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Malassezia and Morgellons Circles of Misfortune


      * READERS’ QUESTIONS & KEYWORDS  *            



                  Circles of Misfortune & the Morgellons Avalanche


                                             * K1 – K2  

                                   Malassezia - Morgellons           

                             Oh! …Are they Both Mine?

                                     Lucky Me! Lol! 🙂


                      Malassezia: The Circles of Misfortune 

Malassezia Symptoms MD

                              (Click on Images to Enlarge)   

      Malasseia Colour Hyphen                              

               ( Red – Maroon – BlackGreenGray Hyphae )


                    How many of the above Symptoms

         Can Morgellons sufferers list as Experiencing?


                               The Morgellons Avalanche

Morgellons or Malassezia MD

K3* morgellons organism *

K4-* morgellons vaginally *

K5- * morgellons intestines *

76- * mporgellons in vaginal area *

K7- * morgellons sores on head *


K8-* cuticles infected with morgellons *

K8- * hair and nail parasite morgellons *

K10 – * coconut oil morgellons disease *

K11 – * sandal wood morgellons *

K12 – * how to fight off morgellons *

K13 – * morgellons – – -or?- Malassezia 


K14- * things mistaken for morgellons *                            

                    ( Someone might be on the right track! ) 

                                    And a Hybrid? 🙂.

                    K15- * morgellons demodex *

                         Just to name a few…


Personal Experience, Reader Correspondence and Forum Browsing

over 5 years have shaped My Personal View as it stands currently

but always open and ready to change If/when new Facts arise:.

                   K3- * morgellons organism *

Morgellons is Not an Organism

It is a Condition – a Bundle of Symptoms.

Malassezia on the other hand IS an Organism

         And so is Demodex.


1) A Variety of Symptoms are Not Uniquely ascribed

    or caused by either Malassezia or Morgellons.

Many are caused by various other organisms or conditions.

2) Malassezia is Medically Recognised and Detectable

                      and so is Demodex

    Morgellons is Neither – at least not so far.

         (Delusional Parasitosis is the easiest diagnosis 

          for our ‘Professionals’ and Not only for Morgellons.)

 3) Morgellons majority of Symptoms are either

     Indistinguishable or Identical to Malassezia’ s

 4) Both Malassezia and Morgellons are difficult to Identify

                        and /or verify due to

Medicos Ignorance, Resistance or Acceptance and cooperation

   regarding Perseverance with Right Testing



Being Viewed as a Natural Part of Body Flora

   and Failure to recognise or adequately evaluate

   the severity of its effects as a Pathogen

Difficulty obtaining evaluation and prescription for Right Tests

Difficulty in Collecting and (methods of) Culturing in Labs

Reluctance due to Temporary Results

   of Long term Treatments  and associated Side Effects

Symptoms Fragmented and Categorised as Isolated conditions

   such as Seborrheic Dermatitis, Ptirosporum, Folliculitis, etc



Due to Lack of Detectable Cause

Outright Rejection and Classification of Symptoms

   as Delusional Parasitosis or similar terms.


          Malassezia and Morgellons

Both easy classification and dismissal

   as Delusional Parasitosis  often before

   proper tests are carried out – if at all

Many of the Symptoms

   May or may Not be caused by either

   Malassezia, Morgellons or Demodex

– Morgellons May or may Not be caused by an Organism.

There is Speculation by the Morgellons believer/followers 

that there may be a correlation between Myiasis and Morgellons

but a cause has not been officially established yet.

( Myiasis is caused by Tropical Fly Larva (maggot) in human tissue )

 More than one would want to know can be found here:

Myiasis NCBI

              Or a very quick reference here:

             Myiasis CDC


My Personal View  as things stand Currently

       Some Symptoms are due to

a) Various, Unrelated, to either Malassezia or Morgellons, causes

b) Some Malassezia Symptoms are mistaken for Morgellons


And for the Future (hopefully)

Science may eventually bring to light

        Whether Morgellons

a) Is a Condition in its Own Right

b) What its True cause is

c) Which of the Symptoms ascribed to it, are

– Directly attributed to it

– Which are Indirectly connected to it, and

Which are due to various other causes.


     Until then, we are all left to deal on our own 

and with our own opinions, assessments, speculations,   

inclinations and a myriad of unanswered questions.

        This stands true for Malassezia as well.

In the end and for the time being, names and classifications

                 do not matter as much as

   Treatments that can offer Relief and some Control

             that allows living a Reasonable life.

           ~More in Earlier Entries in Both Blogs~


               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily *       

   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


 Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 


                     Malassezia Topics B 



  DC3 MD NEW              

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Malassezia – Between the Odd and the Meaningful…



           Malassezia Q&A's MD 

          * Malassezia – Between the Odd and the Meaningful… *


     Devil smile md


              When i first read a Keyword

     isolated from the Reader’s trail of thoughts

 i see it through my little Devil’s Eyes of Humour

   -if there is any trace of twisted humour in it-

   before i finally get to deal with its seriousness.


    I wonder if other Readers respond in the same way

    when reading through a List of Keywords

         in any particular Entry Presented.


   (Do not worry i do not intend to run a Poll about that

              I am resigned in the knowledge

     that sadly either No one cares to participate

    or peoples’ iPhones do not bring them to visibility)


     So, lets see what each of us sees in these Oddies below

          before i get into their serious sides.


                        List of Keywords


K1 *  stop demodex Australia *                                                                

K2: * does sea breeze soothe trichotillomania *

K3: * malassezia reacts air * . 

K4: * morgellons body lice * .                              .

K5: * malassezia essential oil *

K6: * malassezia capsules *

K7: * pictures of malassezia pills * .                          .

K8: * water filled vagina * .                          .

             K9: * malassezia black — women *

             K10: * malassezia black *   


  K11 * malassezia furfur in bladder *

  K12: *burning pin prick feeling, like acid burning on skin on leg*

  K13: *will sun and bright lights kill a yeast infection of the scalp*

                                           * * * 

                      K1 *  stop demodex Australia * 

Aussie Flag md


I don’t know if Australia can stop Demodex

or any country for that matter

but i know someone that is successfully managing

to Control Malassezia – with similarity of symptoms.

Perhaps some of the Methods implemented for Malassezia 

could prove Helpful in treating Demodex.


K2: * does sea breeze soothe trichotillomania *

      Kitty in breeze


During my Morning walks by the Sea some time back

i experienced Sea Breeze as a carrier of Life Giving Elements

both for the Body and the Soul and a True indisputable Soother

on many Levels from Spiritual downright to Physical.

                                                   .                                                    .

My Personal experience with the Urge to Pull Scalp hair

was Brief during a time of heavy Malassezia infestation

so i am not really in a position to offer any expert advise

on a matter as serious and complicated as TTM.


I imagine that Sea Breeze can offer some Brief Relief

but not much else as  a treatment alone.


Some Earlier ‘Hair and Scalp’ Entries in Both Blogs

may offer some helping solutions to TTM caused by Malassezia.


 K3: * malassezia reacts air *

 K13: *will sun and bright lights kill a yeast infection of the scalp*

                                        Holding Tight md

   Malassezia operates better in warm humid environment

        and avoids exposure to anything that threatens 

                          to Dry up its carrier Oil / Biofilm


  Air as in Wind would force it to Move quickly Under the Skin

                   and wait for the condition to change.


  Nothing much can really be achieved through air exposure

                       other than temporary relief.


                     K4: * morgellons body lice *    

    Moregellons MD.                     

It appears many Readers are confused about

– What Morgellons is

– What symptoms are connected with it, or

– What attributes to its manifestation as a Condition in Itself

   if one is to go by the Long List of Keywords

      presented in Earlier Entries

       Such as

– Morgellons Yeast

– Morgellons Fungus

– Morgellons Demodex

– Morgellons Scabies

– Morgellons Malassezia

  and the newly added

– Morgellons Body Lice

                As far as i know Morgellons and Body Lice

                      and any other one in the list above

                             are All Different Afflictions.


  Laughing md

                         New Malassezia …Products!

                         ( At your nearest Beauty Shop )

       Malassezia Oil MD

                      K5: * malassezia essential oil *    

                            ( Comes in three Colours )

1) Fluorescent Green

Guaranteed to make you Glow in the Dark!

2) Fluorescent Orange

To Burn and Itch your Skin like Fire

K12: *burning pin prick feeling, like acid burning on skin on leg*

           ( Yep! That’s exactly what i mean )

3) Dull Dead Gray

Make you Look like a Lizard

Make you Feel like a Lizard


                           And yes,

It does make one want to bite anyone in near vicinity 

                  (ask my poor husband 🙂 )


    I m guessing the Reader as usual is looking 

   for some ‘essential Oil’ that Kills Malassezia …

               I have already talked about Oils 

           and my own experiences repeatedly 

               in several Entries in Both Blogs.

Of course one may easily dispute my personal findings

    over a Four year period of Observations

      and Lessons Learned the hard way

        but Ignoring Laboratory Findings

       one  may do so at their own Peril.

      So here is one Reminder i will present again.

Malassezia and Lipids 1-R

                                       (Click on Photos to enlarge)

Malassezia and Lipids 2 -R

There is a serious message that comes from the above!

a) It Requires Oil as a medium for its Growth

b) It Settles itself nicely wherever it can find it!…

Anyone thinking it cannot go anywhere else but the eye brows?

Anyone still interested in providing it with ‘Fatty Substances’?

                   Or talking about ‘essential Oil’

             (Any) ‘Essential Oil’ … for Its growth?


 ( b) It Settles itself nicely wherever it finds it!… Fat, Humidity, Blood etc)

  K11 * malassezia furfur in bladder *

Yes, it often lodges in the urethra and occasionally if circumstances

are unfavourable in the privates area it does get in the Bladder.

It feels like having a Bladder infection causing the urge for frequent

urination but it does not sting as a typical infection usually does.

The urine also feels kind of ‘thicker’ than usual.

I have used Vitamin C Powder ½ flat tsp orally and has worked.


                          More New Products

                 ( At your nearest Health food Shop )

                          Malassezia Evil MD

                   K6: * malassezia capsules *

                   K7: * pictures of malassezia pills *

                               Three times Daily

                             With or without meals

                   Guaranteed to make Life Miserable


                               Again, I m guessing

          The Reader was after a Pill that kills Malassezia

          The Seeker of ‘Pictures of Malassezia Pills’ though

                …is just a Mystery for my poor Brain, Lol!


Hose md

                 K8: * water filled vagina *

I believe this refers to an Entry where i mention periodic internal

Vaginal douching and sponging when Malassezia gets too much

           and then inserting an Acidophilus Capsule.

 Other than that i have no idea what the Reader might mean


Blood Blisters in Genitals

         K9: * malassezia black — women *

         K10: * malassezia black *

       This looks like two Keywords by the same Reader

   possibly researching about Black looking dark Maroon Specks

     or more likely Blood Filled Blisters in Female genitals.


 More Info regarding this issue and all other Keywords above

          can be found in Earlier Entries in Both Blogs.


  A fly on screen

( I have just discovered that Word Press has improved Editing

  to  display animated Gifs instead of only Static Pictures.

Nice as it is, i dread to think what the effect in some of my

Earlier Entries might be if all animated Gifs have been

automatically activated to animated status due to this change…)


Malassezia ~ Priority of Questions & Keywords Selection * 

  * *

        Please Note 

  Order and Priority 

       Malassezia Keyword list

         Selecting, Processing and Publishing

    Questions and Keywords on the Waiting List

                        Are Dependent on

              * Issues Not Dealt with Already

               * Something New to Add

               * Time and Amount of Work Required

    And Not in Order of Appearing in ‘Search’ or Emails Received.


                         *  Malassezia Blogs  *

                                       Malassezia Blog WP

                            Deals with history of Treatments 

                               Outcomes and Experiences 

                             from Beginning to Recent times  

                                  –>  * Malassezia Blog *  


                                           Malassezia Daily WP.

                    Confirming and/or Updating past Topics 


                       Recent Developments and Progress

                             New Discoveries and Photos 


                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *


          * Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


  DC3 MD              

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Malassezia ~ and the Demodex & Scabies Mites



   Malassezia Q&A's MD


  * Malassezia ~ and the Demodex & Scabies Mites *

* *

    K1: * malassezia yeast infection seems like scabies *


                K1: * malassezia demodex mite *

                K2: * demodex yeast *


                 K3: * demodex yam *


                  K1 * morgellons vs scabies *

                  K4: * morgellons demdox *

                  Q1: * is demodex associated with morgellons *


                   K5: * demodicosis and the associative diseases *

                   K6: * demodicosis in humans *

                   K7: * hair follicle plugs or parasite *

                   K8: * surviving demodex *


                    Q2: * what wavelength for malassezia identification *                                                    

                                           * * *

      Having Not found anything identifiable as Demodex or Scabies mites

        on Any of my various Personal samples

 -though plenty of suspect Demodex ones on my man’s samples- 

Demodex  MD

           except perhaps only this one above

     that i cannot recollect on whose sample was found on *

i cannot consider myself as having any First-hand experience

  or developed knowledge such as i have with Malassezia.


             All i know about Demodex or Scabies

              and their similarities with Malassezia

          comes strictly from initial extensive Research

    believing back then that either was the cause of my Problem.


            Due to some of their Basic Characteristics


    i would assume that some of the Malassezia 

Malassezia DOs and DONTs

                                        And Treatments                                                        

      Could Successfully apply to helping with Demodex

    but i would be unable to Personally confirm and verify

     that this line of reasoning supports such assumption.


                 I suspect though that Perhaps

      the Total Absence in All of my Samples

                       could be a Clear Indication

                        that my Applied Treatments

 Achieving Such Considerable Malassezia Reduction

       are also having the Same effect on Demodex.

It is part of the Natural Body Flora and should be present

            yet in my samples it seems …extinct!…


              K1: malassezia demodex mite *

  K2: * demodex yeast *

                    Demodex is a Mite not Yeast.

   Demodex and Malassezia are two Different creatures

   with several Common Characteristics and Symptoms

                       Causing Similar Ailments


        but also Differences such as way of Multiplication etc

                                 (Click on Photos to enlarge)


* K3: demodex yam *


 This falls into the Category of ‘Problem and Specific Foods’

          I cannot tell if there are any specific foods

    that can affect Demodex either positively or negatively. 

                          I assume though that 

* Some Personal Care Products  used externally

  containing Chemicals either Detrimental to Friendly Flora

 * or Promoting Oil Friendly Malassezia 

    could equally apply to Demodex

* Immunity affecting Elements could also be considered 

   -much like detailed in my Entries- in regards to Malassezia.

                                   Jan 15

As i am checking this Entry again i wonder whether the Reader

     meant YAM Malassezia and YAM Discovery(Yoghurt –Acidophilus-Milk ) application

            rather than Yam Malassezia yam as in Food

in which case again i could not tell if it would help or not.

   It would need a Demodex identified volunteer to trial

             and kindly …report results back to me 🙂

           Malassezia Yeast… Here Comes YAM!…


K4: * morgellons demdox *

Q1: * is demodex associated with morgellons *           

     People not knowing or having established what exactly Morgellons is

        and without any diagnostic tests verifying their condition

can likely associate with any candidate presenting similar symptoms.

This of course would not apply to individuals medically diagnosed

      with Demodicosis – but then why would anyone properly diagnosed

                would try to throw Morgellons in the Mix?


Q2: * what wavelength for malassezia identification *


                       Aren’t Symptoms speaking loud enough?

                                                 * * *

                      Well, having relayed my own limited views…

                                      There is Someone 

                   who has done his own Demodicosis Research

                         Details his Own Experiences in his Blog

                      and perhaps addressing some of the issues

                            presented in the Keywords below

                          including the ‘wavelength’ one above

         K5: * demodicosis and the associative diseases *

         K6: * demodicosis in humans *

         K7: * hair follicle plugs or parasite *

         K8: * surviving demodex *

         Q2: * what wavelength for malassezia identification *   



         *Re: I  cannot recollect on whose sample was found on   

            ( I was not as well organised back then, as i am Now

          it was early days, i had no idea what i was dealing with

                how Big the whole affair would end up being

            -devouring my PC’s Memory with Numerous Files etc.-

          and the detail of its Owner’s ID- whether my Man’s or Mine

                      somehow slipped through the records )


                         *  Malassezia Blogs  *

                                       Malassezia Blog WP

                            Deals with history of Treatments 

                               Outcomes and Experiences 

                             from Beginning to Recent times  

                                  –>  * Malassezia Blog *  


                                           Malassezia Daily WP.

                    Confirming and/or Updating past Topics 


                       Recent Developments and Progress

                             New Discoveries and Photos 


                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *


   * Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


  DC3 MD              

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Malassezia Readers Keywords and … More … gellons!



            * Malassezia and …More…gellons… *

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


         K1:  * demodex or morgellons * 


   If the Question is in regards to the Appearance of the ‘Creature’

     only a Microscope or a Lab Test can tells which one it is .

    The question confronted with of course

    is who/what determines what the Morgellons ‘Creature’ looks like…


    If the question is in regards to Symptoms then the problem

    is even more complicated, because from my own frantic research

    way back when trying to determine what my own 

    tormenting ‘Creature’ was, the symptoms available,  

          jumbled up and as confusing as anything

             were as similar as could be described

    and to this day i still wonder if they are correctly ascribed

    and attributed to each case,  so … i will keep hands off this one.              

    If one is serious, since the Demodex is medically recognised

    and can be detected, one can either request a lab test 

    or purchase a Microscope and start viewing their own samples.

   There are many photos of Demodex on Google Images to compare

   and below is the only one we think we caught some way back.

Demodex Comparison MD

Left Top one is Our Sample the others are Google Comparisons


K2:  *morgellons vs scabies*  

      I believe the abbreviation ‘vs’ here is used as ‘comparison’

            rather as ‘against, opposed, contrasted’, etc

         in which case pretty much All of the above apply here too.


  K3:  * difference between demodex mites and malassezia *

           The same as K1 and K2 


        K4:  *morgellons under microscope*  

    A Typical ‘Mala-gellons’ case?

     I remember back when i had thought initially we had Lice,

then Scabies, then Demodex and then i had seen and compared

some of the Top Row Photos (below) with the ones all over my Body

     and was convinced for a little while that i had Morgellons,

              until i visited Forums and did some Research.


                                 Below (Top Row)

      A small sample of Comparison Photos of Morgellons

                      with Some of Mine (Bottom Row)

 Malassezia - Malagellons ComparisonMD

1)The Lesions- 2)The Cheesy Centers in them- 3)The Scratch Lines

     ( and  the Thumb Nails (Top 3) are also heavily Infected.)

4) I had seen these fibre like threads in the Digital Microscope

   but had dismissed them as possible hairlike fibres

    from the air / dust / towels, environment or items i had touched

  so i did not bother taking any photos.

   That until i saw them in Google as Morgellons fibres…

   and later on ( Nr 4 Bottom Row ) as Malassezia Google image

           and i knew they had been Malassezia Hyphae

              as they appeared under Digital Microscope

of a lesser magnification and clarity compared to the Biological one.

     So!… i see it as a Mala-gellons under Microscope!…


               Incidentally… Nr 4 Bottom Row G/Image

             looks very much like the Recently Published

               ‘Beaded’ hyphae  Ones of mine…

Malassezia and G-Images Comparison

                                  (Click on  photo to enlarge)


  K5:  * morgellons in intestines *  

                           Another Mala-gellons?…

          I have already written about Malassezia in the intestines

                                in various of my entries.

             If Enemas help Temporarily Relieve Congestion

                       in the Lower and Transverse Colon

             perhaps the same might apply to Mala-gellons?…

   Enemas for mala-gellons


     K6:  * morgellons hair follicles hairs *  

                I am guessing this means

             ‘morgellons hair follicles – hairs ‘

           i.e. Hair/Fibre/Hyphae in Hair Follicles?

Malassezia Infected Hair Follicles

     Some Infected Hair Follicles looked under Digital Microscope

can appear Monstrously Alien with strange Fibres sprouting out of them

  but they are just normal hairs … not seen under microscope before!

     Of course i am unable to evaluate what the Reader has seen

or a photo of their observation and i am only guessing what they may mean.

                            ( For Colour Malassezia Filaments 

        See in  Photos Section here – and in  * Malassezia Blog * )


K7:  * what are the big blobs forming in my legs from morgellons*  

                         Speaking in Malassezia terms

             it sounds like the Blob like particles

are semi-Solidified stage Malassezia

                soon to develop Hyphae, Dig-in and start Cloning…

    Malassezia Blobs

(Semi-Solidified Ear Blobs)


K8:  * yeast infection and morgellons *  

             Hmm! …what shall i make of this one?..

                 ‘Yeast Infection AND Morgellons’

                       Would the Reader  mean

            “Comparison” of Yeast infection and Morgellons?

                      It sounds very much like it.

               I just hope i have presented enough material

       to show they are Both as Alike as Twins rather than Different

       in many respects, such as Symptoms as well as Appearance


  And if they Are… then i could say with Certainty…(below)


   K9:  * sesame oil for morgellons *  

       NO! … Sesame Oil -or ANY OIL– would NOT DO Good!


    K10:  * morgellons yeast *  

 I like the term, seems to Incorporate Both… ‘Morgs and Sezia’, Lol

       B G D

     Should it have been named  …Morgssezia?… or Malagellons?



Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 




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Malassezia: Diary Photos of Innocent Times (PT2)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

               To View PART 1 First – Click on Link Below 

 Malassezia: Diary Photos of Innocent Times (PT1)

* * * * * * *

  * (Pre Malassezia) – Diary  *

      * Photos of Innocent Times Entries *

      Malassezia Diary MD


  *And then … What was It?… *


     PART 2    

          Morgellons?  Demodex? … wait …there is More!…   


At this Stage my First Blog was Up and Running with the Story

as was unfolding piece by piece and any desperate attempts to Identify

what the Offender was, having progressed from the Scabies

to a near certainty of Demodex, only to stumble upon Morgellons

and Photos of Lesions practically Identical to the ones spread

all over my Body to add to the already high pile of confusion.

Frantic research to Discover and Understand it all

lead from Medical sites to All sorts of forums

with all sorts of ‘Recycled’ but Untested or Incorrect information.


I must Note here that the Initial Blog i am speaking about

was completely Rebuilt from Scratch later on, to eliminate all old

lengthy irrelevant or incorrect details, useless to the visitors

and retaining what was part of the Story as Unfolding

with only some initial blind insights, suspicions, observations etc.


Even then i had the Optimistic View and Determination

that i could soon find a Cure and that ‘Happy ending’ was not far off.

I had even half prepared a Victorious Hoorah!…entry

which i have kept for ‘Hope’s’ sake and to keep me going

while the story kept changing as time went by

and new Elements came to light and pieces fell into place, etc.


In the mean time since the On-line Diary was mainly for myself

-never imagined how many people were on the same or similar boat-

i kept recording on the quick the progress …or not!… in the small Book.


The ‘Creature’ does Not like Latex!… 

Demodex or Morgellons 1MD

 New Bed…Luxurious Latex Mattress… Thousands of $$$  but!

     The ‘Creatures’ did not like the Latex Mattress!

Within seconds of lying down ‘they’ started running around like crazy

coming out from every part of the outer surface of my Body

and i m guessing running for cover into my internal areas

or parts that were not ‘wrapped/sinking/sealed’ into the Latex Comfort.

This was a good assessment on my part back then

but there were Two Main Elements to be Discovered much later on…. 


Despair at the End of my Line?

Scabies Demodex Morgellons despair -1MD

 An Inescapable Nightmare from where one Cannot wake up

Scabies Demodex Morgellons Despair 2MD

And No Solution seems to be Working…

Scabies Demodex Morgellons Despair 2-1MD

  June 26, 2010 looked like The Last Recording…

                I Threw the Towel! …Lol!… but that was Not the End…

                             I Do Not give up easily!

                   Instead i Invented a New Round of Tactics and Battles


   And the ‘Battle’ Became Personal and went On…

Morgellons Demodex or Scabies MD

Side by side with the Hopeful Expectation of a perhaps Possible End

was now an established Mistrust and Suspicion of another ‘Hell Lurking’…


The Nightly Horrors Continue

Demodex or Morgellons2MD


  And The Uncomfortable Discovery of a Very Sickening Invasion

Morgellons, Demodex or Scabies 3MD

 They Did Not Stay or they Did Not Come Out ?…

This could not be truly answered unless the invaders were fitted with microchips

but since there were more… and more… and more… it was later discovered

they come out-they go in, they go in-they come out… whatever the order is…


Finally a ‘Woo Hoo!’ Day?… 

     (Keeping Fingers Crossed…)

Scabies Morgellons Demodex War MD


   … Followed by Another Gut Wrenching Let Down

Scabies Demodex Morgellons Armies MD

   The Idea or Possibility

  that it was Both Internal as well as External

                     And Always There!

  had not even remotely crossed my mind

             and perhaps better, because i dont know

            whether if i would have been able to cope

         with such discovery at that stage of the game .

     The idea of ‘Them’ External and Temporary 

                       gave me Hope to Keep Fighting On

      until i had gained more knowledge and understanding

               and consequently  gaining more ground

        and bringing it down to more manageable levels.  


Another Attack – Another Emotional Plunge

Demodex Morgellons Scabies Nightmare MD

(Too distressed for correct spelling despite my Perfectionist Virgomaniac…)


The Poison Levels are Continuing … 

Bumps Lesions and Itching MD

At this point of the journey and having donned on my Body

Internally and Externally Every Chemical i could get Access of

my Virgoan need for Purity and Health using Natural means

           was Returning Strongly to its Natural grain

            and had started to Resent the Vulgarity

     Inflicted Involuntarily, really upon my Body


A Natural Herbal Infusion i Invented with only a hint of Poison

Skin Parasite Herbal Infusion MD

    When the Internal Ones worked for Anything else, such as

    Minimising Lung Bleeding, Expectorating Lung effortlessly

    Uplifting my Mood to “Life is Joyous – don’t want to Die anymore’

    to improved Regularity of Bowel Movements, etc … etc.. 

    -except for the Creature it was intended to deal with

   which still kept Travelling First Class In / Out of my Everywhere,

               i thought to try a Similar One externally

            with the addition of some Scabiecide Poison. 

                 Alas…This did not work either…

But i did Not give up Fighting and it was soon we purchased

         two Microscopes and had the Heavenly Luck

   of One kind Gentleman’s Identification of Malassezia

 that helped to steer ‘Insanity’s Boat’ into Calmer waters

  and henceforth become the Captain of my own Boat

            while the Pirate Battle continued on

     but now from a vantage point to a better future…

                                    Dec 2014:

Reading these Entries again i cannot believe the Difference

and Progress achieved from those Utterly Desperate times

           to so much Better, More Controllable levels

      and Quiet Sanity, Hope and Determination of the Present!

               * Body Practically Lesion Free 

               * Almost Predictable times and duration of Activity

               * Successful Prevention

               * Dealing or Healing whenever – within a fraction of time

               * Relaxing evening times enjoying a Book

               * Sleeping 6-7 hours despite bathroom visits

                 …but still Not happy about Co-existing 

                  and only consolation the thought that

                  Nature may have a Beneficial Purpose

                  and Role for Its for Sharing  my Body

                    -Yeah… i still believe in Fairies…



        And the Story goes on as it still keeps Unfolding

          with More and More New Discoveries made

   and pieces falling together to Reveal a Clearer Picture 

            and Understanding of the Problem faced

and how better to deal with it and gain more and more ground    

        In the Current *Malassezia Daily* Pages!


      There is One More Great Experiment i wish to Conduct

and Intend to start as soon as Possible – circumstances allowing.

       Malassezia Diary and Microscope

And if I manage to stay Alive Long enough to Complete it

and Present the Results, then i will Consider that

  My Work and Contribution in this area is done…

     Keeping Fingers Crossed!…

                                 Dec 2014:

And I am still Alive, Completed the Work mentioned above

and have a Lot More to Contribute in the new year 15

 For as long as i am around and Provided i am able to do so!…





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Malassezia: Diary Photos of Innocent Times (PT1)


   * (Pre Malassezia) – Diary  *

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

      * Photos of Innocent Times Entries *

      Malassezia Diary MD


  * In the Beginning … It was Not!…  *


     PART 1    

      Scabies War  

According to the Blogger Statistics Records I created my First Blog

sometime in May 2009 under the Alias ‘Sonatas Story’

The story though had really started somewhere middle February

but there were Neither a Diary nor any Entries of any sort

because i believed i had caught Fleas at the Local Pool

from the School kids – being hot during that time of year-

and was sure i could get rid of them within a couple of days.


As the case got progressively worse and utterly mystifying

forcing me into complex … ‘creative solutions’

and need to record progress – while still retaining an optimistic outlook

i judged a little Book would be good enough for recording it all

innocently thinking  ‘It will do! … won’t be for long anyway…’


Here is the Little Book, up and until something Bigger was needed!


These Entries have never been Published before

and i intend to present them ‘Raw’ and unmodified

exactly as they were entered at the time just for my own view

but the Readers can gain some insight and have Fun too 🙂


They are the proverbial ‘Photos Worth a Thousand Words’

in showing the stages of Innocent Ignorance,

Plunging form Optimism to Utter Despair, Frustration,

Temporary Disillusionment and often Explosive Anger

in Alternating Rounds in the Mercy of Unfolding Circumstances.

                         Why am i doing So?…

Because i believe it will help Illustrate the Lengths gone through,

the Emotional Roller-Coasters and Instil some Hope into any Souls

that might be Fighting -or worse- Sinking into Depths of Despair …


          I will Skip any Boring Repetitive Pages

or take Photos of some ‘Interesting’ Parts in a Page

    So here it goes!

* * *


                     No!… they are not Lice


                  … they must be Scabies!…


Scabies War MD


A Sample of initial Natural ‘Home-made Remedies’

Scabies War1MD  

You are Allowed to Laugh Out… Loud! 🙂

           I Laugh too seeing it but i really want to cry.

   Surprisingly the Rice one worked!

     It Sealed Dry the area and whatever lurking there

      met its untimely destiny but was messy, hard to wash off

      and like anything else … to this day … more kept coming…


   Morning … Noon …. Night….

Scabies War2MD

*Please don’t take notice of any… ‘Mifspellinfs’… i was a desperate girl!

( Click on any Photo to enlarge )


       Applied Eucalyptus OIL … did I Say??? 

  And… Applied some More …. Did I?…

  and Again and Again?… Hit with hammer

Scabies War3MD

  ( If Only I had known back then!… 😦 )


   Hell’s Rotating Wheel…

By that stage i had Noticed a 3-4 1/2 day Operation Cycle of the ‘Creature’

and on Left side of Diary attempting to guess and record the ‘where’ in it 

and the level of its activity during Morning, Noon, Evening, Night.

On the far Right Abbreviated Ingredients and Treatments used.

And in the Glorious Middle the Horrors of Cyclical Manifestations

with a Bit – or a Lot of – Hope, Frustration, Desperation …  

      or -to quote the titles of a series i have never watched- of

        downright…   ‘Murder She Wrote!’ …

       expressed in Indelicate language … ‘For Her Eyes Only’ 

Scabies War4-1MD

Of Note: The word ‘Relocation’ was starting to dawn

Scabies War4-3MD

                          “I may have Dislodged them from my Ear”

                                  How Very Intuitive… of me!

                       The word ‘Relocation’ was starting to dawn

                          but took a long, long time to truly sink in

and its practical implications.


Tormented Sleepless Nights and Feverish Activity

     Scabies War4-4MD

      I had given names to what i now know 

as stages of development of the same creature.

  Runners, Crawlers, Diggers, etc…


The Enforced Sweat and Heat Treatment

Scabies War4-5

 I have described in detail the Sweat and Heat treatments

     in the *Malassezia Blog* entry “Lethal strategies of the Past 


    Morning – Noon – Evening – Night

Scabies War4-2MD

Actually ‘Bloody Hell Day 1’ is really Day 3 or 4.

Day 1 is now discovered and established as the Quiet one

counting the Blessing of the Temporary Lull

as well as the ticking hours to stages Day 2 – Day 3 … etc


   Deceptive Thrills!…

Scabies War5MD

Did it Really???… Why don’t we wait until Evening, hey?…

Scabies War5-1MD

  Would that be the now Known Re-inviting effect of the emollients

   in the Scabiecide, combined with the Day 2-3 hell braking loose? …


    Some Light at the end of the Tunnel???

Scabies War5-2MD

                      … Or Simply a Mirage in an Endless Desert?


(PART 2 to Follow…)






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* Morgellons and You – General Questions Poll *

                       * POLLS *


                      Malassezia Polls

    * Morgellons  and You – General Questions *


The Poll is Totally Anonymous, Quick and Easy

           Your Participation will be Appreciated

   and Help my Research and more Targeted Contribution


    Voting Participation Indicates People’s Interest

      and gives me Incentive to continue Sharing


You may check the Results and Compare with other Individuals’ Experiences 

  Please Click to All Applicable


Site Disclaimer MD

Site AD MD


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