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Malassezia: SeaSalt-Salt+Water… or Seawater! – QA



   Malassezia Q & A s


 Malassezia – All Salts+Water –  and SEAWATER!


Malassezia and Sea


*Q1:  * does sea salt kill Malassezia *


          A:     No It Does NOT!


I used it extensively, many packets, over many months

Directly on Body or Lesions heavy concentration.

Heals lesions quickly after Yeast has ended its cycle

but it does not kill Malassezia.


Malassezia and Celtic Salt


Similar Packet  but Green colour

Still have some left over for other wound healing uses.


*Q1:  * does saltwater get rid of malassezia furfur *


Malassezia and Salt


A:        No It Does NOT!


*K:   * salt water kills Malassezia yeast *

                    *K:   * malessezia, epsom salt *

              A:     NO – Neither One Does!


I have used many packets of Epsom Salts

  And  mountainous quantities of:


  Malassezia and Rocksalt


Both in the Bath and in portable Foot Spa

Soaking my Feet for an hour

in as Cold or Hot water as i could stand

with Very high Concentration of Salts

Feet soaked till they were unbelievably red 

and swollen hot or  cold and wrinkled.


looking like Malassezia and soaking Dogs

          but 5 minutes after i had dried them

Malassezia would start tickling my toes – Not Kidding! 😦


Then i thought i discovered that Salt /Chlorine combination worked 

after a brief Holiday in a Resort place with a salt water pool.

Long story short, months later moved out of home

rented there for an entire year and then discovered

the very Co$tly, Unpalatable and Inconvenient Truth

that Malassezia had been temporarily retreating

in my Internal areas during my swims.

and for a couple of hours after only to resurface and continue.


A Body Corporate decision to Lower the Pool temperature 

and my health complications at the time 

rather the relocation realisation

that forced me to return home where i tried

to recreate the Pool environment in the Bath tab 

-as the penny had not fully dropped yet-

using Backetfuls of Sunray Pool Sea Salt

as well as 6-8 Ltrs of Fresh Seawater from the Beach                                                    

Actual Brand of Pool Salt used shown below.

I still have 2 x25 kg in our garage!


Malassezia and Poolsalt


It was quite some time later and after close observation

that i eventually arrived  fully at the above realisation

of Malassezia’ s Temporary Relocation

and from then on Focused my attention strongly

in the “Internal” patterns of comings and goings of the offender .


Having returned home i had also started early morning walks

down the Beach and there i discovered the Beneficial Magic of


 Malassezia and Seawater


Fresh  Natural Seawater!….


 Does it KILL Malassezia?

The answer is No!

Not Unless walking in Winter Ocean Cold water 

at  16 C or  below – for a Minimum of a Half hour!

But that would be the below Yeast survival Temperature

that does it and Not the Seawater or Salt.

Seawater Heals Lesions and Deters Malassezia

from settling in an area but does not kill it

             unless perhaps is fully dipped in it for a long time.


Details about discovery, uses and benefits of Seawater

See      * Malassezia Blog *

Malassezia Survival MD



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Malassezia and Bleach QA



Malassezia Q & A s

    Q1: * does bleach kill Malassezia *

    Q2: * does chlorine kill Massalezia* 


                                    ‘ massalezia? ‘ 

                        Yep!… a very  tricky one to type  

                         I trip over it all the time too, lol!


                   * * *

Malassezia and Bleach


A:   Assuming ‘Bleach’ means Chlorine too.

There are different types and strengths of Bleach

many of which contain other ingredients as well

making it hard to offer a universal answer

so i will take it in categories of personal experience.


Another consideration in regards to those questions above is

do they refer to Bleach/Chlorine used on Clothing, Bedding

Items and Surface Areas –  or used on the Body.

I will answer about the use on the Body first:


At The Pool

For more than a decade, while on Antibiotics –

– Malassezia undiagnosed and any problems assumed as side effects-

 i used to swim daily -until my recent health setback-

 at our Local Public Heated Chlorinated Pool.


Soaking in it for one hour every day did Absolutely NOTHING

to  either eliminate or reduce the effects of Malassezia

in fact the Opposite- as it had a detrimental effect on the skin

drying and killing off any sensitive friendly Flora!


In the Bath Tab

In the beginning while i was in the dark, desperate beyond belief

and following uninformed forum advise and solutions

i added it for several months in my Bath.


Again, it did nothing — and again— bad for the sensitive Friendly Flora

and the dried tortured skin.


In both cases above, the Bleach although in relatively high concentration

and practically un-washable off the skin – smell and all- it was:

a) Diluted!… and

b) Malassezia  was protected under the skin layer and with plenty of time

to Retreat quickly into and inside Internal Private areas(!) Anal / Vagina

(or Penis for men) –   where Chlorine / Bleach could not reach.


Recently even Salted/Chlorinated Pool water had the same effect as above

initially mistaken effective until the upsetting discovery of the Relocation!


On Clothes

Repeated experiences of night perspiration and pyjama/underwear

-see ‘Malassezia and Perspiration’ in *Malassezia Blog*-

stained with either gray, looking like mould or orange, looking like rust

i had to soak them  in water with Bleach/ Chlorine + Laundry Powder

for near a week without any success of clearing the stains and assuming

that Malassezia –and more resilient Spores?– were presumably dead.


Other Detectable Areas

In a Previous Entry – see ‘Humidity’ – i have described how Malassezia

collected in a plastic container placed under the Urn meant to catch water

forming a wide rim layer and continued growing despite frequent emptying

and rinsing the container.


          ( Before the Bleach)

 Malassezia build-up


Then in a 2 cm depth of water i added about 1/4 cup  heavy duty Bleach 

as in Chlorine plus Sodium Hydro-long names – Lol! and let it stand

                        for approximately 1/2 hour.


Below is  the same container –still containing the same small amount of water

plus the Bleach – – – –  minus the Rim… or its Bright Colour!….


I am inclined to believe Malassezia Dead… or just … turned White?… Lol!


                                            (After the Bleach)

Malassezia and Bleach 1

             Malassezia and Bleach 2


So in regards to the Question if Bleach Kills Malassezia, i would say

it all depends on where/ how and how much of Bleach is used.

  Considering that Malassezia

a)  Is practically Everywhere

b)  Is Produced Internally as well

b) Can complete its Cycle Internally

     as well as externally


Chasing it with Toxic Chemicals it is like a Dog chasing its Tail

                        And Harmful to the Body as well…

Applying on Cothes or External -non Body areas-  as long as they are

   rinsed thoroughly, may get rid some quantity but only temporarily…

        Malassezia not Topical


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