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Malassezia ~ Acidophilus – More Proof !



          * 1- Acidophilus – Silent Knight at Work! *

          * 2- Acidophilus – The Clean Up! *


     1- Acidophilus – Silent Knight at Work!


       This is the Toe Receiving Daily Acidophilus Protective Maintenance

 as described in the Entry

   78- Malassezia:UnderBreast &Toe~Healing-Maintenance 

Malassezia Infected and Healing Toe


            Wrapped in Acidophilus Soaked Cotton Wad

     and ‘Sealed’ with a round of Sports Rigid tape Elastoplast

         one would tend to think it should be enough protection

           to keep Malassezia away – but this is far from reality.

                       As i have already mentioned before

Malassezia primarily tends to Avoid an Acidophilus treated area

 but there are certain areas that it stubbornly and persistently pursues

               perhaps due to Suitability for Settling into 

           and Vulnerability of Skin area created by damage

               caused after Repeated long term attacks.

         So in these cases it only deters it from settling in the area

                          and given time, Acidophilus kills it

                                 but it does not always stop it 

                      from Invading the area  and Attempting to Settle

               especially when it has reached Cloning maturity.


           Below is the Proof!

                  Left Side Cotton Wad Wrapping 

  Normal Clean White –  indicating Malassezia avoided the area.

  (A touch of colour on the side is due to briefly touching the other wad)

                 Right Side Cotton Wad Wrapping 

     Brightly Coloured Fluorescent Green Lime

       indicating Malassezia Invaded  but –confirming- that either

 did Not attempt Settling or was Not Let  or Killed by Acidophilus.

Malassezia onToe1-1MD  

                                (Click on Photo to Enlarge)

         Had i not Protected the Toe with the Acidophilus Wrap

           i would have woken up to another painful disaster of

          an imbedded cloning maniac and a four week havoc

                       and most likely another Nail Loss…


            2- Acidophilus – The Clean Up! 

     New Container – New Experiment.

This is the type of Container i keep under the Urn

for rinsing my hands into, during Daily /Nightly Malassezia Maintenance.

The Urn provides constant customised 35C water temperature..

   Malassezia free Bucket

         I Usually empty the Rinsing water every Second Rinse or so

                  to keep it Clean and avoid Malassezia growth.

For the Experiment though i let it Accumulate approximately 5cm max water

          and let it stand until necessary to empty –without cleaning–

 in order to Build a Rim and a Smooth Base after a few days – as it did.


I did not take a photo thinking there was only a wild chance for any result

worth recording, knowing the apparent slow action of Acidophilus

combined with the cost involved in wasting capsules for the experiment

instead of protecting my body.


But i did go ahead with it, starting to Rinse Acidohilus off my hands

immediately after every splash of it on any part of my Body

thus the Acidophilus now was collecting in the Container together with

  the … ‘FluorOrange-SSezia’… and a possible  ‘In-Bucket’  Battle.


                     Within a couple of days of doing so

     i noticed the evenly laid Orange Base was starting to thin out 

         until progressively two large white ‘holes’ appeared

       then the Base turning increasingly back to its initial White.

Malassezia in Bucket 1

    A Previous experiment showed that when the water was missing

the Orange just dried and died turning into a dull orange-brownish colour

    but remained even at the base and did not thin out.


In this case though, it seems like it was either ‘Dislodged’ or ‘Eaten up’?

                                        by Acidophilus!..

   Malassezia in Bucket 

                       What was initially an Evenly  Orange Base

                          Joined by the Upper thick Orange Rim

   was now Cleared up by the Acidophilus Presence and Action

(Second photo -above- was taken days later when more base was cleared white)


I conducted the same experiment twice with the same results, i.e

i let it build an even Base of Malassezia first – then started collecting

rinsed Acidophilus off my hands until the base started to thin out again.

Having Confirmed Acidophilus Result i proceeded to add in the water

         the same Heavy duty Bleach i had tested some time back

             in the very First experiment – and within a short time

the remaining layer on the base and part of the sides was detouched

                and  flaked off into largish filmy Orange Strips.

             Interestingly when i discarded it in the wash basin

                  while going down the drain

        it kept making bubbles and some rather loud hissing sounds.

Perhaps some of it still alive?… or some Basin creatures dying by the Bleach?


I have also experimented some time back with several substances

such as Pyrithione Shampoo, Toothpaste, Hand Wash liquid etc

 but None produced any results or any sign of effect

  except for some Heavy Duty Beach i had tested in the Initial experiment

                See Entry: 8- Malassezia and Bleach QA   


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                        Acidophilus in Lung Experiment

             Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150        





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Malassezia~New Discoveries-PhotosConfirmations(5)




      *Malassezia ~ New Discoveries and Photos Confirming Old (PT5) *


Malassezia~ Now you See it – Now you Don’t! (PT 1) *


   PART 5 /1


The Day after the Digital Microscope was re-installed in my laptop

i thought it would be a good idea to check my fingers and see

how things with Malassezia were going and whether i could see

the same things as back then when i had trouble accepting what it was

and if my observations and interpretations of its liquid state

were as constant and correct.


Below is the first Photo i took of one finger

– the rest three or four of them looked pretty similar. 

  Malassezia after Treatment MD

   ( Dead after Acidophilus???… )                                                                     

  The First thing i noticed

  was the Dull Green Colour as if tinged with a touch of Gray.


The Second thing i noticed was that the View was Static!

Nothing was moving, nor Shining or Playing ‘Peek -a- Boo’

with the Digital Microscope Lights hiding then re-appearing etc

   as i had observe some time back no matter how long i kept

     the DM on, withdrew it and tried again and again…


 I had an hour’s Bath at 5.30’ am and it was now Noon.

       I had already applied a couple of Acidophilus treatments 

      in some areas due to movement i felt and some for prevention

 but had not directly treated my hands or fingers

  so i could not explain what exactly was the situation.


    This was now the Second time catching Malassezia

looking Green – but Not Fluorescent like below

Malassezia Fluorescent Green 2Malassezia Fluorescent Green

                                          as in the Entry

  “Malassezia ~ Acidophilus ~ and Fluorescent Green (PT1)


 Could the Grayish tinge be a Confirmation

that Orange/Yellow or Green (fluorescent) turned Gray  when dead?


                      Being Static seems to prove this idea 

                 but i never like to jump to quick conclusions

             preferring to put things under persistent scrutinising

            repeated testing and observing within a length of time

                    before i can feel reasonably comfortable

 accepting theories and possibilities as closer to facts.  


     And if dead … then what had killed it?


               Was it because my hand was handling 

                  and applying the Acidophilus Mix?..


  1- Original photo – 2 and 3 in two different hues to illustrate clearly

 the consistency of the dull Green look

Malassezia after Treatment 3 MD


To test the Theory of Acidophilus possibly being a slow Killer

but Killer nevertheless, instead of just a protector or healer

     i decided to take a different action and check results.


       So the next day…..

( Continues in next Entry)


     (DM* Digital Microscope)

          For your Convenience:

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(1)

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(2) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(3) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(4) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(5) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(6) 

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(7)

                       (Part 8 to Follow)





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Malassezia~Home & Lab Observations-PT2-D


    To Read PT1 First: 

    46- Malassezia~Home & Lab Observations -PT1-D


Home and Lab Research Observations *

        Malassezia at Home Malassezia in Lab

   *My Entries* & *Lab Research*


(1) I had written in several Entries:

   Malassezia Releases Corrosive Chemicals

  that cause burning, itching and inflammation


Malassezia chemical compounds

* * *

(1-1) Malassezia releases corrosive chemicals that cause

             Burning, Itching and Inflammation


Malassezia inflamation

* * *

(2) Malassezia has a Characteristic Ash like Smell without the cigarette edge

 Malassezia Smell

As for the ‘fruity’ smell described by Van Abb  – i m not sure!… 

Malassezia smells Rotten – with a potent common smell carried normally

by many elderly people but i have smelled it in many Young ones

as young as early 20s and even younger- both at the pool

when i used to be a Daily swimmer as well as when walking

when i used to do my morning walks and people looking young and fit

were jogging, walking or running with the wind coming my direction.

Also at Super Markets when people would come to close proximity

and the smell would disappear when they moved away.

I have smelled it at times very potently on me,

mainly back then when i had hair and scalp problems

but occasionally even in recent times in my hair and nostrils

and almost permanently … on my man…

his symptoms only mild – rarely treated harshly by his Malassezia.


It has always been the exact same Smell

without any variation from person to person

which is really odd considering that the same perfume

can give off a slightly by perceivably different fragrance

on each person and often even the same individual

depending on the condition of their body at the time.

I have NEVER smelled it on children of any age!

      * * *

(3)  Malassezia and anaerobic conditions


In some of my very early entries i had been sceptical about the idea believed

and mentioned in some discussion Forums  of using Oils to … ‘suffocate’ 

the creature – an assumption i thought was based on human logic–

and considered and mentioned alternative  ways of it possibly obtaining

its oxygen needs such as via the Blood etc. 

My Reasoning and Scepticism about it was due to the fact that


a) I had used Oils, and Greasy/Waxy Anti-fungal creams

    and never showed any signs of suffocating anything

    other than my own soul…


b) I used to wrap –and still do to this day– in order to protect my big Toes

    with double wrapping of Band-Aids and plaster Strips

   and would still feel it ‘crawling’ as well as causing a lot of havoc back then

    – and with the same potential even now.


c) Seemed to thrive under synthetic – non breathing clothing

     instead of perishing as would be expected.

    perishing as would be expected.

 All signs ‘Breathing’ like a human was not an issue for that Evil creature…


Malassezia anaerobic



requiring oxygen for growth  but at lower concentration

        than is present in the atmosphere.


An anaerobic organism or anaerobe

is any organism that does not require oxygen for growth.


    * * *

(4)   Right from the start of the Problem and all throughout my earlier entries

        before the identification of being a Malassezia species

       i had the strong notion i was dealing with two distinctly different creatures.


After the Identification i viewed it as some ‘connecting’ missing links

The more i was succeeding clearing my body though,

the clearer i could observe certain unfailing repeatable patterns

with still some missing link to connect them but overall

as One Distinct Unfailing Repeatable Pattern

impossible for any two creatures to co-ordinate

in such precision for such a number of recurrences

and length of time… for well over two years…


More recently some more details have come to light

connecting  or at  least logically fitting and filling-in

      more and more of the missing puzzle pieces.

Therefore – for Myself– just on the Fact alone of the

Impossibility of any two creatures being able to co-ordinate

an unbroken  number of recurrences in such precision

and for such length of time

i am strongly inclined to accept the Malassezia stages of development

as the Dimorphic phases, i.e – my perceived missing links –

being the development from the Yeast stage to the Mycelial phase

                       rather than the earlier theories of 

            a) my initial one,  b) as well as the Lab Research 

                         of being two distinct organisms 

                       – if that also meant different ones…

(I have Not been the Only one Confused here about its behaviour…)

 Malassezia Dimorphic 1

The different sizes and shapes i believe being part of each particular phase.

 For example the Spherical shaped ones changing to Oval as they are

  developing to the phase of developing Hyphae?


Malassezia  Gritty Shard 2 MB

Malassezia Dimorphic 1


Malassezia Dimorphic


Malassezia spaghetti-meatballs


Malassezia Round and Oval


Yep!…Not the Only one confused!

Malassezia C- Taxonomy R


  Later on there was a different approach and classification based on studies

 of elements  such as ‘sequencing  rRNA and Dna’

– which IF i understand correctly resulted in classifying them

as separate again


Malassezia Research


I am not able to understand the depth and specifics 

of the Scientific Research Methods and Results.

My Laboratory is my Own Body and all Observations

are based on Daily Infallible Repeated Patterns

so  i  am inclined to stick to my Own theory of being

One Malassezia Organism operating in its Dimorphic phases

until either –  – –  I – – – or our esteemed Researchers

arrive  to a clearer more concrete conclusion

that leaves no doubts.

      * * *



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Malassezia~Home & Lab Observations -PT1-D



Malassezia as Observed at Home *

Malassezia at Home

* * *

    Malassezia Orange – Gray Sticky Layer


     Malassezia  Sticky Layer rub-offs1 MB   

Gray Sticky Scrapings


Malassezia  Sticky Layer Scrapings2 MB

Developing and augmenting contents in Grayish Scrapings


Malassezia  Sticky Layer rub-offs2 MB

Close up on One of the Particles


     Malassezia on Vest 1 MD

Gray Sticky Particles on night Vest


   Malassezia on Clothes 1 MD

     Gray Sticky Particles on Underwear


Malassezia Orange Rim 1 MD

Container under the Urn tap

  where water collects  when i rinse my hands


Malassezia Rim in Bucket 1 MD

   Close up of the Orange Sticky Rim 


Orange Layer quite visible at the base of the Container

and of the same rusty quality often staining my Bed Sheets

some of my Underwear such as Singlets, T Shirts, Pyjamas and Panties

i.e anything that comes in direct contact with my skin

especially during the night and /or after perspiration but not only.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  
                                                  OCT 12
    During these last few days while Observing Ever More Closely
    the Pattern of its Behaviour an Interesting Thought has been
                    Steadily Emerging and unfolding in my mind
                       of a Link that Completes the Picture
                 like another Piece of a Puzzle Falling into Place:

Malassezia Yeast Does Not as such ‘Spray’ a Grayish or Orange Sticky Layer

Malassezia IS The Grayish /Orange Sticky Layer ITSELF!
     Emerging from the Internal areas, Spreading on the outside of the Body
                              Causing Burning, Itchy, Sensations.
Then Some Drying Up due to Natural Attrition – thus Orange changing to Gray-
while Some forms Bumps then emerging to Solidification and into Crystalline Shards, developing Hyphae and Starting to Dig-in to Draw Blood and developing
       into Lesions from where spores emerge… etc.
  It makes more sense and links from the GS Layer to the next stage of Development
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


*Malassezia as Observed at Research Labs*


Malassezia in Lab


Malassezia and Pityriacitrin


* * *

                    ( Part 2 to Follow )


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DC3 MD NEWMalassezia  Sticky Layer Scrapings1 MB


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