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Malassezia-Best Ways to Reduce in the Intestines P2


                   * DAILY MAINTENANCE *                  


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                    Malassezia-Best Ways to Reduce in the Intestines P1



           Best Ways to Clear and Reduce in the Intestines P2


              Natural -Nutrients Including- Fibre Approach

                                  Additional Benefits 


               I have deliberately Chosen a Combination of these Three

                   Walnuts – Pumpkin Kernels and Sunflower Seeds

Malassezia and Fibre

                                                (Raw Unsalted)

                                        As being Best Suited for

                                    Targeted Intestinal Brooming

                       Not only due to their Type and High Fibre content

           NUT SEEDS FIBRE

              But also for the Gold Mine of Other Nutrients they Deliver

                         as Additional Supplementary Benefits

                                     And All In One Hit

 – Vitamins

 – Minerals

 – Omega Oils 

 – And More 

         such as

> Longer lasting satisfying meals

> Stabilising Sugar levels,

          Thus Reducing

> Cravings and urges for binge eating

> Mood swings (seem to calm anxiety!)


     Malassezia - Walnuts MD

        ( Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds are even Richer in Nutrients )


    Of course it all depends on the Individual’s Overall Diet and Eating habits.


                              In Order to Utilise their Contents

                             and Derive the Best of All Benefits

                                   and Most Specifically

                       the Targeted Intestinal Brooming Effect

                       the Right Conditions must be established.

                                 So here are the Do Nots:

         Approve Negative

                     – I Do Not Roast or Cook them

                      I Do Not  Mix with Cooked or Indigestible Foods,

                       such as Legumes, White Pastries, Oils, Gravies, etc

                     – I Do Not Drink any Liquids either just Prior

                                 or soon after eating them.  

                                     For Best results

        Approve Positive

                      I eat them Raw and Unsalted

                      Eat them on their Own

                        or only with Compatible Hydrating Raw Foods

                        I Drink some water 1 hour Prior 

                         (to prepare the stomach best)

                          and if needed not earlier than 2 hours after

                        – Allow time for Chewing them well 

                          thus prolonging the pleasure

                          and utilising digestive juices released in the mouth 

                          facilitating better digestion and absorption 

                        Include plenty of Highly Hydrating Foods in the Diet

                          such as (Raw) Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

                        I Allow a minimum of 3 Hours between meals

                           to ensure they are not pushed out of the stomach

                           undigested and arrive in the Intestines to feed the Yeasts

                           instead of being an expanded Bulk to Broom them Out 

                           and thus Reducing the Chain Effect of Cloning.


              Below is a Comparison Chart with the Lists of Nutritionl Values

                  i researched and created for quick reference for myself


                                      ( Click on Photos to enlarge )

(Malassezia) - Nutritional Value 1

(Malassezia) - Nutritional Value 2

                         The Red Arrows i added as indicators

                          of which one has the Highest content

                                of those particular elements.

  Malassezia and Fibre

           The Advantages over isolated Bran/ Husks or Legumes


* They Can be Eaten Raw

   thus Retaining and Providing Live Nutrients

* They contain far more Nutritional Elements

Nutrients and Fibre contained and Delivered in One Package


  My Daily meals currently and for the next Three months

  unless  either circumstances or indications change:


      Sonatas Breakfast-Malassezia 


     Sonatas Lunch -Malassezia


      Sonatas Dinner-Malassezia


           It is mainly an Alkaline Diet as it should be.

            A Good Diet is Supposed to be in a Ratio

                    70% Alkalinity – 30% Acidity.

I had a quick search of Acidity/Alkalinity Charts to check.

I found the one below – not sure how accurate but will do

              and copied the items i consume daily:


             Number 3 Indicator – Acidity Leaning 

    Malassezia - Acid - Alkaline Foods MD1

          Number 4 Indicator – Alkalinity leaning 

     Malassezia - Acid - Alkaline Foods MD2

       Number 6 Indicator – Highly Alkaline

And if one thought eating their Cooked or Frozen Veggies

            means they are on an Alkaline Diet…

                   well… take a look at this below!   

            Number 3 and 4 Indicator – Acidity

  Malassezia - Acid - Alkaline Foods MD4

      I have Always maintained that Cooking Foods

                Alters their Nutrients Quality.


There are Two points i want to add regarding Acidity:

1) Some Acidic Foods such as Citrus Fruits

    are Acidic in Nature but Rendered Alkaline in the Body

2) There is Good Acidity – Beneficial to the Body 

                     as in the Fruits above 

    and Bad Acidity as with many foods i will not mention here

    but can be found in earlier Entries and Lists of items

                      to be Avoided as detrimental regarding Malassezia.

  (These two Topics are too Long to deal with extensively here)

                                  * * *


While i have been preparing Entry Pt1 and Pt2

i have come to Notice some additional improvements

that can be linked to the Fibre Changes

                               such as

> Less Gas and Bloating

> Less Orange Sticky (Biofilm) on my Body and Hands

> Less Itching and especially Burning

It may be a temporary adjustment and reaction to change

until perhaps Malassezia picks up rhythm again

or may be due to a lot more Intestinal clearing

before a full cycle can be developed and therefore 

a Reduction in its Presence and severity of effects.

As i have mentioned before, i usually allow 2-3 month periods

before i can establish any certainty of constancy in results.

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Malassezia-Best Ways to Reduce in the Intestines P1


                   * DAILY MAINTENANCE *                  



           Best Ways to Clear and Reduce in the Intestines – P1

      Malassezia Intestines


                   Fifteen Year Battle with Atypical TB, Bleeding Lungs

Highly Reactive Kidneys, Fracturing Ribs

Numerous Food Intolerances and a generally

Fragmented System and Weakened Immunity

due to a Decade Long Antibiotic Bombardment

adding the Malassezia ‘cherry on top’ affliction

have me constantly Juggling and Re-Balancing

Methods, Nutrients, Substances, Ways, Quantities, etc

to Meet Needs and Rectify Conditions as they arise.

During these times i Discover How – If – they have

any Impact on Malassezia Presence, Activity, Behaviour

and Consequences on the Skin or Internally

in addition to Frequently Conducted Specifically

     Malassezia Targeted Experimentations

of which the Results i Present in the Blog Entries.

                               * * *

Three accidents inside the house in the space of a couple of weeks

created the need for more changes and introduction of new methods

    -mainly targeting mobility improvement and reduction of pain-

     but appear to be having some effects on Malassezia as well

                  so a brief mention is presented below

                                            * * *

   Best Ways to Clear and Reduce Yeast in the Intestines – P1

* Enemas – Fortnightly

* Increase of Natural Dietary Fibre – Daily

                          Combining Both Enhances Results

                          Like Using a Broom and a Mop


1) Enemas ( Not chemical preparations in tubes

                           Enema Bag MD

         Just 4-6 Ltrs of Clean Warm Water

                   Will Clear Out a Lot of

> Cloning Potential Spores protected within the Biofilm

> Yeast or Fungus in Filament development stage

> Mature Cloning maniacs

> Newly Cloned maniacal sisters

  All of them Ready to cause more Pain ahead


  What the Enemas may Not be able to do 

  is clear what is clinging along the intestinal walls

  some digging-in in them, and causing

     Lesions, Pain and Bleeding.


       This can be helped by

2) Natural Dietary Fibre

Malassezia and Fibre MD

   Specifically Targeting an Effective Intestinal Brooming!


  Personally i Favour the type of Fibre

  Naturally Incorporated in Food, with the added Nutrients

  rather than Separated and Processed such as

  Bran / husks, legumes, wheat, rice, psyllium etc.


  So i have made some changes once more

  ( Breakfast and Lunch – Dinner remains the same )


  From Fruit Smoothie to Fruit Mix – Increased Fruit

  for keeping up with Body Hydration requirements

       Sonatas Breakfast-Malassezia

                         and added

  Nuts and Seeds to Boost Brooming Fibre

  > 5 – 6 Whole Walnuts

        > Sunflower Seeds – 1/2 -metric spoon- Scoop

        > Pumpkin Kernels – 1/2 -metric spoon- Scoop



  > Sunflower Seeds – 1/2 -metric spoon- Scoop

  > Pumpkin Kernels – 2 -metric spoon- Scoops

     Pumpkin Kernels reputed to kill parasites

(whether capable of specifically killing Malassezia i don’t know)

Malassezia and Foods MD


Although every single item in my Diet is Rich in Fibre

of Both Soluble and Insoluble types

i felt that a Targeted way of administering it, both as

Increase as well as one Concentrated Meal on its own

might produce a more effective results than my current daily

of more Fruity/Veggie oriented, so i proceeded to trial it, and

found it to be producing some initial Improved Results.

For example Three results so far are very specific and noticeable

which i consider as indications of Definite Improvement

– until either confirmed or changed – time will tell…


    And these are

1) Increased Peristaltic-Eliminative Motions (2-3) Daily

    thus Reducing

> Rectal Congestion

> Malassezia Presence

> Need for more Frequent Enemas


2) More Frequent Die-Off Occurrences

   Before it used to be once every couple of months or so

   now since the change it is once every 5-10 days

   usually preceded the day before by

> An overpowering sourly- bitter taste in my mouth

   and all the way down my throat,

   followed the next day by the

> Die-Off with its own putrid smell coming upwards

   and in the intestinal faecal matter, accompanied by

> An awful, ‘Sick all over’ feeling,

   to an eventual Following Few Days of

> All Clear and Quiet … until next build up…


3) Intestinal ‘Hot Charcoal Pain’ Spots have disappeared.

    In an Earlier Entry i had mentioned that i could feel two painful

    hot charcoal like spots in both, Kidneys and Intestinal area

    that strongly suspected but could not confirm

    that were caused by Malassezia Lodging and digging in there

    and causing the familiar Burning pain.


            A collapse and near dying incident

    seemed to have cleared them off for a few months

details:  Malassezia in the Kidneys and Transverse Colon

                                  Malassezia in Transvesre

       but eventually the pains started to build again

      pretty close to where the previous ones had been

              -indicated by the yellow circles- 

   with pain intensity ranging in a medium to high scale


No Enemas had any effect on them even though the water

would reach and clear almost the entire transverse colon.

Within 2 Days of Introducing the Concentrated Fibre change

     i noticed considerable reduction in pain

and within a few more days All was completely gone!…

More than 3 weeks so far and still no sign of presence.


This change had no effect at all on the Kidney Hot spots

                              Malassezia in Kidneys

           but after the Dietary Fibre Changes

and the complete disappearance of the Intestinal Hot Spots,

         the introduction of a New weapon 

   Targeting Pain Relief and Improvement in the accident affected areas

     seem to have inadvertently Cleared Both Kidney Hot Spots as well

and i suspect it has also contributed to some degree

     in the frequency and intensity of the Die Off syndrome

          Yet neither a Total Clearance or ‘Cure’ of Yeast

     other than the Topical Relief and Massive Clearance

          in those Internal Organs  – and possibly more 

                   thus Reducing the Chain Effect of Cloning.


 Considering that the Intestinal Hot Spots had been there

 persistently for a few months (as also the Kidney ones)

 i am tentatively attributing the change to the Intended

            Targeted Intestinal Brooming!  


     Of the New weapon, and its effects on Kidneys 

     and generally  – IF – on the Yeast as well 

     i will report when adequate time given 

         to confirm and establish certainty

                      Time will tell!


              If Time has taught me anything

 it is that No result lasts permanently with Malassezia

   being a Persistent and Highly Adaptable Creature

                Moving from area to area

 and with many Advantages Nature has bestowed on It, 

                as IF – – – it meant it to be

    an …integral, indestructible – Part of our Body???

Malassezia colonization at Birth

                                             * * *

* I usually allow 2-3 month periods before i can establish

  any certainty regarding constancy of results

  and preferably in a steady environment if possible

  without introducing any other changes that could alter

                        or confuse outcomes.

             ( Please Read Earlier Related Entries )


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   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 



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Malassezia ~ Fermented Foods Trial Results


                     * MALASSEZIA DIET *



  *Malassezia ~ Fermented Foods Trial Results*


                             The Fermented Foods Trial

                           Has Regrettably come to an end.

Malassezia and KimChee MD.

                                    One thing i can say is

                               I Wish! … I Wish! … I Wish! ….

        1- There had been any Conclusive and Beyond Any Doubt

                  indication of inhibiting or affecting Malassezia

                                  but this is Not the case


  2- Or a Positive explanation for Suspected association

     with occurring Unpleasant Symptoms – but again

     this is Not the case while every indication is to the contrary


  3- Certainty that continuing consumption despite any signs

    would not be to the detriment of other vulnerable areas


  4- Certainty that whatever ‘live elements’ are attracted

    or released during the Fermentation process

    -even IF primarily harmless under normal conditions-

         Are Not or will Not – turn into Pathogens

        in an already immuno-compromised system


               Observations during the Trial

The Trial was conducted over a 3-1/2 month period

          and was ended abruptly due to an accident

     that appeared to have been caused as an indirect result

                      of ignored symptoms.


  I included my Husband in it as a second reference point

      and for comparison of results or possible symptoms.

   My Husband is not a fan of sour, vinegary, spicy foods

    so after a whole first week i kept the Solids for myself

     and he was quite happy to drink the Liquid part of it

                    before or during dinner.


       I started him one week after i had tested it myself

so that one of us would be safe should anything went wrong.

The First symptom he reported back within the first three days

was identical to mine, also occurring within my first three days.

          Painful Blood filled Bubbles inside the Mouth


        Malassezia - Fermented Foods1 MD

            His were not as huge as mine, as in photo above

                   but Big and very Painful nevertheless!

                    After a few Repeats of Blood Blisters

                         getting progressively smaller

         they were replaced by a succession of ever present

         yellowish white mouth Ulcer type, also Stinging ones

         making eating Uncomfortable and taking time to heal.


       I have a couple of theories regarding these symptoms

            some possibly positive and some negative

          but i have no proof or way of confirming either

      therefore there is no reason to expand on possibilities.


    Continuing on despite all and in order to give it time to settle

    and hope for more definite results, my Man developed

    mysterious pains and aches

    * needle shootings

    * hand swelling

    * arthritic and chest pains and so on-both while at work or home

      and started to worry he was heading for a heart attack

        and we considered doctor appointments and tests.

        After making sure the symptoms were not due

        to anything naughty he might had been consuming at work

        i decided to Reduce his dosage and frequency

        until eventually i took him Completely Off it.

        After a while all his symptoms faded away.


For myself i remained undecided and determined to continue

               despite a mixed bag of Symptoms

     while weighing the positives against the negatives.


                                 The Positives

There were a Few Noticeable Positives i was reluctant to part with:

 * I absolutely Loved the Taste

 * I experienced Tremendous Energy and Motivation,

    made me feel Alive like Life’s Electric Current

    was running through my veins.

 * My head was Clear and on Fire!..

    I could Think, Plan, and Remember things

 * Digestion and Peristaltic Motions markedly Improved


   One neither positive nor negative as such

   was Vivid active Dreams – Busy Mind throughout the night.

   No sleep disturbance – No wakefulness

   but i would have preferred it dead quiet, Lol!


                        The Negatives

* Suspicion -but no confirmation- of possibly affecting negatively

  Calcium Absorption – and Strength of already weak Bones.

* Needle/Shooting Pains-similar to ones descried by my man

* Gradual Build up of Kidney Pain and Pelvic area Inflammation

       I ignored the warning signs preferring to doubt

             while the inflammation kept Building

      until a light misjudgement caused a small accident

        that resulted in pain and partial immobility

   further aggravating Inflammation in the Pelvic area.


I still did not stop until the first minor accident was followed

by three consecutive ones that resulted in urgent purchase

of a Walking cane, followed by a Stroller and a Wheel chair

due to complete immobility and my man having to take

         two weeks off work to look after me.


I have recovered enough to walk the wheel chair around

             instead of being wheeled in it

   and stand up for a few minutes without holding on

        but to get back to this point of recovery

      i had to do what i have always been doing

            for the past three decades whenever anything 

       went wrong in any area – and had always worked:

        I stopped use and consumption of everything!

                 and I mean EVERYTHING

               Both Internally and Externally

        and Consumed ONLY Fruit Smoothies

        until there were signs of Improvement

              (usually three days to a week).


                  I did the same this time.

          Nothing but Fresh Fruit Smoothies

    No Acidophilus, No Kim Chee, No Seawater.

                  It took over Three Weeks

                  and i have still more to go

          – If there is no permanent damage…

I thought the Yeast would devour me Alive but it did Not!

    It always stops when there is Trauma in the Body

    and returns to activity, ironically …as a sign of Improvement

                 before I have even felt any…

Since then i have Resumed my Normal Recent Diet

with Preference to 2 Fruities and 1 Steamed -for now-

       as well as the daily Acidophilus maintenance

but have dropped the Kim Chee… regrettably for good…


             Here i must note that i had created

             my Own Benign Kim Chee Recipe

    with Clean Warm Water, Fresh Veggies and Fruit

                      without any use of

               – Commercial Yeasts or Chemical additives

   – Salt Free

   – Vitamin C and Acidophilus enriched

    – only a Brief 2-3 Day Fermentation time

              producing a mild Natural

Aromatic Flowery-Light Vinegary- Fragrance and Taste.

 Only Clear Bubbles were produced during the process

and remained absolutely FREE of Green or Gray Scam.

    I Used Sugarless Vitamin C as Preservative and Bacteria inhibitor

   to replace the high blood pressure and kidney irritating Salt

     and added the contents of an Acidophilus capsule

as a Malassezia fighter and for enhancing Friendly Flora.

                  Fermentation did the rest…  

Malassezia and Fermented Foods MD

               My Husband drunk the fermented juice

                      I only ate the Solid Pieces

It made No Difference to Malassezia Presence or Activity.  

 Irrespective, i would have continued eating it indefinitely

if it had not been for the adverse Inflammatory Kidney/Pelvic effect

and its resulting serious and undesirable consequences.

                                    * * *

                     Pelvic – Joint Inflammation

The Photos Below show the Pelvic and Spinal interconnected

‘cabling’ System of Nerve, Arteries, Blood Vessels, Muscles etc

and illustrate how and why Kidney inflammation can affect

               Pelvic and Spinal area and Vice Versa.


                                    (Click on Photos to Enlarge )


   It is easy to see how inflammation in the Kidneys

   can cause Lower and Middle Back Pain, Stiffness

   Pelvic inflammation and restricted painful mobility.

                                * * *

                    Fermented Foods Related Entry 

              Malassezia ~ Probiotic Warning (Pt 3) 



                         *  Malassezia Blogs  *

                                       Malassezia Blog WP

                            Deals with history of Treatments 

                               Outcomes and Experiences 

                             from Beginning to Recent times  

                                  –>  * Malassezia Blog *  


                                           Malassezia Daily WP.

                    Confirming and/or Updating past Topics 


                       Recent Developments and Progress

                             New Discoveries and Photos 


                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *


   * Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


  DC3 MD              

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Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 5)




      Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 5) 


     To Read First:

Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1) 

Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 4)


           Malassezia and Diet Again (PT 2)

Malasszia-Good Nutrition MD


It is too Early to notice any impact on Malassezia yet

as it usually takes Time – i.e Several Months

as it also does with medication or any other treatment for that matter

                   but i Can Say for Sure there are Already

              Several Other General Benefits accrued so far

        such as – and attributed to:


1- Feeling Better, Stronger, more Lively – (*Improved Nutrition Overall)

2- No Lung Bleeds for some time – (*Acidophilus – *Kim Chee – *INO )

3- No more Braking Ribs – No Severe pains – (*Mango – *INO)

4- I Can Think Better (*Walnuts – *INO)

5- I am Awake and Functional in the Early part of Day – (*KC – *INO)

    instead of Zombieing around unable to keep my eyes open

6- Kidney Water flow Best ever! – (*KC) 

    but … accompanied by temporary -so far- sharp pains … (**)

7- Sleep Deep for 5-6 hours at Night – (*A – *INO)

    irrespective of any number of bathroom visits in between

8- And     – – –           I can Cautiously say

    * No Severe Unexpected Malassezia Attacks – (*A – *INO)

    * Reduced Bumps or Cuts both in Number and Size  

      but this comes and goes with any changes.

    Generally in recent times due to the Acidophilus treatments

    they have been as low as could be – at least on the outside.

    No considerable signs of change in Internal Production yet

    but still keeping fingers crossed i am building immunity…                                          

 Having said that

I still do not consider this Diet as an optimal overall for Long term 

compared to the Whole Raw one i was on for a long while 

(before forced to modify to accommodate sudden health changes)

                                      in that

1) It is Less Hydrating, despite Inclusion of additional (*) Raw Items

2) Some Nutrients unavoidably destroyed due to steaming

3) Greatly Improved  but still Inadequate Protein (**)

(*) I frequently replace steamed Lunch with second Fruit Only Breakfast

   and Bump up Dinner with more Lunch Greens 

(**) A Good portion of Natural Plain Yoghurt

  would bring it to Right levels and Increase Friendly Bacteria

   but my Kidneys cannot handle  dairy products anymore                                               

    I Strongly Maintain the View that a 90-95 % Fresh Raw Diet

          With inclusion of Raw – Unsalted Nuts (**) and Seeds


 Plain Yoghurt – Natural – Low Fat – Sugar and Additive Free

is Incomparable and Irreplaceable – especially if for Long Term                           

And this is why i am trying again to Improve as best i can

including redistribution of items and quantities in order to create

Three Round -High Nutrient- Light and Easier to Digest Meals.                                     

Having had to drop the Dairies and switch to the Green Diet

I have noticed the change of Malassezia from Dull Grayish

   or Fluorescent Orange – to Fluorescent Green

   and from its Predominant Severe Fungal Form

     to the More Moderate  Mycelia / Yeast one.

  Whether coincidence or Not – I cannot verify anymore.

All i Can Say with Absolute Certainty is

A  Good Body Nourishing – Immune System Building Diet

Green meal MD

Has Always Proved Beneficial – Malassezia presence or Not


         Below My Bulk Order 

                of Freshly Harvested

    Australian Walnuts in Shell! 🙂

Walnuts MD

   I Don’t Do things by Half! Lol!


Notes: Regarding  Items that contributed to Improvements


PT 1 – Ribs – Pains – Calcium 


This Improvement i Owe to Calcium Rich Mangoes

 (Improvement Tested and Verified Yearly for well Over a Decade)

   Replaced -due to Mango end of Season- with 

       Walnuts  Pumpkin Seeds and Figs

     Malassezia and Foods MD

                         ~ ~ ~

          PT 2 Kim Chee

          My KimChee1MD

1) My Kim Chee is quite different than any commercially prepared

       or Traditional Homemade Recipe Ones


2) The changes i have so far noticed started and/or coincide

     with shortly after introducing my Specially Made Kim Chee

        and might be attributed to Specific Ingredients added

       that i have not been able to otherwise include in my diet.

    ( More changes  have been noticed – not mentioned here)


 3) Not sure IF just Any Kim Chee could produce the same

             Positive ( and or / Negative? ) results

     as there are different methods and ingredients used

           not All of which i consider in the bracket

                 of my understanding of ‘healthy’  


4) Since i introduced Kim Chee into our meals

   a couple of weeks apart each – me first to test it out-

    my Husband and I have noticed identical episodes

    each separately on our approximately third day of starting

    as well as when each is On and Off it- or coinciding when both On

    but … not sure if Positive or Negative

    Nor whether Related or Independent of Malassezia yet…

    I am watching and trying to decipher their significance.  

  Some Definite -Independent of Malassezia- Pros and Cons

  have been noted so far but time … and my kidneys will tell! 

                                           ~ ~ ~

PT 3 Mushrooms

Mushrooms MD

I used to enjoy Mushrooms aware of them producing Ergosterol

which is a Precursor of Vitamin D2 – Vitamin D being essential

for Lund TB resistance – as well as their providing other Minerals.

Then i considered that there might be a possibility of thus

supplying Malassezia with ready Ergosterol for its Cell membranes

so i totally stopped eating them for several months

– despite Never having really been able to identify them

with absolute certainty as having any effect on Malassezia

    presence or activity – whether eating them or not.

     Until i decide whether to include them again 

   i pinch from time to time one from my man’s dinner 🙂

       * Indicative Results and my Body’s continually changing Needs

  are the guiding elements for any required modifications -if any-

     liable to be implemented at any stage in the future.  


(**) (No Peanuts: They are Not Nuts – they are Legumes

      Too Many Reasons to Avoid – to mention here.)

(**) That despite the absence of any chillies, condiments or salt

        and short ‘culturing’ time. I tentatively attribute it to the

                       naturally produced ‘vinegar’…

                   See also: Healthy Diets Good Kidneys


Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150  


   Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 



  DC3 MD              

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Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 4)




      Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 4) 


   To Read First:

Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1)  

Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 3)


        Malassezia and Diet Again (PT 1)

Dinner MD2


Although i have conducted several dietary experiments

my Diet has never been geared towards the Purpose

of affecting Malassezia other than temporary

in order to observe if anything can directly or indirectly do so

 to a noticeable degree either by addition or subtraction.



My Steady Aim has Always been to Provide my Body

         with the Essential Nutrients Required 

  to Support the Best Possible degree of Immunity Function 

  under the current – at the time – circumstances



Each time i had to reduce or modilfy items for some time

i would wait until the best opportunity when able to try again

adding back bit by bit up to the new limit of tolerance.



   So, I have recently tried to claw back some of the good things

  i had to give up – and keep working my way through 

  to the upper limit of how much of the Camel’s Body

 i can push back into the ‘Tent of Limitations’

          much like the story of the insolent Camel

Camel and Tent

I have gone through different variations which i have already posted

but recently have Added and Enriched each meal with a few more Items

and this is how it stands for now in comparison with the previous version.

Upon Rising 

Orange MD

A Cup of 1 Fresh Orange Juice in Warm Water

* Warms up the Body

* Flashes the Kidneys

* Moves the Peristaltic

* Provides Vitamin C

* And Precious Minerals



Breakfast MD

 Consisting of

* 2 Bananas  (1 Added)

*  Half med – small Pawpaw (Increased)

* 1 Avocado

* 6 Grapes (Added)

* 1-2 Strawberries

* 5 Whole Walnuts (in Shell) (3 Added)

* 1 TBS Pumpkin Seeds (Added)

* 1 Dried Fig (Added again(*))  ‘On and Off’

          ((*)) Based on tolerance and Malassezia activity effect)

   (Mango season ended so i can only dream of it till next Summer)

                    I Never Say No 

Figs and Cherries MD

     to  Nutrient Rich  

    Fresh Figs or Cherries  



   Consisiting of

(Depending on availability and size)

    Dinner MD5

    Lightly Steamed

   (To Retain Firmness, Colour and Maximum of Nutrients)

* Broccoli (2-4 Florets)

* Cauliflower (2-3 Florets

* Brussel Sprouts (3-4)

* Okra (4-5)

* Green Beans (6-8)

* Beetroot Greens 4-5 Leafs

* Beetroot Stalks 6-8

* Zucchini (1 Med or 1/2 Large)

Fresh Raw 

         Dinner MD4

* 1 Avocado

* 1/2–1 Cucumber

* 2-3 Roma or Cherry Tomatoes (Added)

* 1 Tbs Kim Chee  (Added)

( My Own Homemade Salt free)

My KimChee MD

    ( My Own Homemade Salt Free )

    And Periodically

    Fresh Greens MD

                             * Lettuce and / or  Capsicum



       Dinner MD3

   Consisting of

      Lightly Steamed

* Broccoli (2 Florets) (Added)

* Cauliflower (2 Florets) (Added)

* Zucchini (1 Med or 1/2 Half Large)

* Potato 2 Medium – apple size- (Steamed till tender)

* or Purple Sweet Potato (Steamed till tender)


  Fresh Raw

Dinner MD4

* 1 Avocado

* 1/2–1 Cucumber

* 2 Roma or Cherry Tomatoes (Added) 

* 1 Tbs Kim Chee (Added)

          (Kim Chee: My Own Homemade – Special Requirements Recipe)


Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150


Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 





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Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 3)




      Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 3) 


    To Read First:

Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1) 

Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 2)


           Malassezia and Starving (PT 3)


     Q4: * how to starve Malassezia *

    Eating MD

                     Starving Malassezia with Medication

      As far as i know The Azole family of Drugs

 such as Fluconazole, Itraconazol, Miconazole  etc, 

 work by preventing the synthesis of Ergosterol

       produced by Yeasts/Fungi/Malassezia

as an essential component of their cell membranes.

Disrupting production causes holes in the membranes

and leakage of the cell contents – thus killing them.


      The Downside of these Medications is:

 * Long Term Treatments under Medical Supervision

                 due to possible Liver Toxicity  

* Serious and Potentially Fatal Side effects (as above)

* Interference with Other Medications

* Temporary Result due to High Malassezia Recurrence

      (And a lot more – too much to mention here)


  Q: I read on your website that azole family is good for yeast infection?   

* Good God  – No!… I never said or meant  ‘Good’ 

      I worded it very carefully to only describe how they are reputed to work.

                               In my Personal Experience

            –as stated in Several Relevant Entries in Both Blogs-

    i have found them  totally ineffective whether used as Shampoo

      External Topical Cream  or Oral Prescription  Medication.

     Furthermore, the Topical ones seem to exacerbate the problem

  due to emollients and other ingredients that attract Malassezia back.


 Starving Malassezia through Diet 

Malassezia utilises several types of Nutrients such as

 Sugars, Minerals, Amino Acids, Lipids etc.                                                

 Practically Every Piece of Food contains a Combination

  of Some or All of them in Varying Quantities.   


Therefore Attempting to Starve Malassezia through Diet

                  would be almost Impossible.

   But even if it Was possible it would be so Detrimental to the Body

      and with Dire Consequences far Outweighing

      the affliction and inconvenience caused by Malassezia itself

   by further weakening and damaging the already poor Immunity

           that allowed its the first place.                                                     

               The Weaker the Body Defence

           the Greater the Malassezia Stronghold.                                                   

        Attempting to Starve Malassezia through Diet

         by Depriving the Body of So Many Essential

          Life Building and Life Supporting Nutrients

                      would be the equivalent 

          to Being in the Middle of the Ocean

                    Surrounded by Sharks 


While Shooting Holes into One’s Own Boat!

Ready for meal MD

                                    The Less for You

The More for Me … and my Sisters!  


 I believe that the Opposite would be the Best way to go about

         i.e. to Build and Boost the Immune System

with the Most Nutritious Foods available and Tolerated.                                     

        * Long Term Antibiotics 

        * Lberal use of Medications and X-Rays,

        * Our Culinary Pleasures or Neglect, and

        * Poor – Nutrient Deprived Diets.

          often do Irreparable harm to the Body.

           A Lot more damage than Natural Aging

          usually attributed to and blamed on, does.                                                  

      I have been hammering this message repeatedly  

     because i have experienced and suffered greatly 

           through the entire bad side of it myself

        and  trying to pick up the pieces ever since

  fighting hard along the way and never giving up easily

  when it comes to trying anything that can be of Benefit

  and Produce a Better Result generally for my Body

  regardless of any direct impact or not on Malassezia.


Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150



  DC3 MD              

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Malassezia ~ Wine … Dine and …Burp!



        Malassezia Readers Keywords and Answers


     * Malassezia ~ Wine … Dine and …Burp! *   

Malassezia Dine                               

   Some of these questions i have partly answered  

            in several previous Entries

 K1: malassezia beer

 Malassezia Burp

         Beer, Wine, Champaign, Whiskey, Vodka or just Ginger ale…

Malassezia  would not mind sharing a glass or two with anyone willing to oblige!

The drinker would get drunk and Malassezia would utilise sugar/alcohol content

for her proliferating party. Lets get drank Baby and have …Baby Clone Sisters!


  Not Funny? … Ok i agree …it isn’t!… It is definitely Serious!


    If we are talking about using Beer Externally

one would have to make a Rich Poultice and Place it on the area.

I have my doubts it would do anything other than temporarily

give the impression of soothing, as Malassezia will duck under the skin

and wait for it to dry or be removed, or simply move away from that spot

in which case a healthier alternative is preferable for the area than beer

and a Risk that the Result may turn out Opposite to the Expected

      and rather Favourable to Malassezia, as is the case with many

      alcohol type ingredients containing cosmetic/hygiene products…


No Beer let alone anything stronger in this house, 

so i have not tried it  but i believe from similar experiences

where the content had been some type or other of alcohol 

that once it evaporates it may attract more back in the area

                        …. Anyone willing to try?….


If on the other hand we are talking about Drinking the Beer

i would think it is best to Keeping Alcoholic drinks down

                           If not Completely OUT…  

There is a related message in the Entry

      105- Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2) regarding Yeasts

including Bread and Wine making ones … worth taking into consideration


K2: does lemon juice kill massanzeia yeast

Malassezia -Lemon juice

To my Experience – No it doesn’t!

Taken Internally has No Noticeable effect

Applied Externally it upsets and causes it to Relocate

and when dried out it attracts more in the area  


      K3: does black tea kill Malassezia

            Malassezia -Black Tea

To my Experience – No matter how ‘Black’ it is. 🙂 Lol! … it doesn’t!

My Man Drinks it Daily as well as Green Tea

I have used tones of it in the Bathtub including the Tea Bags.

May sooth the area temporarily but it is deceptive as Malassezia

is mobile and either moves away or ducks under skin until irritant is removed 


      K4: cinnamon for Malassezia

          Malassezia - Cinnamon

         K5: vegetables for malassezia

    Vegetables, Meat, Fish, Pork, Poultry

         Milk, Chilly, Pepper, Salt, Spices

               and Cinnamon on Top!…

‘She’ is Not Fussy… One can Feed ‘Her’ Anything…

In the End she chooses her Own and Flourishes 


         K6:  malassezia in cheese

        Malassezia and Cheese

                     K7: foods that contain malassezia yeast

    K8: food Malassezia


I had never so far considered the possibility of Foods containing Malassezia…

I know certain Fermented Foods are Processed by Yeasts (Saccharomyces)

          such as Bread, Wine, Beer and Fermented Vegetables 

                    ( Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2) )

           but i know not -of or IF- any contain Malassezia

 Neither that that there may be such thing as …‘Food’…Malassezia (a typo?)

              Who would want to Eat it?…

Of course if it is contained in foods then we all do, like it or not

Since its cruel acquaintance i had always considered Malassezia 

as a Skin Yeast initially, and as Intestinal one, after closer observations

but the possibility of it as a Food Yeast never crossed my mind 

other than in trying to discover if / how it uses Foods directly 

or its derived Elements indirectly via the different ways available to it, 

for its Own Purposes (Photo 3) while Lab Research reporting

is somewhat contradictory regarding Sugars, to my understanding

or is there perhaps something i am missing between these two statements?

                                   i e: 

1) Not much is known on how Malassezia Utilises Sugars

2) Malassezia does Not Ferment Sugars

                       Perhaps meaning

    It will not help digest your dinner, nor ferment your bread, beer or wine

but will feed on it ferociously for its own construction and multiplying purposes 

      (Utilises Sugars 70% for the construction of its Cell )

Malassezia composition SPL

M- S F

   Malassezia composition ASPL

 K9: Malassezia Potato Juice

  Malassezia and Potato Juice

Assuming we are talking about RAW Potato Juice and in some quantity

No…i  have not been brave enough to try it.

I would have done so had i felt it would be effective in a somewhat Big way

and without any other side effects to the Body, i e Kidney, Liver, stomach etc.


I have tried eating semi-raw potato which mysteriously enjoyed thoroughly

and still do – but again much like any other edibles no striking difference.

I had also tried briefly -quite some time back- raw Potato Poultice. 

        Messy and unsustainable for repeated treatment… 


 K10: malassezia furfur, food to avoid

I have already dealt with Elements i consider as should be avoided

mentioned in several Previous Entries and Updated and listed in :

  Malassezia – How and Why It Thrives!


K11: diet to stop malassezia furfur

K12: foods that fight malassezia furfu

K13: does diet affect malassezia yeast production?

     Malassezia and Meals MD

No Diet or Specific Isolated Item/s i know of

have had any decisively Eliminative effect

but i have observed some Noticeable changes

with my Recent Diet and switching type of Meals

See Entries: 

Malassezia ~ Diet – Choice Between ‘Two Evils’

Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily!


    K14: why the body craves foods that feed malessezia

Malassezia and Cravings

Good question! – I have noticed that tendency myself

sometimes even craving for things i would not normally eat.

I Believe this is because Malassezia Robs the Body of Nutrients


It is hard to tell if the craving caused by lack of certain elements

is raised from Malassezia leeching Body reserves, or the Body itself

trying to compensate and which one will derive most of the Benefit.

If the craving is for Nutritionally Rich Food i go along and provide it

If it is fancy i decline the source and work out what elements may be

contained that i can provide from a healthier source and i do so.

Malassezia wins in either case … or almost!…


I ll give an example which i have noticed and suspected related

but have not been able to pin in the ‘absolutely certain’ category

so i have not mentioned before:


Forced to change my Diet during the past year after a serious health crisis

 and unable to consume any Protein since, i.e No Yoghurt or Goat milk

i noticed that gradually Malassezia’s large, thick crystalline gritty grains

changed in size and quality

During the Dairy (Calcium Providing) times they were large 

immediately visible to the Naked Eye,

produced Intense Crawling sensation long Blood filled hyphae

and where they succeeded they also created Large size cheesy lesions.

During this past year, as it appears by the recently obtained Samples

collected from the Orange/Green Biofilm as well as other Body/Fluid areas

and viewed under Both Microscopes, they are much smaller

and felt so when rubbed on the fingers

and the Hyphae, where there are any, are  Shorter

and if manage to stick on the skin they produce Tiny lesions

comparable to Scratch lines size or small Fluid filled Bubbles  


On a parallel my bones have also shown the strain of Calcium / Mineral

shortage with series of broken ribs produced by a mere sneeze

or just leaning over my side to reach something.

(A warning to anyone prone to Osteoporosis)


Fortunately the Mango Season, once more like Every Year

over the Past Decade has become the Saviour Rich in Natural Minerals

providing adequate Calcium /Minerals …for Both of us!…

My Bones have stabilised, my nails and hair are growing like weeds, lol!

and i am starting to feel Malassezia grits getting more substantial in size

and visible. I have been juggling the situation all throughout Summer

alternating between days of only 1 Fruity /Mango meal and two Greenies

and days of reversing to keep the Balance between Bones and Body needs

and Malassezia keeping in miniature size and unable to stick on the skin…

Unfortunately the Mango Season is now to its end and i m left with

one more week’s supplies and soon back to a different round of the problem ..


So to return to the Point : Malassezia gets the Elements it needs anyway

unless there is under-supply in which Both Body and Malassezia

suffer the consequences … and the Individual gets crazy with Cravings! …


K15:  sulfur malassezia furfur

I have not tried it either Internally or Externally

due to side effects and very poor clearance rate off the Body.

I have Only Used it for a few weeks in the Bathtub with no noticeable results.

   Malassezia Utilises Sulphur for the Construction of its Cell

Malassezia and Sulfur

All the Greenies i Crave provide Plenty of Safe Bio-available Sulphur!

      Malassezia Robbing my Body thus Creating the Craving?                                                                            


                                    Malassezia Fun Typos MD

                  Do we have a few good Typos above?  🙂

                          massanzeia – malessezia 


Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150             






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Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(2)



  * Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings PT 2 *


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Is there any Relationship between Certain Foods and Malassezia?


                                   I Personally Believe:

                    One of the Most Malicious Contributors

                                of Malassezia Proliferation

                         Is a Frequent Accumulation 

                       of Unprocessed by the Body 

         Undigested – High Temperature Treated/Cooked

           Roasted or Fried Animal Fats, OILS and Butter

              in the Descending and Lower Colon Area


 Malassezia Intestines


  Some Readers may find a bit confusing

   My declaring on One hand, that i Believe

      ‘No Diet or Foods have any Direct Impact on Malassezia’

                                 While on the Other

              I deliver a strong statement that i consider

‘Most Malicious Contributors of Malassezia Proliferation 

Roasted or Fried Animal Fats, OILS and Butter

when present in the Descending and Lower Colon Area’

                             with such conviction…


                                  Let me Clarify:

                  I have stated before that Malassezia

* May Obtain Nutrients from the Skin

* May Obtain them via the Blood

* I have observed Heavy Concentration of Malassezia Presence 

   when there is Lower Colon Congestion.

* And as Above that Animal Fats, Oils, Butter 

  when Present in the Colon cause Malassezia Proliferation.


                  My Reasoning is:

* If it Obtains Nutrient from the Skin 

   then Diet and Specific Foods at large make No difference.


* If it Obtains Nutrients from the Blood  

   since All Foods -Individually or as Diet- are Converted

   into Elements such as Amino-acids, Sugars, Lipids etc

   again, Diet or Foods make No Difference

   as these elements are always present and available in the Blood.


* If it Obtains Nutrients from the Colon area

 – Already being Extracted and Converted by the Body

  and only small residues of partially undigested /unprocessed

  again it makes No Difference – or not much…


                      The only exception is FATS, OILS etc

                      as it is already Known and Established

         that Malassezia uses them Primarily as Growth Medium

                               and NOT as FOOD!…

Or Perhaps even as Food when Converted to Lipid Components?)       


                      Does it now make more sense?…

                                                          * * *


Something interesting i spotted in my research rounds: 


       I will not refer here to the frequent Blood Clotting problem

               dealing with for the past five years or more

          and never connected or suspected having anything to do

             with Malassezia – IF it does…


     The Questions that arise for me here are Food Related:


Q1: Does Malassezia have Direct Access to the Blood

                        and any Effect on it

             (other than the Dig-in for its Cloning)


                 Not Clear in the above Quote

If Blood and the Calcium induced Clots and Malassezia’s effect

     was tested/found in a Petrie/Tube apparatus, etc

or Directly in  Blood Plasma – and … where was Malassezia

                 or when introduced into it?

(I wish i could have a little chat with the Researcher! …Honestly! 🙂 )                

Q2: Does Malassezia have the same effect on the Clot Formation

       in the Blood inside the Body or only in the Lab glass tubes

(though the conclusion at the end of ‘quotes’ below implies the former)


Q3: Does it mean Malassezia’s beta-glucan part when released in the Blood

         – either by direct access or during its digging-in for its cloning –

        activates the Body’s Blood Clotting mechanism


Q4: Is there any Relationship between the Calcium present in the Blood

             -via Foods and/or Supplements- and Malassezia’ s

                               Obtaining it for its needs


If the answer is -Yes- to any of the above i would think

    Diet or Foods would have No Direct Impact on Malassezia


Below is a brief extract of the above i highlighted in bold and red:

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

       …. acetone-treated M. furfur also shortens the calcium-induced clot formation time,

while treatment with zymolyase, which causes decomposition of beta-glucan, did not shorten it


        These results suggest that M. furfur activates the blood coagulation systems,

            and the beta-glucan portion of M. furfur plays a key role in shortening

                                        calcium-induced clot formation

   – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

                     More about Malassezia and Nutrients:

                                             Difficulty in culture is due to

             limited knowledge about the nutrient requirements of M furfur,

                  which leads to erroneous diagnosis and incorrect treatment.

                 Does ‘limited’ imply simply they don’t know?

  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

M furfur is thought to obtain its nutrients from secretions from human eccrine glands.


     These glands are connected to the hair follicle (Figure 1 :5) where M furfur is known to

inhabit (Lopes et al., 1994). The secretions from the eccrine gland contains a variety of

                 fatty acids, amino acids and simple sugars (Noble, 1981).

           Again – No Direct Connection with Foods or Diet


  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Mfurfur requires medium to long chain fatty acids for growth (C12-C24) as it is unable

to synthesise them de novo (Faergemann, 1989). Lipids isolated from skin secretions

are mainly C18 and include oleic acid, palmitic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid and

stearic acid (Noble, 1981). The concentrations on skin are considerably lower than

those supplied in media. Oleic acid, for example, is found in skin secretions at a

concentration of 0.002 gil but in culture media, it is usually provided at concentrations

of 1.0 gil (Van-Gerven and Odds, 1995).

The above indicates –as i have already suggested as a possibility

in my earlier Blog/Blog Entries– that Malassezia may obtain (some)

of its needs from our Skin and not depend -If it does- directly on Foods

   – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

     ...and ……. M furfur will grow on a medium containing egg yolk as the only lipid.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Eggs anyone??… Especially Fried — Served in the Colon???



I would say ‘No Thanks!’ and go for my current daily as it stands for now:


Pre- Breakfast

  Orange Juice

1 Cup Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice diluted with hot water


1 Banana – 1 Avocado –1/4 small Paw Paw – 1/3 Lg Mango – Smoothie

Malassezia Breakfast

(Mango currently in season – i never resist – only have cut down quantity)


 A Mixed Raw/Steamed Green Caterpillar’s Delight …

  Malassezia Meals1


Alternating choice –as dictated by Body needs or Malassezia Activity

  of another Breakfast like meal or another  -larger size- Lunch)

            Dinner. jpg

                                            * * *


Sources quoted in the above document are a decade or more old…

This does not necessarily invalidate the information

but perhaps it indicates the slow progress of advancing …


There is more to Dissect, Analyse and Digest in this document

– some i do not agree with- and i may present in relevant entries 

but in the mean time anyone more familiar with medical research jargon

here is the link: -


* *

  ‘Malassezia Diet – Foods’ – Entries in Order:

1- Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily!

2- Malassezia ~ Diet – Choice Between ‘Two Evils’

3- Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(1)



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Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(1)



Malassezia and Diet


  * Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings PT 1 *



Does Malassezia Feed on Sugar? 

Is there any Relationship between Certain Foods and Malassezia?


These are some of the Questions i had not so far been able to answer

    with absolute certainty throughout my several experimentations

some on a small and brief scale and some over several weeks or months.


    Some of my Findings i have already published in Earlier Entries.

Some Previous Search regarding prescription medication for Malassezia

   indicated that the medication worked by interfering with the utilisation

   of Vitamin D (and  Calcium?) that Malassezia needs or the formation

      of its Cell,  i have been unable to trace back that source again

          but the information was neither clear nor very detailed.                                                    

          Anyway there is enough material below at least for now…  

  Here i shall endeavour to make sense and deal with more questions

arising from some Researchers findings.

Malassezia composition

                            My Questions …unanswered… 😕

      Q1: What does ‘Malassezia was unable to Ferment Sugars

                            means in practical terms?  


Q2: What are the Implications of Not Fermenting Sugars 

      for Malassezia or the ‘Patient’ in connection with Diet


 Q3: How does Fermenting / Not Fermenting affect Malassezia


 the  ‘Major Components of  the Cell Wall are Sugars ~70% 

          (similar Relationship to Water and Human Body)


    The first part of this piece of information indicates clearly

Malassezia utilises SugarProteinLipids and certain Minerals

for the Construction of its Cell – and my guess is, most likely also

        for a good Reserve to Impart to its Cloning Sisters

             for their survival and initial development.


       No doubt All these Elements are Readily Available

         and Provided by our Bodies in several ways

                 i.e By Blood, and Digestive Track

   From Mouth right through to Eliminating part of the Colon…

            Digestion is Dependent on Digestive Juices

        such as Produced by Pancreas and Gall Bladder 

               and Bacteria and Yeasts (Probiotics)

    for the Breaking down of Foods to Category Elements.

If Malassezia is Part of them i have Not Seen mentioned anywhere

                                 or whether 

           ‘Malassezia unable to Fermenting Sugars’

            means in the Lab /Petri Dish – (as Food?)

       or in the Body – (as Part of the Digestive function?)


A few questions arising from the above may indicate whether Diet

and / or Specific Foods Could Directly affect  Malassezia Provision

or whether- as I have been suspecting all along makes No difference:


Q4: How  does Malassezia Obtain these Elements?


A) Directly from Consumed Foods – i e Digestive / Intestinal Canal


B) From  Other Body Sources

    such as Body Fluids, ie Male/ Female Genitals


C) From Blood


D) Already Processed Readily Available Elements in Faecal matter.


E) Does it Obtain 

    1) For Itself/Constuction, Survival etc from A – B – D

    2) For Cloning Provisions from  Blood  (- C)

    3)  Uses Blood (-C ) only for Cloning.



A) – Malassezia Fermentation Ability 

     would be required for a complex extraction/utilisation process


B) and D) – Would Explain


1) It’s Constant and Persistent Presence

    and In and Out Traffic in Both these Areas


2) A and D would also mean that Individual Foods

    and/or Specific Diets  may have an Impact 

    on its Condition and Ability to Complete its Cycle 

    should those Elements be Provided

    While in case C

    It would make No Difference to either Diet or Individual 

    or Groups of Foods, since the Body Processes All Foods

    and Converts them  into a Variety of Elements

    Contained in the Blood

My Personal inclination is leaning towards:


1)  Utilises Nutrients as in (D) – in Fecal matter

2)  Blood (C) for Cloning


                  In Either case

1) A Variety of Elements are available

2) No Specific Diet or Foods make any Difference


     I guess we ll have to wait for Professional Research

             to Discover and Eventually let us know


          In the meantime Personal Experimentation

               with what works even if Temporarily

-Remembering the Entire Body Health is More Important Long Term-

                       is the way i go about.


        One Observation i have witnessed Consistently 

                since i started my Malassezia Blogs

          is that After the Christmas Holiday Season

 The Number of Visits in All of them climb to Quadruple!

                        …and they are not spam!


I believe it is not coincidental but as a result of systematic over-Indulgence

during the entire holiday season with so many culinary temptations around

that eventually bares some Impact on Malassezia also Feasting its way

and People experiencing either a Surprise Start-Up for the Susceptible

    or Bad Flare – Up for those already suffering from the affliction


This is the ONE OVERALL Aspect in regards to Diet and Foods

            that i have seen as Making a Difference

            as i have already mentioned in the Entry

    Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily! 


There is one more i have also observed during ‘On – Off ’ times

but Cannot Substantiate and it is that Dairy and Mushrooms

   Provide either directly Calcium or via Vitamin D related

connection/conversion to Calcium which Malassezia needs

to Build its hard Cell – (when it turns to the Crystalline Hyphae Form)


Malassezia Diet – Foods Entries in Order:  

1- Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily! 

2- Malassezia ~ Diet – Choice Between ‘Two Evils’

3- Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(1)

4- Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(2)

5- Healthy Diets Good Kidneys



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Malassezia ~ Diet – Choice Between ‘Two Evils’



Malassezia and Diet


  * Malassezia ~ Diet – Choice Between ‘Two Evils’ *


     One more Important Point i noticed and is worth mentioning

is a case of Choice between ‘Two Evils’.

Malassezia between 2 evils


Though -knowing how the “Greens Diet’ works for me- and often

get tempted to implement it to curb Malassezia Levels

       i usually follow that Directives of my Body

  as it Knows its Needs better than my guesses.


So i have been Alternating a Variation

of the Fruity/Raw and Mixed Steamed

according to indications and needs.


* Some days i have 2 Fruities and 1 Mixed gently Steamed

  (as close to Raw as can be considered edible)


* Some days 1 Fruity and 2 Mixed Steamed

     Malassezia Meals1

          Despite the Three Splayds beside the Pyrex dish

         this is only a ‘small’ lunch compared to the Normal


I have noticed that the days i have 2 Fruities and 1 Greens

Malassezia comes out of the Internal Parts much more frequently

throughout the day- and spreads outwards like a warm liquid

causing minimal or much milder burning and itching sensation.


    While on the 2 Greens days, frequency Slows Down Considerably 

 Possible reasons i have detailed in

    Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily!

    but it Burns the Skin like Blistering Fire.


It is a matter of degree of discomfort really

and of course the more that comes out the worse it is.


During the day it does not make much difference

since i can feel it and wash it off as thoroughly as i can

but if this happens during the Night it can be a torture

with pain that pierces through the other side of the soul! ….


Leaving it on the skin, it sinks in wherever it decides to settle

and develops the maddening Itchy Bumps no matter whether

it was Mild or Scorching initially and the Itchy Bumps eventually

break into Itchy Burning Lesions.


So it comes down to a Choice Between Two Evils.


Option 1

2 Fuities + Water between meals and 1 Mixed Steamed


Provides more Natural Sugar and therefore Energy, Hydrates the Body

  and …Activates Malassezia in frequency …. but its spreading effect

is much Milder in regards to itching and Burning at least at the initial stage.


The negative aspect of this may be … More Malassezia

   and if the spreading occurs during sleep

one may wake up with a nasty surprise of a Burn like this:

  Malassezia Breast Burn 1

I woke up with this recently – but was not Food caused.

  It is only to show what can happen during the night

Details: “Malassezia Treatment-Relocation- Attack


   Option 2

1 Fruity + Water between meals and 2 Mixed Steamed

Malassezia Meals


Provides Less Hydration, Less Live Digestive Enzymes, Less Energy

and Slower Digestive Process as well as Malassezia outwards progress

       but when it spreads it Burns and Itches like the Fires of hell.


The Positive aspect is the penetrating Burning effect can be Alerting

allowing to act before it settles and prevent Itchy Bumps and Lesions.


                   Is there a middle solution? ….

Malassezia Devil

 Can one Bargain with the Devil?


     * * *


    *Does Malassezia Feed on Sugar?

* Is there any Relationship between Certain Foods and Malassezia?

* Home And Lab Food Findings Comparisons


These are some issues i will endeavour to deal with in Next Entry 

‘Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings’ 


Malassezia Diet – Foods Entries in Order:

1- Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily!


2- Malassezia ~ Diet – Choice Between ‘Two Evils’


3- Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(1)


4- Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(2)




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Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily!



    Malassezia and Diet


  * Malassezia ~  Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily! *


 In any of my Entries where Diet or Food is mentioned

                i have stated categorically that to this day 

       i have Not found Any type of Food either Adding or Subtracting

  to have made any difference to Malassezia.


I have found that Sugars – fruit sugars in my case- seem to trigger

Malassezia into activity – not necessarily proliferation

but have not been able to verify without any doubt either way.


I have found that Undigested Food, Crowding the lower Intestinal Canal

attracts Malassezia Concentration in that area – a highly preferred area

  causing Restless Leg Syndrome, Tremors and Cramps

    and Enemas can Temporarily Relieve the Condition.


I still stand by the above –  but for small exceptions here and there

   and a more Stand Out one where my condition forced me into

          and noticed a considerable change almost to a halt

             but not sure whether either this particular Diet

        or effect on  Malassezia can be sustainable Long term.


       My Regular Diet I have described in lengthy detail in the

            * Malassezia Blog *  


It was approximately a year ago i went through a period

of tremendous volumes of Lung related Blood Loss

which took me a while to find the cause

and which not only brought me to a hair’s breadth from dying

but has left me extremely weak and housebound ever since

and with series of several ribs  breaking with hardly a sneeze


Both of us were Convinced i would not make it beyond six months

  if so –  had started discussing arrangements such

   as Burial or Cremation and when to tell our Girls…


   Then, by now a usual phenomenon with me

came a sudden unexpected turn and my Body started fighting back. 

   I felt ravenously hungry, so much so that i would tell my man 

                ‘If you are not home in time for Dinner 

        …i am likely to start demolishing the kettle handles’.

Until the turn i had cut down to so little food that my Total Daily intake

hardly amounted to ‘half of just One’ of my Regular meals

              and even that i had trouble digesting

as if my body had slowed into an almost complete shut-down.


With the Turn, what was quite peculiar was not the extraordinarily

strong Hunger – which was understandable – but the Insatiable 

Cravings for Greens, Raw or Cooked and quantities as Huge 

      as an entire family would consume in several days

            constituted just One of my Day’s intake.

I believed my Body Knew Better what it Needed, so I reluctantly

replaced one of my Fruity Raw meals with one Mixed of Raw/Cooked

but the need for Greens was so wild that shortly i was forced

to give up a second Raw Fruity and Replace it with another Green Mix.


I thought i had started to notice some Initial Slowing of the Yeast

but with many interruptions such as Broken Ribs, more Bleeding etc

i could not tell for sure what could be causing the slowing

                  and whether it was temporary.


During that time i experienced again Dehydration symptoms 

which drinking water regularly would not relieve the condition

                 and seemed to ‘activate’ the Yeast

     – something i had known already and always dreaded

                  drinking water  in-between meals

          but my Kidneys needed it so it was a necessity.


It came to the point that drinking water acted as a

‘Lets get Going Action Bell ‘ for Malassezia.

To cut a long story short, being on this diet for several months

         i still concluded that no matter what kind of Food

   -On or Off it-made any significant mentionable difference.


           That until, again due to particular circumstances

my only choice ended up being temporarily 3 Green Meals a Day

for an entire Week – and Nothing –ABSOLUTELY NOTHING– else!

             Much as if i was in Jail or Hostage or something.

           And This Did Make a Difference! 

Malassezia appeared almost Non Existent as if completely gone

It was very Odd – So many hours, practically amounting to near All Day

yet Nothing Felt, Moved, Crawled or tried to Dig-in anywhere …

              until i worked out Some Possible Reasons.


1- Lack of Hydration of the Body *1

2- Lack of ‘energy providing’ Sugar – i was falling asleep myself! Lol!

3- Cooked items No Digestive enzymes present

  (Low in Digestive Enzymes meant Slower Digestion

   and Consequently Slower Peristaltic Motion*2

4- It lay Dormant waiting for more favourable conditions

                then a lot of it … Died… judging by the following

                        ‘Dying Off’ Smell and Symptoms…

           *1  I know not the mechanics of it but have observed

       that Malassezia unfailingly Responds to Hydration – by Activation

            or Fluid Retention / Dehydration – by Halting Activity 

          *2 It is also unfailingly Activated with each Peristaltic motion

                such as after consuming  a meal, drinking water!!!…

     Perhaps the water activation is connected to the Peristaltic Motion

                                                  as in

Water/Food = Activation of Peristaltic | Peristaltic = Activation of Malassezia.


                    Though highly tempted to continue for ever

            when the week was over i added back One Fruity Meal

                           for which my Body felt grateful 

         and by then it had curbed significantly its Green Cravings 

             having been deprived of so many other vital elements.

            That caused the gradual Return of the Devil back…


 As I said earlier this diet was Too Poor Nutritionally  to consider long term

                 without risking Serious Health Consequences

        and Uncertain whether there could be a long lasting Result.

       When i say Uncertain … i mean… I am Absolutely CERTAIN!…

     there could be No Long term Lasting Result Regarding Malassezia…


 I would only consider it as a last resort in a case of severe

       Re-infestation and only for a short period of time.


I have been considering but not had the chance to trial yet

 adding to it a great number of Raw Greens

but there aren’t many that can replace the richness of fruits.


                                 Temporary Benefits:

– Cause Some of it to Die without completing its Cloning Cycle *1

– Allow Partial Clearing of it Off the Body

– Faster Healing without attracting New hoards to Inflamed areas

– Allow some Peaceful time

– Catching up with some Restful Sleep

 *1 It appears it needs to come outside to obtain some element/s

     and then either remain and settle on the skin or return inside to clone

     but there is a limited time it can do so – its cycle 3 -1/2 days approx.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Here is the List of All the Ingredients Contained in Each Meal

but in Different concentration of ingredients in each meal.



Raw: Avocado, Cucumber, Capsicum, Lettuce

Steamed: Broccoli, Beans, Brussel Sprouts, Okra, Zucchini,

Also: Cauliflower, Potato, Tomato

Malassezia Diet 1

Not all ingredients showing or available when photo taken

    Some hiding underneath – such as Avocado and Cucumber –

and Lettuce, Green Beans missing… 

Green Caterpillar  Green Caterpillar G ate them all up


    The Fruit Meal was also cut down significantly in size

for better chance of being digested, so it mainly consisted of

– 1 – 2 Medium /small Bananas only

– 1 Whole Avocado

– 1 Thick slice of Pawpaw 

Malassezia Diet 2-1

It may be Noted here that there is No Yoghurt or any other type of Protein

due to the fact that my Kidneys had to handle a lot of Lung Blood

that was making its way down and creating serious problem.

So i had to stop it temporarily until bleeding had stopped and Kidneys

                 had returned to near normal functioning .

I tried re-introducing it several times later but it was rejected…


This makes this Diet even more Poor and unbalanced

with the additionally ‘going off ‘ Beetroot ant Mushrooms

which i could also not digest as a consequence of those events.


  Perhaps so Poor that even the Yeast could not meet its needs…

So i replaced one of the three meals with Fruit as before

          and make do with the Yeast consequences.


 I will never know if this Diet would have worked the same way

had i not been forced to discontinue Protein or to Re-introduce it.

          Given of course the entire condition of my Body

  what appeared to have a Drastic temporary Slow Down Effect  

    may not work the same way for a Younger, Healthier Body…


  Next:  ~Choice Between ‘Two Evils’~



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