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Malassezia Readers Keywords and … More … gellons!



            * Malassezia and …More…gellons… *

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         K1:  * demodex or morgellons * 


   If the Question is in regards to the Appearance of the ‘Creature’

     only a Microscope or a Lab Test can tells which one it is .

    The question confronted with of course

    is who/what determines what the Morgellons ‘Creature’ looks like…


    If the question is in regards to Symptoms then the problem

    is even more complicated, because from my own frantic research

    way back when trying to determine what my own 

    tormenting ‘Creature’ was, the symptoms available,  

          jumbled up and as confusing as anything

             were as similar as could be described

    and to this day i still wonder if they are correctly ascribed

    and attributed to each case,  so … i will keep hands off this one.              

    If one is serious, since the Demodex is medically recognised

    and can be detected, one can either request a lab test 

    or purchase a Microscope and start viewing their own samples.

   There are many photos of Demodex on Google Images to compare

   and below is the only one we think we caught some way back.

Demodex Comparison MD

Left Top one is Our Sample the others are Google Comparisons


K2:  *morgellons vs scabies*  

      I believe the abbreviation ‘vs’ here is used as ‘comparison’

            rather as ‘against, opposed, contrasted’, etc

         in which case pretty much All of the above apply here too.


  K3:  * difference between demodex mites and malassezia *

           The same as K1 and K2 


        K4:  *morgellons under microscope*  

    A Typical ‘Mala-gellons’ case?

     I remember back when i had thought initially we had Lice,

then Scabies, then Demodex and then i had seen and compared

some of the Top Row Photos (below) with the ones all over my Body

     and was convinced for a little while that i had Morgellons,

              until i visited Forums and did some Research.


                                 Below (Top Row)

      A small sample of Comparison Photos of Morgellons

                      with Some of Mine (Bottom Row)

 Malassezia - Malagellons ComparisonMD

1)The Lesions- 2)The Cheesy Centers in them- 3)The Scratch Lines

     ( and  the Thumb Nails (Top 3) are also heavily Infected.)

4) I had seen these fibre like threads in the Digital Microscope

   but had dismissed them as possible hairlike fibres

    from the air / dust / towels, environment or items i had touched

  so i did not bother taking any photos.

   That until i saw them in Google as Morgellons fibres…

   and later on ( Nr 4 Bottom Row ) as Malassezia Google image

           and i knew they had been Malassezia Hyphae

              as they appeared under Digital Microscope

of a lesser magnification and clarity compared to the Biological one.

     So!… i see it as a Mala-gellons under Microscope!…


               Incidentally… Nr 4 Bottom Row G/Image

             looks very much like the Recently Published

               ‘Beaded’ hyphae  Ones of mine…

Malassezia and G-Images Comparison

                                  (Click on  photo to enlarge)


  K5:  * morgellons in intestines *  

                           Another Mala-gellons?…

          I have already written about Malassezia in the intestines

                                in various of my entries.

             If Enemas help Temporarily Relieve Congestion

                       in the Lower and Transverse Colon

             perhaps the same might apply to Mala-gellons?…

   Enemas for mala-gellons


     K6:  * morgellons hair follicles hairs *  

                I am guessing this means

             ‘morgellons hair follicles – hairs ‘

           i.e. Hair/Fibre/Hyphae in Hair Follicles?

Malassezia Infected Hair Follicles

     Some Infected Hair Follicles looked under Digital Microscope

can appear Monstrously Alien with strange Fibres sprouting out of them

  but they are just normal hairs … not seen under microscope before!

     Of course i am unable to evaluate what the Reader has seen

or a photo of their observation and i am only guessing what they may mean.

                            ( For Colour Malassezia Filaments 

        See in  Photos Section here – and in  * Malassezia Blog * )


K7:  * what are the big blobs forming in my legs from morgellons*  

                         Speaking in Malassezia terms

             it sounds like the Blob like particles

are semi-Solidified stage Malassezia

                soon to develop Hyphae, Dig-in and start Cloning…

    Malassezia Blobs

(Semi-Solidified Ear Blobs)


K8:  * yeast infection and morgellons *  

             Hmm! …what shall i make of this one?..

                 ‘Yeast Infection AND Morgellons’

                       Would the Reader  mean

            “Comparison” of Yeast infection and Morgellons?

                      It sounds very much like it.

               I just hope i have presented enough material

       to show they are Both as Alike as Twins rather than Different

       in many respects, such as Symptoms as well as Appearance


  And if they Are… then i could say with Certainty…(below)


   K9:  * sesame oil for morgellons *  

       NO! … Sesame Oil -or ANY OIL– would NOT DO Good!


    K10:  * morgellons yeast *  

 I like the term, seems to Incorporate Both… ‘Morgs and Sezia’, Lol

       B G D

     Should it have been named  …Morgssezia?… or Malagellons?



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