan portion of M. furfur plays a key role in shortening

                                        calcium-induced clot formation

   – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

                     More about Malassezia and Nutrients:

                                             Difficulty in culture is due to

             limited knowledge about the nutrient requirements of M furfur,

                  which leads to erroneous diagnosis and incorrect treatment.

                 Does ‘limited’ imply simply they don’t know?

  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

M furfur is thought to obtain its nutrients from secretions from human eccrine glands.


     These glands are connected to the hair follicle (Figure 1 :5) where M furfur is known to

inhabit (Lopes et al., 1994). The secretions from the eccrine gland contains a variety of

                 fatty acids, amino acids and simple sugars (Noble, 1981).

           Again – No Direct Connection with Foods or Diet


  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Mfurfur requires medium to long chain fatty acids for growth (C12-C24) as it is unable

to synthesise them de novo (Faergemann, 1989). Lipids isolated from skin secretions

are mainly C18 and include oleic acid, palmitic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid and

stearic acid (Noble, 1981). The concentrations on skin are considerably lower than

those supplied in media. Oleic acid, for example, is found in skin secretions at a

concentration of 0.002 gil but in culture media, it is usually provided at concentrations

of 1.0 gil (Van-Gerven and Odds, 1995).

The above indicates –as i have already suggested as a possibility

in my earlier Blog/Blog Entries– that Malassezia may obtain (some)

of its needs from our Skin and not depend -If it does- directly on Foods

   – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

     ...and ……. M furfur will grow on a medium containing egg yolk as the only lipid.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Eggs anyone??… Especially Fried — Served in the Colon???



I would say ‘No Thanks!’ and go for my current daily as it stands for now:


Pre- Breakfast

  Orange Juice

1 Cup Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice diluted with hot water


1 Banana – 1 Avocado –1/4 small Paw Paw – 1/3 Lg Mango – Smoothie

Malassezia Breakfast

(Mango currently in season – i never resist – only have cut down quantity)


 A Mixed Raw/Steamed Green Caterpillar’s Delight …

  Malassezia Meals1


Alternating choice –as dictated by Body needs or Malassezia Activity

  of another Breakfast like meal or another  -larger size- Lunch)

            Dinner. jpg

                                            * * *


Sources quoted in the above document are a decade or more old…

This does not necessarily invalidate the information

but perhaps it indicates the slow progress of advancing …


There is more to Dissect, Analyse and Digest in this document

– some i do not agree with- and i may present in relevant entries 

but in the mean time anyone more familiar with medical research jargon

here is the link: -


* *

  ‘Malassezia Diet – Foods’ – Entries in Order:

1- Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily!

2- Malassezia ~ Diet – Choice Between ‘Two Evils’

3- Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(1)



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Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(1)



Malassezia and Diet


  * Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings PT 1 *



Does Malassezia Feed on Sugar? 

Is there any Relationship between Certain Foods and Malassezia?


These are some of the Questions i had not so far been able to answer

    with absolute certainty throughout my several experimentations

some on a small and brief scale and some over several weeks or months.


    Some of my Findings i have already published in Earlier Entries.

Some Previous Search regarding prescription medication for Malassezia

   indicated that the medication worked by interfering with the utilisation

   of Vitamin D (and  Calcium?) that Malassezia needs or the formation

      of its Cell,  i have been unable to trace back that source again

          but the information was neither clear nor very detailed.                                                    

          Anyway there is enough material below at least for now…  

  Here i shall endeavour to make sense and deal with more questions

arising from some Researchers findings.

Malassezia composition

                            My Questions …unanswered… 😕

      Q1: What does ‘Malassezia was unable to Ferment Sugars

                            means in practical terms?  


Q2: What are the Implications of Not Fermenting Sugars 

      for Malassezia or the ‘Patient’ in connection with Diet


 Q3: How does Fermenting / Not Fermenting affect Malassezia


 the  ‘Major Components of  the Cell Wall are Sugars ~70% 

          (similar Relationship to Water and Human Body)


    The first part of this piece of information indicates clearly

Malassezia utilises SugarProteinLipids and certain Minerals

for the Construction of its Cell – and my guess is, most likely also

        for a good Reserve to Impart to its Cloning Sisters

             for their survival and initial development.


       No doubt All these Elements are Readily Available

         and Provided by our Bodies in several ways

                 i.e By Blood, and Digestive Track

   From Mouth right through to Eliminating part of the Colon…

            Digestion is Dependent on Digestive Juices

        such as Produced by Pancreas and Gall Bladder 

               and Bacteria and Yeasts (Probiotics)

    for the Breaking down of Foods to Category Elements.

If Malassezia is Part of them i have Not Seen mentioned anywhere

                                 or whether 

           ‘Malassezia unable to Fermenting Sugars’

            means in the Lab /Petri Dish – (as Food?)

       or in the Body – (as Part of the Digestive function?)


A few questions arising from the above may indicate whether Diet

and / or Specific Foods Could Directly affect  Malassezia Provision

or whether- as I have been suspecting all along makes No difference:


Q4: How  does Malassezia Obtain these Elements?


A) Directly from Consumed Foods – i e Digestive / Intestinal Canal


B) From  Other Body Sources

    such as Body Fluids, ie Male/ Female Genitals


C) From Blood


D) Already Processed Readily Available Elements in Faecal matter.


E) Does it Obtain 

    1) For Itself/Constuction, Survival etc from A – B – D

    2) For Cloning Provisions from  Blood  (- C)

    3)  Uses Blood (-C ) only for Cloning.



A) – Malassezia Fermentation Ability 

     would be required for a complex extraction/utilisation process


B) and D) – Would Explain


1) It’s Constant and Persistent Presence

    and In and Out Traffic in Both these Areas


2) A and D would also mean that Individual Foods

    and/or Specific Diets  may have an Impact 

    on its Condition and Ability to Complete its Cycle 

    should those Elements be Provided

    While in case C

    It would make No Difference to either Diet or Individual 

    or Groups of Foods, since the Body Processes All Foods

    and Converts them  into a Variety of Elements

    Contained in the Blood

My Personal inclination is leaning towards:


1)  Utilises Nutrients as in (D) – in Fecal matter

2)  Blood (C) for Cloning


                  In Either case

1) A Variety of Elements are available

2) No Specific Diet or Foods make any Difference


     I guess we ll have to wait for Professional Research

             to Discover and Eventually let us know


          In the meantime Personal Experimentation

               with what works even if Temporarily

-Remembering the Entire Body Health is More Important Long Term-

                       is the way i go about.


        One Observation i have witnessed Consistently 

                since i started my Malassezia Blogs

          is that After the Christmas Holiday Season

 The Number of Visits in All of them climb to Quadruple!

                        …and they are not spam!


I believe it is not coincidental but as a result of systematic over-Indulgence

during the entire holiday season with so many culinary temptations around

that eventually bares some Impact on Malassezia also Feasting its way

and People experiencing either a Surprise Start-Up for the Susceptible

    or Bad Flare – Up for those already suffering from the affliction


This is the ONE OVERALL Aspect in regards to Diet and Foods

            that i have seen as Making a Difference

            as i have already mentioned in the Entry

    Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily! 


There is one more i have also observed during ‘On – Off ’ times

but Cannot Substantiate and it is that Dairy and Mushrooms

   Provide either directly Calcium or via Vitamin D related

connection/conversion to Calcium which Malassezia needs

to Build its hard Cell – (when it turns to the Crystalline Hyphae Form)


Malassezia Diet – Foods Entries in Order:  

1- Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily! 

2- Malassezia ~ Diet – Choice Between ‘Two Evils’

3- Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(1)

4- Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(2)

5- Healthy Diets Good Kidneys



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Malassezia~New Discoveries-PhotosConfirmations(3)




*Malassezia ~ New Discoveries and Photos Confirming Old (PT3) *


      *Malassezia~Acidophilus and the Evil ‘Eyes’ *




As i am typing right now ears have been clear for several days

and apart form a last ‘Lucky dip’ i had no other ‘harvest’ material.

The last one though provides some additional details.

No Wormy looking like Blobs, just shapeless Blobs as shown below

viewed under re-installed Digital  Microscope.


Malassezia  Fatty Ear Blob1 MD


Initially it looked like ‘nothing much to see’ 

but looking closer … one can observe

an elongated shape like a transparent worm

                   that has swallowed …

     Transparent Bubbles

      with Black … ‘Beads’ in their Center!


Malassezia  Spores 1 MD


There are more ‘Beads’ scattered around


Malassezia  Spores 2 MD


Looked under Biological Microscope the ‘Beads’ look more

like… Evil Eyelets Filled with Round thready (hyphenated ?) circles! 

Malassezia  Spore Eyelets 1 MD


And then it Struck me!


They are – – – Must Be! – – – the Evil Spores?

              that i have mentioned coming out of Lesions 

                         for approximately Four weeks

        when  Hyphenated Shards have managed to successfully

                   dig into the skin and start reproducing!…

and start reproducing!…


  Dare i see it as Another Confirmation??

                       Of perhaps…. Mother – Daughter Collaretts???

Malassezia Reproduction R



 Below Comparing the Circular C shape as viewed by both Microscopes

Malassezia  Spores - Microscope Views 1 MD 

This semi-Circular Beaded appearances tie up and explain perfectly


* The Spontaneous Burst of Paper Cut Scratch lines

* Their often somewhat semi-circular or curving shape

* The Separated Beaded look when looked under microscope

* Why it is hard to reach while protected under outer skin layer 

             As Shown Below   

(1) Beaded look of Paper Scratch line photos on skin

Scratch Lines Buttocks Arm Thumb1 MB


(2) Under Skin layer inside Hair Follicle

Malassezia Hair Fiolicle MD

 Malassezia  Spore containg Circular shapes  MD

      Photos 1 & 2 First Published over two years back  in my Original Blogs  

     and recently Re-Blogged in the PHOTOS Section of  * Malassezia Blog*


For your Convenience:

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(1)

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(2) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(3) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(4) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(5) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(6) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(7)

                       (Part 8 to Follow)



    Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

       Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Readers Questions Answered
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 





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Malassezia~New Discoveries-Photos-Confirmations(1)




*Malassezia ~ New Discoveries and Photos Confirming Old (PT1) *


* Malassezia ~ Acidophilus ~ and Fluorescent Green *


A persistent devil digging furiously inside my Ear with maddening Itch

another ripple effect of the recent

  “Malassezia Treatment-Relocation- Attack” 

resulted in treating it with Acidophilus Capsule diluted in water.


It took a few days to clear but in the meantime it furnished me

with additional Photos, Confirmations of Previous findings and Interpretations

as well as possibly new …somewhat hopeful …if not exciting Discoveries!


There are different distinct parts to this topic

    which will be necessary to present in Several Linked Parts

– Every bit worthy and Interesting




Acidophilus and the Fluorescent Green 


Being busy and totally immersed working through my

‘To be Posted’ entries and not wanting to get up,

 i discarded two small cotton wool buds from each

of my Acidophilus treated ears into a small disposal container

placed by my work station instead of doing so in the bathroom.


A couple of hours later i pulled the plastic bag out of the container

to dispose it properly and something strange arrested my eye!


Both the Cotton Wools with the diluted Acidophilus

and presumably the offending Malassezia digger,

 were Brightly Coloured


… Fluorescent Green!…


I was totally mystified because Acidophilus is almost colourless

and Malassezia harvested from the Ears normally a weak creamy yellow.


All previous cotton wools for the brief period remaining in a discarding container

were the usual colourless creamy yellow as far i can tell and without anything

detectable on them – other than the Peace achieved in the area used.


So what on earth was this Fluorescent Green???


It crossed my mind that there might be a chemical interaction

between Acidophilus – or some ingredient in the capsule –

and the Orange Malassezia but why only this time???


Here are the two Photos i took right upon discovery


Malassezia Fluorescent Green 2Malassezia Fluorescent Green


The finding –the Only one like it ever – kept piercing my mind

more than even the digging devil that prompted the treatment did

and for the rest of the day and long into the night when finally a faint memory

surfaced from some distant time back when i had read somewhere…

something …about …. something that was … or showed fluorescent???

Information links buried in my old hardly functioning Laptop too hard to access…


       I checked some current documents about the Orange/Yellow

Pityriacitrin compound but there was nothing about it being Fluorescent, 

                      so an idea emerged in my mind;

Why not Google it? …


And here is what came up!


Malassezia greenyellow fluorescent

Malassezia Fluorescing


I wonder what circumstances or chemical reactions made it 

fluoresce this particular time while never previously.

I am guessing due to the Acidophilus interaction but why not other times???

Of course it is possible there may have been other times

but just did not happen to notice as it had never occurred to me before

to examine disposed rubbish closer.

Usually … i close my eyes when i get rid of things, Lol!


Anyway, what comes out of this, is


                           1)   * One More Confirmation

                    that Symptoms Are Caused by Malassezia!

2) *  A good Possibility that Acidophilus Bacteria 

     are not – after all – just Soothing and Healing Fast

                     but Do Kill Malassezia

– perhaps not instantly but within a very short time?….


For your Convenience:

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(1)

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(2) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(3) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(4) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(5) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(6) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(7)

                       (Part 8 to Follow)



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     Photos – History of Treatments and Results

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Malassezia~Home & Lab Observations-PT2-D


    To Read PT1 First: 

    46- Malassezia~Home & Lab Observations -PT1-D


Home and Lab Research Observations *

        Malassezia at Home Malassezia in Lab

   *My Entries* & *Lab Research*


(1) I had written in several Entries:

   Malassezia Releases Corrosive Chemicals

  that cause burning, itching and inflammation


Malassezia chemical compounds

* * *

(1-1) Malassezia releases corrosive chemicals that cause

             Burning, Itching and Inflammation


Malassezia inflamation

* * *

(2) Malassezia has a Characteristic Ash like Smell without the cigarette edge

 Malassezia Smell

As for the ‘fruity’ smell described by Van Abb  – i m not sure!… 

Malassezia smells Rotten – with a potent common smell carried normally

by many elderly people but i have smelled it in many Young ones

as young as early 20s and even younger- both at the pool

when i used to be a Daily swimmer as well as when walking

when i used to do my morning walks and people looking young and fit

were jogging, walking or running with the wind coming my direction.

Also at Super Markets when people would come to close proximity

and the smell would disappear when they moved away.

I have smelled it at times very potently on me,

mainly back then when i had hair and scalp problems

but occasionally even in recent times in my hair and nostrils

and almost permanently … on my man…

his symptoms only mild – rarely treated harshly by his Malassezia.


It has always been the exact same Smell

without any variation from person to person

which is really odd considering that the same perfume

can give off a slightly by perceivably different fragrance

on each person and often even the same individual

depending on the condition of their body at the time.

I have NEVER smelled it on children of any age!

      * * *

(3)  Malassezia and anaerobic conditions


In some of my very early entries i had been sceptical about the idea believed

and mentioned in some discussion Forums  of using Oils to … ‘suffocate’ 

the creature – an assumption i thought was based on human logic–

and considered and mentioned alternative  ways of it possibly obtaining

its oxygen needs such as via the Blood etc. 

My Reasoning and Scepticism about it was due to the fact that


a) I had used Oils, and Greasy/Waxy Anti-fungal creams

    and never showed any signs of suffocating anything

    other than my own soul…


b) I used to wrap –and still do to this day– in order to protect my big Toes

    with double wrapping of Band-Aids and plaster Strips

   and would still feel it ‘crawling’ as well as causing a lot of havoc back then

    – and with the same potential even now.


c) Seemed to thrive under synthetic – non breathing clothing

     instead of perishing as would be expected.

    perishing as would be expected.

 All signs ‘Breathing’ like a human was not an issue for that Evil creature…


Malassezia anaerobic



requiring oxygen for growth  but at lower concentration

        than is present in the atmosphere.


An anaerobic organism or anaerobe

is any organism that does not require oxygen for growth.


    * * *

(4)   Right from the start of the Problem and all throughout my earlier entries

        before the identification of being a Malassezia species

       i had the strong notion i was dealing with two distinctly different creatures.


After the Identification i viewed it as some ‘connecting’ missing links

The more i was succeeding clearing my body though,

the clearer i could observe certain unfailing repeatable patterns

with still some missing link to connect them but overall

as One Distinct Unfailing Repeatable Pattern

impossible for any two creatures to co-ordinate

in such precision for such a number of recurrences

and length of time… for well over two years…


More recently some more details have come to light

connecting  or at  least logically fitting and filling-in

      more and more of the missing puzzle pieces.

Therefore – for Myself– just on the Fact alone of the

Impossibility of any two creatures being able to co-ordinate

an unbroken  number of recurrences in such precision

and for such length of time

i am strongly inclined to accept the Malassezia stages of development

as the Dimorphic phases, i.e – my perceived missing links –

being the development from the Yeast stage to the Mycelial phase

                       rather than the earlier theories of 

            a) my initial one,  b) as well as the Lab Research 

                         of being two distinct organisms 

                       – if that also meant different ones…

(I have Not been the Only one Confused here about its behaviour…)

 Malassezia Dimorphic 1

The different sizes and shapes i believe being part of each particular phase.

 For example the Spherical shaped ones changing to Oval as they are

  developing to the phase of developing Hyphae?


Malassezia  Gritty Shard 2 MB

Malassezia Dimorphic 1


Malassezia Dimorphic


Malassezia spaghetti-meatballs


Malassezia Round and Oval


Yep!…Not the Only one confused!

Malassezia C- Taxonomy R


  Later on there was a different approach and classification based on studies

 of elements  such as ‘sequencing  rRNA and Dna’

– which IF i understand correctly resulted in classifying them

as separate again


Malassezia Research


I am not able to understand the depth and specifics 

of the Scientific Research Methods and Results.

My Laboratory is my Own Body and all Observations

are based on Daily Infallible Repeated Patterns

so  i  am inclined to stick to my Own theory of being

One Malassezia Organism operating in its Dimorphic phases

until either –  – –  I – – – or our esteemed Researchers

arrive  to a clearer more concrete conclusion

that leaves no doubts.

      * * *



    Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

       Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


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Malassezia and Medical Research
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Malassezia~Home & Lab Observations -PT1-D



Malassezia as Observed at Home *

Malassezia at Home

* * *

    Malassezia Orange – Gray Sticky Layer


     Malassezia  Sticky Layer rub-offs1 MB   

Gray Sticky Scrapings


Malassezia  Sticky Layer Scrapings2 MB

Developing and augmenting contents in Grayish Scrapings


Malassezia  Sticky Layer rub-offs2 MB

Close up on One of the Particles


     Malassezia on Vest 1 MD

Gray Sticky Particles on night Vest


   Malassezia on Clothes 1 MD

     Gray Sticky Particles on Underwear


Malassezia Orange Rim 1 MD

Container under the Urn tap

  where water collects  when i rinse my hands


Malassezia Rim in Bucket 1 MD

   Close up of the Orange Sticky Rim 


Orange Layer quite visible at the base of the Container

and of the same rusty quality often staining my Bed Sheets

some of my Underwear such as Singlets, T Shirts, Pyjamas and Panties

i.e anything that comes in direct contact with my skin

especially during the night and /or after perspiration but not only.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  
                                                  OCT 12
    During these last few days while Observing Ever More Closely
    the Pattern of its Behaviour an Interesting Thought has been
                    Steadily Emerging and unfolding in my mind
                       of a Link that Completes the Picture
                 like another Piece of a Puzzle Falling into Place:

Malassezia Yeast Does Not as such ‘Spray’ a Grayish or Orange Sticky Layer

Malassezia IS The Grayish /Orange Sticky Layer ITSELF!
     Emerging from the Internal areas, Spreading on the outside of the Body
                              Causing Burning, Itchy, Sensations.
Then Some Drying Up due to Natural Attrition – thus Orange changing to Gray-
while Some forms Bumps then emerging to Solidification and into Crystalline Shards, developing Hyphae and Starting to Dig-in to Draw Blood and developing
       into Lesions from where spores emerge… etc.
  It makes more sense and links from the GS Layer to the next stage of Development
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


*Malassezia as Observed at Research Labs*


Malassezia in Lab


Malassezia and Pityriacitrin


* * *

                    ( Part 2 to Follow )


    Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

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                   Malassezia Blog *   

       Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
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Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 


DC3 MD NEWMalassezia  Sticky Layer Scrapings1 MB


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Malassezia Health Quest

RESEARCH Malassezia Specific Issues Malassezia & Medical General Health & Immunity Malassezia Nutrition-Diet Other Helpful Topics

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My Story, Battle, Experiences, Methods and Treatments

Malassezia Daily

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