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Malassezia~ ‘Qs & As’– Funny & Serious (PT1)




 Funny and Serious… (PT1)

Malassezia Humour MD                            


                            Humour induces Release

                       of ‘Feel Good’  Brain Chemicals

                          and keeps those Facial Lines

                                  Curved Upwards 

                           Rather than downwards                          


                     K1: * malassezia worms *

                     K2: * malassezia feet *

                     K3:yeast malassexia toes *

                     K4:* malassezia fungus baby *

                     K5:* will ivermectin kill malassezia *

                     K6:neem kills Malassezia

                     K7:  * M Keyword 1MD

                     K8:  *  M Keyword MD

                     K9:    malassezia psychiatric

                     K10:check hair follickle in yoir computer *

                     K11:malassezia genital *

                     K12  * scratched my labia*  


                                We all have a Story to tell

                       usually a sad and complicated one

                   and Malassezia is Not a Laughing Matter

                            but if we Forget to Laugh

                                  we Forget to Live!


                                     My thinking is

                        If Life at times feels like hell

                        try to get as much Fun out of it.


                                Actually due to a ‘typo’

                           the first version of the above

                                       read like this:

                          “…but if we… Froget to Laugh

                                 we Froget to Live…”


                      So let us Not Froget and get on with it


   ~The Funny Side~ 

Malassezia the Funny side MD

    K1: * malassezia worms * 

     Malassezia ' worms' 

                             Much like many lucky Readers

                                       who can see

                            Only One ‘end’ of Malassezia…

                       Some see the Head or only the Tail

                         while the majority of the ‘Body’

                              is hidden in the ‘earth’

                                i.e Intestinal area!


 K2: * malassezia feet *

 K3:yeast malassexia toes

     M F- MD

            I looked at different sets but could not quite decide.

                 I would think though the Fluorescent Green

                               is a dead give away Clue!


      K4:* malassezia fungus baby *

                                      Let me Present…


                                Our little Princess of Evil!…


 K5:* will ivermectin kill malassezia *

                        Malassezia Talking horse MD 

               Take it from the Horse’s mouth

                                        ‘No it will not!’

                                .. but the Horse is dead!


                             *K6:*neem kills Malassezia *     

                                        Neem Oil

                                        Neem O –  ill

                                        Neem Oooowh!



                              No connection?

                                  I think so!

                               Neem is …OIL

                              Neem (Oil = ) ill


                 Well, the sounds are similar, Lol!


                          *K7:* M Keyword 1MD

                                Manacc3NR??? Foto

                                  Malassezia Photo?

                          I guess there is No language

                           that … Malsaslezzia  spelling

                                    is an easy task.                                             .

                        How about this for a Photo?


                    Complete with maturing Clones! Lol!


        K8:  *  M Keyword MD

                   Malessezia? – – – emotional Shock?

               This usually happens to any Malassezia Patient

                      -whether Male or Female actually-

                         after a visit to a Dermatologist


          What follows -below- depends on whether the Patient

                 accepts the Dermatologist’s DP* assessment

                         and follows their instructions…

                         K9:* malassezia psychiatric 


                      (DP *  Delusional Parasitosis)

                 ( I said I can Forgive but don’t know                

                  whether i can – or want – to Froget 🙂  )  



             K10:*check hair follickle in yoir computer *


                       Checking… checking… checking…

                                 Shall report findings…


                            K11:*  malassezia genital *


               Sorry … we cannot display this kind of details…


  K12  * scratched my labia*

                          And then what?

                                   More details needed. 

   Not sure 1-2

On second thoughts… maybe Not!… 


Now all things equal it would be fair

                to have some Fun at my expense

              so here we go for Your amusement

                                        Sonata By Day…

   Malassezia by Day MD (2)

                                 Sonata By Night…

      Malassezia by Night MD


I’ ve been enjoying this so much that the thought

      that i shall now have to return to Reality

    and prepare  PT2  * for *TheSerious Side* 

makes me feel like a dark melancholic shadow

    is spreading all over, wiping off all smiles 

          but … we must not Froget Reality 

     Malassezia Humour MD

                 and proceed on how best to deal with it.


       While i am doing just that,  here is another amusing link


                                        And below

               – for those who cannot wait for the Serious side –

                         Links to All Entries in this Blog


   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                         *  Malassezia Blogs  *

                                       Malassezia Blog WP

                            Deals with history of Treatments 

                               Outcomes and Experiences 

                             from Beginning to Recent times  

                                  –>  * Malassezia Blog *  


                                           Malassezia Daily WP.

                    Confirming and/or Updating past Topics 


                       Recent Developments and Progress

                             New Discoveries and Photos 


                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *



  DC3 MD              

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An Assorted Selection of Gems – H




      Malassezia Humour

*yeast is possessed*

           Cat Possessed

     It most absolutely certainly IS at times

…and so Is its Unfortunate Carrier!… most of the times!

I feel like that after an occasional outbreak

    but fortunately now they are very rare

and i usually deal with them within  a  day or two.


           It certainly acts like possessed

especially upon maturity when due to multiply.

There is practically Nothing that can stop it          

           – few things can stop or kill it and only under certain conditions- 

                                    and when something does

     it dies but leaves behind a painful mess that takes time to heal. 

                More info in the   * Malassezia Blog *



  *how to malassezia naturally*

  Malassezia bug

 If only there was anything natural about malassezia

      Yet we are told that malassezia is a natural inhabitant

  (but tormentor of our bodies when it turns in to pathogen).


I am guessing the reader missed the word ‘kill’ in the sentence

meant to read ‘ how to -kill- malassezia naturally.’


 Several Entries in all my Blogs are dealing with this question

The most recent one is the updated re-blogged

       * Malassezia Blog *



*Malassezia lips

plant lips

If a Plant -above- can have Lips, why not Malassezia!

    Indeed Malassezia is Blood thirsty and its lips

      come in the form of its hyphae.


        On the Serious side, i deal with Malassezia and Lips

        In  * Malassezia Blog *  Entries 



*malassezia swollen paws

    Malassezia paws

As with most Keyword searches i have to guess

what the reader was after in the first place

     and this is not always an easy job.

So here either some reader believes that Malassezia

has Paws!… Lol!.. tongue on cheek. jpgand become swollen

                               or ….

The Reader Malassezia Paws P … has Paws and trying to find a solution

   in which case even this particular type of reader can find

    a lot of useful info about Deterrents, Soothers, Healers 

      and possibly Killers for their Malassezia affliction.

  (Please do NOT attempt applying  Hydrogen Peroxide on Inflamed Paws

  may end up Excruciatingly Painful …for the Paws! – see relevant entries)


Malassezia and Open Wounds – QA  

   * Malassezia Blog *



*one night with Malassezia*       

malassezia devil simile

  I cannot imagine who would want to have ‘a night with Malassezia’

but as one having practically every night with malassezia

–but for some deterring relieving measures–

i can say only someone with either masochistic tendencies

             or very wild imagination lol!


Interestingly this keyword has been reccuring several times

   so either the reader is returning for more fun, lol!

or they have not fulfilled their wish yet in which case

all i can say is : You Lucky Devil! – I’ d kill to part with mine

          or they have not found the answer to their query

            and keep returning and searching 

 or they have and keep returning to read more…


Unfortunately i cannot guess what they want to find out

in order to transfer and deal with it in the serious section/s

of this site. I intend to deal in upcoming entries with

-Malassezia  increased activity at night time and helpful measures

and have already done so about Malassezia and Insomnia

                       in the Malassezia Blog *   




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Malassezia Lethal :)



Malassezia Humour

                     (READERS FUNNY SEARCH KEYWORDS)


Malassezia Lethal


*minimum lethal dose Sonata *


                                Well…i don’t know how to  take this…

                                I had never considered or known having a lethal side to me

                                but obviously some Reader must  believe i do!…


     Joke aside, if i am guessing correctly, i believe this search

                                was about the Entry *Lethal Strategies – of the Past*

                                in my *Malassezia Blog* in which i mention a safer way

                                to apply a method for controlling Malassezia on the Scalp

                                without serious side effects


                                (For details Visit  )


                               * See List of Entries – On Right Side Menu *


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