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An Assorted Selection of Gems – H




      Malassezia Humour

*yeast is possessed*

           Cat Possessed

     It most absolutely certainly IS at times

…and so Is its Unfortunate Carrier!… most of the times!

I feel like that after an occasional outbreak

    but fortunately now they are very rare

and i usually deal with them within  a  day or two.


           It certainly acts like possessed

especially upon maturity when due to multiply.

There is practically Nothing that can stop it          

           – few things can stop or kill it and only under certain conditions- 

                                    and when something does

     it dies but leaves behind a painful mess that takes time to heal. 

                More info in the   * Malassezia Blog *



  *how to malassezia naturally*

  Malassezia bug

 If only there was anything natural about malassezia

      Yet we are told that malassezia is a natural inhabitant

  (but tormentor of our bodies when it turns in to pathogen).


I am guessing the reader missed the word ‘kill’ in the sentence

meant to read ‘ how to -kill- malassezia naturally.’


 Several Entries in all my Blogs are dealing with this question

The most recent one is the updated re-blogged

       * Malassezia Blog *



*Malassezia lips

plant lips

If a Plant -above- can have Lips, why not Malassezia!

    Indeed Malassezia is Blood thirsty and its lips

      come in the form of its hyphae.


        On the Serious side, i deal with Malassezia and Lips

        In  * Malassezia Blog *  Entries 



*malassezia swollen paws

    Malassezia paws

As with most Keyword searches i have to guess

what the reader was after in the first place

     and this is not always an easy job.

So here either some reader believes that Malassezia

has Paws!… Lol!.. tongue on cheek. jpgand become swollen

                               or ….

The Reader Malassezia Paws P … has Paws and trying to find a solution

   in which case even this particular type of reader can find

    a lot of useful info about Deterrents, Soothers, Healers 

      and possibly Killers for their Malassezia affliction.

  (Please do NOT attempt applying  Hydrogen Peroxide on Inflamed Paws

  may end up Excruciatingly Painful …for the Paws! – see relevant entries)


Malassezia and Open Wounds – QA  

   * Malassezia Blog *



*one night with Malassezia*       

malassezia devil simile

  I cannot imagine who would want to have ‘a night with Malassezia’

but as one having practically every night with malassezia

–but for some deterring relieving measures–

i can say only someone with either masochistic tendencies

             or very wild imagination lol!


Interestingly this keyword has been reccuring several times

   so either the reader is returning for more fun, lol!

or they have not fulfilled their wish yet in which case

all i can say is : You Lucky Devil! – I’ d kill to part with mine

          or they have not found the answer to their query

            and keep returning and searching 

 or they have and keep returning to read more…


Unfortunately i cannot guess what they want to find out

in order to transfer and deal with it in the serious section/s

of this site. I intend to deal in upcoming entries with

-Malassezia  increased activity at night time and helpful measures

and have already done so about Malassezia and Insomnia

                       in the Malassezia Blog *   




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Malassezia and Open Wounds – QA



Malassezia Q & A s

Q: * Why does malassezia yeast go nuts when opened wound*

Malassezia and wounds

A:   Simply because an Open wound provides prepared ground

        for the requirements of its next stage of cycle  

        and with readily available Blood supply. 


It is also attracted to inflamed areas where the skin has been invaded

and Lesions produced by a previous bunch of its kind.


Often – unless effective measures for Fast healing or prevention

of more of it being attracted to that area, the lesions keep expanding 

and take much longer to end and the area be abandoned and start to heal.


The end occurs when no more spores(?) are emerging from 

the cloning area and only then the healing can start 

either on its own or faster with healing aids *

(* Details about healing aids available in the  * Malassezia Blog)


I have seen several Malassezia Hyphae under the Microscope

in different stages of progress and many fresh ones are Bright Red

where Blood has been drawn from an affected skin area

while some look a darker maroon, also old drawn blood?

The dead ones look grayish and fragmented like empty dead logs.

(Photos and relevant Details available in the  * Malassezia Blog )


If care is not taken Immediately to deter Malassezia from an inflamed

or wounded area, it can take over pretty quick …


A few days back my Man was re-arranging some furniture for me

and he accidentally stabbed his big Toe and started to bleed.

I urged him to let me attend to it immediately before (his) Malassezia

got a chance to settle in there  first.

He refused, saying he wanted to finish the job and have a shower first … etc


I warned him that by that time it might be too late

and from the Look of the Toe Malassezia might even 

destroy the Nail and cause it to fall off… 

He did not believe me -even though living together

he should have known how much i have learned over the past 

four years battling this beast and have trusted me.


He finished the job, he had his shower, then let me attend to it…

I noticed how red, inflamed and vulnerable it looked

and i knew it had less than a 50/50 chance of uninterrupted recovery 

because Malassezia gets at its very active in the Evening and Night…


Next morning it was worse and i told him i believed Malassezia    

had got to it, so only Peroxide would stop it progressing  

and if i was correct  in my assessment about it having settled there

there was a good possibility of him experiencing excruciating pain.  

He was willing to give it a try.


Hours later while in Bed, Peroxide started to take effect killing Malassezia

and the pain – usually like  surgery without anaesthetic! – was so strong

he could not sleep and after a couple of hours he gave in

got up and washed it off… 


The Following morning he discovered

the High Priestess had predicted the future accurately: 

The Nail Bed was Destroyed, the Entire Nail Empty and Detached

holding only by a very thin thread near the root…  (photos below)                                                                      

From then on he has been heeding any advice i give him mainly:

Keep Cutting the Nail frequently as much as you can each time

-leaving only a bit for cover- to stimulate faster growth of new

and apply Deterrents to keep Malassezia from returning

and turning it into an Ugly Chronic Problem …


It will take time for a new nail to grow and in the meantime 

there will always be a danger of a  fresh inhibiting attack.


   Some Photos tell the Story

    His good Toe shows how the Infected One

                                looked Before the attack

     Malassezia and Toe Nails1

Below the Infected One After the attack


Cutting a little off it every day Stimulates new growth from the root…

 Middle and third photos show faintly the Bump where the toe was stabbed

clearly away from the Nail itself but it was the Inflammation of the area

that Attracted and /or Stimulated the Malassezia attack.

Infected Toe MD

Day 1                                          Day 2                                           Day 3


So the rule where there is inflammation or open wound, is

* Attend to it Immediately

* Apply Non greasy or acetyl  containing type of disinfecting agent

* Keep clean and wrapped

* Keep a close eye and inspection at all times, especially if inflammation

   swelling and uncomfortable itching continues or returns.


For Additional Info and Details on Treatments and Methods see:

* Malassezia Blog *



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