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Malassezia – Lurking on Equipment? – QA



Malassezia Q & A s


Q * can malassezia live on daily equipments *

Malassezia Lurking


  I believe it can … i know it can!

    And i have the Proof!


The Photo below shoes my Bathroom Cabinet  where i store Towels

Pyjamas and Underwear for any emergency needs during the night.

It is fairly New! It has been Milky White and still is brightly so

without any blemishes such as discolouring or scratches etc.


         So is … or rather WAS!… the handle! …


   Milky white almost indistinguishable from the Cabinet surface

     …until recently!

By recently i am referring to a time mentioned in previous entries here

when having suffered a Rib Fracture and while in pain i had to forego

a lot of my Malassezia maintenance routine and thus started to observe

the signs of its …Orange footprints as shown on second Photo Below.


Before i get to that though i want to point out that the Colour of the handle

of the Cabinet is now distinctly …Orange as opposed to its Original White!


(Poor quality photos due to low MP phone camera but still visible )

   Malassezia on Handles MD


     How did Malassezia’s Orange sticky ‘glow’ got onto the cabinet handle?

   From my hands of course!

           It is the same Orange that accumulated during that time

                      in the water container as shown below

      ( for details see “Humidity  Entry)


Malassezia Yeast glow in container MD 

(Before and After)

Malassezia Yellow

        I cannot claim i Know for sure for how long Malassezia 

         at this particular stage can survive and be transferable.


Based on observations and patterns i have come to know well

i would say that at this stage while still Yellow, Liquid and Sticky

it can be transferable for a day or two –until it dries out– but

doubt whether left exposed on the equipment for any longer

and without a living host, would be able to continue its cycle

therefore not dangerous unless touched soon while still ‘alive’.


                  The one in the Water Container though

-due to the humidity and possibly other invisible elements- 

                          may be a different story!

It is just a ‘feeling’ i have about the difference between the two

because one stays bright orange and looking ‘alive’ for longer

            so i would be weary of touching the wet one…

                The same would apply to kitchen Utensils

               Utensils + humidity + fats  / oils, sugar etc


Malassezia and untensils


The white Gritty / Sand grain shards i Do know they survive much longer

     but harder to ‘stick’ on equipment and possibly even onto the skin

     unless …’greasy’ – making it … easy!…

so  i would be wary of Body Oils and Lotions…

            Should  they fall on Clothing or on the Hair / Scalp etc

            they have a good chance of starting a new infestation

            if a number of conditions are present and favourable.


Having said that, cleaning and disinfecting suspected equipment

       would not do any harm unless it becomes obsessive

              and i know for sure – this i know for sure! 

                  would make no discernible difference!

I don’t know if this would adequately answer the Reader’s Question           

but  even the Lab researchers are still trying to answer many of them… 





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Malassezia: Perspiration / Humidity – again! DM



Malassezia Maintenance

Malassezia and Perspiration / Humidity – again! DM

Malassezia and perspiration


Something i ate the day before caught up with me yesterday afternoon.

Heart palpitating like crazy, severe anxiety and sense of panic

and i knew whatever the reason that something

had triggered a panic button in my body.

It lasted for a couple of hours then culminated in heavy perspiration

of my underarms – strangely enough only there!…


None of this has anything to do with Malassezia, but eventually

it came to confirm once more its Attraction and Need for Humidity

and possibly other excreted elements during Perspiration.


With recent events having to turn my daily routines up-side-down

in order to cope better -i have been having my baths upon rising

in the morning  rather than in the evening as i used to before.

Therefore, whatever elements this perspiration produced

were obviously not cleaned off entirely with a quick rinse at bedtime

so though the area itself was technically dry after the panic attack

it had a rather rich oily… wet feel to the touch…


I did not think much nor connected the pieces at the time

but in the morning when i woke up it felt highly itchy and sticky

and when rubbed my fingers over the underarm area

i got the usual grayish/ orange sticky scrapings of Malassezia

rarely -if ever- in such concentrated quantity in that area.


A couple of reasons i rarely get any disturbance in the underarm areas

     are that

a) due to lack or ability for hard work or exercise anymore

      i very rarely perspire during the day

b) having been a daily swimmer in a chlorinated pool for over a decade

     the chlorine has damaged the roots of the hair follicles

     and both underarm areas are totally hairless and dry!

                   (Every woman’s dream!- Lol!)


I do though have frequent Perspiration –Night Sweat– Drenching incidents

due to Atypical TB and during those times Malassezia goes crazy

( Additional details and photos available in * Malassezia Blog * )                                             

So, in order to avoid  Malassezia greasy spreading in underarm

      or other area the Rule is:

* Attend to Perspiration Area Immediately

* Wash thoroughly, Scrub and Rinse meticulously

* Dry Well with towel or Hair Drier

   … and keep fingers crossed action was adequate!


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Humidity D

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