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    * Malassezia – Active Living and Work Environment *

*Malassezia and Genital Bumps, Scratch Lines, Itchy Sores, Lesions

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      Malassezia - Work Environment


One important point that must be Clearly Understood

about Malassezia and its Symptoms, is that there are

No ‘Quick Fix- No mess- No Pain’  ‘Pills’

            that Kill or Heal Instantly

Some can Deter, Some can Sooth Instantly and / or Heal Faster

or do All of the above but it all takes Time and Consistent application.


Therefore Prevention is the Mother of …  Intention! …Lol!


One problem that affects  Active people adversely and with disadvantage

 –and by active i mean all those who go out to work

or do household chores having to spend a lot of time standing up–

 is that the Muscles of the Body and generally the Skin Surface

are Uptight  making it difficult to detect effectively

any surreptitious movements at the time they occur

unless they are very potent and usually by that time may be too late.


                        Postponing also thinking 

   “I will take care of this when i get home – in 2 hours”

will not do good because Malassezia works on a 3 1/2  – 4 day cycle

and every minute counts as a stage in its growth and development.

 Two hours are nothing in the life of a Human but for Malassezia

it is like progressing from a Toddler stage to Teenage-hood

or to be more precise … from a Nymph to a Breeding Menace!


     So again: Prevention is the Mother of …  Intention! …


                 Seawater does Not Smell, is Not Greasy,

                   has No Colour and does Not go Off.


Malassezia and Seawater


   Acidophilus capsules have a strong -freshly baked bread- aroma

hard to be traced on a person, practically Colourless translucent Skin colour

when mixed with water -at least the ones i use!- and can also be kept

            out of the fridge for 2-3 days before going off.


 Malassezia Probiotics


They can both serve quietly if put in Small –sample – Bottles

          – preferably with a nozzle for controlled flow-

or vitamin containers and taken along in a Handbag or a Briefcase

 and applied discretely where some privacy can be available.


   Malassezia Treatments1 MD

 Sample Bottles photographed against Laptop and Mouse (right)

                           for comparison of size


These two good helpers can be unobtrusive in a working environment

offer a quick relief and can stave off an unpleasant full blown attack

by interrupting it  – if applied as soon as any Symptoms are Felt.

They both offer protection to some degree under normal circumstances

        by Deterring Malassezia from settling  in an area.


Failing Prevention of settling-in  they can still upset the breeding cycle

                  cutting it short and even if failed that stage 

           they can sooth and help heal any lesion much faster.


            At what stage Prevention may fail  is dependent on


a) Malassezia’ s strength and Kamikaze determination at that particular time.

b) How long it was allowed to settle in the area before action taken

c) Susceptibility of Skin and or quick availability of Blood supply in area

d) Inadequate –Seawater / Acidophilus – protective coverage

e) Inadequate Thoroughness of Cleaning and Drying the area after Urination

f)  Favourable, inviting Temperature in area by prolonged sedentary time

                            as in desk / computer work etc.


 Pretty hard to guard against all those advantages the creature has on its side

especially when a person is outside home comfort and treatment availability.


 A possible –not trialled yet– helpful trick for ladies in a working environment

-alongside with the above- might be pouring either Seawater

or 2-3 Acidophilus capsules diluted in 4-5 Tbs water

on a Menstruation Pad so thst it can provide constant contact

with the Private area during sitting or standing times.


One drawback may be that modern pads are designed to draw moisture

to the bottom layer and leave the top one dry

in which case this may not work as well as might be expected

but i intend to give it a try as there is nothing to lose…

Personally i m thinking of the night time when i am more vulnerable

despite splashing the area thoroughly before bedtime.

Five hours good sleep can give a treacherous devil plenty of opportunity!


As for the gentlemen i am sorry i have No suggestions in this regard.

I can only imagine if i were there i would wrap the injured part

 –should that solution be viable??? – with a thin gauze / wound dressing

impregnated with either of the above and see the results.


It may be rather impractical due to less privacy in public or office facilities

and /or due to the shape, flexibility and variable size of the part etc

so it leaves you guys on your own ingenuity to find a suitable solution

for a more constant contact against several trips to the lavatory

to splash-on the above.

               * * *

               Please beware of All Probiotic Capsules Contents

           as some may not be suitable for Malassezia treatment

                                 and / or very low immunity

Saccharomyces Bouldari P.

                For Details See “Malassezia and Probiotics

                                            (Dec 13)

Have been trialling the Menstruation Pad idea and a detailed Entry

is been entered in the Queue of my  ‘To Report ‘ Long List…





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