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Malassezia ~ Acidophilus Results-How it Works Best



    3- Acidophilus – How it Works Best


             Acidophilus MD


   I always keep the Acidophilus Mix container on top of the Urn

         in order to be on  a par with my Body temperature.

       Although it keeps well for 24 hours and often longer

             i prefer to prepare a smaller Fresh batch 

             and keep replacing as often as needed.


One Night i decided to keep a small batch at room temperature

by my bed side cabinet – rather than have to get up if did not need to.

By morning i noticed with surprise that, even though i had not used it 

 it had developed a rather prominent Sour smell as if it had gone off

                yet not particularly unpleasant


I thought perhaps it might have been contaminated by Yeast  

prior to putting the Mix in it because the smell was similar

to one i detect sometimes in the Panty Liners  

after a few hours of an obvious Malassezia attack having taken place.


I have not been able to determine whether it means that Acidophilus

has  given  its battle and died or it was caused by Malassezia Interaction

or whether the smell might even be produced by Dead Malassezia instead

either being accidentally present as in the case of contamination

        or during a  treatment of an attack.


    Acidophilus gives off a distinct Sour smell in the Yoghurt

 which means it has digested the Milk Protein

but it is Not Dead otherwise one would not be able to make

a New batch of  Yoghurt  using a small portion of it as a Culture.


Malassezia has a very distinct mix of bitter and sour taste

Yuck 1

which i often discover on my lips immediately after a meal 

especially if Fruity or whenever it goes after moisture / humidity.

It also produces a Horrible Sour ‘Off’ Sewerage like smell

during a ‘Die Off’ episode – naturally more potent

due to coming from the intestinal canal, so it is hard to tell

if the outside Sour smell is a Good sign indicating

    Acidophilus having Terminated Malassezia

or a Bad one meaning Acidophilus gone off

or Both Acidophilus and Malassezia are dead in the Battle Field, Lol!…


Nevertheless, i prefer to rely on my nose even if rather fussy

instead of deductive assumptions until i’m able to verify Facts,

so i Prefer to keep a Small Batch, Warm  near Body Temperature

and Clean up Area and Replace Pad or Panties

and Prepare a New Batch of Acidophilus Mix when smell is detected.

Keeping it  Warm, as close to Body Temperature as possible but No higher

sets it Ready for Immediate Action – much like the making of a  Yoghurt  Batch

      Requiring Warm Environment and Time …


The Pros – i Know of – Keeping Acidophilus Warm:

Freshly Baked

– Ready for Action Immediately before Malassezia tries to escape.

– Takes Shorter time to do the job

– Keeps a Pleasant Freshly Baked Bread Fragrance

– Lasts Longer 


     For Best Results


– The Capsules must be High Billions Potency of Acidophilus Bifidobacteria

– The Capsules Must be Fresh for Maximum Number of LIve Bacteria

–  Area must be Washed Well -prior to Application- with Warm Water 

  Soap or Other Chemical Free

– The Area must be Adequately Saturated with Acidophilus Bacteria

    by Frequent Applications or a well Soaked Cotton Wad with the Mix

   and Mix must Not be too watered down –  1 Capsule +2-3 Tbs Water

– Area Must Not Contain Any

  Anti-fungal, Anti-Bacterial or other Chemicals

   that may Kill It – or render Its action Ineffective.

– Seawater does not appear to inhibit Acidophilus action

   neither do it any harm but not absolutely sure. 

– ( Salt+ Water may affect Acidophilus as is not the same as Seawater)


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