Malassezia – A Reader’s Keyword or … Oily Hint?




          * Malassezia – A Reader’s Keyword Or … Oily Hint? *

  Malassezia hint


                       K1- * oil doesn’t attract Malassezia *


I have been looking at this Keyword for some time now

 trying to think of different ways of interpreting it.


– It does not look like possibility of accidental Typo 

– It does not suggest or imply a question

– It is not phrased in a question format

 Whichever way i am trying to look at it

  i can only see it as a straight clear statement.

  A statement carrying a message … to me???


Inserting it timidly or surreptitiously in the Keywords section

-again i cannot interpret mode, motive or intention-

and without any further info or supporting evidence

no matter how well intentioned, it is not of much use

or enlightenment either to Me or to any other Readers.

It would have been preferable if the above Reader

had sent an email elaborating on the meaning

and premise of their statement, i.e.


Is their statement derived from:

– Personal view, assumption, logical deduction?

– Personal experience?

– Personal expertise in the medical/research field?

– Official medical information discovered?

– Knowledge or possession of recent scientific evidence?

– And perhaps provide links or explanations of how /why etc.


         If the Reader is a regular visitor to this Site

                       This is an Invitation

         Invitation MD

                          To please Do so!

There is always something new or …old to learn

and i am personally interested and open to learning

any Facts regarding Malassezia and its operations

and correcting my view – if there has been

any misinterpretation on my part

of my personal observations and experiences.


I am sure other Readers would be interested too …


In Several Entries throughout this Blog i have presented

some Informative Laboratory Research shedding more light

into the ways Malassezia operates – and some i have seen as

Supporting or Confirming my Own Observations and Findings

over a Five Year period – longer if pre-identification years

were included- when i was actually treating its symptoms

heavily and persistently with a variety of Oils and Ointments

           of all sorts, only to see them getting worse.


Below a small sample of Laboratory Research i have Presented

in earlier Entries throughout – with links to the sites provided.

                (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Malassezia and Lipids 1-R

Malassezia and Lipids 3-1

      Malassezia and Lipids on skin

 Of course it is the Elderly, the Ill and the Immuno-compromised

 that get the problems, even though or perhaps because their skins

            do not secret / provide  those … ‘Attracting Oils’???

 Noting here the difference between ‘presence‘ and ‘problems

 ‘Presence‘ is Natural if Malassezia is present as a Commensal

 while the ‘Problems‘ are created when it turns into a Pathogen  

                                       due to …  

               (Please Read Earlier Related Entries)


               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily *       

   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 




                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 


                                          Malassezia Daily WP.

                              To All Sonata Blog Visitors

 Although i am unable to engage in individual communications anymore

  I am always happy and interested receiving emails with your stories

experiences, suggestions, etc – and if suitable, publish in part or whole

   in the ‘Readers Contributions’ in the  *Malassezia Daily* section

  * Please State Clearly your Permission for your email to be Published*

         -Anonymously of course and without identifiable details –

otherwise they will be considered and treated as Private communications. 


  DC3 MD NEW              

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Malassezia – Quick Readers’ Questions & Keywords


      * READERS’ QUESTIONS & KEYWORDS  *            


         *Malassezia – Quick Readers’ Questions & Keywords*


                        More Info regarding Keywords below

                   Can be found in Earlier Entries in Both Blogs.


                      Q1- *does cuticura help with candida*

    Malassezia - Soap MD

   The reason i am addressing this Keyword is because

    many Readers confuse Malassezia and Candida 

    and – or simply do not know which one is causing them problems.

                             As far as i know

a) Candida is easily identified in medical tests

b) There is a lot more research done and therefore more known

     about it, due to being easier to grow in Laboratories

     since, it appears, it does not require the presence

     of Lipids as a growth Medium as is the case with Malassezia


– Cuticura is an antibacterial soap not sold in Australia

   and have not had a chance to trial, which is good

   because i doubt it would have been good for Malassezia

– According to tests results No Candida was found on me

   nor do i seem to exhibit any of its characteristic symptoms

           -although there are many that are similar-

   so i cannot offer any opinion as to whether it would help

                          – but my thinking is:

   If antibacterial soaps cured Candida there would not

   have been such plethora of ads and expensive kits

   promising – unique ways of curing it! Lol!

   Candida seems to be another high Recurrence devil…

                     And speaking about Devils…          .

                             K1- *sexia*

        Malassezia - SEXIA MD. jpg                    

                   Really? … You think so?

           I m sure ‘She’ will be Flattered, Lol!


               K2- *malassezia sexual cycle*

             Malassezia Cloning MD

    MalasSeXia SeXual Cycle means… Maniacal Cloning!

      Reminds me of a line in a Eurythmics Song;

   ‘…Sisters are doing it… for themselves…’  Lol!


                  K3- *pms and trichotillomania

                             Malassezia -Trich and Binging

PMS is a time when Trichilomania Flare-ups on Scalp

 and /or other Body areas can occur

a) Due to Hormonal changes and

b) Cravings and Binge Eating – especially on Sugars

(More in Earlier Specific Trichillomania and Scalp  Entries)

        A Theory of Trichotillomania.

        K4- *Malassezia and depression*

      Malassezia and Depression MD

                 Quick list of helpers


> Withania powder Capsules

   ( pictured above – Absolutely marvellous! )

> St John’s wart


> B Complex x 3 Daily

> Calcium – Magnesium supplements

> Melatonin

Avoid Sugars, Alcoholic Drinks, Artificial Additives

(More details in earlier Entries) 


K5- *malassezia in teeth*

         Malassezia in Teeth. jpg.

Yes… it does plague the Teeth as well…

I have not mentioned this before because

i have not been able to produce a presentable proof

or microscope confirmation but  i have had many

lip attacks, fewer tongue and side of mouth

and even the occasional brief throat attempt

       -fortunately no gum problems!-

so 98% certainty that it gathers on teeth is not unrealistic.


           To clarify this statement:

There are times i feel an overpowering bitter-sourly taste

in my mouth -usually a day prior to a Die Off  effect-

which i have come to identify as the Malassezia taste.

During those times, when i run tissue paper over my Teeth

it comes up with either an orange or a light lime-green hue on it

-both signs of Malassezia presence- and clear enough to see

with naked eye but not strong enough to show in photo

and neither collectable for viewing under microscope

-therefore the 98% certainty and the 2% missing ability

of proof presentation, unless one is there to witness.

Attempts to view saliva under Microscope were unsuccessful

due to saliva reflective quality – see details in Photo Entries.


My belief and observations indicate that usually

the ‘around and in mouth’ attacks are due to

> Sugary intake – would include Alcohol – and suspect

> Some Toothpaste/mouth Disinfecting products)

> Lack of Body Hydration forcing it to mouth, eyes, nostrils

    as well as genital areas are that naturally.

     (More about Hydration, Hygiene and Cosmetics products

      and Malassezia Behaviour caused by them, see earlier Entries) 


      K6- *shapoo with malassezia in it

Malassezia - Shampoo MD

Ok! … I admit i just cannot comprehend this one.

Who would want a Shampoo with Malassezia in it

when everyone would kill to find one that …Kills it? Lol!

Is someone trying to be funny?

I hope so … and it is appreciated

I would give anything for a good laugh 🙂


           K7- *pitryosporum folliculitis crawling*

         When crawling or Burning sensation is felt

                is best to immediately Rub-Wash

          with a harsh Face Cloth and Warm water. 


K8- *pussonpenis*

                        Malassezia ...pus sy

                   Oh Meow!… Which Puss? Lol!

Ok i must confess, i had to scrap completely an entire blog

and start from scratch after i discovered to my horror

          all the misspellings of Puss instead of Pus

           – due to the auto correct function-

    and was mortified at the laughs my Readers would have had

       especially when talking about private parts

            so lets get on to the serious question:

                          *puss on penis*

There can be many causes for pus on a penis

and i know …nothing about them other than vaguely

‘some kind of infection and help it not be a bad one’.

Malassezia is one of them and a bad one for that matter

due to the sensitivity of the area, the pain, persistence

recurrence and inconvenience that it causes.

Many Tips in earlier entries throughout both Blogs

and especially those dealing with the genital areas

may be helpful and worth reading and considering.


Assuming Symptoms in K9-K16 are caused by Malassezia  

K9-  *breast black line lesion*

K10- *black lesion itchy swollen*

K11- *black lumps on front vagina lips*

K12- *black dots on vagina lips*

K13- *blood filled bump on labia*

The appearing Black is Blood, either fresh, 

concentrated and encapsulated within the Lesion

where Malassezia will commence Cloning

or dried up on the surface while it is cloning underneath.

K14- *yeast infection sores on labia*

K15- *bump on lip of outer labia*

K16- *sores on labia*.

~More details in Earlier Related Entries in Both Blogs~


               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily *

 * Malassezia Health Quest *       

   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 




  DC3 MD NEW              

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Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1-150



                            Malassezia Daily Navigate

                     Story and Events Unfold in Chronological Order. 

                           Entries are Presented in Reverse order

                                    with Newer added at the top.

                  Starting from the Beginning and Reading in Sequence 

                  since entries are linked as steps to an unfolding story 

                                      they will make more Sense

                          and Help develp Better Understanding

                     Especially where Presented in Several Parts.


                                        The Story Starts in 

                                                       Malassezia Blog WP                                            

                                      >> Malassezia Blog                           

                             Deals with History of Treatments 

                                 Outcomes and Experiences 

                             From Beginning to Recent times  



                                  And Continues in

                                    Malassezia Daily WP.     


                       Entry Links and Listing Colours ( Below )

                      * Individual Entries – are listed in Red

                      * Entries presented in several parts – in Blue

                      * Polls and Communications – in Turquoise 

                      Readers’ Contributions – in Brown


                                   Malassezia Daily WP.

                              * LIST OF ENTRIES 1 – 150 *   

1- Malassezia and Peroxide QA

2- Malassezia Lethal :) 

3- Methylated Spirits D

4- Malassezia Human 🙂

5- Peroxide D 

6- Humidity D

7- Malassezia and H/Peroxide QA

8- Malassezia and Bleach QA

9- Malassezia Recent Discoveries DM

10-Malassezia Black Specks QA

11-Malassezia: Perspiration / Humidity – again! DM

12-Malassezia and Open Wounds – QA

13-An Assorted Selection of Gems – H

14-Intestinal Detoxification

15-  Malassezia Little Treasures of … MisSpellinfs!

16-Malassezia Sand- Spider and Shivers – K

17-Malassezia On Carpets – QA           

18-Treatments: “Big Difference-No Difference” – D


19-Malassezia Categories of Treatments (1) – D

20-Malassezia Categories of Treatments (2) – D

21-Malassezia Categories of Treatments (3) – D

22-Malassezia Categories of Treatments (4) – D 

23-Malassezia Categories of Treatments (5)-D


24-Malassezia Yeast, Morgellons, Demodex or Parasites? 

25-Malassezia and Coconut Oil – QA 

26-Malassezia Everywhere… – H & QA

27-Malassezia: SeaSalt-Salt+Water… or Seawater! – QA

28-Malassezia Hyphae under Digital Microscope? – QA 

29-Malassezia Into Skin & Lesion Cheesy Centers – QA

30-Malassezia: Treatment- Relocation – Attack –DM 

31-Malassezia and Probiotics – K

32-Malassezia Funny Snippets with Serious Content-H-QA

33-Malassezia Deterers – Soothers – Healers Application

34-Malassezia Updates and Answers to YOUR Questions

35-Malassezia – ‘Dying Off’ Symptom – K

36-Malassezia and This or That or … Other – K–QA

37-Malassezia – Can it Cause Bad Breath? – K

38-Malassezia – Can it Cause Back Pain? QA

39-Malassezia – Male – Female Genital Sores – QA–K

40-Malassezia – Active Living – Work Environment – DM

41-Malassezia – Lurking on Equipment? – QA

42-Malassezia in the Environment – K

43-Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM

44-Malassezia Research and Attitude – DM

45-Morgellons&Demodex Symptoms-Malassezia Solutions


46-Malassezia~Home & Lab Observations -PT1-D

47-Malassezia~Home & Lab Observations-PT2-D


48-Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(1)

49-Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(2)

50-Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(3) 

51-Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(4)

52-Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(5)

53-Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(6)

54-Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(7)

55-Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(8)

56-Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(9)



69-  Malassezia‘NewDiscoveries–Photos’Follow Up(PT2-5) 


58-Malassezia and Atypical TB – Lungs – QA


59-Malassezia and the Coconut Shampoo Calamity (1)

60-Malassezia and the Coconut Shampoo Calamity (2)


61- Malassezia – Morgellons – Quick GG – Search 


62Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily! 

63- Malassezia ~ Diet – Choice Between ‘Two Evils’ 


64- Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(1) 

65- Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(2) 


66- Malassezia ‘New Discoveries–Photos’ Series 2- (PT1) 

67- Malassezia ‘New Discoveries–Photos’ Series 2- (PT2) 


68- ‘Malassezia – Acidophilus Round 2 & The 8 Hour Kill?’ 


69-  Malassezia‘NewDiscoveries–Photos’Follow Up(PT2-5) 


70- Malassezia Readers Keywords – Quick Answers 

71- Malassezia Green and the Lung Experiment 

72-  Malassezia in the Kidneys and Transverse Colon 


73-  Malassezia: Diary Photos of Innocent Times (PT1) 

74-  Malassezia: Diary Photos of Innocent Times (PT2) 


75- Malassezia Readers Keywords and … More … gellons! 

76- Malassezia:UnderBreast &Toe~Healing-Maintenance 


77- Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT1) 

78- Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2) 

78- Ways to Reduce–Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2-B)

79- Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT3) 


                                          80- Malassezia: Which? … Where?… and …The Invisible!


 81- Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 1)

 82- Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 2)

 83- Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 3)

 84- Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 4)

 85Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 5)

 86- Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT6 )

 87- Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT7)

 88Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT8)

 89Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT9)

 90- Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT10)

 91-  Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT11)

 92- Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT12)


93-  Malassezia – And The ‘Miracle Oils’ Saga goes On…

94-  Malassezia ~ Kill or Cure 

95 Malassezia – How and Why It Thrives! 

96- Malassezia – False Statements of ‘Cure’


97- Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2) 

98- Malassezia ~ Probiotic Warning (Pt 3)


99- Malassezia ~ Wine … Dine and …Burp!


100- Malassezia ~ Acidophilus – More Proof!

101- Malassezia- Probiotic Saccharomyces Warning (PT4)   

102- Malassezia ~ Acidophilus Results-How it Works Best


103Malassezia ~ More about Male / Female Genital Sores


104Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT1) 

105Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT2)


106Malassezia ~ Its Double Role in Immunity


107- Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 1) 

108- Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 2) 

109Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 3) 

110- Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 4)

111- Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol! (PT 5)

112 Malassezia ~ Cold – Crazy and Starving – Lol!(PT 6)


113- Malassezia~Mala…mela…massa…lezia…lexia…sexia?

114- Malassezia ~ *Site – Topics – Info* ~ Your Say!


115- Malassezia ~ Scalp – Trich & Trichillomania(PT1)

116- Malassezia ~ Scalp – Trich & Trichillomania(PT2)

117-Malassezia Reader Communications – Please Read!


118- Controlling Malassezia (PT1)

119– Controlling Malassezia (PT 2)


120- Malassezia ~ and the Demodex & Scabies Mites


121– Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT1)

122- Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT2)

123- Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT3)


124- Malassezia~ ‘Qs & As’– Funny & Serious (PT1)

125- Malassezia~ ‘Qs & As’– Funny & Serious (PT2/1)

126- Malassezia~ ‘Qs & As’– Funny & Serious (PT2/2)


                                          127- Malassezia ~ Sunburn – Ozone and Infra Red

                                          128- Malassezia – Between the Odd and the Meaningful…

                                          129- Malassezia ~ Considerations…

                                          130- Malassezia ~ To and From the Pool

                                          131- Malassezia ~ How Fast can it Spread

                                          132- Malassezia ~ Pityrosporum Folliculitis

                                          133- Malassezia Furfur ~ Yeast or Mycelia

                                                  Malassezia ~ Another Accidental Discovery!

                                          134- Malassezia – Vibration and Sound

                                          135- Malassezia ~ Fermented Foods Trial Results

                                         136- Malassezia ~ Candida – Are they the same?


                                          137- Malassezia – and Body Hydration (PT1)

                                          138- Malassezia – and Body Hydration (PT 2)


                                           139- Malassezia – Massmalezia-More Fun…Misspellinfs! 🙂

                                           140- Malassezia ~ Helpful Hints

                                           141- Malassezia ~ And a House on Fire…

                                           142- Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 

                                           143- Malassezia – Quick Readers’ Questions & Keywords


                                           144- Malassezia-Best Ways to Reduce in the Intestines P1

                                           145- Malassezia-Best Ways to Reduce in the Intestines P2


146- Malassezia ~ Non-Healing Sores & the Nail Test


147- ~ New Malassezia Blog! ~


                                             148- Malassezia and Morgellons Circles of Misfortune


                                                     * Malassezia ~ Readers’ Contributions*                                                                          –

                                                1Malassezia Readers Contributions – Sea and C

                                                2- Malassezia~Readers’Contributions-Horse or Zebra?      

   3- Malassezia: A Handful of Precious Gems


* * *

                1-Malassezia-Morgellons-Demodex-Poll Category

        2-Malassezia and You – General Questions Poll 

        3- Morgellons and You – General Questions Poll

        4-Demodex and You – General Questions Poll

        5- Malassezia ~ *Site – Topics – Info* ~ Your Say!

        6- Malassezia Reader Communications – Please Read!

        7- Malassezia ~ Reader Participation – My Thanks! 🙂

        8- Malassezia ~ Priority of Keywords Selection


                                          First time Visitors 



                             Malassezia Daily Navigate

                                         First time Visitors 

                 Having landed on a particular entry somewhere on this site

                         determined by Search Keywords,

                             may find some helpful hints

                              on how to proceed in order

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Malassezia ~ And a House on Fire…



       * Malassezia ~ And a House on Fire… *


               Malassezia - House on Fire


               There was a time way back, that acting out of desperation

i would don on my Body any substance with the potential to kill

             without the slightest consideration of possible consequences    


   Malassezia Daily 5 Year Revision


                      Through Experimentation, Trial and Error

                         and Close Methodical Observation

                      i came to develop better Understanding


                   Learned the Importance of  Understanding :


* What it is All About

* How the Yeast Operates

* How to Recognise:

> Symptoms – Visible or Sensed

> Presence and Stages of its Development

* How Behind the Topical Visible

  There is the Larger, Hidden or Invisible

* How the ‘Only Minor – Now’ 

   Can Develop to an Unbearable

   and Unmanageable Condition – Later


                       About Treatments

                       Understanding that

    1) There is No Permanent Solution

   Unless All Causes are Removed

         and Previously Existing

   Normal Balance can be Restored

2) Almost All Remedies are 

> Temporary Solutions

> Temporary Solutions offer Temporary Relief

> Most Chemical Temporary Relief Solutions

   Encourage the Perpetuation of the Condition

> Some Temporary Solutions

   May have Successful but Messy Results

> The ‘Temporary’ aspect is disguised by

   ->The Topical Result

   -> The Brief Topical Symptom Relief, and

   -> Inability to perceive the whole picture

        of the entire ‘network’ operation

   -> Luck of Knowledge and Failure Recognising

       The Connection of the Resulting Aggravation

        as a Contributing Part of the Solution

        due to the Yeast / Fungus motility

        and consequent Change of Symptom Location.

                  Most Importantly, that

3) Our Best Defender is Our Immune System

     Malassezia Defender

4)  Constantly or Long Term Bombarding with Chemicals

                  an Immuno-compromised Body

                   in an effort to Control Malassezia

                                  is much like

                              Pouring Petrol

                House on Fire MD

                 On a House that has Caught Fire! 

           If Malassezia is causing problems

                 then our Body (House)

             is Already in some trouble (has caught Fire…)

   5)  Understanding that

Our Body may be Our vehicle

but it is also a Living Creature of Its Own

Obeying its Inherent Natural Laws.

Often our Neglectful or Ignorant ways of living

and the hidden from our view, knowledge

and understanding of Its Intricate Operations

Violate and Cause It a lot of Harm and Pain!

Some of the Pain caused by our Ignorance

we get to experience ‘with and through It’

and some of it, It suffers on Its own

unable to tell us Its story and Its needs

or how we can Help It heal…

We have invented many ways

to hash Its signals and mute Its Pain

while going on doing the wrong things

        over and over and over

until one day we get a Louder and Clear Call

that cannot be hashed or ignored anymore

and when this happens, more often there are

No Pain Free, No Friendly, Soothing Solutions…

Nor any clear insightful understanding of how

We have Actually Contributed to such result

 which usually appears as if it springs on us

 as Unexpected Shocking Surprise…  


    Through Trial and Error

 I have also Learned the Hard Way


               “Ten Wrong Actions do Not equal a Right One!”


                             Only Through Developing

                       A Fair Degree of Understanding

                             And Applying Right Action

                                      I have Gained

                                The Ability to Control

                              And the Power to Defend

       Fighting Malassezia MD

                                    All I have Learned

          –but for very little kept private for personal reasons–

                           Is Shared and Available for All                                    

                            Throughout the Pages of

 Malassezia Blogs - Sonata MD


                              May Positive Healing Force

                                           Guide You

                     Through Your Journey of Discoveries… 



               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily *    


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Readers Questions Answered
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 

   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 




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Malassezia- Next Update Due


             * Malassezia ~ Next Update Due *

   Malassezia Update Due

  * Near all Keywords i have been finding recently

    are similar and revolving around issues

    i have already dealt extensively in several Entries.


  * Recent events mentioned earlier

   (succession of accidents landing me in a wheelchair)

    have made it necessary to make changes

    and employ new means in order to address

    current needs and improve my condition.


    These changes and additional measures

    have produced a noticeable impact on Malassezia.

    Given that any changes always have some initial effect

    it will take time before i can safely establish

    whether there is anything worthwhile to report

    either in regards to the above mentioned changes

    or any new -not already dealt with- Keywords. 

    I estimate around end Dec 14 should be adequate time

     (provided i am still …above ground! Lol!)

                             Jan 2015

      I have been very hard throughout December

              and have a Lot of Material to Publish

              including New…ish Keywords.

                            More Soon!


               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily *       

   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 



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Malassezia ~ Helpful Hints


                            * HELPFUL HINTS *

           Malassezia Helpful Hints 


                                  * Malassezia – Helpful Hints*


Malassezia Keyword MD

          K1: * hhelp me itching stinging sensation ,brown spots,

             numb genitals, losing eyelashes, brown spots on skin *


                   No Matter the Name of Symptoms and Condition

       Folliculitis, Pityrosporum, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Blepharitis

                             No Matter the Area of Manifestation  

                    Scalp, Hair, Ears, Eyes, Nose, Lips, Face

                        Neck, Chest, Shoulders, Back, Belly

                               Buttocks, Genitals, Anus,

                     Legs, Feet, Toes, Finger/Toe Nails, Skin

                            -have i forgotten anything? Lol!-  

        The Principles of Management and Control are the Same

                          Management and Control as

                     * Boosting of General Immunity

                     * Friendly Skin Flora Promotion and Protection

                     * ‘Live Nutrient’ Providing Diet

                     * Hygiene and Choice of Treatment/s

                       (Natural or Chemical – Internal or External )           


 * The Longer the Duration and Severity of Skin Corrosion

   the Longer it takes for the Skin to Heal

   Thus, creating Perpetual Wounds and Vulnerability

    Attracting  Continual or Cyclic attacks 

    Weekening ability of fast or complee healing

    giving the impression of never healing.    

    Natural Deterrents Facilitating Fast Healing can Help


  *  Once an Area is totally clear, any treatment

      i.e killing, healing, or preventative should be stopped

      especially if containing chemical elements

      (such as Talc powders containing Aluminium)

     to allow Balance and Restoration

     of Natural Defence and Beneficial Flora

      unless vulnerable to Recurrent attacks, in which case

     a Natural harmless deterrent would be preferable.


  * A Good Diet is Comprised of Three Equally Important Parts

   1) Providing Abundance of Bio-available Live Nutrients

   2) Preservation of Live Nutrients where Cooking is required

   3) Exclusion of All Burdening and Disturbance creating Ingredients

       such as either

   a) Foods Processed, Altered and Devitalised

   b) Containing Chemical, Artificial Substances.


 * A Sign of Yeast Dying on Impact Externally

    after application of some substances

    is often the resulting Burning and/or Bubbles

   -excluding Acidophilus which acts in a Slow but Painless way.


* Breathable Cottons are Best for Skin Contact

  such as Underwear, Vests, Singlets etc.

  Synthetics appear to cause activity and intensify Itching


              * A Natural Firm Bristle Bamboo Body Brush

                          Body Brush MD

      Is Ideal for Exfoliating Dead Brown Malassezia Sticky Film

       I recently purchased two – the soft bristle one is useless

                           the Firm Bristle is Perfect!

                            It can also relieve Itching

                      and remove active Malassezia grit.

              A long handle is helpful for difficult to reach areas.

          A Medium handle as above gives a  better grip and angle

                      for vigorous more effective brushing.

                                 I use it on Dry skin

            and intend to purchase one for Bath Scrubbing 

           although  an Old rough/coarse Face Cloth is excellent

       Malassezia -Symptoms- Names- Management        

               Please Read Earlier Related Entries


               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily * 

            Malassezia Health Quest *


   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 




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Malassezia – Massmalezia-More Fun…Misspellinfs! :)


                            * More Fun… Misspellinfs *

                      Malassezia Fun Typos MD 


                         Not Sure if they are genuine Typos

              or if People  are not sure about the Name or Spelling

           -many Visitors from Non English Speaking Countries etc-

                                           or  Simply

                            Some Readers Enjoy the Fun

                         and Contribute… Mischievously! 🙂


                            Below is the Latest addition to

                         the … Malsalsezia Gem Collection

Malassezia Fun Typos TX MD

                        For More Fun click on the Link Below

   113- Malassezia~Mala…mela…massa…lezia…lexia…sexia?                                        

                   * Jan 2015: A Lot More coming Soon! 🙂



               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily *       

   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 





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