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Malassezia ~ Acidophilus – More Proof !



          * 1- Acidophilus – Silent Knight at Work! *

          * 2- Acidophilus – The Clean Up! *


     1- Acidophilus – Silent Knight at Work!


       This is the Toe Receiving Daily Acidophilus Protective Maintenance

 as described in the Entry

   78- Malassezia:UnderBreast &Toe~Healing-Maintenance 

Malassezia Infected and Healing Toe


            Wrapped in Acidophilus Soaked Cotton Wad

     and ‘Sealed’ with a round of Sports Rigid tape Elastoplast

         one would tend to think it should be enough protection

           to keep Malassezia away – but this is far from reality.

                       As i have already mentioned before

Malassezia primarily tends to Avoid an Acidophilus treated area

 but there are certain areas that it stubbornly and persistently pursues

               perhaps due to Suitability for Settling into 

           and Vulnerability of Skin area created by damage

               caused after Repeated long term attacks.

         So in these cases it only deters it from settling in the area

                          and given time, Acidophilus kills it

                                 but it does not always stop it 

                      from Invading the area  and Attempting to Settle

               especially when it has reached Cloning maturity.


           Below is the Proof!

                  Left Side Cotton Wad Wrapping 

  Normal Clean White –  indicating Malassezia avoided the area.

  (A touch of colour on the side is due to briefly touching the other wad)

                 Right Side Cotton Wad Wrapping 

     Brightly Coloured Fluorescent Green Lime

       indicating Malassezia Invaded  but –confirming- that either

 did Not attempt Settling or was Not Let  or Killed by Acidophilus.

Malassezia onToe1-1MD  

                                (Click on Photo to Enlarge)

         Had i not Protected the Toe with the Acidophilus Wrap

           i would have woken up to another painful disaster of

          an imbedded cloning maniac and a four week havoc

                       and most likely another Nail Loss…


            2- Acidophilus – The Clean Up! 

     New Container – New Experiment.

This is the type of Container i keep under the Urn

for rinsing my hands into, during Daily /Nightly Malassezia Maintenance.

The Urn provides constant customised 35C water temperature..

   Malassezia free Bucket

         I Usually empty the Rinsing water every Second Rinse or so

                  to keep it Clean and avoid Malassezia growth.

For the Experiment though i let it Accumulate approximately 5cm max water

          and let it stand until necessary to empty –without cleaning–

 in order to Build a Rim and a Smooth Base after a few days – as it did.


I did not take a photo thinking there was only a wild chance for any result

worth recording, knowing the apparent slow action of Acidophilus

combined with the cost involved in wasting capsules for the experiment

instead of protecting my body.


But i did go ahead with it, starting to Rinse Acidohilus off my hands

immediately after every splash of it on any part of my Body

thus the Acidophilus now was collecting in the Container together with

  the … ‘FluorOrange-SSezia’… and a possible  ‘In-Bucket’  Battle.


                     Within a couple of days of doing so

     i noticed the evenly laid Orange Base was starting to thin out 

         until progressively two large white ‘holes’ appeared

       then the Base turning increasingly back to its initial White.

Malassezia in Bucket 1

    A Previous experiment showed that when the water was missing

the Orange just dried and died turning into a dull orange-brownish colour

    but remained even at the base and did not thin out.


In this case though, it seems like it was either ‘Dislodged’ or ‘Eaten up’?

                                        by Acidophilus!..

   Malassezia in Bucket 

                       What was initially an Evenly  Orange Base

                          Joined by the Upper thick Orange Rim

   was now Cleared up by the Acidophilus Presence and Action

(Second photo -above- was taken days later when more base was cleared white)


I conducted the same experiment twice with the same results, i.e

i let it build an even Base of Malassezia first – then started collecting

rinsed Acidophilus off my hands until the base started to thin out again.

Having Confirmed Acidophilus Result i proceeded to add in the water

         the same Heavy duty Bleach i had tested some time back

             in the very First experiment – and within a short time

the remaining layer on the base and part of the sides was detouched

                and  flaked off into largish filmy Orange Strips.

             Interestingly when i discarded it in the wash basin

                  while going down the drain

        it kept making bubbles and some rather loud hissing sounds.

Perhaps some of it still alive?… or some Basin creatures dying by the Bleach?


I have also experimented some time back with several substances

such as Pyrithione Shampoo, Toothpaste, Hand Wash liquid etc

 but None produced any results or any sign of effect

  except for some Heavy Duty Beach i had tested in the Initial experiment

                See Entry: 8- Malassezia and Bleach QA   


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