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Malassezia ~ Fermented Foods Trial Results


                     * MALASSEZIA DIET *



  *Malassezia ~ Fermented Foods Trial Results*


                             The Fermented Foods Trial

                           Has Regrettably come to an end.

Malassezia and KimChee MD.

                                    One thing i can say is

                               I Wish! … I Wish! … I Wish! ….

        1- There had been any Conclusive and Beyond Any Doubt

                  indication of inhibiting or affecting Malassezia

                                  but this is Not the case


  2- Or a Positive explanation for Suspected association

     with occurring Unpleasant Symptoms – but again

     this is Not the case while every indication is to the contrary


  3- Certainty that continuing consumption despite any signs

    would not be to the detriment of other vulnerable areas


  4- Certainty that whatever ‘live elements’ are attracted

    or released during the Fermentation process

    -even IF primarily harmless under normal conditions-

         Are Not or will Not – turn into Pathogens

        in an already immuno-compromised system


               Observations during the Trial

The Trial was conducted over a 3-1/2 month period

          and was ended abruptly due to an accident

     that appeared to have been caused as an indirect result

                      of ignored symptoms.


  I included my Husband in it as a second reference point

      and for comparison of results or possible symptoms.

   My Husband is not a fan of sour, vinegary, spicy foods

    so after a whole first week i kept the Solids for myself

     and he was quite happy to drink the Liquid part of it

                    before or during dinner.


       I started him one week after i had tested it myself

so that one of us would be safe should anything went wrong.

The First symptom he reported back within the first three days

was identical to mine, also occurring within my first three days.

          Painful Blood filled Bubbles inside the Mouth


        Malassezia - Fermented Foods1 MD

            His were not as huge as mine, as in photo above

                   but Big and very Painful nevertheless!

                    After a few Repeats of Blood Blisters

                         getting progressively smaller

         they were replaced by a succession of ever present

         yellowish white mouth Ulcer type, also Stinging ones

         making eating Uncomfortable and taking time to heal.


       I have a couple of theories regarding these symptoms

            some possibly positive and some negative

          but i have no proof or way of confirming either

      therefore there is no reason to expand on possibilities.


    Continuing on despite all and in order to give it time to settle

    and hope for more definite results, my Man developed

    mysterious pains and aches

    * needle shootings

    * hand swelling

    * arthritic and chest pains and so on-both while at work or home

      and started to worry he was heading for a heart attack

        and we considered doctor appointments and tests.

        After making sure the symptoms were not due

        to anything naughty he might had been consuming at work

        i decided to Reduce his dosage and frequency

        until eventually i took him Completely Off it.

        After a while all his symptoms faded away.


For myself i remained undecided and determined to continue

               despite a mixed bag of Symptoms

     while weighing the positives against the negatives.


                                 The Positives

There were a Few Noticeable Positives i was reluctant to part with:

 * I absolutely Loved the Taste

 * I experienced Tremendous Energy and Motivation,

    made me feel Alive like Life’s Electric Current

    was running through my veins.

 * My head was Clear and on Fire!..

    I could Think, Plan, and Remember things

 * Digestion and Peristaltic Motions markedly Improved


   One neither positive nor negative as such

   was Vivid active Dreams – Busy Mind throughout the night.

   No sleep disturbance – No wakefulness

   but i would have preferred it dead quiet, Lol!


                        The Negatives

* Suspicion -but no confirmation- of possibly affecting negatively

  Calcium Absorption – and Strength of already weak Bones.

* Needle/Shooting Pains-similar to ones descried by my man

* Gradual Build up of Kidney Pain and Pelvic area Inflammation

       I ignored the warning signs preferring to doubt

             while the inflammation kept Building

      until a light misjudgement caused a small accident

        that resulted in pain and partial immobility

   further aggravating Inflammation in the Pelvic area.


I still did not stop until the first minor accident was followed

by three consecutive ones that resulted in urgent purchase

of a Walking cane, followed by a Stroller and a Wheel chair

due to complete immobility and my man having to take

         two weeks off work to look after me.


I have recovered enough to walk the wheel chair around

             instead of being wheeled in it

   and stand up for a few minutes without holding on

        but to get back to this point of recovery

      i had to do what i have always been doing

            for the past three decades whenever anything 

       went wrong in any area – and had always worked:

        I stopped use and consumption of everything!

                 and I mean EVERYTHING

               Both Internally and Externally

        and Consumed ONLY Fruit Smoothies

        until there were signs of Improvement

              (usually three days to a week).


                  I did the same this time.

          Nothing but Fresh Fruit Smoothies

    No Acidophilus, No Kim Chee, No Seawater.

                  It took over Three Weeks

                  and i have still more to go

          – If there is no permanent damage…

I thought the Yeast would devour me Alive but it did Not!

    It always stops when there is Trauma in the Body

    and returns to activity, ironically …as a sign of Improvement

                 before I have even felt any…

Since then i have Resumed my Normal Recent Diet

with Preference to 2 Fruities and 1 Steamed -for now-

       as well as the daily Acidophilus maintenance

but have dropped the Kim Chee… regrettably for good…


             Here i must note that i had created

             my Own Benign Kim Chee Recipe

    with Clean Warm Water, Fresh Veggies and Fruit

                      without any use of

               – Commercial Yeasts or Chemical additives

   – Salt Free

   – Vitamin C and Acidophilus enriched

    – only a Brief 2-3 Day Fermentation time

              producing a mild Natural

Aromatic Flowery-Light Vinegary- Fragrance and Taste.

 Only Clear Bubbles were produced during the process

and remained absolutely FREE of Green or Gray Scam.

    I Used Sugarless Vitamin C as Preservative and Bacteria inhibitor

   to replace the high blood pressure and kidney irritating Salt

     and added the contents of an Acidophilus capsule

as a Malassezia fighter and for enhancing Friendly Flora.

                  Fermentation did the rest…  

Malassezia and Fermented Foods MD

               My Husband drunk the fermented juice

                      I only ate the Solid Pieces

It made No Difference to Malassezia Presence or Activity.  

 Irrespective, i would have continued eating it indefinitely

if it had not been for the adverse Inflammatory Kidney/Pelvic effect

and its resulting serious and undesirable consequences.

                                    * * *

                     Pelvic – Joint Inflammation

The Photos Below show the Pelvic and Spinal interconnected

‘cabling’ System of Nerve, Arteries, Blood Vessels, Muscles etc

and illustrate how and why Kidney inflammation can affect

               Pelvic and Spinal area and Vice Versa.


                                    (Click on Photos to Enlarge )


   It is easy to see how inflammation in the Kidneys

   can cause Lower and Middle Back Pain, Stiffness

   Pelvic inflammation and restricted painful mobility.

                                * * *

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                               Outcomes and Experiences 

                             from Beginning to Recent times  

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                                           Malassezia Daily WP.

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                       Recent Developments and Progress

                             New Discoveries and Photos 


                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *


   * Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


  DC3 MD              

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Malassezia ~ Probiotic Warning (Pt 3)




          * Malassezia ~  Probiotic Warning (3) *


     Fermented Foods – Friends of Foes?

       Malassezia - Fermented Foods MD.

                    It would be near Impossible for Malassezia

                     to be One creature that has No Predator

            to threaten its existence and affect its Proliferation levels 

                 as is ‘Nature’s Way’ with All Creatures, great and small

   but i have often come close enough to believe it might as well be so.


               Having had No Positively helpful discovery so far

                             in the Internal / Intestinal area

                 i have considered that an alternative possibility

        of Introducing and / or Enhancing Other Co-habiting the Body

         and Competing for Resources and Space Friendly Gut Flora,

               might be another way of Checking and Restricting 

   Malassezia’ s Proliferate Rate of Growth.


Some of the Fermented Foods consumed regularly

seem to make No difference in regards to Malassezia

    and in many cases such as in consumption of

                Bread and Alcoholic Drinks

       Intensifying the problem or causing Additional ones..


         Acidophilus is one of the Friendly Bacteria easily obtainable

that i have been implementing increasingly externaly and partly intrenally

    but have seen the need for some additional Internal beneficial Flora

     since Oral consumption of Acidophilus creates problems to me

         due to the ‘encapsulating agents’ it comes with.

       Many years back i used to make my own Bread and Yoghurt 

   as well as consume a Variety of Commercially Fermented Foods 

  such as  Sour Cream, Soy Sauce, Tempeh, Miso, Tofu, Tamari etc

       but caused me all sorts of niggly problems which in the end

forced me to give them all up – some before the start of my Lung problem

and some shortly after and have not had any for a good number of years.


Therefore, a few months back i Considered the Possibility 

of Naturally Fermenting part of my Raw Foods

without the use of Commercial Yeasts Containing Additives or Salt

that could cause side effects or additional problems

ie High Blood Pressure, Kidney pains etc.


Some brief research regarding natural Fermentation indicated

that i would have to Invent and create my Own Unique Recipe

that would Work, would Not go Mouldy and would Ensure

the Presence of Friendly Flora – and would Not cause any Problems.

              Well… Not much to ask really, Is it! Lol! 🙂      

I have always been very creative in the Culinary field since i was a child

and have never followed or relied on any Recipes – not even Mine, lol!

   so i thought i would give it a try and see how it all goes.


         On the First attempt i followed Internet instructions

but it went Mouldy and Regrettably ended down the Drain Untested .

       On the Second one i disregarded all traditional ways

      and took command keeping in mind my Specific needs

            and aiming for the closest viable alternative

        and so My Own ‘Salt Free Kim Chee’ was created

                           – Photo above is Mine!


Two weeks in and it kept ‘growing’, changing from colourless water

         to a Deep Wine Red, while developing a Mild Pleasant

                          Flowery Vinegary Aroma…

    The Taste Absolutely Heavenly!…Without Any trace of Mould

but two weeks Fermentation made it too strong for my head and kidneys

     and while my Intestinal Motions Improved considerably

         i could not continue the experiment long enough

   been additionally interrupted by Lung Bleeds and other ills

             so i had to stop and wait for better days

to Re-test a Refinement of Recipe with Shorter Fermentation Time…


The Refined Recipe and Shorter Fermentation Time were a Great Success

but the testing did not last for more than a couple of days

– interrupted Once more by Lung Bleeds, Kidney Problems,

Fevers, Colds, Broken Ribs and all the Tribulations of Winter Season

                so i gave up fighting for the time being

but did not give up on the idea of repeating the experiment

     sometime again if given enough ground to stand upon.


        All the while though, thinking intensely about this Subject

       and despite having already attempted experimenting with it

 –and highly aware of taking a Great Risk that may Backfire Badly–

                           I am still in Two Minds about it.


        I am Tossed between Two Contradictory Lines of Thought

                            Leading in Opposite directions


                    Unable to decide which one is Correct 

                  in Successfully Combating Malassezia

              or whether instead Exacerbating the Situation

                             as well as the Possibility

   Of Other unforeseen  Dire Consequences


        The Line of Thought


                            Possible ‘Positive Results’ 

           Straight line


    Providing Internally Natural Friendly Probiotics,  Creates and Enhances

– Beneficial Environment for Body’s Internal Functions and Processes

– Helps Build Immune Defence and Fight against Infections

– Produces Competition for Space and Resources against Malassezia

         and other Nasties.


                                The Line of Thought


                          Possible ‘Negative Results’

           Curved Line


   If One is Prone to Proliferation and Overgrowth of Yeasts

benign, friendly or otherwise, to a point that turn into Pathogens

                      Creating Problems, such that

  for whatever Reasons the Body has Lost its Ability, to

a) Derive the Expected Beneficial Elements, and

b) To Handle Overgrowth turned into Hostile, Dangerous Infection 

    it would make sense to Avoid Consumption

  and Possible Risk of a Situation  that may be

              Difficult to Reverse or Ttreat

     in addition to the Malassezia one.


 Which Line of Thought is Truly the Correct and Beneficial One?

    Or is it Possible that it may be Different for Each Individual

  Depending on Strength of Immunity and Causes?


The more i think of it, the more i see it as More Likely to be the Second

       i.e ‘Depending on Strength of Immunity and Causes’  

thus working Favourably for some but causing Problems for others.


               My Reason for Sharing these two Different Sides 

   of Viewing this Subject, is that

 There is Only One way to Find Out – And that is by Testing

                            But Making Sure 

a) To Avoid Commercial Preparations that Contain Yeasts

          Identified as Unsuitable to treating Malassezia

    and Potentially Dangerous due to Impaired Immunity, and


b) To Provide Foods with Live Elements Needed for the Flora

     to be Sustained – Proliferate and Fight.


    This Testing i have already Commenced Once more upon Myself

  and Keeping Fingers Crossed… i will come Safe at the End of it all.


               Malassezia and Saccharomyces

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                        ~ ~ ~

                   Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150




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