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Malassezia and the Coconut Shampoo Calamity(2)



 Malassezia Maintenance


   * Malassezia ~ Product Clarification and Warning *


*Malassezia and the Coconut Shampoo Calamity (2) *
Malassezia Coconut Calamity 4 


  Below the Two Shampoo Containers Side by Side

 My Regular on the Left – The New one on the Right

Minor Design Changes are easily observed

     such as an Improved Lighter Pump…

Malassezia and Shampoo1

and a Red droplet? of supposedly …silky hair???


    But then looking closer i noticed something

                            that could Possibly be an indicator

                             of a more Significant Change 

    in the Contents of the Shampoo ….

Malassezia and Shampoo 2

 Contains Zinc Pyrithione 1% w/w

   Was ‘Zinc P’ Dropped or Reduced???

Would they have left out of Prominent display

                          Such an Important Ingredient

                        for an aesthetic look of the Bottle?…


Then i Checked the List of Ingredients on Both Containers

                                to see how they Compared 


   Top: The Old one – Bottom: The New one

Malassezia and Sampoo Ingredients


      Exactly same Number and Name of Ingredients

but Volume / Weight / Percentage of Each is Not listed

to afford comparison / confirmation of Changes – IF any…


Perhaps as long as all Ingredients are listed

there is no requirement listing percentages

        and /or changes in formula.


A Lot of ‘Lethal’ ingredients in the List of Contents

       – much like most other Shampoos –

    which i elected not to research to avoid the horror

  that comes with the knowledge of the detail

             except for two –below– that might be related

                        to the indicators of Change.


 –  Strong, ‘Thick’ Coconut (Oily) Fragrance

–  Oily ‘Heavy’ Feel of Bath Water

–  New Yeast Proliferation on every inch of my Scalp/Body

    (similar to my Previous OIL Experience) *


Possible Related Ingredients:


  Malassezia and COCAMIDE

                All Shampoos i have checked so far contain

    – often more than one Coconut Fatty acids in some Form and Name –

so the difference would be in the Proportionate weight / volume etc

    to the other ingredients especially the number and quantity

           of other type of Oils and of total shampoo weight.



Is it … ‘The’…  Coconut one that drove me Crazy???


In a Guessing Game of Possibilities 

i can see a number of Potential Combinations

 of ‘Increased / Decreased / Unchanged’ ingredients.


    And again, in a Guessing Game of Possibilities

going by the Indications and Effects on my Scalp and Body

i would guess there is a Definite Coconut Related Change

whether as ‘Fragrance’ or ‘Cocamide MEA’ or Other Type

and Possibly – also guessing – a Reduction in Zinc potency

   indicated by the Omission of  ZP 1% w/w on the New Container

              rather than on result and effects noticed

        much too complicated and even harder to verify

             no matter if or how obvious they might be.


Now because the Strong Smell was the Only established indication

        of change, while the other two could have a different cause

and because i never like jumping into quick conclusions and risk falsity

             i decided to Continue using it for a Few More Days

              and watch for results like a hawk from every angle

making sure it had been trialled for at least a full week as a minimum

   or until the detrimental effect got too strong and too painful levels

          and having to face longer fight and distress in my hands.

When i made sure it was getting worse and was too obvious

              that there was no other lead to any other source 

         i simply gave it up.


              I could have phoned the company to find out … or not…

but i prefer to go by the results on my Body that can detect the minutest

offences much like the Princess and the Pea under the 8th mattress!…


    Even if there was no significant change and only fragrance added

       i simply and regrettably cannot stand the overpowering smell

       unless there were any strong indications against Malassezia 

                    rather than as Negative  as are standing 

                       i prefer to avoid any unnecessary risk

                                        and in the end

                  Zinc Pyrithione alone cannot help much

    especially drowned among other Opposing or Neutralising elements

     such as Cocoa Fats, Fragrant Oils, Methyl /Acetyl Alcohols etc

                    already present as it is in most shampoos.


        The reason i have written all this in such detail is that

        i have been mentioning this particular H&S Shampoo

                  as Effective and one of my Daily helping tools

         and this may have prompted some people to try it 

           or come to rely on it as a partial solution to their problem

                      so i feel i have an obligation to report

  in order that each person can be aware of possible changes

        watch out for any effect on their particular problem

       IF of course the Formula on their side of Planet

              has happened to have Changed as well.


            For myself i decided reluctantly to simply Jump Ship

    and have gone back to an old harmless Baby Body Wash i used

      before i replaced it with the H&S – and i am now on the lookout

          for a new Shampoo while using sparingly the Old H&S

            which i pinched and exchanged with my husband

        whose Body is better equipped in fighting of Malassezia.


             Since i dropped it and went back to the Old one

                             Peace has been restored

                     All is Clear and Near Normal again!


Incidentally, while preparing this entry i have been surrounded all day

by the same Coconut cloud and wandering where is it coming from

then remembered that while i was transferring both Old and New

Containers form our Bathrooms in order to take the above Photos,

i was cradling them with my arm and leaning them onto my Chest

so i would not drop them, and the Coconut cloud been emanating from

the Front of my Jumper and Sleeve where the New One was leaning on…


The Baby Wash i Used before i replaced it with the H&S Shampoo

      Kids Body Wash M

Kids Body Wash T

It too contains Cocamide DEA and some other evil things

but i know not of a better alternative at this stage 😦 😦 


I have been using it in the Bath on its own and for Scalp and Hair

as 1/2 and 1/2 with the remaining Old H&S while it lasts

              – and so far i have had No problems.

All back to Normal and Clear and almost as quiet as before 

   It is sold at Woolworth’s and Cole’s Supermarkets

     and some Chemists … here in the “Down Under”


     In the mean time i am on the search for a suitable shampoo

              with the Lowest possible Oil Content

                        and hopefully Problem Free

         Otherwise i will use the Baby Wash for All areas


                           * Previous OIL Experience * 

     (Link will open New Browser to  *Malassezia Blog* )


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Malassezia and the Coconut Shampoo Calamity (1)



Malassezia Maintenance


  * Malassezia ~ Product Clarification and Warning *


*Malassezia and the Coconut Shampoo Calamity (1) *
Malassezia Coconut Calamity 1



For Several Months now and throughout several Entries

   i have mentioned i had been Lucky to have found

Two Good Probiotic Formulas and One Good Shampoo

    which i have been Using and Relied upon heavily 

      as part of my Daily Routine and Maintenance

– together with the application of Seawater and YAM-

   in keeping a practically Sore and Lesion Free Body

 and tolerably Low Levels of Malassezia Presence and Activity


            I only recently deviated slightly – or so i thought 

                    seeking an even greater improvement

                          using a Different Probiotic 

                    and Same Brand Variation Shampoo

                 Both of Stronger dosages in the Ingredients

                supposed to help produce these good results.


               Alas, it was a Highly Regrettable move

                 for which i paid a memorable price

                        as Detailed in the Entry:

       “Malassezia Treatment-Relocation- Attack


                      After the Unexpected Nasty Surprise

              i Discontinued Both and posted in a following Entry

                    a Possible Probiotic Formula Ingredient

             that may have contributed to the sudden onslaught

                in conjunction with the variation of  Shampoo.

When i started to recover i Re-tested the suspected Shampoo again

        in order to make absolutely sure it was part of the problem

                  and not just caused by the Probiotic itself 

but what followed was the Return of the same Negative indications


                   Right after finally sorting out the causes

                   i am now faced with the New Challenge

   this time from my Regular and up until now Reliable Shampoo

      ‘Head and Shoulders’ – Smooth and Silky-Zinc Pyrithione!


             As i have mentioned before in several entries

         i used it not only as Shampoo for the Head / Hair 

                  but in the Bath and as Hand wash 

        and practically as a replacement of soap generally…


I had just recovered from the latest result of the initial Malassezia attack

      and back in good ground having cleared lesions and sores

                  and reached Lower levels of threat

       though still some signs of ‘Orange’ production 

                        evidenced on my clothes.


Then my Man brought home a slightly different container of H&S Shampoo

announcing a Change of the Pump and a Noticeable jump in Price.

       I Liked the new Pump and did not care about the Price

since it was producing good results allowing me some better life

                    so i eventually forgot all about it.


             I could not exactly recall which day i changed

              from the Old H&S shampoo to the New one 

                – i had no Reason to mark it …Had I???

                    except that after a couple of days 

i started to notice a series of weird and bothersome events:                                                       

1) Something in the house wafted Strong Coconut Fragrance

       all around me, whatever part of the house i went

                       all throughout the day.

     I thought perhaps coming form the people downstairs

     deodorising their carpets or having their luxurious Coconuty Shower

     and it followed me like a Perfumed Puff Cloud around the house

     even in the evenings when we closed most windows and doors, etc.


 2) Yeast started to Spring from Practically Every Inch of my Body

     as if it was a Baking Loaf of Bread on the Rise!…

     and most of all,  my Scalp felt like a Maniacal Nursery

                     of Newly ‘hutched’ Yeast!…

    This caught my serious attention and put me on Alert!!

                        There was No Doubt

           Something was Wrong Somewhere

                        but what and where

        since there had been no change i could think of

                          – or was there…?


 3) The Foam in the Bathtub seemed to disappear quickly

     water turning ‘heavier’ much greasier looking than usual

            despite same amount of Shampoo Squirts.


          Then an accidental but Fortunate minor Spill

                      of the New Shampoo Pump 

   was the lucky incident and the clue that had evaded me

        and helped reveal the cause of the above nuisances

                   especially the Coconuty Smell:


  After i had wiped the Spill with my Finger, i did not wash it

   leaving any Shampoo residue on it as a Yeast deterrent.

Then within a few minutes i noticed that whenever my hand

came close to my face the Coconut smell seemed to intensify…

       …or rather … come straight from my FINGER!…

         So Overwhelmingly Strong for both my liking

               as well as my Poor Sensitive Lungs

that even the Coconuts themselves Rolled their eyes in disbelief…

   Malassezia Coconut Calamity 2 

My Old Regular Shampoo had a rather delicate Flowery fragrance

that lasted a few minutes while handling it but never intrusive 

when used to wash my hands etc – while the steam in the bath

         seems to have a blocking or obscuring effect

on both the delicate as well as the strong fragrance of the New one

        making it harder to detect and place it earlier.


        So, i deliberately sniffed the coated Finger repeatedly

             to make sure this was definitely the source

              that carried the same constant fragrance

which had been following me for the past few days.

           There was absolutely NO doubt that this was IT!…

           and the wafting Coconutty Smell all around me

      had been coming from my very Own Head and Body!


     I Cannot describe how Dismayed and Frustrated i was…


   Malassezia Coconut Calamity 3


I proceeded immediately to Check and Compare the List of Ingredients

    in both Old  and New Shampoo Containers for any listed changes.

 ( Full Presentation in Following Entry )



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