Malassezia & Humour

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                                                     Malassezia Humour


      This Section is a direct Copy/Paste of Search Keywords typed by Readers

      some typed in a hurry or misspelt, using part keywords or keyword in keyword

      sounding rather funny when viewed on their own isolated from the topic

     -if one can retain any sense of humour about it all- under the circumstances.


       My Belief though is – It Never hurts to Laugh No matter what…

       especially since Malassezia can make Life miserable in so many ways.

       A Sub Category *Malassezia Thesaurus* (Thesaurus means ‘Treasure’)

       is having Fun with the ways Millisalsexia is … Misspelled in the Keywords!

       A wonder they have not crashed the Search engines yet, Lol!…

       These Keywords are also Treated Seriously, transferred to and dealing with

       in the Malassezia Keywords section.


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