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Malassezia-Best Ways to Reduce in the Intestines P1


                   * DAILY MAINTENANCE *                  



           Best Ways to Clear and Reduce in the Intestines – P1

      Malassezia Intestines


                   Fifteen Year Battle with Atypical TB, Bleeding Lungs

Highly Reactive Kidneys, Fracturing Ribs

Numerous Food Intolerances and a generally

Fragmented System and Weakened Immunity

due to a Decade Long Antibiotic Bombardment

adding the Malassezia ‘cherry on top’ affliction

have me constantly Juggling and Re-Balancing

Methods, Nutrients, Substances, Ways, Quantities, etc

to Meet Needs and Rectify Conditions as they arise.

During these times i Discover How – If – they have

any Impact on Malassezia Presence, Activity, Behaviour

and Consequences on the Skin or Internally

in addition to Frequently Conducted Specifically

     Malassezia Targeted Experimentations

of which the Results i Present in the Blog Entries.

                               * * *

Three accidents inside the house in the space of a couple of weeks

created the need for more changes and introduction of new methods

    -mainly targeting mobility improvement and reduction of pain-

     but appear to be having some effects on Malassezia as well

                  so a brief mention is presented below

                                            * * *

   Best Ways to Clear and Reduce Yeast in the Intestines – P1

* Enemas – Fortnightly

* Increase of Natural Dietary Fibre – Daily

                          Combining Both Enhances Results

                          Like Using a Broom and a Mop


1) Enemas ( Not chemical preparations in tubes

                           Enema Bag MD

         Just 4-6 Ltrs of Clean Warm Water

                   Will Clear Out a Lot of

> Cloning Potential Spores protected within the Biofilm

> Yeast or Fungus in Filament development stage

> Mature Cloning maniacs

> Newly Cloned maniacal sisters

  All of them Ready to cause more Pain ahead


  What the Enemas may Not be able to do 

  is clear what is clinging along the intestinal walls

  some digging-in in them, and causing

     Lesions, Pain and Bleeding.


       This can be helped by

2) Natural Dietary Fibre

Malassezia and Fibre MD

   Specifically Targeting an Effective Intestinal Brooming!


  Personally i Favour the type of Fibre

  Naturally Incorporated in Food, with the added Nutrients

  rather than Separated and Processed such as

  Bran / husks, legumes, wheat, rice, psyllium etc.


  So i have made some changes once more

  ( Breakfast and Lunch – Dinner remains the same )


  From Fruit Smoothie to Fruit Mix – Increased Fruit

  for keeping up with Body Hydration requirements

       Sonatas Breakfast-Malassezia

                         and added

  Nuts and Seeds to Boost Brooming Fibre

  > 5 – 6 Whole Walnuts

        > Sunflower Seeds – 1/2 -metric spoon- Scoop

        > Pumpkin Kernels – 1/2 -metric spoon- Scoop



  > Sunflower Seeds – 1/2 -metric spoon- Scoop

  > Pumpkin Kernels – 2 -metric spoon- Scoops

     Pumpkin Kernels reputed to kill parasites

(whether capable of specifically killing Malassezia i don’t know)

Malassezia and Foods MD


Although every single item in my Diet is Rich in Fibre

of Both Soluble and Insoluble types

i felt that a Targeted way of administering it, both as

Increase as well as one Concentrated Meal on its own

might produce a more effective results than my current daily

of more Fruity/Veggie oriented, so i proceeded to trial it, and

found it to be producing some initial Improved Results.

For example Three results so far are very specific and noticeable

which i consider as indications of Definite Improvement

– until either confirmed or changed – time will tell…


    And these are

1) Increased Peristaltic-Eliminative Motions (2-3) Daily

    thus Reducing

> Rectal Congestion

> Malassezia Presence

> Need for more Frequent Enemas


2) More Frequent Die-Off Occurrences

   Before it used to be once every couple of months or so

   now since the change it is once every 5-10 days

   usually preceded the day before by

> An overpowering sourly- bitter taste in my mouth

   and all the way down my throat,

   followed the next day by the

> Die-Off with its own putrid smell coming upwards

   and in the intestinal faecal matter, accompanied by

> An awful, ‘Sick all over’ feeling,

   to an eventual Following Few Days of

> All Clear and Quiet … until next build up…


3) Intestinal ‘Hot Charcoal Pain’ Spots have disappeared.

    In an Earlier Entry i had mentioned that i could feel two painful

    hot charcoal like spots in both, Kidneys and Intestinal area

    that strongly suspected but could not confirm

    that were caused by Malassezia Lodging and digging in there

    and causing the familiar Burning pain.


            A collapse and near dying incident

    seemed to have cleared them off for a few months

details:  Malassezia in the Kidneys and Transverse Colon

                                  Malassezia in Transvesre

       but eventually the pains started to build again

      pretty close to where the previous ones had been

              -indicated by the yellow circles- 

   with pain intensity ranging in a medium to high scale


No Enemas had any effect on them even though the water

would reach and clear almost the entire transverse colon.

Within 2 Days of Introducing the Concentrated Fibre change

     i noticed considerable reduction in pain

and within a few more days All was completely gone!…

More than 3 weeks so far and still no sign of presence.


This change had no effect at all on the Kidney Hot spots

                              Malassezia in Kidneys

           but after the Dietary Fibre Changes

and the complete disappearance of the Intestinal Hot Spots,

         the introduction of a New weapon 

   Targeting Pain Relief and Improvement in the accident affected areas

     seem to have inadvertently Cleared Both Kidney Hot Spots as well

and i suspect it has also contributed to some degree

     in the frequency and intensity of the Die Off syndrome

          Yet neither a Total Clearance or ‘Cure’ of Yeast

     other than the Topical Relief and Massive Clearance

          in those Internal Organs  – and possibly more 

                   thus Reducing the Chain Effect of Cloning.


 Considering that the Intestinal Hot Spots had been there

 persistently for a few months (as also the Kidney ones)

 i am tentatively attributing the change to the Intended

            Targeted Intestinal Brooming!  


     Of the New weapon, and its effects on Kidneys 

     and generally  – IF – on the Yeast as well 

     i will report when adequate time given 

         to confirm and establish certainty

                      Time will tell!


              If Time has taught me anything

 it is that No result lasts permanently with Malassezia

   being a Persistent and Highly Adaptable Creature

                Moving from area to area

 and with many Advantages Nature has bestowed on It, 

                as IF – – – it meant it to be

    an …integral, indestructible – Part of our Body???

Malassezia colonization at Birth

                                             * * *

* I usually allow 2-3 month periods before i can establish

  any certainty regarding constancy of results

  and preferably in a steady environment if possible

  without introducing any other changes that could alter

                        or confuse outcomes.

             ( Please Read Earlier Related Entries )


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                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily *       

   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 



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Malassezia ~ And a House on Fire…



       * Malassezia ~ And a House on Fire… *


               Malassezia - House on Fire


               There was a time way back, that acting out of desperation

i would don on my Body any substance with the potential to kill

             without the slightest consideration of possible consequences    


   Malassezia Daily 5 Year Revision


                      Through Experimentation, Trial and Error

                         and Close Methodical Observation

                      i came to develop better Understanding


                   Learned the Importance of  Understanding :


* What it is All About

* How the Yeast Operates

* How to Recognise:

> Symptoms – Visible or Sensed

> Presence and Stages of its Development

* How Behind the Topical Visible

  There is the Larger, Hidden or Invisible

* How the ‘Only Minor – Now’ 

   Can Develop to an Unbearable

   and Unmanageable Condition – Later


                       About Treatments

                       Understanding that

    1) There is No Permanent Solution

   Unless All Causes are Removed

         and Previously Existing

   Normal Balance can be Restored

2) Almost All Remedies are 

> Temporary Solutions

> Temporary Solutions offer Temporary Relief

> Most Chemical Temporary Relief Solutions

   Encourage the Perpetuation of the Condition

> Some Temporary Solutions

   May have Successful but Messy Results

> The ‘Temporary’ aspect is disguised by

   ->The Topical Result

   -> The Brief Topical Symptom Relief, and

   -> Inability to perceive the whole picture

        of the entire ‘network’ operation

   -> Luck of Knowledge and Failure Recognising

       The Connection of the Resulting Aggravation

        as a Contributing Part of the Solution

        due to the Yeast / Fungus motility

        and consequent Change of Symptom Location.

                  Most Importantly, that

3) Our Best Defender is Our Immune System

     Malassezia Defender

4)  Constantly or Long Term Bombarding with Chemicals

                  an Immuno-compromised Body

                   in an effort to Control Malassezia

                                  is much like

                              Pouring Petrol

                House on Fire MD

                 On a House that has Caught Fire! 

           If Malassezia is causing problems

                 then our Body (House)

             is Already in some trouble (has caught Fire…)

   5)  Understanding that

Our Body may be Our vehicle

but it is also a Living Creature of Its Own

Obeying its Inherent Natural Laws.

Often our Neglectful or Ignorant ways of living

and the hidden from our view, knowledge

and understanding of Its Intricate Operations

Violate and Cause It a lot of Harm and Pain!

Some of the Pain caused by our Ignorance

we get to experience ‘with and through It’

and some of it, It suffers on Its own

unable to tell us Its story and Its needs

or how we can Help It heal…

We have invented many ways

to hash Its signals and mute Its Pain

while going on doing the wrong things

        over and over and over

until one day we get a Louder and Clear Call

that cannot be hashed or ignored anymore

and when this happens, more often there are

No Pain Free, No Friendly, Soothing Solutions…

Nor any clear insightful understanding of how

We have Actually Contributed to such result

 which usually appears as if it springs on us

 as Unexpected Shocking Surprise…  


    Through Trial and Error

 I have also Learned the Hard Way


               “Ten Wrong Actions do Not equal a Right One!”


                             Only Through Developing

                       A Fair Degree of Understanding

                             And Applying Right Action

                                      I have Gained

                                The Ability to Control

                              And the Power to Defend

       Fighting Malassezia MD

                                    All I have Learned

          –but for very little kept private for personal reasons–

                           Is Shared and Available for All                                    

                            Throughout the Pages of

 Malassezia Blogs - Sonata MD


                              May Positive Healing Force

                                           Guide You

                     Through Your Journey of Discoveries… 



               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily *    


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Readers Questions Answered
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 

   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 




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Malassezia- Next Update Due


             * Malassezia ~ Next Update Due *

   Malassezia Update Due

  * Near all Keywords i have been finding recently

    are similar and revolving around issues

    i have already dealt extensively in several Entries.


  * Recent events mentioned earlier

   (succession of accidents landing me in a wheelchair)

    have made it necessary to make changes

    and employ new means in order to address

    current needs and improve my condition.


    These changes and additional measures

    have produced a noticeable impact on Malassezia.

    Given that any changes always have some initial effect

    it will take time before i can safely establish

    whether there is anything worthwhile to report

    either in regards to the above mentioned changes

    or any new -not already dealt with- Keywords. 

    I estimate around end Dec 14 should be adequate time

     (provided i am still …above ground! Lol!)

                             Jan 2015

      I have been very hard throughout December

              and have a Lot of Material to Publish

              including New…ish Keywords.

                            More Soon!


               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                   * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                   * Malassezia Daily *       

   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 



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Malassezia ~ Helpful Hints


                            * HELPFUL HINTS *

           Malassezia Helpful Hints 


                                  * Malassezia – Helpful Hints*


Malassezia Keyword MD

          K1: * hhelp me itching stinging sensation ,brown spots,

             numb genitals, losing eyelashes, brown spots on skin *


                   No Matter the Name of Symptoms and Condition

       Folliculitis, Pityrosporum, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Blepharitis

                             No Matter the Area of Manifestation  

                    Scalp, Hair, Ears, Eyes, Nose, Lips, Face

                        Neck, Chest, Shoulders, Back, Belly

                               Buttocks, Genitals, Anus,

                     Legs, Feet, Toes, Finger/Toe Nails, Skin

                            -have i forgotten anything? Lol!-  

        The Principles of Management and Control are the Same

                          Management and Control as

                     * Boosting of General Immunity

                     * Friendly Skin Flora Promotion and Protection

                     * ‘Live Nutrient’ Providing Diet

                     * Hygiene and Choice of Treatment/s

                       (Natural or Chemical – Internal or External )           


 * The Longer the Duration and Severity of Skin Corrosion

   the Longer it takes for the Skin to Heal

   Thus, creating Perpetual Wounds and Vulnerability

    Attracting  Continual or Cyclic attacks 

    Weekening ability of fast or complee healing

    giving the impression of never healing.    

    Natural Deterrents Facilitating Fast Healing can Help


  *  Once an Area is totally clear, any treatment

      i.e killing, healing, or preventative should be stopped

      especially if containing chemical elements

      (such as Talc powders containing Aluminium)

     to allow Balance and Restoration

     of Natural Defence and Beneficial Flora

      unless vulnerable to Recurrent attacks, in which case

     a Natural harmless deterrent would be preferable.


  * A Good Diet is Comprised of Three Equally Important Parts

   1) Providing Abundance of Bio-available Live Nutrients

   2) Preservation of Live Nutrients where Cooking is required

   3) Exclusion of All Burdening and Disturbance creating Ingredients

       such as either

   a) Foods Processed, Altered and Devitalised

   b) Containing Chemical, Artificial Substances.


 * A Sign of Yeast Dying on Impact Externally

    after application of some substances

    is often the resulting Burning and/or Bubbles

   -excluding Acidophilus which acts in a Slow but Painless way.


* Breathable Cottons are Best for Skin Contact

  such as Underwear, Vests, Singlets etc.

  Synthetics appear to cause activity and intensify Itching


              * A Natural Firm Bristle Bamboo Body Brush

                          Body Brush MD

      Is Ideal for Exfoliating Dead Brown Malassezia Sticky Film

       I recently purchased two – the soft bristle one is useless

                           the Firm Bristle is Perfect!

                            It can also relieve Itching

                      and remove active Malassezia grit.

              A long handle is helpful for difficult to reach areas.

          A Medium handle as above gives a  better grip and angle

                      for vigorous more effective brushing.

                                 I use it on Dry skin

            and intend to purchase one for Bath Scrubbing 

           although  an Old rough/coarse Face Cloth is excellent

       Malassezia -Symptoms- Names- Management        

               Please Read Earlier Related Entries


               *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

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                   * Malassezia Daily * 

            Malassezia Health Quest *


   *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                     Malassezia Topics B 




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Malassezia – and Body Hydration (PT 2)



                        Malassezia Q&A's MD 


             To Read PT1 First :

              Malassezia – and Body Hydration (PT1)  


                        * Malassezia – and Body Hydration (PT 2)*


                      ( K1: * is hydration good for pityrosporum * )                                                

      Malassezia Burning Fire                                                      

                         Due to Necessity in more recent times

                       and having to Obey my Body’s Indications

                 of its alternating needs, i have been able to observe

                       distinct variations in Malassezia behaviour

           and effect on the Body, during implemented changes of Diet.


                           I have a Dedicated Earlier Entry

         regarding my observations, but it roughly works like this:

                When i am on a Highly Hydrating Diet

          -On Belief and Repeated Confirmation of Benefits-

            Malassezia appears to definitely be more Active

          but with much Less Punishing Effects on the Skin

         while when on a Less Hydrating – More Solid Diet

             of Lightly Steamed Vegetables, thus providing

        Considerably Reduced Hydration (and ‘live’ nutrients)

                        Malassezia activity and presence

                      appears to be Reduced temporarily

            but then Turned into an Unbearably Increased

                     Corrosive –Fire like– Burning and Itch

           penetrating and interrupting even the deeper sleep

        and /or waking up to either Acid like Fluid filled Bubbles

                    or some extensive Red-Burn-like areas

            such as the Under Breast nasty Surprise incident.

                                 (See Related Entry)


                       HOW IS the BODY HYDRATED

         Hydration MD


                                  a) Production 

                                  b) Content

                                of Body Fluids


                     2) ACTIVE – ELIMINATIVE 


                          Can be Best achieved

             with a Nutrient Rich Organic Water Content

                  in Fresh Raw Fruit and Vegetables


                               Active Hydration    

                                   Approve Positive

                Provides and Satisfies the Body Requirements

                 for Building and Nutrient enriched Hydration

              in the Form of Fresh Raw Fruits and Vegetables.


                               Passive or Neutral

                   Goes through the digestive system

              offering little else but some essential water

            to partially cover some eliminative processes

            in the Form of Water plus any externally added       

        substances such as in Teas, Processed Fruit extracts

                      or absorbed in Cooked Foods.


                Some may dispute this – I cannot prove it

                     Only the Body can speak for Itself

                              to those able to ‘listen’…

               Regular Consumers of Fresh Raw Foods

      would know the difference and what i am talking about…


           Tap Water is only One part of Body Hydration

                      Indispensable and Necessary

                    but Not as Valuable and Important

                   as the Nutrient Rich Water Content

                   of Fresh Raw Fruit and Vegetables

                      whether eaten whole or juiced.

    (Most Fruits and Veggies are 80% – 95% Water Content )


                           Empty and Unsuitable                                                                     

      Approve Negative

                  * Processed, Reconstituted Juices

                  * Processed heated Canned Fruits, or

                  * Made into Jam and Marmalades

                                                     *                                                  .

                  * Boiled, Fried, Roasted Vegetables 

                            Jam and Marmalades

                          Do Not Retain Nutrients

              and are Neither Nutritious Nor Hydrating.

                Any water content remaining or absorbed

         during such above processing is inferior in quality

                   and does Not Qualify as Hydrating.


              The Proof is in the Thirst or Hunger Signals

                  produced despite their consumption.


                    The Hydration Malassezia Fears

       Malassezia Water Fear

           The One Type of Hydration Malassezia Fears

     is Paradoxically… Warm Water!… used to Scrub it Off!

        It is the most effective way of destroying it on the Skin

                                On the Condition 

              It is Done as Soon as it is Felt on the Skin

                      Before it Dries out or Settles in

                    (Details provided in Earlier Entries)  


   And to answer the Question about Pityrosporum and Hydration:

         Hydration is Beneficial to and Not against Malassezia


                      Indispensable for the Body 

  Malassezia and Body Hydration MD


               Dehydrating the Body will only cause harm to It

                        with possible ‘chain’ consequences

        but will Not harm Malassezia more than a brief slow down.

            It will Relocate in areas it can find needed humidity

                         and the Consequences will be

                        Intolerable Pain and Discomfort


                                Plain Warm Water

                   to Wash and Scrub it off Scalp* or Skin

                          in the Early /Activity stage

                       is the Bad One for Malassezia

             and one to implement without harm to the Body


              * For Scalp see Earlier Related Entries


                       *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *                                        

                                  * Malassezia Blog *                                          

                                  * Malassezia Daily *       

        *Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                             Malassezia Topics B  




  DC3 MD              

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Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT3)


 *Malassezia ~ Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT3)*


                                 To Read First

PT1:  Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT1)   

PT2:  Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT2)


                            *Treatments and Maintenance*      

       NO MD                

                              Things to Avoid or Cut Down

* Shampoo /Conditioners/ Body wash Or Other Cosmetics

  containing OIL, Perfumes and too many Chemicals

  that Promote yeast Proliferation and aggravate Symptoms

* Consumption of Sugars, Fats and Alcohol

   for the same reasons as above

* Frequent use of Antibiotics– Trying Natural methods first


                                           Head and Body      

    * Shampoo /Conditioners/ Body wash Or Other Cosmetics

      * As a Standard ALL SHAMPOOS use Ingredients such as OILS

      and Ethyl/Methyl/Acetyl type Alcohols and a variety of other Chemicals

       both detrimental to Good Flora as well as Promoting growth of Yeast

                     -if not of other nasties- supposed to Eliminate. 

         One Cannot – Not wash their Head/Body etc so we all end up

              using Necessary evils and some end up affected badly

            while many are lucky to tolerate without repercussions.

         One with a Blepharitis or any Malassezia Variety of Symptoms,

        is Faced with a dilemma and has to search for the most suitable

                   less harmful and least problem exacerbating.


      In the past i used one of the ‘Head and Shoulders’ formulas

       – Silk and Smooth Pink – which i had found very effective

     in keeping the beast under control but it appears the Formula

     was changed  and i started to have problems, so i have been

         in search for a new one, testing and checking results

    while temporarily using the Cedel due to its 2% Zinc Pyrithione.

      Therefore i have no good suggestion for a Suitable shampoo.

                    Checking one’s currently used Shampoo,

            if found to contain too many Oils/Ethyl/Methyls,

        would be wise to replace with a more suitable alternative.


            Consumption of Sugars, Fats, Pastries and Alcohol


               Replace with Natural Foods, Providing Live Nutrients 

Breakfast MD

                                  and Help Boost Immunity


 Replacement of Antibiotics

     Malassezia NO 2

                      In Years Past and with Two young Kids

                             during Flu and Colds seasons

                      -before surrendering to Antibiotic solution- 

                              i allowed a couple of days

                                of   ONLY FRUIT  DIET

Mango md

      Or a Combination of

  – ‘Fruits Only’ Smoothies

  –  Fresh Orange Juice

  – Vitamin C Powder

  – Acidophilus Capsules  and

  – Variety of Herbs such as Echinacea etc


                     Treatment and Maintenance

   My Clock MD

                            Whenever i wake up during the night

                               i open my eyes to check the time

                                    on the illuminated clock

                                   positioned for easy view.  

                     An easy, effortless, gliding action of the Eyelids

                                 i have always taken for granted

                           up until this second Blepharitis incident

                          when at some point they became so dry

                 that it was impossible to open for three or four minutes

                         after i had been sitting or standing upright

                      and if i tried forcing them open with my fingers

                        i felt a painful and uncomfortable resistance.

                     I had never experienced anything like this before.

                               Until then the expression ‘Dry Eyes’

                               was ’empty words’ unable to convey

                          the fullness of meaning and experience.


  Now My Eyelids, Eyes and Eyelashes are Finally Clear

             and when i open my eyes during the night

            it feels like a small wonder… a little miracle!

                    God am i So Glad and Grateful  

              to have this Nature’s Blessed ‘Gift’ back!


In Order to Prevent any Repeat of Troublesome Incidents

                           in such Precious area

         i have decided it is Important to Remember 

                      some Essential Key Factors

   -) Taking into Consideration and Be Watchful of  

       ‘Malassezia’s Persistent Periodical Invasion Areas’

        due to either Area Vulnerability or by Chance or Choice

   -)  Relocating Factors, especially when other parts 

       of the body/head/face etc, are simultaneously treated

   -) The Nature of the Problem and the fact that

       it is Not likely to go away on its own if left Untreated

   -) The Longer to Act – the more Entrenched it becomes

   -)  It can end up Chronic and get Worse without Maintenance

   -)  May Require Concentrated Effort and Multilevel Treatment

       especially when chronic, persistent or aggravated case    

       and choosing One quick and easy part of Treatment

                        will Not work as expected

   -)  It will take Time, Consistency and Persistence

       especially in unyielding or entrenched case

   -)  It is necessary to Apply Treatments with

       Persistence, Perseverance and Consistency

                  V                                                 V

          Do Not Stop        <——–>         Do Not Skip!


  Not as

           Trying Some of the aboveor for Some Days

                      to see IF there are any Results

                                     but rather

            Applying UNTIL there ARE Results!

             Especially in the Beginning until some headway is made

                     and then easing to Regular more tempered

                               Preventative Maintenance.


                              CONSISTENT TREATMENT

                                  OF UP TO 12 WEEKS

                                   MAY BE REQUIRED


                                 Is there any Guarantee

                        that even with Regular Maintenance

               there will be no more Recurrences of Blepharitis?


    There are No Recurrence Free Areas anywhere on the Body

             simply because Malassezia has an advantage on Us:

        It is Awake and Active when we are Asleep and Unaware

              Nights are the Times of most Surreptitious attacks

              even if the results are discovered later in the Day!

                         That’s where and why Vigilance

 Owl Beauty MD

                                      Combined with

                           Diligent Routine Maintenance

                                are Necessary measures.


            Speed of Action can Determine Duration and  Severity


                    “ Malassezia: Hair and Scalp Treatment ”

                 Please note :

                                          The Link  above will Redirect to

Malassezia Blog WP

                                                    And the Link below

                       Trichilomania A  Theory of TTM JR Kender & MJ Grant 

                        will Open to one of my Earlier Blogs in a different Domain

                                 * Malassezia Yeast – My Personal Battle *



      Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                         *  Malassezia Blogs  *

                                       Malassezia Blog WP

                            Deals with history of Treatments 

                               Outcomes and Experiences 

                             from Beginning to Recent times  

                                  –>  * Malassezia Blog *  


                                           Malassezia Daily WP.

                    Confirming and/or Updating past Topics 


                       Recent Developments and Progress

                             New Discoveries and Photos 


                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *



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Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT2)

               Malassezia Daily Maintenance

*Malassezia ~ Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT2)*


                                 To Read PT1

   Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT1)


       Latest Solutions Implemented for Clearing Blepharitis 


  During the latest Occurrence, having underestimated the Need to act

  immediately and decisively, i tried applying several solutions haphazardly 

           which naturally did not produce a satisfactory lasting result 

  so eventually i had to implement a Coordinated – Concentrated Plan

    which, Out of Necessity, Included Brief use of Chemical Solutions  


     1) Only IF/when Absolutely Necessary  

                                 Pyrenel Foam 

P- MDjpg

                       Available at Chemists (Australia)

                         (Google for List of Ingredients)

    It is a Head Lice treatment i have used for the Scalp before

from where the Yeast usually Relocates to the Eyes for Moisture

which contains OILS  -Bad and Counter productive for fighting Yeast

but it is the only one which seems to affect Clones (and Lice eggs)

due to containing Butoxide – and allows a couple of days of peace

before the cycle starts to build again, giving the opportunity

for intensive Eye Treatment without too much interruption from the scalp.


                             No good using frequently

                  for several reasons i have already outlined

  in several of my Entries in regards to

a) Chemicals and Oils, and

b) Relocation from Scalp to Eye Problem itself.


          2)  This I have been using Regularly

                      -Still on a Trial basis-

    It seems to help the Eye Problem – temporarily

                            Contains 2% Zinc Pyrithione

      C- MD

      Available at Coles and Woolworths (Australia)

                     I use it ONLY Under  the Lash Beds

              because it stings massively if it goes into the eye.

                   It seems to kill or sent away any Yeast lurking

      On or Under the Skin in that area and prevents it from moving in

          and settling into the Eyelash beds when it has matured.


                If present in the area when shampoo is applied

         initially there is no Response but soon as it starts to Die 

   it stings and itches rather strongly for just a few intense minutes

                                      then all quiet.

             When area is Free of Presence there is No response.

     This is a good indication of Presence or Absence near the Eyes

                                       but of course

there IS already presence in Eyes, Eyelashes, Eyelash beds

         where it cannot be applied either for testing or treatment.


  (I use it on the Scalp but it is only effective for what is Live

  and on the Surface or Hair, often causing immediate mobilisation

out of the area and totally useless for spores or anything residing

  deep in the hair follicles – so i am looking for replacement…)


3)  The Most Effective of All – also Temporarily

                      Prescription Free Topical Antibiotic


                      (Google for List of Ingredients)

                           Available at Chemists’

                 I get from ‘Pharmacy Online’ (Australia)

               What it is

Initially thought as a Puny little expensive Bottle – but it goes a long way!

Especially if used the way i found more productive for the purpose

                                   How I Used it

I tried the instructions for a few days but had no effect whatsoever

so i stopped. Then i realised i had not given the entire treatment

enough time to bring results and created my own Targeted Plan.


Instead of putting a few drops inside the eye – which also sting briefly,

I directed the Nozzle Only Along the Lash bed and squeezed 

       very gently to release just the necessary amount

                         – and only in that area

This at bed times just before turning the light off. Keeps it working all night.

Deters Infestation on the Lash beds and Clears the already present mess!


Three to Four Nights application eased the swelling and weeping

and deterred more from trying to settle in the area


It is the most effective for a bad Chronic – Entrenched case

and mine left untreated was progressively getting there.

As soon as inflammation and swelling subsided – within a week,

i Stopped and Reverted to Frequent

– Warm  Water Wash  ( the 3 www,s lol!)

– Seawater (Natural Deterrent)

– Acidophilus Mix


Acidophilus Mix is Best Applied After the Inside the Eye Liquid

and Clouding of the Eyes has been Noticeably Reduced

and activity throughout the day has Subsided considerably.

Iy is Better Applied as part of a Routine Preventative Maintenance

rather that during Treatment  because it upsets the Yeast

             which creates a rather messy condition

 before Acidophilus takes over delivering the Positive Results


Preventative Treatments I Use Regularly

1) Clean Eyelids with a Facecloth or Cotton wad and Warm/Hot Water

   several times daily – Especially Morning, Bath Time and at Bedtime

2)  Alternately, during Shower time, standing Facing the Shower Head

     allowing plenty of comfortably Hot water run to the closed eyes

     and wiping frequently with a Facecloth.

3) Dry with Face Cloth/Hand towel

    (specifically allocated for drying the eyes after each wash)

4) Tissue or Toilet paper on my desk or wherever i am stationed

    helps dry itchy liquid and gritty granules off the edges of the Eyes,

    keep Eyelash beds Dry and interrupt Malassezia Settling

5) Apply Seawater (Not Salt water!)on Eyelids, around Eye

    and Lash Beds Morning and Bedtime and /or

    whenever i feel Malassezia movement or attempt to settle in


 The Multi Benefits of Seawater:

Cost Free and Abundantly available all year round 

    ( For those Lucky to live by the Sea)

Lasts almost indefinitely In or Out of the Fridge

Not many ‘No Sea’ Creatures can Survive it

Deters new Infestations

Helps Heal wounds Faster

Contains Bio-available Minerals that feed Eyelashes

   making them grow Long, Luxurious in their Rich Natural Colour!

Can easily be rubbed directly on the Eyelash beds for Best results

Negligible brief discomfort – – – against

Tremendous Benefits  within a short time.


*  Benefits Alternating Face Cloth with Cotton Wad /Ripple

                                       Face Cloth

– Tougher for Better Cleaning and Dislodging

    Granules, Spores, Crusty or Oily Liquid, embedded Eyelid Shards

– Stays Hot longer can be Squeezed better

– Economic – can be made from old towels

– Reusable

                                 Cotton Ripple/Wad

–Speed e.g. if Work/ School mornings etc

– Hygiene and Convenience, i.e. Disposable – No need for wash,

– Reducing chances of Recontamination

Tissue or Toilet paper

I have learned to recognise sensations of when the devil is trying to lodge

into the lash beds such as Spider thread like movements or prickly and itchy

so i drop everything and go and wash immediately as above

During the rest of time when i feel them watery, leaky, or just itchy

i use toilet tissue* to wipe the lash beds and both edges of the eyes.

It is absorbent, disposable, goes a long way and the devil hates dry!

It Relieves the eye and potentially stops more irritation and additional growth.

I have a roll wherever i am sitting and do so as frequently as necessary.


* I buy specifically embossed type of tissue with Dolphin or Flower patterns

  and Flatten the Rolls down, so they don’t look as much like ‘toilet’ rolls, lol!

  and can go a long way with minimal cost compared to handkerchief tissues

               but a Bulk Box of them can also do the job well.


                                     (Part 3 to follow)

                                         Wed 30/7



                Checking on New Readers Keywords today

                             i discovered this one below.

                       K * toilet tissue can cause blepharitis *

           Reading the entire page above i am scratching my head

                    as to how or where could one have read    

                   that Toilet Tissue can ‘cause’ pblepharitis’

         when i am clearly stating the Opposite and have detailed

                                   its Use and Purpose

               in the Preventative Treatments and Benefits?                    


Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

 Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Readers Questions Answered
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 


            * Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


  DC3 MD              

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Controlling Malassezia (PT 2)


          Malassezia Daily Maintenance       


   To read PT 1 First:  Controlling Malassezia (PT1) 


            * Controlling Malassezia (PT 2) *

                           Questions to Be Asked

                           Facts to Be Established

                           Before Choosing Treatment

  M Qs MD


                    First Time Discovery of Symptoms 

          (Also for Long Term Recurrent and Unresolved)

   * Symptoms Started                              

1- After Serious or Prolonged Illness

2- Antibiotic – Other Medication – X- Ray Treatment/s 

3- Serious Bout of Flu or Cold

4-  Any Health/Immunity affecting Incident /Accident

5- Exposure to Potentially Infectious People or Environment


  – Affected by Flu or Cold or Other temporary illness

  – Intimate contact with Sex Partners (Permanent or Casual)


  – Cinemas, Pubs, Hospitals, Airports, Aeroplanes, etc

  -Usually High Trafficked, Enclosed and /or Air-conditioned

   especially during winter and /or Season change

  and or Event that may have temporarily taxed Immune response

6-  Severe or Prolonged Stress Causing Event/s

7-  Consumption of Sugars/Fats Oils and Alcohol

8-  Generally Overindulgence

  – During Christmas/Easter or Other Festivities

  – Birthdays, Weddings, Parties, etc

9-  Due to Overall Low Immunity 

State of Immunity MD

       * Symptoms Are Located   

* In One Area only – Short Term / Long Term

* In Several Areas at All Times

* In Several Areas Alternating

       * Symptoms Have Persisted                        

* More than 3 – 6 Months

* Are getting Worse, or

* Spreading in other areas

* Come and Go Frequently

* Come and Go Occasionally   

* Certain Circumstances seem to Trigger Flare-Ups

* Appear to Get Worse During / After

– I have Identified Reasons/Occasions

– Unable to Identify what or when


*  Important Elements to Consider Regarding Treatment Solutions             

* Treatments Tried


* Had No effect – area/s still troubled

* Made Problem Worse

* Worked for a Short time but Re-appeared elsewhere

* Worked for a Short time but Now symptoms are Back

  – For No Reason/s i Could tell

  – After (Any) Reason/s listed in ‘Symptoms Started’ (above)


* Have I Tried Solutions Consistently

* Have Allowed enough Time for Results before altering or giving up

* Am I still Using any Known ‘Yeast Promoting/Proliferating’ elements

* Have I Overlooked any area Needing Change and /or Improvement


* Is my Immunity Currently considered High or Low?

* Do i have a Chronic Serious illness taxing my Immune System

* Does Duration and/or Severity of Symptoms

  indicate Temporary or Chronic Condition

* Do i Identify Origin/Basis of Infection as Internal or External

 * Treatment Choices

* Will a Topical External Treatment on its Own Solve my Problem

* Will it be a Temporary Solution but with Side effects, ie,

  – Harmful to my Body (overall)

  – Detrimental to my Immunity

  – Relocating and /or Exacerbating Malassezia as a result

* How Important is the Choice of Treatment/s to me

 1) Natural Treatment

   – Inhibiting activity without side effects

   – Enhancing Immunity

   – Improving Overall Condition

  2) Chemical Treatment

  – Quick Temporary Relief – long/short term considerations 

                    such as

  –  Side Effects – identifiable or indistinguishable

  –  Affecting Immunity

* Based on the state of my Immunity do i have a chance

   of a Permanent Solution in the Long/Short Term

* Is there anything I need to Do More Of / Or Better

   to Improve my Overall Condition

a)By Fortifying my Immune System

b)Minimise Malassezia Presence and Proliferation

       by Eliminating Methods


    * Keeping a Personal Detailed Diary  


                       Listing Changes or Events in ANY Area

    From Diet to Treatments, Illness, Stress, Medications, Tests

                           or Any Health Affecting Elements

            Can help Identify Patterns or Persistent Occurrences

              that may Need Attention for Change or Elimination.

    Starting with Answers to -Relevant to The Individual- Questions

                     Detailed Above – Can be a Good Start

                 Helping to Form a Concise and Clear Picture

         of One’s Past and Present History and Current Standing 


                         *  Malassezia Blogs  *

                                       Malassezia Blog WP

                            Deals with history of Treatments 

                               Outcomes and Experiences 

                             from Beginning to Recent times  

                                  –>  * Malassezia Blog *  


                                           Malassezia Daily WP.

                    Confirming and/or Updating past Topics 


                       Recent Developments and Progress

                             New Discoveries and Photos 


                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *


   * Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150  *   


  DC3 MD              

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Controlling Malassezia (PT1)

                 Malassezia Daily Maintenance 


          * Controlling Malassezia (PT 1) *


       Controlling Malassezia


  In my Personal Case and Experience there is No such thing as

 One Item or One Action or Treatment for Controlling Malassezia

  But Rather a Systematic, Methodical Holistic Type of Approach  

        with Maintenance Required for Constancy of Results.


                          This Includes Both

                    Internal and External Care



* Providing:

  < Through a Healthy, Nourishing Diet >

  – Elements for Building and Supporting the Immune System

* Protecting and Promoting:

   – Growth of Natural Friendly Flora

* Applying:

   – Natural–Harmless to Friendly Flora–Deterrents

* Facilitating :

  – Quick Healing with Natural Substances

* Coordinating:

  – Complimentary Synergistic Elements

    of Defensive and /or Healing Treatment

* Intensifying :

  – Elimination of Malassezia Potential Proliferation

    Externally and Especially Internally (Intestinal areas)

      (As Detailed throughout Several of my Entries)

   Malassezia Perished MD

             Elements that can Assist Successful Outcomes

                          And Satisfactory Health Progress


* Acknowledging and Accepting a most likely Possibility

  -especially if Serious or Chronic Illness or Impaired Immunity- of

       a) Permanent Malassezia Presence, and

       b) Frequent Recurrence of Symptoms and Eruptions

1- Recognising Necessity for Serious Life style Changes

2- Choosing a Holistic Treatment Approach

3- Recognising the Necessity for Regular Maintenance

4- Consistency of Treatment Application

5- Prepared to go All the Way to Meet Necessary Requirements


   Elements that Can Hinder Progress and Satisfactory Results   


1- Failure to Consider Malassezia as a General Pervasive Condition

2- Focusing only on Isolated Topical manifestation of Symptoms

3- Viewing the Condition as an Isolated Malady

  under a Specific Name or Category, such as

  ‘Folliculitis’ ‘Seborrhoeic Dermatitis’ ‘Pityriasis’ ‘Blepharitis’etc.

  deceptively localising the problem to a restricted area

  thus Obscuring and Concealing the Reality of the Big Picture


4- Looking for Quick & Easy Solutions Randomly, or

5- Choosing Only One or Two Quick and Easy Components

   of a Holistic Treatment  Approach

6- Failing to say Malassezia NOs MDto ‘Favourite Goodies’

   Refusing to Exclude  fthem from the List of ‘DO NOT’s

7- Excluding Essential Elements of Treatment Maintenance

  as Unpleasant, Arduous, Inconvenient or Unaffordable


                       The Results are Dependent

                          On Choice of Treatment 

                     Convenient  Perpetuating Pain                                       

                     Meticulous Delivering Comfort

  Malassezia Treatment Choice MD


Before Choosing Treatment

  It is Important to Assess One’s Current Overall State of Health

        taking into Consideration their General Condition

             Including Past and Current History of

            * Illnesses and Medications

            * Stress Contributing Factors and Events

            * Applied Successful and/or Failed Treatments


       (Next: Questions to Be Asked – Choosing Treatment)


                         *  Malassezia Blogs  *

                                       Malassezia Blog WP

                            Deals with history of Treatments 

                               Outcomes and Experiences 

                             from Beginning to Recent times  

                                  –>  * Malassezia Blog *  


                                           Malassezia Daily WP.

                    Confirming and/or Updating past Topics 


                       Recent Developments and Progress

                             New Discoveries and Photos 


                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *


   * Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150  *   


  DC3 MD              

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Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT2)



        Malassezia Readers Keywords and Questions


  Click To Read:  Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT1)



   * Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT2) *

        SLEEP MD


         I have Always valued my Sleep 

       and whenever woken up before ready to rise naturally

         i feel very irritable  and unable to function properly.

     Therefore i have not left untried any means i have known of 

    that could be helpful  and conducive to a Long, Restful Sleep. 


Having worked in the Health and Diet field and naturally interested

in all connected, has helped in ways i would not have otherwise

          been able to achieve to satisfactory levels.


Another helpful element is my ability or urge to constantly modify

      and adapt to the needs as circumstances change

                   always vying for the best outcome.


          This has proved so, more than any other time before 

due to limitations that often bring me to a ‘checkmate’ like position

    where i need all the knowledge and flexibility i command

          and can apply to meet a favourable outcome. 


  So below i will List the Ways and Items

     that have proved Helpful both Currently and in the Past

             under the most challenging circumstances. 


    Evening Time 

                            1)- A Light Easy to Digest Meal

                  (Containing Slow Release Carbohydrates)

             Any abrupt drop of Blood Sugar levels can trigger an alarm

                and consequent wakefulness 

                        – Sleepiness around 9 -10 o’clock pm –

             but Wide Awake Owling Owl eyes1at 2 am the usual mark of it


                     2)- Allowing 3-4 hours for Digestion before Bed Time


               3)-  Items to Avoid after 4.30’- 5.00’ pm

Avoid MD


                     *Sugars – All Types or Quantities

    (Natural Fruits or  Naughty Refined Sugar Temptations)

        Fruits like Apples- Pears- Watermelon- Pineapple

         valuable nutrition but high quick release sugars

                      Best Eaten Early in the Day.


                         * All Brain Stimulants 

        such as Preservatives, Colours, Artificial Flavours,

                  Additives, Caffeine or Tannin etc. 

                       Naughty Temptations

                    – as far as i am concerned –

                     belong to the Rubbish Bin 

                 and do not exist in our household


     It is Not a matter of Quantity

                               ‘Just 1 Cookie – Chocolate

                        Glass of Wine-Beer etc- instead of 3’

            It is a matter of Quality

                         and of Chemical Release Triggering

                           as  The Result will be the Same … 

                         Sleepless MD

                   Counting Cookies or Pieces of Chocolate 

                    Upside down Owls or Sheep…  at 2 am’

                    with a Happy Highly Active Malassezia!


      Bed Time

                                *A Warm Bath

   Bath MD

A couple of hours Before Bed time helps Relax 

all uptight Muscles, the entire Body, Sooths Itching and Burning

         and suspends Malassezia activity for a little while. 



    Enema Bag MD

               Just before going to Bed help eliminate

                   all Malassezia activity in the Area

           Especially Nerve Stimulation and Leg Jerking. 

 Even if not felt by the individual, it still takes place – all Night…

                            The Body knows

         Is Restless – Keeps Fighting – Cannot Sleep 



Reading MD

          Now that i have covered a lot of ground 

   with Entries of Recent Discoveries and New Photos 

and Confirmations of Previous theories and Observations 

                 and Updated Methods Used 

i have started to ease a little and allocate some time to myself.

         So i start reading after dinner. It helps me relax

    and often have a Half Hour Nap then Read again until dark.

     And again in Bed until i practically fall asleep on my Book.

    I consider Books to be Natural Sedatives that should be sold

               at Chemists ‘Natural Sleep’ Inducing section

                          – instead of Sleeping Drugs. 


                                            * TV Viewing 

                    TV Viewing MD

               We allow only a maximum of One Hour

                                  No Snacks 

     Nor Adrenalin Stimulant Murders, Thrillers, Guts and Blood…

         Just  Brief, Quiet, Funny, Feel Good oriented TV

                     to keep awake until Bed Time.

        Some Nights we do Not watch TV at all – Just Read

         These prove to be the most Restful Sleep Nights

       provided most other measures have been in place   


                            Must be Noted here

             in Connection with Night time Viewing

           of Adrenalin Stimulant Violent / Scary Films

Adrenalin MD

                  that Adrenalin is a Potent Poison

          that Not only Activates the Entire Body

    -Muscles Heart and Brain-

                forQquick -and often Reckless- Action

                                      but also

  Strongly Stimulates  Malassezia to Absolutely Crazy Activity.


   * Eye Pads

   Eye Pads MD

    Gently keeping eyes shut while shielding light out.

       They also provide some comforting warmth

                             that aids Relaxation 


         * Beanie

         Beanie 1 MD

                The same applies to Beanies

  On Cooler nights i use -homemade- Cloth ones

     rather than Knit Yarn ones – to minimise heat

and possible encouragement to Malassezia scalp incubation…

      Beanie MD

   In order to have some air and moderate heat

            i cut the top off and leave it open.

  Make it long enough to pull over face and cover the eyes

  Beanie Cut x2 MD

     and provide Eye Pads and Beanie in One!


An Old oversized Sleeved Jumper – T Shirt or Nighty

J-T Sh MD    Sleeve MD

                cut along the armhole point

        can Provide 2 Instant Eye Pad / Beanies

           requiring only some hem stitching

           ( Do Not Look in the Mirror! …Lol! )


                      Also Part of Old Pants

         Pants MD

                     Cut along above the hem or any other point

                                   as blue line indicates

      Pants cut MD


    * Helpful Supplements

      (The More Combined the Better)

          Supplements MD


* B Complex

* B5 (Calcium Pantothenate)

* B3 Niacinamide (Non Flushing)

Vitamin C – works Synergistically and facilitates Absorption of others

Vitamin E Natural –Not Synthetic – Helps Heal Wounds

  ( Malassezia Lesions included – and Prevents Clotting)


Calcium Hydroxyapatite (Best absorption rate)

Magnesium Orotate – MuscleCalming – works in ratio with Calcium


Valerian – A Good High Potency- preferably in Capsule form

* St Hohn’s Wart 

                              Amino Acids

L- Phenylalanine day or night

* L-Tryptophen day or night 



* B6 – Causes Busy Vivid Dreams – Best taken early morning

* L-Glutamine – Stimulates Brain – Best taken early morning


                         * Night Protection

Appplying Malassezia Deterrents / Protectors dependig on Area

* Acidophilus

* Sea Water


           Apply Amply in Vulnerable areas

        Repeat at Night during Bathroom visits

 Sleep MD.

               The More Combined – The Better the Results!   

                  See also: Fungal Freeways – Amazing!


               Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150  


Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

     Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Readers Questions Answered
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 


Sonatas Blogs MD


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Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT1)



        Malassezia Readers Keywords and Questions


   * Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT1)  *

    Malassezia Sleepless MD

        Q1: *melassezia, symptom, does it itch evening?*

        K1: *itch all night with malassezia on face* 

        K2: * pityrosporum and burning face* 

        K3: *restless body syndrome at night for the past 7 months*

    Q1: *melassezia, symptom, does it itch evening?*

    Malassezia Itch. jpg

    Yes it does!

           It Itches at Any time during the Day or Night

During the Day we are active and our muscles are uptight

so we are not aware of Malassezia’ s activities as much.

Night time though it becomes more active – as Night is its ‘Day’

while we get to Rest in the evenings sitting down or when lying in Bed 

 and it all Feels and IS a lot more Intense than during the day.

 The Body is tormented and fighting constantly with practically little rest

 if any – other tnan the Rest of Surrender to accumulated exhaustion… 

       Even if the Sleeper Does Not feel Anything 

 The Skin Does – The Entire Body Does!…

    Adding Favourable conditions to Malassezia’s activities

   such as Warmth and Humidity i.e Covers and Perspiration

      and this can become a Night of Trillions of Body Cells

screaming their agony that No one can Hear… or is able to Help…


             I Often experience a Goldilocks situation

where its activity wakes me up either when my body gets too hot

      –  or  too cold  if i throw the covers off while asleep 

The irony of it all is that when there is a near perfect temperature

         it still does its evil work but much more quietly 

and it is then i get to discover in the morning if there was

a close escape of a new casulalty or one i have to deal with.

In this regard, waking up a couple of times is preferable

-provided i can go back to sleep which i do easily now-

 because it gives me the opportunity to interrupt any attempt of invasion

 by re-applying Acidophilus and Fortify Protection in any area of activity.


Perspiration stirs it into activatity whether day or night

and in my case Night Sweats are part and parcel of Lung A-TB

so i have to gage every night what would be an optimal cover

to avoid any extremes and  preferably leaning more toward

the cooler side – hopefully escaping the sweats whenever possible.

I have developed it to an art… but often upsets are unavoidable.


Night Sweats can also be experienced due to;

a) Pre and Post Menopause or Menopause

b) Excessive Stress throughout the Day causing Fluid Retention

c) Consuming Salty Foods or Other types causing Fluid Retention

d) Fighting a Cold or Flu or an Infection

e) Minor or major -known or not- Kidney and /or Heart problems


       These are but a few causes of Night Perspiration

   when the Body finally may let go of accumulated Fluid.


Irrespective of the causes and of Malassezia’s nightly advantage

it is of Utmost Importance to get Some Solid Sleep in order to allow

the Body’s Repairing, Healing, Restorative Functions to take place

-and deal with any evil consequences in the morning.


There are ways this can be achieved to varying satisfactory levels

all depending on the Individual’s condition, ability and willingness

to implement diligently some helpful measures.


Some of these measures i have applied and tested

during earlier times and found them working realy well.

I am, unfortunately, unable to apply all of them now

but have still managed to move from a 2 am waking up

i.e 2 to 21/2 hours troubled sleep and a wakeful troubled night

where every minute on the clock feels like a punishing eternity

     to getting around 6 Solid hours of Sleep like a Log  

     despite Body’s fight and awareness of its torment.


         K1: *itch all night with malassezia on face*

         K2: * pityrosporum and burning face*


A Keyword to me is much like a Purse – large or small

containing several items/clues which i may be able to guess right 

or close enough, depending on facts known and matching or unknown

of the individual’s condition  life style and attempts of treatment.


So these Keywords indicate to me several Possibilities of cause:

*  Use of Shampoo causing Relocation from Scalp to Face

*  Area Vulnerability i.e. either

> Naturally Rich Facial Elements (Lipids?) or

> Use of Commercial Products Attracting Malassezia

* Reader Possibly spending time outdoors in sunlight

  >causing Malassezia to retreat under skin until dark

    and resurfacing and starting intense work at night

  when it gets generally more active.

    Based on the assumption of these Possibilities

      the way i would go about it:

* Check out Shampoo ingredients – replace if unsuitable

* Avoid Commercial Facial products – even antiseptic or medicated

* Try Steam Therapy (Towel over head – over Hot water etc)

   Will not kill Yeast but will open facial pores/hair follicles

   and force Yeast away – another Relocation…


       Yeast while in Mobile stage will Relocate

If in Semi-solidified Stationary, may cause burning

         and braking into Lesions as it dies.

           I would continue treatment for a week or two

            despite temporary reaction until all cleared

                     and from then onwards

* Avoid Commercial Products

* Keep Face Clean – Warm Water and Face Cloth will do just fine

* Keep Dry

                  Once Area is Clean

* Frequent Preventative measures for some time

  with Acidophilus Mix  or YAM should Deter Recurrence.

      Generally when an Area is safe for a while i discontinue Prevention

      and let it in its Natural state, unless Vulnerable to Repeated attacks

         in which case i apply preventative measures during Night time.

    Malassezia Relocate MD

       K2: *restless body syndrome at night for the past 7 months*

     Restless Night

     I Know exactly the feeling!

This Body Restlessness is a Twofold one: 

        External and Internal

1 – The External is caused by Malassezia coursing and settling

      on different parts of the Body causing skin irritability

      as if stimulated by a swarm of crawling insects

      and by a chemical Reaction to its Inflammatory, Corrosive liquid.

      It can aslo cause Skin Surface Flatter, Twitches or Tremors

when burrowing in concentrated quantities under the top skin surface

or Jab like Stabbings when near any peripheral nerve endings 

           NS MD


2 – The Internal similarly causing Stimulation of Sensitive Nerve Endings

      especially in the Private Parts areas – Anal, Vaginal and Penis 

                                    Resulting in

* Restless Leg Syndrome

* Highly Uncomfortable Periodic Muscle Contractions

* Intense -electric current like- Pulses  

        simply because Malassezia is moving constantly

          – as witnessed under Digital Microscope


  Activity in a Congested Colon – causes

 * Intense Leg Muscle Contractions

 * Electric current like Pulses felt right Up to the Pelvic area, and

 * Involuntary Leg jerking a few inches high off the resting surface. 

          Also caused by heavy presence in Vagina / Uterus.


This, no doubt, is much like walking miles throughout day and night

most likely causing production of lactic acid – like when overexercised.

An initial Leg Stiffness and difficulty walking in the morning

is not unusual – similar to having exercised muscles too much

          during the previous day.

In reality, this does not only happen during the night

but through several intervals throughout the day as well

     Reading a Book

Usually it is only felt when lying down or sitting in a recliner chair

           with raised  legs

          No wonder Chronic Fatigue is another Consequence 

       of Malassezia affliction. 

  And No need to hint what stimulating response during Sleep

     – when the Brain can easily oblige with dream imagery-

         Liquid Malassezia resembling saliva or ejaculate

          can arouse in Both Male-Female genital areas

       that have no way of discerning the subtle difference

      of ‘activity and effect’ … until of course they are eventually afflicted

    by its menacing Itchy – Burning – Corrosive Fire… 


 Waking up with a sense of a Wet Dream and / or Heart Palpitations

                   is an indication of what has likely occurred

          in a rather more Cruel Mix of … Pain and Pleasure           

         Acidophilus ProtectorMD

One that Acidophilus Can Prevent if applied before Bedtime.

This may help understand the Constant Fungal Activity throughout the night 

Fungal Freeways – Amazing!

Next Entry:  Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT2)

  Helpful Measures for A Better Sleep


             Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150




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Malassezia ~ More about Male / Female Genital Sores




        Malassezia Readers Keywords and Questions


  Warning MD


       * Malassezia ~ More about Male – Female Genital Sores  *

    Some of these questions i have already partly answered  

     in several previous Entries


           * Q1: * what do dark blood blisters on labia mean *        

Malassezia  Genital Purple Bump         

Usually  Dark Red or Purple Blisters on either Male or Female Parts

are preceded by Burning, Itching and a Prickling Sensation

which deceptively subsides when Malassezia has entered

dug in – in the Area and Prepares for Reproductive Cloning.

Once cloning has started, intermittent activity and temporary itching 

  may be detected  throughout day and night

   for the duration of the cloning cycle.

As the Clones develop and mobilise towards the surface

the skin is corrupted and so follows the next stage of a Painful Lesion.

    The Cycle lasting for Four Weeks.

These areas are highly pursued by Malassezia because they provide

three Essential Elements, i.e Humidity, Warmth and most Importantly

readily available Blood Supply – Needed for its Cloning. 


(Any Area On Body)

K1: * severe razor burn *

K2: * unexplained skin scratches *

K3: * scratches on my buttock *

K4: * red burning lines covered by scaled itchy skin *

             The Razor Cuts and Scratch lines and the Red or Purple Bumps

            appear to be the same stage of development in the cycle

            only the Cuts and Scratches differ in size from the Bumps

            a) Due to the Area and Ttype of Skin, and

            b) The  Razor Cuts and Scratches appear to be 

                            Malassezia in Yeast Form  

                         while the Red or Purple Bumps  

                     Malassezia as the Mycelia/Fungus


        The scaly itchy skin can be fixed with OIL FREE Neutrogena

                  (  * Malassezia Blog * ) – Malassezia Identified & Helpful Discovery


Mstork R MD

      Q2: * does mallesszia fur fur thrush come from the vagina *

I shall quote here the Official Version of Malassezia’s Status and Origin

which is “Ubiquitous”  in Nature  and “Part of the Natural Body Flora.”

Ubiquitous = Omnipresent, Universal, Pervasive, Ever-Present, Everywhere.


Now ‘Home’ on my Own Body i have discovered and confirmed

through collection of samples and other characteristic symptoms 

that there is Nowhere that Malassezia Does Not or Cannot go

                               — bar the Brain!….


I Know, because i am able to Feel and would Put my Neck under the Axe,

that Malassezia Comes from the Internal Areas, i.e Intestinal and Vaginal

as well as Returns back there during some stage of its Development.

            I am unable to Answer the Universal Question

      ‘Where Does Yeast – Any Yeast Originates from?’


I have a Suspicion, or at least this is how i have been experiencing it

    during the Past Four Years, that it is Similar to the Legendary question

             ‘Which comes First the Chicken or the Egg?

ie. Yeast Originates in the Environment and Lodges on Living Bodies

           in a ‘Man – Mammal and Earth’ like Relationship

      or it Originates in the Intestinal Canal and Spreads outwards

similar to Tree Seeds carried away by Winds to Spread their Genus.

  One Fact is for sure – it cannot survive and develop without Blood

   which would make the second theory a strong possibility too.


                         What is Relevant here, is that

       YES! It Comes And Goes in the Vagina – and Penis

               and a Natural Treatment can Help Minimise

                           its Uncomfortable effects.


Mboys MD

K1: * red bump on penis * 

K2: * purple bump on penis * 

K3: * puss filled bump on penis * 

K4: * yeast infection bumps on penis * 

K5: * malassezia penis *

K6: *  bump on penis shaft with dry white puss


                  K7: * own his penis through furfur *

                     Did He Not Own it Before???

Assuming the first word is a Typo i tried placing all the letters

       in front of it but none made a word so all i can say  is

        ‘That is a rather Painful way to Own one’s Penis…’


               Mgirls MD 

K1: * bumps on vaginal lips *

K2: * purple/black dots on vagina lips *


K3: * purple bumps vulva *

K4: * yeast infection bumps private *

K5: * vulvar area pityrosporum yeast organisms *


K6-1 * i have red bumps on my majora *

K6-2 * hair bump on vagina and it burst *

K7-1: * infected razor cut on labia majora*  

K7-2:  * paper cuts on labia *

K8: * purple/black dots on vagina lips *


Knine MD

   K9: * k9 vulva sore *

     Poor k9 Creature!…

I m Guessing the same treatment with Acidophilus could help

  if a Soaked patch could be secured in the area

except …they would keep licking it off the area… Lol!

Mpubic MD

K1: * crawling prickly feeling in pube area *

K2: * pin poking feeling in the pubic hair area *

Mcrawling MD

K3: * malassezia yeast feels like it is crawling *

K4: * crawling sensation with white substance on my face  *

Q1: * does malassezia feel like crawling on skin *

There are different intensity sensations that can feel like Crawling

while Malassezia is mobile but the more Intense and Defined one

    is due to the developed hyphae ready to suck blood

      and it is rather Deceptive because at that stage

 it has reached solidity often visible as a crystalline grain

       and is stationary ready to dig into the skin.

   Immediate attention of the area either washing off

         or applying Seawater or Acidophilus

       can interfere and prevent it from settling in.                                  

      Q2: * behind my ears it iches is it candida or Malassezia *

Malassezzia Itch MD

I am not qualified to make a diagnosis especially from distance.

A scrapings sample under the Microscope could shed some light.

I will deal with it only as a ‘Perhaps it Is…’

and on the hypothetical basis that it might be

i will say what i know of and how i deal with it

which applies to all of the above mentioned cases.

Lucky Me… i have practically fought them All.

            Mfensing MD

Before i had evidence that Acidophilus Inhibits or Kills Malassezia

slowly, smoothly and quietly almost imperceptibly

depending at the stage of M’s development and vulnerability

i used to alternate between Seawater and Acidophilus

but now i go for Acidophilus for more vulnerable areas

and Seawater for less frequently attacked and/or less painful.

I am Not counting Capsules or Cost anymore

   as Results are more Important to me.

The Application of Either Seawater (Not Salt + Water) or Acidophilus

is simple and effective – but deriving better advantage from Acidophilus

                     provided the Criteria of 

 Malassezia ~ Acidophilus Results-How it Works Best

           and the Best way to Extract the Benefits,

                 are met as close as possible.


 Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150



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Malassezia ~ Acidophilus Results-How it Works Best



    3- Acidophilus – How it Works Best


             Acidophilus MD


   I always keep the Acidophilus Mix container on top of the Urn

         in order to be on  a par with my Body temperature.

       Although it keeps well for 24 hours and often longer

             i prefer to prepare a smaller Fresh batch 

             and keep replacing as often as needed.


One Night i decided to keep a small batch at room temperature

by my bed side cabinet – rather than have to get up if did not need to.

By morning i noticed with surprise that, even though i had not used it 

 it had developed a rather prominent Sour smell as if it had gone off

                yet not particularly unpleasant


I thought perhaps it might have been contaminated by Yeast  

prior to putting the Mix in it because the smell was similar

to one i detect sometimes in the Panty Liners  

after a few hours of an obvious Malassezia attack having taken place.


I have not been able to determine whether it means that Acidophilus

has  given  its battle and died or it was caused by Malassezia Interaction

or whether the smell might even be produced by Dead Malassezia instead

either being accidentally present as in the case of contamination

        or during a  treatment of an attack.


    Acidophilus gives off a distinct Sour smell in the Yoghurt

 which means it has digested the Milk Protein

but it is Not Dead otherwise one would not be able to make

a New batch of  Yoghurt  using a small portion of it as a Culture.


Malassezia has a very distinct mix of bitter and sour taste

Yuck 1

which i often discover on my lips immediately after a meal 

especially if Fruity or whenever it goes after moisture / humidity.

It also produces a Horrible Sour ‘Off’ Sewerage like smell

during a ‘Die Off’ episode – naturally more potent

due to coming from the intestinal canal, so it is hard to tell

if the outside Sour smell is a Good sign indicating

    Acidophilus having Terminated Malassezia

or a Bad one meaning Acidophilus gone off

or Both Acidophilus and Malassezia are dead in the Battle Field, Lol!…


Nevertheless, i prefer to rely on my nose even if rather fussy

instead of deductive assumptions until i’m able to verify Facts,

so i Prefer to keep a Small Batch, Warm  near Body Temperature

and Clean up Area and Replace Pad or Panties

and Prepare a New Batch of Acidophilus Mix when smell is detected.

Keeping it  Warm, as close to Body Temperature as possible but No higher

sets it Ready for Immediate Action – much like the making of a  Yoghurt  Batch

      Requiring Warm Environment and Time …


The Pros – i Know of – Keeping Acidophilus Warm:

Freshly Baked

– Ready for Action Immediately before Malassezia tries to escape.

– Takes Shorter time to do the job

– Keeps a Pleasant Freshly Baked Bread Fragrance

– Lasts Longer 


     For Best Results


– The Capsules must be High Billions Potency of Acidophilus Bifidobacteria

– The Capsules Must be Fresh for Maximum Number of LIve Bacteria

–  Area must be Washed Well -prior to Application- with Warm Water 

  Soap or Other Chemical Free

– The Area must be Adequately Saturated with Acidophilus Bacteria

    by Frequent Applications or a well Soaked Cotton Wad with the Mix

   and Mix must Not be too watered down –  1 Capsule +2-3 Tbs Water

– Area Must Not Contain Any

  Anti-fungal, Anti-Bacterial or other Chemicals

   that may Kill It – or render Its action Ineffective.

– Seawater does not appear to inhibit Acidophilus action

   neither do it any harm but not absolutely sure. 

– ( Salt+ Water may affect Acidophilus as is not the same as Seawater)


More Probiotic Related Entries:

31-Malassezia and Probiotics

    105- Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)

43-Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM

     Acidophilus in Lung Experiment

~ ~ ~

                 Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150    




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Malassezia- Probiotic Saccharomyces Warning (PT4)




      Malassezia- Probiotic Saccharomyces Warning (PT4)


K1:  * malassezia killed by saccharomyces boulardii * 

      SBLDRI MD  

   I just Noticed this Keyword in the Keyword Search area 

   I have a suspicion the Reader Confused 

                   Boulardii with Acidophilus  

 Acidophilus appears to Kill Malassezia

   Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)

   Malassezia ~ Acidophilus – More Proof!


               Boulardii can cause problems  

        to Immunocompromised Individuals!


      I don’t know how could one have confused such clear messages 

in these warning  signs:

Malassezia and Saccharomyces


I hope this Clarifies the Difference and Clears any Confusion


Click Here for  Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 



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Malassezia ~ Acidophilus – More Proof !



          * 1- Acidophilus – Silent Knight at Work! *

          * 2- Acidophilus – The Clean Up! *


     1- Acidophilus – Silent Knight at Work!


       This is the Toe Receiving Daily Acidophilus Protective Maintenance

 as described in the Entry

   78- Malassezia:UnderBreast &Toe~Healing-Maintenance 

Malassezia Infected and Healing Toe


            Wrapped in Acidophilus Soaked Cotton Wad

     and ‘Sealed’ with a round of Sports Rigid tape Elastoplast

         one would tend to think it should be enough protection

           to keep Malassezia away – but this is far from reality.

                       As i have already mentioned before

Malassezia primarily tends to Avoid an Acidophilus treated area

 but there are certain areas that it stubbornly and persistently pursues

               perhaps due to Suitability for Settling into 

           and Vulnerability of Skin area created by damage

               caused after Repeated long term attacks.

         So in these cases it only deters it from settling in the area

                          and given time, Acidophilus kills it

                                 but it does not always stop it 

                      from Invading the area  and Attempting to Settle

               especially when it has reached Cloning maturity.


           Below is the Proof!

                  Left Side Cotton Wad Wrapping 

  Normal Clean White –  indicating Malassezia avoided the area.

  (A touch of colour on the side is due to briefly touching the other wad)

                 Right Side Cotton Wad Wrapping 

     Brightly Coloured Fluorescent Green Lime

       indicating Malassezia Invaded  but –confirming- that either

 did Not attempt Settling or was Not Let  or Killed by Acidophilus.

Malassezia onToe1-1MD  

                                (Click on Photo to Enlarge)

         Had i not Protected the Toe with the Acidophilus Wrap

           i would have woken up to another painful disaster of

          an imbedded cloning maniac and a four week havoc

                       and most likely another Nail Loss…


            2- Acidophilus – The Clean Up! 

     New Container – New Experiment.

This is the type of Container i keep under the Urn

for rinsing my hands into, during Daily /Nightly Malassezia Maintenance.

The Urn provides constant customised 35C water temperature..

   Malassezia free Bucket

         I Usually empty the Rinsing water every Second Rinse or so

                  to keep it Clean and avoid Malassezia growth.

For the Experiment though i let it Accumulate approximately 5cm max water

          and let it stand until necessary to empty –without cleaning–

 in order to Build a Rim and a Smooth Base after a few days – as it did.


I did not take a photo thinking there was only a wild chance for any result

worth recording, knowing the apparent slow action of Acidophilus

combined with the cost involved in wasting capsules for the experiment

instead of protecting my body.


But i did go ahead with it, starting to Rinse Acidohilus off my hands

immediately after every splash of it on any part of my Body

thus the Acidophilus now was collecting in the Container together with

  the … ‘FluorOrange-SSezia’… and a possible  ‘In-Bucket’  Battle.


                     Within a couple of days of doing so

     i noticed the evenly laid Orange Base was starting to thin out 

         until progressively two large white ‘holes’ appeared

       then the Base turning increasingly back to its initial White.

Malassezia in Bucket 1

    A Previous experiment showed that when the water was missing

the Orange just dried and died turning into a dull orange-brownish colour

    but remained even at the base and did not thin out.


In this case though, it seems like it was either ‘Dislodged’ or ‘Eaten up’?

                                        by Acidophilus!..

   Malassezia in Bucket 

                       What was initially an Evenly  Orange Base

                          Joined by the Upper thick Orange Rim

   was now Cleared up by the Acidophilus Presence and Action

(Second photo -above- was taken days later when more base was cleared white)


I conducted the same experiment twice with the same results, i.e

i let it build an even Base of Malassezia first – then started collecting

rinsed Acidophilus off my hands until the base started to thin out again.

Having Confirmed Acidophilus Result i proceeded to add in the water

         the same Heavy duty Bleach i had tested some time back

             in the very First experiment – and within a short time

the remaining layer on the base and part of the sides was detouched

                and  flaked off into largish filmy Orange Strips.

             Interestingly when i discarded it in the wash basin

                  while going down the drain

        it kept making bubbles and some rather loud hissing sounds.

Perhaps some of it still alive?… or some Basin creatures dying by the Bleach?


I have also experimented some time back with several substances

such as Pyrithione Shampoo, Toothpaste, Hand Wash liquid etc

 but None produced any results or any sign of effect

  except for some Heavy Duty Beach i had tested in the Initial experiment

                See Entry: 8- Malassezia and Bleach QA   


     More Probiotic Related Entries:

31-Malassezia and Probiotics – K 

    105- Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)

43-Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM

                        Acidophilus in Lung Experiment

             Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150        





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Malassezia ~ Probiotic Warning (Pt 3)




          * Malassezia ~  Probiotic Warning (3) *


     Fermented Foods – Friends of Foes?

       Malassezia - Fermented Foods MD.

                    It would be near Impossible for Malassezia

                     to be One creature that has No Predator

            to threaten its existence and affect its Proliferation levels 

                 as is ‘Nature’s Way’ with All Creatures, great and small

   but i have often come close enough to believe it might as well be so.


               Having had No Positively helpful discovery so far

                             in the Internal / Intestinal area

                 i have considered that an alternative possibility

        of Introducing and / or Enhancing Other Co-habiting the Body

         and Competing for Resources and Space Friendly Gut Flora,

               might be another way of Checking and Restricting 

   Malassezia’ s Proliferate Rate of Growth.


Some of the Fermented Foods consumed regularly

seem to make No difference in regards to Malassezia

    and in many cases such as in consumption of

                Bread and Alcoholic Drinks

       Intensifying the problem or causing Additional ones..


         Acidophilus is one of the Friendly Bacteria easily obtainable

that i have been implementing increasingly externaly and partly intrenally

    but have seen the need for some additional Internal beneficial Flora

     since Oral consumption of Acidophilus creates problems to me

         due to the ‘encapsulating agents’ it comes with.

       Many years back i used to make my own Bread and Yoghurt 

   as well as consume a Variety of Commercially Fermented Foods 

  such as  Sour Cream, Soy Sauce, Tempeh, Miso, Tofu, Tamari etc

       but caused me all sorts of niggly problems which in the end

forced me to give them all up – some before the start of my Lung problem

and some shortly after and have not had any for a good number of years.


Therefore, a few months back i Considered the Possibility 

of Naturally Fermenting part of my Raw Foods

without the use of Commercial Yeasts Containing Additives or Salt

that could cause side effects or additional problems

ie High Blood Pressure, Kidney pains etc.


Some brief research regarding natural Fermentation indicated

that i would have to Invent and create my Own Unique Recipe

that would Work, would Not go Mouldy and would Ensure

the Presence of Friendly Flora – and would Not cause any Problems.

              Well… Not much to ask really, Is it! Lol! 🙂      

I have always been very creative in the Culinary field since i was a child

and have never followed or relied on any Recipes – not even Mine, lol!

   so i thought i would give it a try and see how it all goes.


         On the First attempt i followed Internet instructions

but it went Mouldy and Regrettably ended down the Drain Untested .

       On the Second one i disregarded all traditional ways

      and took command keeping in mind my Specific needs

            and aiming for the closest viable alternative

        and so My Own ‘Salt Free Kim Chee’ was created

                           – Photo above is Mine!


Two weeks in and it kept ‘growing’, changing from colourless water

         to a Deep Wine Red, while developing a Mild Pleasant

                          Flowery Vinegary Aroma…

    The Taste Absolutely Heavenly!…Without Any trace of Mould

but two weeks Fermentation made it too strong for my head and kidneys

     and while my Intestinal Motions Improved considerably

         i could not continue the experiment long enough

   been additionally interrupted by Lung Bleeds and other ills

             so i had to stop and wait for better days

to Re-test a Refinement of Recipe with Shorter Fermentation Time…


The Refined Recipe and Shorter Fermentation Time were a Great Success

but the testing did not last for more than a couple of days

– interrupted Once more by Lung Bleeds, Kidney Problems,

Fevers, Colds, Broken Ribs and all the Tribulations of Winter Season

                so i gave up fighting for the time being

but did not give up on the idea of repeating the experiment

     sometime again if given enough ground to stand upon.


        All the while though, thinking intensely about this Subject

       and despite having already attempted experimenting with it

 –and highly aware of taking a Great Risk that may Backfire Badly–

                           I am still in Two Minds about it.


        I am Tossed between Two Contradictory Lines of Thought

                            Leading in Opposite directions


                    Unable to decide which one is Correct 

                  in Successfully Combating Malassezia

              or whether instead Exacerbating the Situation

                             as well as the Possibility

   Of Other unforeseen  Dire Consequences


        The Line of Thought


                            Possible ‘Positive Results’ 

           Straight line


    Providing Internally Natural Friendly Probiotics,  Creates and Enhances

– Beneficial Environment for Body’s Internal Functions and Processes

– Helps Build Immune Defence and Fight against Infections

– Produces Competition for Space and Resources against Malassezia

         and other Nasties.


                                The Line of Thought


                          Possible ‘Negative Results’

           Curved Line


   If One is Prone to Proliferation and Overgrowth of Yeasts

benign, friendly or otherwise, to a point that turn into Pathogens

                      Creating Problems, such that

  for whatever Reasons the Body has Lost its Ability, to

a) Derive the Expected Beneficial Elements, and

b) To Handle Overgrowth turned into Hostile, Dangerous Infection 

    it would make sense to Avoid Consumption

  and Possible Risk of a Situation  that may be

              Difficult to Reverse or Ttreat

     in addition to the Malassezia one.


 Which Line of Thought is Truly the Correct and Beneficial One?

    Or is it Possible that it may be Different for Each Individual

  Depending on Strength of Immunity and Causes?


The more i think of it, the more i see it as More Likely to be the Second

       i.e ‘Depending on Strength of Immunity and Causes’  

thus working Favourably for some but causing Problems for others.


               My Reason for Sharing these two Different Sides 

   of Viewing this Subject, is that

 There is Only One way to Find Out – And that is by Testing

                            But Making Sure 

a) To Avoid Commercial Preparations that Contain Yeasts

          Identified as Unsuitable to treating Malassezia

    and Potentially Dangerous due to Impaired Immunity, and


b) To Provide Foods with Live Elements Needed for the Flora

     to be Sustained – Proliferate and Fight.


    This Testing i have already Commenced Once more upon Myself

  and Keeping Fingers Crossed… i will come Safe at the End of it all.


               Malassezia and Saccharomyces

                 More Probiotic Related Entries:

31-Malassezia and Probiotics – K 

    105- Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)

43-Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM

                        ~ ~ ~

                   Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150




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Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)




          * Malassezia ~  Probiotic Warning (2) *

    Probiotics MD

While Conducting another Acidophilus Experiment 

the results of which i will post when completed

i have come across additional Information

regarding different types of Probiotics

and since i have been touting from the Rooftop

the Acidophilus Benefits i have experienced

derived from its use wherever possible

i thought it prudent and rather important

to share my recent findings

as it appears the case of Probiotic Use 

is not ‘universally’ safe for many individuals

or not so under certain conditions.


I Cannot Vouch for the Accuracy of all this Information

but it is collectively and by all means an Expansion and Confirmation

of what i have already Posted in the First ‘Probiotics Warning’ Entry

that was included by a Company as a caution of use of their Probiotic.

( I have included below their Possible Source of this Info – Photo1)


Since i cannot copy/paste and post the entirety of contents of other sites

i will attempt to present a Summary and Provide a Link

with sufficient info covering most of the topic in one place. 


             A ‘Summary of Gathered and Collated Info’ 

*   Saccharomyces are Yeasts belonging in the Category of Fungi

     Their Name means ‘Sugar Fungi’

* ‘Saccharomyces cerevisiae’, are used in making wine, bread, and beer 

   ‘Saccharomyces bayanus’, also used in making wine, and

   ‘Saccharomyces boulardii’, used in medicine

*   Some Saccharomyces are considered as Friendly Probiotics

     with reported Beneficial effects under Normal conditions

                                            ~ ~ ~

*   Fungemia is the Presence and Colonisation

     of Yeasts/Fungi in the Bloodstream

   Internal Contamination of the Blood can cause Fungemia

*   Saccharomyces are a Common Cause of Fangemia

      in Immunosupresed Individuals

*   Saccharomyces and Saccharomyces Boulardii,

    are often included in many Probiotic Supplements                                                  


                             (Click on Photo to Enlarge)


    ~ ~ ~

There are Many Risk Factors Listed as possible causes

 but i shall name only a few closer related to Malassezia that i know of

 though some people may have developed Malassezia proliferation

 due to some of the other Risk Factors included in the Info Lists

– (Not all listed below)


  Most Common Infection Risk Factors


* Frequency of Infection Increasing 

   possibly due to Increase of Antibiotic use

* Use of  Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics

* Use of Steroids

* Use of Yeast Probiotics

* Lowered Intestinal Flora

  (Due to Antibiotics and X-Rays) *1

* Serious Illness

* Suppressed Immune System

* Fungal Colonisation (varying Yeast species)

  (Content In Parenthesis*1 is my addition)


Pretty much what i have been saying all along 

Clever MD

  about Proliferation Causes of Malassezia!      


I must Clarify here that My Purpose of Presenting this Info

is Not to Enlighten the Reader about the Saccharomyces

as i know very little of them myself and learning as researching about them

but Due to having lavishly Presented my Findings of the Incredible Benefits

i have been Deriving from the Use of 2 Different Successfully Effective

Probiotic Combinations of Acidophilus Bifido-Bacteria Products

and to Sound a  Warning Bell about the Variations of Combinations 

of some Probiotic Products that include Probiotic Yeasts


Malassezia and Saccharomyces

         This does Not mean avoiding Probiotics use altogether

                                         but making sure 

         the Probiotic Products containing Acidophilus Bifidobacteria

           Do Not Include Any Saccharomyces Yeasts.


            An additional Problem with All Probiotic Products

          is the ‘Encapsulating Agents, ‘i.e any Preservatives

        and/or Type of Sugars included for Feeding the Bacteria.

They can cause headaches and other assorted funny symptoms 

                     as Both my man and I discovered

only being in better condition than i am it took him much longer

            to register and mention anything about them.

When he started complaining and considering seeing a doctor

i suspected  they might be the cause and took him off them to verify. 

Soon after discontinuing all symptoms disappeared.

This occurred and was verified a couple of times. 

So now i give him some for a few days and stop for another few

but then his Malassezia seldom creates debilitating

or torturing problems for him except in rare occasions

when he gets Flair-ups due to Colds, Stress, etc


One particular Australian brand i tried just half a capsule in the breakfast

had me with a Blinding, extremely nauseating Migraine and blurred Vision

for Three full days … I threw the rest of them out and decided to stick with

the ones i can use -the way i have been using them- with only minimal

and brief symptoms and not risk any painful repeat unnecessarily. 

                                      June 14

                    * Other Probiotic Ingredients:         

Inulin – Polydextrose, maltodextrin, sugar, phytates,

 preservatives, artificial flavours or colours, wheat, gluten.


( Some of them  likely to cause some problems to some people

               and of course … Yeasts Love Sugars!…

      So our Pharmaceutical Manufacturers – hopefully unintentionally

                   give us the Antidote bound with the Poison!

                   and No listing of it so we might have a choice.

    Considering of course that Acidophilus Bacteria are Live creatures

    Needing Food to Survive for months in an airtight capsule or container

              i am not sure if there is a better solution to this bind

                 so as things stand it comes down to the Individual 

               to trial different Brands and weigh the Positives

                           against (IF) any Negative results 

                 until finding the optimal for their needs.)


More Probiotic Related Entries:

31-Malassezia and Probiotics – K

43-Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM

                       Acidophilus in Lung Experiment

~ ~ ~

                   Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150                 




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Malassezia – And The ‘Miracle Oils’ Saga goes On…



          Malassezia Readers Keywords – Quick Answers


 * Malassezia and The ‘Miracle Oils’ Saga goes On… *


 K1 * coconut oil cured malesszia * 

                    IF Only!… 

     Then we would All Be Cured

       Rejoice and be Delighted…

       If Only!...

K2:  * Oil that kills Malassezia * 

K3 * coconut oil for skin malesszia *

K4  * malassezia tea tree oil *

K5  * will neem kill malasezzia *


For as Long as Brains are Fixed and Locked in the notion 

 of OILS – ANY OILS – as means of Fighting Malassezia

while Bombarding Daily Heads and Bodies, Skin and Hair

with Cosmetics RICH in OILS labelled directly

         or under different indirect names

Promising to provide ‘Luxurious Shine or Feel’

   – which they might Do-

   There will Be NO Reprieve in Symptoms

        Nor Chance of True Improvement

         Only a … Hyena’s Smile

       Hyenas smile

          On Malassezia’s Cloning ‘Teeth’


( A Selection of Keywords From Previous Entries )            

* will coconut oil kill Malassezia *

* Can coconut oil help Malassezia *

* does coconut oil cure Malassezia *

* oil kills malassezia fungi *

* coconut oil works on furfur *

* sesame oil and malassezia *

These and Many – Many More!

  The Most Frequently Used Keyword in dozens of variations.                                       

Doesn’t the Fact that Most Products we use in our Daily Hygiene

from Shampoos to Conditioners, Deodorisers and Body and Hair Lotions

       Enriched with Varieties and Combinations of Aromatic

       and / or Antiseptic, Anti Bacterial and Anti- Fungal Oils

      supposed to be Hydrating, Enriching, Restoring, Balancing, Healing etc

                      Scream Loud enough the Obvious

              Regarding  their (NON) Effect on Malassezia                      

             or Even Worse … Its Perpetuation and Thrive?                                                              



                             wouldn’t we Know?                                                                            

               Why then Are we pursuing them Individually

                           as if suddenly and inordinately 

       they might turn into miraculous ‘Cure’ weapons?

                        Doesn’t that Defy Logic?


    To Anyone asking about Any OIL and Malassezia

    I have only One Answer:

   Try the OIL alone or as Part in any Cosmetic products

  and if you still have Malassezia in a week’s or month’s time

                   – if in Fact not even More of It! –



I had to take the Same Test Myself


and Paid the Price … and it was not just in Dollars…  


           Just one rather recent personal example:

A few months back forced by my recent health condition to change my diet

i started drinking a fresh orange juice upon rising 

and extended the benefit of this for my husband as well.

So i was squeezing manually 2 Oranges into our cups

and thinking it as also presenting a good chance to test the Natural

‘Orange Peel Oil’ which is a great degreaser and with perhaps

the additional benefit of some chemical bluish spray that coated  

the Peel surface and messed up  my ‘squeezing’ hand, Lol!

and their potential deterring or even detrimental effect on Malassezia…

Surprisingly the effect was the opposite of what i had hoped:

Instead of deterring it, it attracted it and i ended up with lots of minor

but still painful and annoying paper cut lines and pin pricks.


Soon i learned to wash it off thoroughly after – and re-apply Acidophilus.

Now it could be that it was the Orange juice Sugar that attracted it

and not the Oil itself but the End Result was that

Neither OIL Nor Chemical Spay on Orange Skin deterred or killed

and since Malassezia Utilises Oils as medium for its growth

       – No matter what their other qualities are – 

i still consider it as an equal suspect if not the principal one.


As this proved Painful, Inconvenient and Bothersome long term

and since i cannot work with gloves on, we purchased an Electric Juicer

and my husband now has undertaken the task of squeezing

our morning Oranges and i sit like a Lucky Queen enjoying drinking

 without itches, scratches and pains anymore ! 🙂

So… another Oil -to add to the list- that bites the dust for me…


                             K6:* Caprylic Acid * 

CA 1

 (Click on Any Photos to Enlarge)    

CA 2            

           K7: * Monolaurin *



        This is my Last Entry On the subject of any OIL and Derivatives

     unless there is a special point or twist that must be brought to light


               Click Here for   * ENTRY LINKS 1-100 *  


                   New Site       

         MQ LOGO-1

                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet  



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                Malassezia Daily Navigate

* Malassezia  Entries & Links Navigating the Site *     


                 The Story is unfolding in Chronological Order 

                while the Entries are presented in reverse.

     i.e the newer added at the top etc –  so starting from the beginning 

          especially where some Entries are presented in several Parts

         they will make more sense if read in the right sequence.


  Updated List  * Malassezia ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1 – 150 *


                            NAVIGATING THE SITE 

       Those Unfamiliar with the Site having landed in an Entry

              determined by the use of Keywords or Links

         may find some helpful Tips below:


At the Top of each page there are 2 Links


<–Previous               and                –>Next Entry

Malassezia Daily-Navigate1

                 The same Links appear at the Bottom of each page as well.

                        In each Section such as the  Archives

  where there are more entries than can be displayed on one page

        there is an ‘Older Posts’ link that loads the earlier ones

                                          in that section.


                 Some times there are some Helpful ‘Related’ Entries Links

            picked by the software – while mine are provided Inside the  Entries.

Malassezia Daily-Navigate2-1


There is a Side Bar Menu

Malassezia Daily Menu bar

   And Below it

    a Quick way to Visit *Malassezia Blog*

               or one of my other Blogs

             with just a Click on the Icon

My Other Blogs

       Best Starting Options:

1– Start with Clicking on the  First Entry  and continue on

     to the –  – – > Next as indicated above, and so on 

2 – Continue  to ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ from point of arrival or choice 

3 – Click on  ‘Related’

4 – * Copy and Save the Entry Link (on Browser Bar) or

  Bookmark Entry before leaving the site–if Intending to Return 

* * * 

 Malassezia Daily-Navigate3

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Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT3)

                     To View Part 1 and 2 First

                       Click on Links Below:

Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT1)

Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2) A

Ways to Reduce–Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2-B)


Warning MD



Malassezia Maintenance


  * Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT3)*                            


*Topical External Care*    


     I have written Extensively about External Care in several Entries

   and more Specifically and Detailed in the *Malassezia Blog* Entry:

             Malassezia Yeast: ( Before – Now) – How (2)

Therefore here i will only cover areas where some recent changes

   of additions and/or alternative methods have taken place.


  Head and Scalp

Malassezia Scalp

The Best Results i have ever achieved are described in the Entry:  

                                “ Malassezia: Hair and Scalp Treatment ”


 Eyes and Eyelash Beds

Malassezia Eyelashes

 I Wash with warm water and Face Cloth and Dry well.

Then i Apply Aloe Vera Juice during the Day

and Seawater Eye Patch on Each Eye during the Night



    Malassezia Ears

I Clean well with Cotton Tip Morning and Night and Cover with Shampoo

      during Bath time then Dry with Cotton Tip when i finish.

During the Day and especially Overnight if i feel Malassezia Presence

  i use a dropper to fill each Ear with Acidophilus diluted in water

      and seal with a small piece of cotton wool to keep it in.



    Malassezia Face

Never had too much trouble with the Face, ironically my most Oily area.

I can often feel its presence, or some crawling or scrape some dried blobs.

When i clean it with Warm Water -or as some time back with YAM

on a Cotton Bud- it comes up very Yellow/Orange

obviously Malassezia layer spread all over but rarely any sores.

I have noticed when standing too close to our Food steamer

             the Steam seems to mobilise it away... 

      a good little tip to know should it ever go naughty

     but must always consider possibilities of Relocation…


   Under Breast

Malassezia burn under Breast.

  I have only had two nasty incidents Under the Breast area throughout.

         One on each side, on separate occasions 

            and both came up rather unexpectedly

                  during Night time while asleep

     so i have been normally leaving the area completely Unprotected


This one i treated with Acidophilus water and took an entire week to heal

      – not bad considering Lesions usually take near Four or more –

because Malassezia had settled in and had formed bubbles under the skin

  –barely visible on photos– and due to itching and Inflammation

as both are attracting elements, it was much harder to prevent attempts

    of more trying to settle in the area.


Once Acidophilus had done the ‘job’ and the bubbles had dried up

          i continued applying Acidophilus in the Morning 

and Talcum Powder at Night until completely healed and safe

  Now i only apply Talcum Powder morning and night

   to keep the area Dry and deter any fresh attacks.


   Buttocks, Pubic and Vagina 

   Malassezia Buttocks

I wash thoroughly after Every Bathroom visit, dry well

and then Apply Acidophilus water.

It does not stop traffic In and Out of Internal areas

but the entire Outer Area is Absolutely Clean and Clear.

I have also introduced a trial run of Menstrual Pads

which Malassezia seemed to avoid only during the first 2 days

 due to its moisture absorbing qualities

and i am now hooked to the convenience and dry feeling

immediately after having applied Acidophilus water


So in this Regard it is Great and very Convenient

because i can Treat the area Liberally and still feel Dry

and Acidophilus being a Live Creature knows where skin

and warmth is and travels there, instead of

-as i used to worry- sink at the bottom of the Pad.

Should this was happening the area would not be as clear

and i would be fighting diggings and lesions…


I used to wash the Vagina walls during Bath time

or prior to Inserting an Acidophilus Capsule

but i have now changed to a way that works much better.

I do not wash it Internally Unless and Only if /when i feel

Malassezia brazen invasion despite Acidophilus Presence

or of  negligible chances to settle there.

I always worry it might travel upwards to the Uterus.

In these cases, fortunately very infrequent

i wash, and dry and insert a new Acidophilus capsule.

The rest of the time i only insert the Acidophilus 3 times daily

morning, noon, night and let it Saturate the area thoroughly!


Feet and Toes

  Malassezia Toe

I used to have a persistent problem with swollen feet back when able

       to stand up a lot longer and do a lot more than recently.

Then i discovered that sitting in a Recliner Chair

thus able to keep my legs and feet raised

 helped with better blood circulation

and all swelling and inflammation ceased and since then

there  has been way less attraction for settling in the area.


I still apply Seawater or Acidophilus water for Prevention

           but not ever trusting its Evil Nature

   i always Protect thoroughly the Two Big Toes.


       And a Bit about The Skin in its Entirety

I Like this So very Much and i Totally agree with it

               It also Confirms the Benefits

   of Pursuing the Natural against the Chemical

The Skin


                     The Skin a Live Entity of its Own

         Relies on Diet as a Main Contributor of Elements

             that can Help Boost or Weaken its Health.


    Live Nutrients are the Building Blocks of our Entire Body

                        Internal as well as External 

                      And must Never be Overlook

            Or come Second to Any other Treatment

Malassezia My Dinners

                    Malassezia Defender 

       Regarding Prescription Medications

   Malassezia and Prescriptions

From Personal Experience as well as Shared Visitor Communications

there is a certain number of hurdles to overcome in order 

to be Diagnosed first and then -perhaps- if lucky, obtain a Prescription


1- Doctor Believing and Complying about Prescribing Diagnostic Tests

2- Prescription for the ‘Right Tests’ is not always guaranteed and doctors

    have their own mind and guidelines as to what to look first

3-  The Tests Producing a Right Diagnosis

4- The Tests even if the Right ones, Producing Conclusive Results

5- Co-Operative Dermatologist for Treatments etc

    …Not kind issuing the ‘Delusional Parasitosis’ verdict.

 6- Past successfully the last hurdle… one is faced with having to take

    more Antibiotics… for – most likely – Only Temporary Results

    and Risks involved with high dosages and/or  Long term are required.

Malassezia medications


Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 





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Ways to Reduce–Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2-B)


                                  To View First:

    *Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2) A*


    *Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2) B* 

  But Now Let us Compare the Alternative… ‘Normal’…

  Let us Observe a very Normal, Average Person

                             suddenly experiencing

                a Small Bundle of Malassezia’s Symptoms

   but not knowing what they are or what causes them

              so they go on about their Normal day

   using their Normal variety of Shampoos, Conditioners

    and other types of Cosmetics and Toiletries such as

Deodorants, Lotions, Shaving Creams, Perfumes, After Shaves

and so on, while All Contributing to an Already harassed skin

by providing a Proliferating ground for Malassezia, 

so the situation gets Progressively worse.


They look in the Medicine cupboard, in the Kitchen Pantry, etc

        and they start throwing at “It”- whatever the ‘It’ is!-

                          in order to Get rid of it 

and it might appear for a day to two, that this was it… it feels better

… only to find a day or two later the “It” … is back again 

 perhaps with a vengeance and Itches, Crawls and Burns and so on!


                               In the meantime …


       They have their Usual Normal Three Meals a day,

Deserts Snacks and Drinks  and … a highly Congested Colon

of which they are totally unaware of except perhaps some itchng

        and perhaps after a Night out or Social gathering etc,

some Indigestion symptoms resulting from consuming extras

  which …  of course will go away soon with some Fizzy Antacid drink.


           Some crawling sensation here or there,

           some Burning or Itching in the Anal area

  or even No awareness of any sensations whatsoever

– just a nasty Outbreak of Symptoms of that pestering ‘something’

         a day or two later  (All  Excesses Forgotten)

and just continuing piling up … the ‘Normal’ in all areas …


All of the above contributing perfectly to an ideal environment

     for Malassezia’s Growth, Spread and Permanence!


         Due to the Aggravated Progression of Symptoms

   the Person is now Moving to more harsh ‘Antibacterial’ Anti-fungal

        Disinfecting, Germ killing Creams, Lotions etc

all blindly and in the hope if not expectation that they will work

             but as before, they appear to do so briefly

then return fiercely and often spread to additional areas, etc…


     And of course, all else …’Normal’ goes on as before 

              and without any ‘True’ effective Measure

                    to work against the problem

which will keep Perpetuating itself with any Opportunity

                    Created to its Advantage.


                       I guess  now the ‘Too Simplistic’ 

                     might start making a bit more sense

                          Compared to

                      Continuing Wrong Action

               And with NO  Right Counter- Action

                                ~ ~ ~

          So…. Remember the Question?

           ‘Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia’                   

                  YES… but ARE you READY?

       ~ ~ ~

      The Plan in Two Categories 

The ‘NO’ Category

    Malassezia No's 

* NO Cosmetics for Any part of the Body

* NO Fancy Foods

* NO Alcohol of Any Type

* NO Smoking

* NO Caffeine, Tannings or Fermented Teas

* NO Cooked Oils, Fats, Sauces, Chilies, Ketchups,

  Vegemite, Salt, Pepper, Vinegars, Sugars,

  Preservatives or any Colourings or Artificial  additives.

  NO matter how Natural or Good they might be Labelled

  or Promoted as being so.

* NOthing that has been Commercially Processed

* NOthing that comes in a Commercial Bottle, Packet etc.

  such as Jam, Relishes, Pickles or Similar

* NO Crisps, Biscuits, Pies, Crackers et all

  NO matter what they are Made off

  or what they Do or Do Not Contain.

* NO Gluten Products

* NO Suspicious or Reputed foods

  that might Contribute to Yeast Proliferation


The ‘DO’ Category

   Malassezia Do's

* Top to Toe Daily Meticulous Cleansing and Drying of Body Parts

   as many times as required or practicable

   Such as  Scalp and Hair – Finger and Toe Nails, Ears, Eyes

   Nostrils, Mouth, Especially Privates each and every time

   visiting the Bathroom  (Details in PART 2)

*  Applying Preventative measures Repeatedly

   and if Healing is also Required

*  Cleanse Colon with Enemas to Relieve Waste accumulation

   and Malassezia activity and Congestion

* Reduce Red Meat and Preferably Replace with

  Fish, Goat Milk, Natural Plain Yoghurt

  and Small quantity of Raw Unsalted Nuts 

* Eat Only Fresh, Unprocessed, Unsalted, Foods

* Add Immuno-Boosting Supplements

  (Vitamins, Herbs and Probiotics)

  such as B Complex, B3 Niacinamide, B5 Pantothenic Acid,

  Vitamin C  as Calcium Ascorbate Powder

  – No Sugars or other additives added

  and Acidophilus Probiotic Capsules 

 (Please Read Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM )

* No Avoidance, No Excuses, No Exceptions,

   just Solid Dedicated Adherence to All Rules

       –and they are only the Major ones–

              Allowing ‘Adequate Time’

         for Noticeable Change to Occur

  aware of Adjustments and Modifications (if) needed

             and Alertness to Results.

 Many of these strict Measures above are not just to directly impact

 on Malassezia but to Improve General Health and the Body’s Defence.

 Most of us have lived for many years without being aware of its presence

 or existence for that matter until something went wrong and allowed it

 to turn into a Pathogen, take over and start manifesting in all its nasty ways.

 Trying to Restore as much Health back into our Immune system

             and Promote Proliferation of Friendly Flora

        is One if Not our Only Tool to Fight this Beast.


             Time, Patience and Persistence

              have been Important Elements

that have helped with the Tremendous Difference

       Achieved in my Own Already Tightly Regulated

                          Routine and Habits.      


Attempt to Implementation and Adhering

    to the Rules of the Two Categories

       could Easily Provide 

  Not Only some Great Degree of Improvement    

                  but also Demonstrate

  that there is Nothing ‘Too Simplistic’ in this Plan

                     in Fact it Being a Rather 

       Studied, Highly Methodical and Strategic 

           and that is the Reason it has Worked. 


 Part 3 to Follow: *Topical External Care*   

Malassezia Defender



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Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2)

                                       To View Part 1 First

                                      Click on Link Below:

           Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT1)




       *Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2) A*                          

Results Following The Changes

    The First Change 

 Giving up Chlorinated Water

     Dive no more


        Resulted in an Overall Improvement of my Skin

       -Despite Constant Malassezia Savaging Attacks.

               Although i had no indications that the Chlorine

            provided any particular benefit against Malassezia

                    and plenty that was bad for my skin

               i was initially acting on ‘human reasoning’

                  that any Chemical is bound to harm it

                and tried to imitate the Pool environment

         with All sorts of Laundry powders, Bottles of Peroxide,

         Iodine, Pool Salt, Soda, and various Tablets and Herbs

                        and later on, added Seawater

               Carrying Bottles from the Sea, etc, etc,

            until i finally Progressed to The Fourth Change 

                                and gave it all up…


                                              The Second Change

            Returning to All Natural Ingredients and Methods

                 Malassezia Natural

As a General Rule Stopped – Avoided or Replaced

* Stopped using All Fancy anti-Dandruff Shampoos

  and Conditioners and kept only the Old formula 

  of Head &Shoulders Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo.


* Instead of focusing on what or how to Kill Malassezia

     I went the Opposite way trying to Avoid Killing

  and instead Promote and Enhance the Environment

      and Presence of Natural Friendly Body Flora

in order to create Natural Competition against Malassezia.


*  This in practical terms meant also giving up

    All types of Body Wash and All Chemical substances,

    such as Peroxide and including Salt, Soda etc 

    i was adding in the Bath Water and Replaced All

    with just the same Head Shampoo HS-ZP

                                Dec 14:

       Discontinued too later, after noticing changes

         in results and suspected Formula changes.


* I Discovered the Mighty Power of Warm Tap Water 

       and a harsh Face Cloth  or Cotton Wool

        for cleaning Malassezia occupied areas 

         and started using a large Nail Brush

   to Scrub my Body and Scalp while having a Bath


                This had an immediate Steady Clearing effect

                on the Extremely Full and Bumpy Leg Hair Follicles

    and my Legs have Remained Steadily Clear since.