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Treatments: “Big Difference-No Difference” – D


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* Big Difference – No Difference *

                      Malassezia Chart MD

        * One Important point of Clarification  *


                                       When i Say:

“Something Does/Did – Does Not/Did Not  make Any Difference”

     i mean it in regards to Curing / Eliminating  Malassezia.


As i mention throughout several entries in the * Malassezia Bog*

        there are many things that DO and Have MADE

      a great deal of Difference –  in my Own Condition

          Compared to How it was in the Beginning

                    and How it is  Now regarding 

                Malassezia Presence and  Activity

         as well as its Symptoms and Effects on my Body.
             The Difference has been Tremendous                                                                                      
       … yet Malassezia is still Present and Active.

    Only a Good Immune System can keep it in Check and Unnoticed

                 – – –  though Still Present and Active – – –

          as a Naturally Occurring Body Flora – on ALL People.


There are though,  Methods and  Items that serve

as Deterrents – Healers – Soothers and as Killers

that when  applied under Certain Conditions

Can Treat Successfully Specific Needs and Purposes 

   * Topically – Externally – Temporarily *


          Most ‘Medicated’ Items appear near useless

while some Medications fill the role of the missing Eliminator 

requiring Long time Treatments and even them have only

a temporary effect due to high Malassezia Recurrence.

( I shall deal with Each Category above in Detail in upcoming Entries ) 

  * * *

  Also wherever i use the term ‘Spores’ it is because of lack of a better

      descriptive word for the  newly ‘hatched’ Malassezia cloned sister

                    and the ‘meatball’ spherical  appearance 

                   of surrounding hyphae developed shards 

                   viewed under Microscope and in Photos

                 – mine as well as those in Google Images.

      (More on the subject of multiplication in upcoming entries)


              Malassezia Immunity MD

       For Additional Info and Details on Treatments and Methods see:

        * Malassezia Blog *


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