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Malassezia – Male – Female Genital Sores – QA–K



   Malassezia Keywords


   Malassezia Male-Female Genital Sores

 Malassezia male-female genital sores MF



    Malassezia-male-female genital sores M

*K1 * itchy sores on penile shaft *

*K2 * bump with white puss on penis *

*K3 * genital herpes paper cut *

                      * * *



*K4* malassezia vaginal * 

*K5 * malassezia vulva *

*K6 * blood filled sore on vagina *

*K7 * bump inside vagina left side *

*K7 * genital herpes paper cut *

*K8* pictures of pus filled or burst pus bumps on vagina *

*K9 * burning sensation in vagina + blepharitis *

*K10 * malassezia treatment women *

Malassezia-male-female genital sores

*Q * why is the inside of the labia bumpy *


This is a question only a doctor might be able to answer

and most likely after examination and tests done. 


I will only refer to similar Malassezia symptoms and characteristic. 


There are Three types of Bumps that appear to form

-or try to form-  persistently on the Labia and Vulva in ladies 

and on the Penis in men.


                     One is a Shallow Flattish Bump 

               that usually opens into a Paper Scratch Line.

It hurts very much and lasts for 3-5 days.

Malassezia Burst Bump


Another is a Purple Blood filled Bump, 

Itchy and hurts deep when touched. 


Malassezia Purple Bump


And the third type is a Spherical one, round like a pea

but the size of a rice grain much like the Purple Bump

but Protruding rather than lying on the skin.

It appears suddenly just inside or around the Vulva.

 It hurts unbearably even at the lightest touch.

 It feels like filled with Malassezia liquid or Blood – likely both!

and appears as if it is burrowed in a way that it cannot break open

like the scratch line sores – and is eventually absorbed by the body.

I have felt them by touch but have never seen them 

under the digital microscope being more rare than the other two.


All seem to last for approx 3- 5 days.

What i do not know for certain is:


 a) Whether they are actually Three distinctly different types 

with one common characteristic of burrowing under the same type

of blood rich area and developing up to different stages 

-i.e some unable to complete the cycle


b)  Whether it is really only One type of Bump 

    that varies in size  and appearance 

    depending on the particular spot where it burrows 

    and whether or how far it does get to complete its cycle


c) Whether they only last 3-5 days -because they do not get to develop fully

     or Only because i treat them with Seawater and Acidophilus bacteria.

(Acidophilus diluted in a little water 2-3 times daily and Seawater at Bedtime.)


There is a deep painful prickly digging-in sensation

which goes on intermittently for a half hour or so

        Before the Purple Bumps form.


When I do feel this happening i act immediately applying either

Acidophilus or Seawater Repeatedly in order to Saturate the area

and successfully Prevent it from forming

– except when it happens during sleep.


The other two types usually are preceded by the Burning sensation

and i also act immediately washing the area thoroughly with warm water

and an old harsh to the touch facecloth, scrubbing hard

and then scrubbing dry to remove Malassezia in its liquid form.

When acting immediately it works but any delay allows it to settle

and form Bumps and Lesions.


I do not use anything else other than Seawater or Acidophilus  

because whenever i have done so in the past

the results were painful and disastrous.


The most important thing is to act immediately

as soon as either Burning Itching, Pricking or Digging-in is felt

and never fail to wash and dry the area thoroughly after urinating.


When any similar sensation is felt inside the vagina,

i immediately wash the walls with a warm water wet cotton wad

then dry with a dry facecloth and insert an Acidophilus capsule

 as far up  near the Cervix as can be reached

as it has the tendency to follow gravity …lol!…


Repeated applications usually prevent Malassezia from settling inside

so a close watch must be kept for the Vulva and Labia areas

as they are its equally and naturally preferred places.


 Some Slithering-in and especially Crawling sensations are also alerting signs.


(For Blepharitis see about Aloe Vera Malassezia and This or That…” )


   For additional Photos and Info see * Malassezia Bog*





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