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Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)




          * Malassezia ~  Probiotic Warning (2) *

    Probiotics MD

While Conducting another Acidophilus Experiment 

the results of which i will post when completed

i have come across additional Information

regarding different types of Probiotics

and since i have been touting from the Rooftop

the Acidophilus Benefits i have experienced

derived from its use wherever possible

i thought it prudent and rather important

to share my recent findings

as it appears the case of Probiotic Use 

is not ‘universally’ safe for many individuals

or not so under certain conditions.


I Cannot Vouch for the Accuracy of all this Information

but it is collectively and by all means an Expansion and Confirmation

of what i have already Posted in the First ‘Probiotics Warning’ Entry

that was included by a Company as a caution of use of their Probiotic.

( I have included below their Possible Source of this Info – Photo1)


Since i cannot copy/paste and post the entirety of contents of other sites

i will attempt to present a Summary and Provide a Link

with sufficient info covering most of the topic in one place. 


             A ‘Summary of Gathered and Collated Info’ 

*   Saccharomyces are Yeasts belonging in the Category of Fungi

     Their Name means ‘Sugar Fungi’

* ‘Saccharomyces cerevisiae’, are used in making wine, bread, and beer 

   ‘Saccharomyces bayanus’, also used in making wine, and

   ‘Saccharomyces boulardii’, used in medicine

*   Some Saccharomyces are considered as Friendly Probiotics

     with reported Beneficial effects under Normal conditions

                                            ~ ~ ~

*   Fungemia is the Presence and Colonisation

     of Yeasts/Fungi in the Bloodstream

   Internal Contamination of the Blood can cause Fungemia

*   Saccharomyces are a Common Cause of Fangemia

      in Immunosupresed Individuals

*   Saccharomyces and Saccharomyces Boulardii,

    are often included in many Probiotic Supplements                                                  


                             (Click on Photo to Enlarge)


    ~ ~ ~

There are Many Risk Factors Listed as possible causes

 but i shall name only a few closer related to Malassezia that i know of

 though some people may have developed Malassezia proliferation

 due to some of the other Risk Factors included in the Info Lists

– (Not all listed below)


  Most Common Infection Risk Factors


* Frequency of Infection Increasing 

   possibly due to Increase of Antibiotic use

* Use of  Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics

* Use of Steroids

* Use of Yeast Probiotics

* Lowered Intestinal Flora

  (Due to Antibiotics and X-Rays) *1

* Serious Illness

* Suppressed Immune System

* Fungal Colonisation (varying Yeast species)

  (Content In Parenthesis*1 is my addition)


Pretty much what i have been saying all along 

Clever MD

  about Proliferation Causes of Malassezia!      


I must Clarify here that My Purpose of Presenting this Info

is Not to Enlighten the Reader about the Saccharomyces

as i know very little of them myself and learning as researching about them

but Due to having lavishly Presented my Findings of the Incredible Benefits

i have been Deriving from the Use of 2 Different Successfully Effective

Probiotic Combinations of Acidophilus Bifido-Bacteria Products

and to Sound a  Warning Bell about the Variations of Combinations 

of some Probiotic Products that include Probiotic Yeasts


Malassezia and Saccharomyces

         This does Not mean avoiding Probiotics use altogether

                                         but making sure 

         the Probiotic Products containing Acidophilus Bifidobacteria

           Do Not Include Any Saccharomyces Yeasts.


            An additional Problem with All Probiotic Products

          is the ‘Encapsulating Agents, ‘i.e any Preservatives

        and/or Type of Sugars included for Feeding the Bacteria.

They can cause headaches and other assorted funny symptoms 

                     as Both my man and I discovered

only being in better condition than i am it took him much longer

            to register and mention anything about them.

When he started complaining and considering seeing a doctor

i suspected  they might be the cause and took him off them to verify. 

Soon after discontinuing all symptoms disappeared.

This occurred and was verified a couple of times. 

So now i give him some for a few days and stop for another few

but then his Malassezia seldom creates debilitating

or torturing problems for him except in rare occasions

when he gets Flair-ups due to Colds, Stress, etc


One particular Australian brand i tried just half a capsule in the breakfast

had me with a Blinding, extremely nauseating Migraine and blurred Vision

for Three full days … I threw the rest of them out and decided to stick with

the ones i can use -the way i have been using them- with only minimal

and brief symptoms and not risk any painful repeat unnecessarily. 

                                      June 14

                    * Other Probiotic Ingredients:         

Inulin – Polydextrose, maltodextrin, sugar, phytates,

 preservatives, artificial flavours or colours, wheat, gluten.


( Some of them  likely to cause some problems to some people

               and of course … Yeasts Love Sugars!…

      So our Pharmaceutical Manufacturers – hopefully unintentionally

                   give us the Antidote bound with the Poison!

                   and No listing of it so we might have a choice.

    Considering of course that Acidophilus Bacteria are Live creatures

    Needing Food to Survive for months in an airtight capsule or container

              i am not sure if there is a better solution to this bind

                 so as things stand it comes down to the Individual 

               to trial different Brands and weigh the Positives

                           against (IF) any Negative results 

                 until finding the optimal for their needs.)


More Probiotic Related Entries:

31-Malassezia and Probiotics – K

43-Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM

                       Acidophilus in Lung Experiment

~ ~ ~

                   Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150                 




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Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning -DM




   Malassezia Maintenance


Malassezia ~ Product Clarification and Warning *


Throughout my Entries i have been mentioning the use of two products

that have been highly helpful controlling Malassezia presence and symptoms.


Always striving for Perfection in my methods

and with keen observations for New Discoveries

        i recently made Two Alternative Additions to these Products

       with surprisingly strong indication of them turning out detrimental

                     as detailed in the Entry


       “ Malassezia: Treatment- Relocation – Attack ”


          In order to Ascertain that the findings were True

        and not coincidental or owed to other circumstances 

             i have conducted a Three Week Experiment

                         using One Exclusively 

       as well as in Combination with the Regular type.

The results were as bad as initially discovered and suspected

        therefore i feel i ought to make some Clarifications

        for the Benefit of Readers’ knowledge.


      The Products i have mentioned throughout as Highly Helpful

                                            have been


‘Head and Shoulders’ Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo

 ‘Smooth and Silky’


Malassezia Scalp SS




                     Two Different Brands

       of Probiotic Acidophilus Bifidobacteria


 Malassezia Probiotics


The Probiotic alternative i have Not tested alone since the initial trial

   due to fear of a Firing Repeat, so i will not mention about it here

                     other than Re-post an Information detail

                       related to Some Probiotic products                                               


                            (Click on Image to Enlarge)

Malassezia and Boulardii Yeast

                     See also Acidophilus in Lung Experiment

The   ‘Head and Shoulders’ Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo alternative

   is a MEN’s One as shown below


Malassezia Scalp M


              And it has caused me so much regrettable grief

                      of not just of inconvenient Relocation 

                         but of Fierce Scalp Re-infestation

         and quite the opposite of the regular ‘Smooth and Silky’

   which has never caused any detectable trouble in any area used


Below pictured – and trialled alone, mixed and alternately


Malassezia Scalp SSM3


Please Note: 

These are my Personal findings Positive and Negative

and may not apply to other users…


And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is yesterday’s sample

of Relocation from Head to Shoulders and upper Chest, to mention the least


This is my Night Vest and the Scattered Malassezia all over it

(Chest  and Back Upper Shoulder  area)

      without occurrence of even a drop of perspiration…

Malassezia on Vest 1 MD

Malassezia on Vests 2 MD


                                        The Result?…

     Some tiny lesions along the shoulder either side of the neck

    During the Night of course – as i currently sleep about 5-6 full hours


   (The Less active the Yeast the more i Sleep )


It has been quite some time as mentioned in earlier entries

       since i had to apply any preventative treatment

 in the upper trunk area as there had been No need whatsoever.


Additional Relocation and Offence has also occurred again

        during this Three week experimental period

                       in the Eye and Ear areas

    just as i had resolved and cleared the initial attack.


   “ Malassezia: Treatment- Relocation – Attack


    The worst part of it is the fierce re-infestation within just a few hours…

      I have spent the past three weeks – during testing and confirming –

                              Scratching my Head madly

    from just a few hours after my bath / head wash, into the late evening.


   It appears -much like with All Deterring / Causing Relocation Products-

     that some of the Ingredients are Not suitable for Malassezia settling

   but highly Re- inviting a short time After the Initial effect!…


   Only Acidophilus does Not Do that on the Scalp – or any other area.


       Personally i need No more Proof…





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Malassezia and Probiotics – K



Malassezia Keywords

   Malassezia and Probiotics

Malassezia and Probiotic Bacteria

*K:   * bacteria vs Malassezia *

      I assume by ‘bacteria’ the Reader means Probiotic Bacteria

             as in Acidophilus – Lacto-Bifidous Family, etc


* Friendly to the Skin and to the Gut and help Cure many Infections.

* Highly Improve the Condition of Malassezia troubled Vagina.

* Deter Malassezia in any area they are applied on 

Sooth and  help Lesions Heal fast – but Do Not directly Kill Malassezia…

I can confirm the above declarations after conducting repeated trials

            over many months and several stop – restart treatments.

                 2014: This reference is to taking them Internally


   Even a Creature like this


 …Cannot Kill Malassezia

     (This is meant to be Funny!)

                            Except for Hydrogen Peroxide

           but at a High Price of Mess and unforgettable Pain

                              Not sure worth the trouble  

                  given the Temporary nature of the Victory!


*K    * inulin Malassezia *


Inulin is a processed Plant Sugar usually added in Probiotics Capsules

                    as Food for the Acidophilus Bacteria.

Unfortunately, they have been found to feed some bad Bacteria as well

and most likely some rather … appreciative opportunistic Yeasts!


Personally, when i take them orally i experience nail-sharp headaches.

I had  written previously that they did not seem to adversely affect my man

but recently trying to build his immune system prior to an overseas trip

    i gave him one capsule daily for a month and he did not tell me

     he had been experiencing side effects until after he had made 

    an appointment with the dentist for a tooth extraction due to pain. 

     I told him it was likely Inulin causing pain and other symptoms

       and after i stopped giving it to him – tooth ache was gone.

             He felt embarrassed he had to tell the dentist

                    and proceeded for a routine clean…


For myself to minimise the effect i insert them directly in the vagina

and in the Anal areas as this way they also bypass the stomach fluids

                    and with a higher chance of survival.


Judging by the ‘Before –During – After’ Acidophilus treatment results

it is Obvious the Benefits far outweigh any discomfort or inconvenience.


*K    * malassezia probiotics*


Beneficial as Probiotics may be, one ought to be very careful

about the Brand and Total list of Ingredients,

as Inulin may not be the only one  contained.


Searching for a list of ingredients in other Brands

i found this piece of information which indicates

 Malassezia inflicted people should be wary  

about all the contents in a product as some ingredients

may compound a problem one is endeavouring to solve: 


Saccharomyces Bouldari P.

                               ( Click on Image to Enlarge )

     Saccharomuces Boulardii Yeasts belong to the Probiotics category

and may be beneficial for digestion, against diarrhoea and other conditions

but obviously not for those with Malassezia affliction or week immune system

           according to the information provided above.


       Not All good things are good for everything…


*Q1 * is lactobacillus rhamnosus effective for treating Malassezia*


Lactobacilllus Rhamnosus is part of the Natural Friendly Flora

found in the digestive system, Vagina  – Urinary and Genital tracts

where it protects against antagonistic bad bacteria.


           I have been using a Brand containg L Rhamnosus

                       for the Vagina and Intestinal area


Malassezia and Acidophilus


                        and a cheaper Brand that without it

as a Deterrent/ Soother/ healer etc for external areas and sores.


Malassezia and Probiotics F


Some times when i have used the non L Rhamnosus ones for the Internals

i thought they were not as effective but it may have been a preconceived idea

– preconceived ideas can often inhibit perception of reality in any area of life! –

or perhaps because they are bubble seal packaged keeping fresh longer.

The other ones seem to dry out after a week or so…  something to consider…


Now to answer the Question:


             If by “effective treating Malassezia” is inferred “Killing it’

                                 then the answer is No.

       If it means as a ‘General Beneficial Treatment against Malassezia’

                                 then I Can say Yes!...

           I have found it to be So – with absolutely No doubt.


   Malassezia and Rhamnosus

                                  ( Click on Image to Enlarge )

Lactobacillus Ramnosus is definitely effective for treating Malassezia


                         I must clarify though what i mean:


* It is effective in Improving and Restoring the Vaginal environment

   after Malassezia’s often devastating effects – my long term battle

    good testimony of a finally victorious result – beyond my best expectations  


* It Deters Malassezia presence – Reducing it considerably  in time

   if applied frequently and consistently over several weeks or months

   -depending on the individual’s condition.                                                                      

 2014: It took a long time to discover that they actually Do

    -at least Acidophilus does-  slowly and steady 

Not on Impact and as far i can tell not the Spore stage either 

                         ( details later Entries)


Generally speaking Probiotics prove to be Beneficial for many more areas 

than the intended treatments not only in capsule but also as contained

                                      in a variety of foods.




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Malassezia: Treatment- Relocation – Attack -DM


Re-Blogged due to additional Info:


10 Nov 13

    Treating Malassezia MD

After a three week experimentation following recovery

  after the Attack

                        Using the H&S Shampoo only

 it appears that where Malassezia would have otherwise

 existed uneventfully –without any detrimental effects– on my body

 the Shampoo caused it to Relocate – as suspected originally 

and verified by the experiment-  while it Flourished with the aid

of the Other (different brand Probiotic double strength)

                        (As Detailed in Entry Below)



Experiment Details See: 

Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning




Malassezia Maintenance

Malassezia: Treatment – Relocation and  Attack


   Except for times experiencing a major health set back

   such as Fractured Ribs or serious Lung Bleeding

   and cannot keep up with my daily Preventative routine

              i usually deal with only short, minor Malassezia incidents.


              So I was  shocked and surprised to disbelief

           to discover a sudden double attack to a magnitude

              similar to those experiencing four years back

                      – on two areas simultaneously:


“Eyelash Beds” and “Under Breast area”


    I woke up Burning in Hellish Fire and Itch

  as if during the night i had fallen through a dark shaft

              into the nightmare i had lived some Four years back.


This is what was done to the skin under my Breast while asleep 

Malassezia Breast Burn 1

   Waking up Burning and Itching like the Fire of Hell!


                I have no Photo of the Eyelashes at the Initial state

                   as i was too distressed to think about doing so

                   but i can say without the slightest exaggeration

                  my eyes looked like I had been crying for hours

              and there was  a thick mucousy layer blurring my vision

                      like a sheet of plastic or as if putting

                 someone else’ s prescription glasses on

                      making it impossible to see clearly.

                       Additionally, my entire right eyelid

     kept flattering every few minutes like a severe nervous tick.


   No doubt I got working immediately with great success

          in relieving and improving the condition on both areas

                       but this is Not the Point of this story!


The Point is a Question:

    What Caused this Sudden

                  -apparently unwarranted unprecedented- attack

                        all of a sudden and of such magnitude

                            i had not experienced for ages?”

            My diet and meals have been steady for quite some time

                         due to high nutritional health requirements 

     as well as part of research/observation conducting an experiment.

      Only light changes are always Fresh Natural Fruits or Vegetables

                             on a new fortnight’s shopping day.


Here is an example of Breakfast and Dinner

      Healthy Meals 1 MD


  No contact or handling any clothing or other items in storage

  or areas of any possibility of contamination or re-infection.


 No Lung bleeding nor any other noticeable health misalignment

           other than the known usual condition.


    So, what was New?


Usually when i plan a calculated introduction of something new

i deal with one item at a time giving it 3-4 days or a week

    so that i can observe the effects, positive or negative

      – if there are any – without any doubt or confusion.


                           Somehow this time i failed to do so

                        as i did not consider the New as “New”

                but as Old and Tested already – of Both new Items!…


After i had Treated and Cleared my Scalp Beautifully with Acidophilus

i had started to noticing a gradual Re-location of yeast to the internal

and external genital areas – so i decided to have a break in the daily

Scalp treatment but after stopping Acidophilus the result was a slow return

and re-accumulation back on the scalp, so i decided to temporarily

add another variation of Zinc Pyrithione ‘Head and Shoulders’ Shampoo

 to stave it off  until i could recommence the Acidophilus treatment anew.


This is the addition to the Regular one.

Malassezia and Shampoo

‘Smooth and Pink’ is the Regular and the ‘Men’ s is the Addition


The second addition was a different brand of Acidophilus capsules

with a higher Strength and variation of Lacto-Bifidus Bacteria


    I started both on the same day and continued for three days

                   until i woke up to the above Horror!


I revisited the  Chemist’s website where i purchase the Acidophilus capsules

to check once more whether i had missed any unsuitable listed ingredients  

and was lucky to stumble upon this very helpful piece of information

posted as a disclaimer for a different Acidophilus Brand and list of ingredients.


Saccharomyces Bouldari P.

                              (Click on Image to Enlarge)

    So now I am not sure which One -if any- or Both Products introduced

                             may have caused this Ugly Result.


Trying to guess and piece it together there are a number of possibilities

             but i will only mention the ones i consider more likely 

                                until i am better able to verify.


I have mentioned in previous entries that if Malassezia is treated

with something that affects it but does not kill it on impact

                         it Relocates to a different area


                                                       So …


                                                Possibility 1:

       Malassezia -whatever was able and in a mobile stage- responded

                   to the New shampoo with massive Relocation 

                       down to the Eyes and Eyelashes areas.

    The fact that Both eyes were affected Simultaneously and so Strongly

           strengthens the conviction of my interpretation being Correct.


                                              Possibility 2:

       The New Acidophilus Capsules contain some Ingredient/s not listed

               -such as Sugar meant to feed the Acidophilus bacteria-

                  which also fed the Yeast crazy and Stronger

                         and i have to Thank my Lucky-Lucky  Luck

           it lodged under my breast that i can reach and treat easily

                        instead of my Privates internal or external.


The capsules in the two brands I have been using regularly

contain Inulin, a plant sugar that feeds Both good

as well as some bad bacteria and No doubt Yeasts as well….

but without any noticeable adverse consequences 

deterring and improving the condition

rather than reinforcing Malassezia presence

as the new Brand seems to have done

– If it was the capsules and not the shampoo. 


                   Incidentally, while on the new ones

i had a 3 day blinding nauseating migraine of much greater intensity

than the brief ones i usually get with my regular brands (as shown below).


    Malassezia Probiotics


This migraine presence also indicates to me

the above interpretation is correct

but this one i will simply not re-test as it proved too bad

and i am not prepared to take the risk.

I intend though to retest the Shampoo on its own

once i have completely healed the affected areas. 


So to put the picture in perspective, what i believe took place, was:

The Shampoo caused massive Yeast Relocation

and the New Probiotic Capsule Contents

Fed it Strong and it Span into a Frenzy! 

It will take a while now to perfectly clear both areas.

                                The Eyelash beds

         because the Yeast is embedded deep inside the follicles.

I can tell this because when i stretch the eyelids

i can see the yellow/white line  from where  its evil spawn 

 will be springing outwards for a few weeks.

    I may have to resort to more drastic measures like in the past

                              using Methylated Spirits. 


Here is how they look now

Malassezia on Eylashes 1 MD

Malassezia on Eylashes 2 MD


                               And the Breast area

because the skin is practically burned and while still inflamed

  it will be highly inviting to more trying to settle in.

 I try to minimise with treatment of alternating Seawater,

YAM mixture and Acidophilus Capsule diluted in a little water.


   The Eyelashes i have been treating with Fresh Aloe Vera plant Gel

the true Plant from my veranda Pots – Not any Commercial gels in tube.


So now Malassezia has been largely avoiding the treated Breast area

      and has re-located a bit further up in the right underarm area.

        No lesions or visible redness there just itching at intervals

              so i am treating it with Seawater as well , lol!

                and so we go round and round the mill…


            Relocation is a word that keeps coming up a lot

and is mainly connected with any treatment affecting the Yeast 

                   – whether Natural or Chemical –

but also when it eventually renders an area inhospitable to its needs

                due to the damage it has caused it…


 Malassezia Survival MD






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